Hunter, I've taken your memory: Gabriel Edward Adams talks about his work

An episode of non-space

By Rachela Abbate
This podcast is about art and thoughts regarding social awareness. As my art making is related to space and architectures of knowledge communication, aspects around these topics will be featured in this audio space. And I’m always happy to present other artists and projects.
More places to listen

More places to listen

  This episode is another short reflection. This time about archive as a designed space and its importance in knowledge communication and identity. And what influence has art making in all this? A book I highly recommend for whom is interested in the influence of categorizing values and knowledge is Archive Fever. A Freudian Impression by Jaques Derrida.
February 18, 2019
Imprisoned Codes
   Imprisoned Codes is about the experiences, thoughts, and dreams of the Palestinian political ex-detainees I met during my stays in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The restricted situation of imprisonments made evident that it’s a human exigency to express and communicate using forms of text. The project Imprisoned Codes became a turning point in the use of text and codes as visual material.
January 29, 2019
3 Architecture
Today I’m talking about the designed: architecture.  Architecture is also an enormous topic of which I’d like to sketch only a view lines, just to understand with which basic elements I work. Spaces in architecture have functionality. Theses spaces are designed with a specific purpose. They correspond to basic needs, but  there are other purposes in architecture. It appears that our societies need designed structures to represent our social position and influencing our social value.  Every architecture is much more as a symbol of power or social value, it is its important instrument and vehicle.  
January 21, 2019
What is Space?
Continuing the reflection about non-space, I draw down briefly the relation between space and thinking.
September 30, 2018
What is Non-Space?
In art, we think in a different space which is inserted in the common space and which opens up possibilities of transformation. I define this space in art a non-space: a non-space is a discontinuity of physical and immaterial structures through translation activity in artistic operation. The non-space initiates reflection and alternative mental processes toward awareness and autonomy. In other words, the non-space is an aesthetic reflection on the different social imaginary, creating a momentum of perspective change. In this episode, I give a brief idea of the non-space as I start this podcast with episodes of my ideas and interpretations of the definitions like space, communication, architecture, and art. I’d love to read your comments and thoughts you can send me via the website
September 21, 2018
Hunter, I've taken your memory: Gabriel Edward Adams talks about his work
This podcast is far from perfect. It's raw. And in its first episode, we are talking about wildlife, surveillance and the modern way of hunting. The American artist Gabriel Edward Adams was for few days my guest and I'd like to start with presenting his work "Hunter, I’ve taken your memory", featured in Biel - Bienne in Switzerland July 6, 2018, at Juraplatz after dark. “Hunter, I’ve taken your memory” presents a selection of motion sensor captured infrared night view images from the original contents of an unknown bowhunter’s portable wildlife camera. The collection was clandestinely downloaded after an unexpected encounter while walking in the forest. This presentation delivers a series of black and white images of forest life by night. The mix of deer, raccoon, rabbit, bobcat, fox, and coyote images evoke the presence of omens and animal mythologies, while also existing as practical studies for hunting.
July 4, 2018
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