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15: "So...I think I may be struggling with anxiety."

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By Rachel C. Swanson
The podcast that helps you Refine the areas or lies in your life that are holding you back and Restore your heart and mind back to what is true. From relationships, faith, family, health, purposeful living, personal and spiritual growth, Rachel C. Swanson (best-selling author, speaker and accredited coach) provides power-packed insights in 20 minutes or less, guaranteed to transform your life.
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16: What Was Good For A Season May Not Be Good For This Season
But what was good for a season doesn’t mean it will be good for this season. Or even right for the next season. This is something I’ve been learning. It’s something you need to know too.  But you need to know, you have options. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t have to explain the shift to anyone else, just like you don’t have to explain why you have to start wearing scarves, mittens and warm boots. Just make the shift you know you need to make. Take the next step with God to pursue whatever it is He is beckoning you to pursue with Him. There’s a reason you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. There is something else for you in this next season you may miss out on if you don’t take the initiative.  Follow along on FB or IG: RachelCSwanson Grab my FREE e-book Purpose Manifesto:
January 15, 2019
15: "So...I think I may be struggling with anxiety."
  This is season 2 and today I'm sharing about one of the issues I struggle with most: Anxiety. This has been the thorn in my flesh that I've struggled with most of my life. At times, I've found seasons of peace from this issue. But at other times, I've found myself curled up in a fetal position while my mind spins out of control with overwhelm. So how to we work to overcome anxiety or stress? What does the Bible say about this issue? What's the science related to this struggle? And how do I help someone else who struggles with anxiety or stress in their daily life? In this episode I cover: Signs and symptoms of anxiety verses stress. What the root of anxiety, stress and worry actually is? The four areas that are the root of every stress you have in life. Spiritual ways to overcome this issue. How to help someone else who struggles with this issue. The most important thing you need to remember if you struggle with anxiety. Please know, I am not a physician or medical health professional that diagnoses anxiety. I am a certified life coach in stress management and have certain training to understand signs and symptoms of mild to moderate stress and anxiety and provide insight to overcome these issues. For PTSD or more severe symptoms of anxiety, please seek a medical professional or counselor to help with this issue. These statements are merely my own unless cited by other published work and is based on my own personal experience and research on this issue. Website:
January 8, 2019
14: Stasi Eldredge - Defiant Joy over Choosing Joy
  Stasi Eldredge is a best-selling author and co-creator of Ransomed Heart ministries. She and her husband love writing and speaking about the goodness of God despite challenges we face. In this episode, Stasi discusses how you can still claim defiant joy amidst life difficulties. It's different than simply choosing joy, which seems to dismiss the reality of hardships going on around us. Instead we can have defiant joy, which acknowledges the pains of what is but also remember the joys we already have in Jesus. If you want to hear about: What we believe the Bible says about prosperity verses suffering What to do that will help when you're faced with a sudden hardship What NOT to do when you're faced with a hardship How Stasi and I battle with contentment and joy amidst our body image struggles (especially post-holidays) Want to grab a copy of Stasi's book, Defiant Joy? Buy it here! Tune in to listen to this episode today!
January 1, 2019
13: Grace-filled Goal Setting with a Word for the Year
Welcome back to season two of the Refine and Restore Podcast! Today I'm kicking off the New Year with a shift in perspective when it comes to goal-setting and how I do my goal-setting efficiently and effectively.  But first I paint a picture of what goal setting typically looks like for most people: frustrating, hard, and most wanting to give up after a month. However, let me teach you the vital component to not giving up on your goals and why choosing a word for the year may be exactly what you need. Connect with me on my website:
January 1, 2019
12: Allie Casazza - Living A Simpler Life for Less Overwhelm
I'm THRILLED to bring you into the conversation I had with my guest Allie Casazza. Allie is the host of The Purpose Show and is the creator of Your Uncluttered Home - an online decluttering course that earned her national attention for her philosophy of simple motherhood. Her business is built on minimalism and how we can all live a more purposeful life if we cut out all of the stuff to create space for enjoying the life we’re living! She has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post and even ABC News. Everyone has really taken to her realistic, doable mom-friendly, philosophy of minimalism and simplified living! In this episode we chat about: -Her story of going from overwhelmed mom to living a simpler life to give her freedom to actually live her life. -How you can be a thriving CEO, homeschooling mom of four, have a loving marriage, and not be completely exhausted, overwhelmed and going crazy with how messy the house is. -The first thing you need to do before you start decluttering your home. -How living more minimalistic or simple is actually Biblical. -Why stripping away the stuff in our life might actually allow us to do more for God. You can find out more about Allie and check out one of her online simplicity courses by going to her website: Connect with Rachel at
November 13, 2018
11: Taking Things One Day At A Time...(part 3)
This is Episode 11 of the Refine and Restore Podcast titled "Taking Things One Day At A Time..." It's the last part of our recent faith adventure or ranch story which has taken us from the sprawling city suburbs of Southern California to the rural hills of Southern Idaho. It involves my husband quitting his job, selling our dream home, purchasing an RV to live in, investing in a 60-acre ranch with new friends and partners, and walking out a dream we never anticipated being on. But through it all, we've seen how God is directing us, guiding us, and has invited us into this journey with Him. Therefore, we feel the assurance of His presence and know that we are right where we should be. This journey has been anything but easy. And currently, it requires us taking things one day at a time. Which is something we want to invite you into our discussion about today as we navigated through this process. In this episode, we talk about: - When things don't go as planned. - My first experience with a panic attack. - The right and wrong ways to do an investment. - What going from the city to the rural country is actually like. - How God is continuing to refine us and restore our hearts back to His. The ranch is officially named Seven Springs Ranch and you can find them on Facebook or Instagram! Don't forget to subscribe to my weekly Truthful Tuesday emails where you can hear about ranch updates, my book progress, and more!
November 6, 2018
10: A Million Different Pivots... (Part
Last week, I talked about the beginning and how this whole ranch adventure, my husband quitting his job, the RV and us moving from California to Idaho first started. The decision for my husband to quit his job was the pivotal decision that created a wake of change and propelled us onto an adventure with God we never even saw coming. But if you think this transition was seamless, think again. No, it brought us on a million different pivots and a million different decisions to make, ultimately propelling us to one main purpose. A purpose and mission for which we are still discovering and unwrapping right now. Just so you don't think we're super human and super spiritual: - I made a few impulsive decisions that my husband wasn't too thrilled with. - This leap of faith hasn't been without some financial planning on our part, making this transition a lot easier than it would have been. - We still aren't quite making it each month without my husband working (even in a lower income area like the rural hills of Idaho) but I'm thankful for my business ministry, book contracts, and the coaching clients I get to serve. - I had a full-blown panic attack when we arrived at the ranch. So no, I'm not super human. - We've both been struggling with fear multiple times and the inconvenience this has brought to our lives has stretched us thin (me more than him). BUT, we've also been experiencing something incredible through this process. Something that feels almost like I imagine Peter feeling walking on water toward Jesus. An indescribable experience and connection to Him. Seeing how He is using us in ways we never anticipated which has swollen our hearts with such incredible purpose. Doing work too big for us to handle but totally possible with God. Our hearts feel more alive than we've ever felt before and God continues to give us affirmations that we are doing the right thing. Friend, I believe you can experience this too. Perhaps you just need to know someone else who has already taken this leap and can tell you, "It's worth it! Trust me!" Tune in to listen, today! Look up Refine and Restore Podcast on your podcast player! Find me on Facebook! Find me on Instagram! Join my Truthful Tuesday's email list and get your free gift, my e-book called Purpose Manifesto, today!
October 30, 2018
09: You Have Options (Part 1)
Have you ever felt stuck and didn't see any other options for another way out? My husband and I were there not too long ago and we wanted to invite you into our journey and story over the past 6 months of why he quit his job without another one in sight and the path its taken us on which involves partnering on a dream we never, ever saw coming. In this episode, me and my husband share candidly about the struggles we were facing and the decisions we made which changed the trajectory of our life. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith to experience all that God has for you. The most difficult part though is the leap, because often times you don't see where you're going or what's going to happen but have a deeper conviction of something more...that God is leading and that's all that matters. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram by following me at Rachel C. Swanson! Pretty, please leave a review on iTunes! It really does help!! Thanks!
October 22, 2018
08: Rebekah Lyons - You Are Already Free: Anxiety, Achievement Trap and Altered Expectations
Today's guest is Rebekah Lyons, a national speaker, bestselling author of You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are and Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning. An old soul with a contemporary, honest voice, Rebekah reveals her own battles to overcome anxiety and depression—and invites others to discover and boldly pursue their God-given purpose from a place of freedom. Finding joy in raising a special needs child—Rebekah wears her heart on her sleeve, a benefit to friends and readers alike. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, Huffington Post, The Tennessean, Publisher’s Weekly, and more. Alongside her husband, Gabe, she serves as co-founder of Q Ideas, a nonprofit organization that helps Christian leaders winsomely engage culture. Gabe and Rebekah are raising their three children (and adopting a fourth) and two toy poodles in Franklin, Tennessee. In this episode you will hear us answer the following questions and share about: How does one overcome anxiety day-by-day? How do you know if God is calling you to something? What is the first step in the process of becoming free from whatever struggle you have? What are practical ways to overcoming the lies that hold us back from experiencing the freedom God provides? I know you will be impacted and inspired by this episode. *Please leave a review on iTunes or whatever podcast app you are tuning in to! It really does help keep this podcast running!*
October 16, 2018
07: Lies Christians Believe About Money
Let's talk about a few possible beliefs you may have about money (especially if you're a Christian) that are not fully true and is possibly sabotaging you from experiencing freedom from guilt, shame or greed surrounding this issue. By the end of this episode, you will walk in freedom and confidence about how to handle your heart and mind when it comes to money. Like this episode? Please leave a review! It really does help! Find me on Instagram: Find me on Facebook: Website:
October 8, 2018
06: When You're In Denial About Your Body Image Struggle
Welcome to Episode 06 of the Refine and Restore Podcast. Today Rachel discusses the struggle with body image, especially when you don't really think you have a problem with it. Many women flirt on the tip of the line with this struggle or maybe have even crossed it a time or two, but are in denial that it's still a problem in their life. Specifically when it comes to the mindset we may still have and the lies it keeps telling us about our bodies. Rachel currently shares how she is preaching to herself on this one and what the truths are when it comes to overcoming this issue. Check out her website: for more episodes! Sign-up for her Truthful Tuesday newsletters and get her free e-book called Purpose Manifesto today!
October 2, 2018
05: Navigating Rejection from Friends
I think we've all experienced the pain of rejection from friends. The sticky and hard moments that come up when navigating this issue. I candidly share in this podcast episode (#05) about a severed friendship but what God taught me and is continuing to teach me through the many broken friendships I've experienced. I also share a few fascinating psychological insights that completely changed how I establish friendships, especially in this social media world where everyone's life is on display. Specifically I answer the questions: -How many friendships can you really have? -Does God even want me to have friends? -Is there something wrong with me? -Why keep investing into making friendships when they keep falling apart? I think you will be surprised about what you’ll discover in today’s episode… Enjoying the Refine and Restore Podcast with Rachel Swanson? Leave a review! Thank you!
September 25, 2018
04: Liz Griffin - Testimony of Gratitude Amidst Life-threatening Conditions
Liz Griffin and her husband are pastors of a church in Texas, with four children, and the journey she’s been walking through over the past 6 months has been anything but easy. She had a stoke, two brain aneurysms, and a tumor on her thyroid (some are still being treated with surgeries) and she had none of risk factors as a 36-year old healthy woman. It's pretty incredible that she is even hear with us today sharing her story. She said "the biggest emotion I've felt through all of this is gratitude." How in the world can someone going through so much hardship feel so much gratitude amidst challenging circumstances? We unpack this question as well as: How do I minister to others facing difficult circumstances that I don’t have experience with? How does one stay hopeful when facing your own major challenges? Join me by listening to this conversation today! Key Verse Shared: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33, NIV)
September 18, 2018
03: The Power of Sharing Your Testimony
How do I share my personal testimony when it involves others? How much do I say? What if my testimony isn't really all that special, should I still share it? I'm afraid to share because of alienation from friends and family! In this episode, Rachel uncovers the lies you're feeling and experiencing that are holding you back from sharing your testimony of faith with others. She does this by sharing her own personal testimony as inspiration while explaining how she learned the truth about God, His power, and is a living example of how people really can make a 180 degree change in life for the better. Please write your review if you enjoyed this episode! Also, follow along with me: Follow on Facebook! Follow on Instagram! Website:
September 11, 2018
02: When God Speaks But It Doesn't Go As Planned
I'm sharing my very personal story of the journey my husband and I went on because of God's leading. However, it didn't go as planned in the end. Often when this happens, we question whether or not it was true, or wonder if we heard God correctly. We wonder if God is really good when He clearly told us to do something but it's as if He changed His mind during the process and we are left empty handed. We wonder if He is trustworthy or if He is loving when the refining process hurts or makes us confused, especially when He invites us to do something risky with Him. I invite you into my wrestling journey with Him and what actually happened in our fost-adoption journey that came to a heart-breaking end.
September 4, 2018
01: "I don't have what it takes..."
Welcome to the Refine & Restore podcast with Rachel C. Swanson! In this episode, Rachel addresses the negative voice in our head which often says, "You don't have what it takes." It's common for many of us to let this thought run rampant in our minds. But what does God's Word have to say about this? What does God think about you? Listen in today to find out! Read my free 18-page e-book "Purpose Manifesto" to discover your unique purpose and understand how God purposed you and I to work together utilizing our gifts and talents in a way that fills our hearts and glorifies Him: Find me on Instagram: Find me on Facebook:
September 1, 2018
Episode 00 - Why this podcast?
Welcome to the Refine & Restore podcast! In this early pre-release episode where I (Rachel) discuss why there's a need for this podcast, what it's all about, and one powerful life-changing insight God shared with me a few years ago that will change your life and thinking, today! Also, I have a HUGE giveaway for over $300 worth of goodies you can collect by entering to win before September 1st, 2018! Giveaway Details: 75 min life + stress management coaching session with Rachel + $100 worth of swag bag goodies of my favorite things (may include a signed copy of my best-selling book! *wink wink*) >>To Enter: 1) Subscribe to this podcast 2) Screenshot that you subscribed and share on Facebook or Instagram 3) Tag me (IG: @rachelcswanson or FB page: @rachelswansonofficial) + use the hashtag #refineandrestore in your post or story! That's it! I will save these tags as entries and select a winner on the official launch day September 1st! Can't wait to connect with you more soon!
August 8, 2018
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