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Pure Fire Creatives

Pure Fire Creatives

By Racquel Keller
The purpose of this podcast is to give Creatives (especially Women Creatives, although others are completely welcome) an opportunity to connect with each other, promote themselves & educate people interested in the creative process. So, if you are an artist, painter, sculptor, textile artist, installation artist of any sort, a curator, gallery owner, chef, filmmaker, creative thinker, art owner or art lover...this group is for you! And if I missed out on naming any fabulous creative category, please let me know! I will add it to the list! Let's get our creative fires burning!
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Holly Danger Talks Happiness & The Power of "Do it Messy"
Holly and I chat about her love of The Flaming Lips, the power of giving yourself permission to do it messy, and the importance of doing what makes you happy.  We talk about how Covid impacted her work and how she pivoted to create an amazing and vibrant community experience to help keep people connected in these strange times! Holly Danger is an Experiential Designer and Video Artist. She is also the founder of the Danger Gallery, an immersive video art space in Stamford, CT. Danger’s work brings ideas to life through creative videos and creative video experiences. The overall vision to bring together art, technology, and human connection through video installations and live video performances. The work is unique to each experience and created with a sense of design and artistry for both the art and commercial world. Her work has spanned the spectrum from the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC to the Black Rock desert at Burning Man. Currently, you can join in on her weekly Livestream show, “Live from the Danger Gallery”, on YouTube @hollydanger, every Saturday night at 9PM EDT. Check out Atmosphere here for your very own in-home experience. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips special message to Holly! You can finder her here: Website: Instagram: @hollydanger
March 6, 2021
Emmy winner Jayati Vora talks about the power of generosity and collaboration
Jayati Vora is a writer, teacher, and editor. In her 15 plus years as an editor, she commissioned and edited stories that were translated into other languages, republished in outlets around the world, and won numerous awards, including an Emmy.  She has a weekly podcast, Cutting Chai Stories, where she breaks down the craft of writing, provides writing tips for creative writers and entrepreneurs who need to write for their business. She teaches creative writing to both children and adults.  Jayati is launching a digital writing course for entrepreneurs called The Words Will Come in early 2021.  Where we can find Jayati: Instagram: and Facebook Group: Cutting Chai Stories Podcast: Cutting Chai Stories on Apple, Spotify, and other places you find podcasts. Backscatter Collaboration: Backscatter  Photographer @hersh.img and Writer @jayativora Sign up below to get Jayati's freebie that will help you strengthen your story: Favorite artists: Chris Roberts-Antieau - Tara Books -
January 7, 2021
Pyrocrafters' Aney Carver talks about walking through the fear to set the world on fire!
As Pyrocrafter’s Creative Trailblazer, Aney does more than smoke up the place. With more than 10 years of working with creative mediums, she brings new life to all of her inspired pieces. Aney stoked her passion for visual expression by creating unique wood-burned art pieces, founding Pyrocrafters in 2016. What makes her tick? She likes encouraging others to unlock their creative spirits, the same spirit that fuels all of her artistic endeavors. She’s 1-part entrepreneur, 2-parts skilled artist, and all creative.  Aney talks about her journey from Graphic Designer to Entrepreneur, and how the power of experimentation inspires her work. Best advice she received: In talking to Odin Leather about working a day job while trying to start your own business -  "This is just how it has to be right has to be hard." and "Everything you say yes to, you are saying no to something else." Listen to the podcast to hear her 3 tips for creatives. Creatives to watch:  1. Happi Camper KC. Find her here. 2. HippieNorth. Find her here. Where to find Aney: Website: Instagram: @pyrocrafters Her Book: DRAWING WITH FIRE: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO WOOD BURNING
November 18, 2020
Geomyra Pollard, of Coaching For Creatives, Talks about The Power of Just Showing Up!
Season 2 opens with the amazing Geomyra Pollard, recognized as one of HoneyBook’s 20 On The Rise business coaches based on empowerment, impact, purpose, and passion. She is a well-rounded life + biz coach and course creator for creatives that aspire to create and live with grace, passion, and purpose. Through her coaching firm, Coaching for Creatives, Geomyra finds joy as the strategic support and encouragement for entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business and a well-rounded life! As a former wedding planner and designer, she uses her fourteen years of experience and formal education to coach clients, so they may focus on what matters most. Geomyra is the host of the top-rated weekly podcast, A Well-Rounded Life, and owns the online shop, Living Well-Rounded Merch Boutique. Geomyra considers it a blessing and her calling to educate, coach, and encourage determined small business owners and boss moms. She is a systems and workflows guru, lover of handbags, can’t live without dessert, and is always ready to use her passport. Geomyra is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mama of favorite daughter Payton and favorite son Jackson. Who is she inspired by?  Her Mother. Listen to find out why. Advice for Creatives? Just show up! She tells us how to do this, and more, in the podcast. Who is doing it well? Marva Goss, Sales Coach to Women Entrepreneurs.  Find her here. Listen to the podcast to learn why Geomyra thinks she is doing things right! Who are her Favorite Artists?  Beyoncé and Celine Dion Where can we find Geomyra? Instagram @coachforcreatives Website and Podcast A Well-Rounded Life Shop Living Well-Rounded Merch Boutique Pinterest Coach4Creatives
September 11, 2020
Katherine Knight talks Art & Reframing Rejection to turn things around!
Katherine Knight grew up in Columbia, South Carolina.  She received a BA in Studio Art from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, and an MFA in Painting from American University in Washington, DC.  She has completed additional studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Slade School of Fine Art in London.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and she currently teaches painting at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Maryland, and lives in Washington, DC with her family. Where you can find her:  Website: Instagram: @KMKnight2 Exhibit: She, An Expression of Womanhood at Annemarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center.  Virtual tour here through September 27, 2020. Artist doing Social Media Right:  Jamie Beck RICHARD HEARNS @richardhearns Favorite Contemporary Artist (Katherine had more than one and I couldn't be happier :) Jenny Saville @jenny_saville_art Paula Rego @paularegostudio Kyle Staver @kylestaver Njideka Akunyili Crosby @njidekaakunyilicrosby Michael Armitage @manairobi Koyo Kouoh @madamekoyo Golden @goldenthem_
August 7, 2020
Mary Welch Higgins, Focused on the Arts
Artist and Curator Mary Welch Higgins talks about her single-minded focus on the arts and how it started from an early age.   Mary Higgins is a fourth-generation Washington DC native who grew up continually visiting the local area museums and galleries. She has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and an MA in Visual Information Technologies from George Mason University. Her professional experience includes work as an adjunct professor, a creative director in the computer graphics industry, and most recently as gallery director and curate for the Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center. In addition, to her various work experiences, she has maintained her professional practice as an artist. Listen in while we chat about best advice and 3 things artists can do today to get more visibility. Favorite Contemporary Artist: Kyujin Lee Books Read Recently:  More Than a Muse by Kate McCabe & Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership by Whitney Chadwick Find Mary here:
July 11, 2020
Shorten the Climb by Starting at the Top, with Dr. Fatimah Pierce
Dr. Fatimah Pierce, a native Washingtonian, established Hickman Rose Strategies after her nearly 20-year career in the federal government. She is an expert in strategic planning, organizational development, and grants management. Dr. Pierce holds a bachelor’s degree in human development and a master’s degree in organizational management. In addition, she earned her doctorate in public policy and administration, and she is a graduate of the Federal Executive Leadership Program. Dr. Pierce uses her voice as a speaker and facilitator for conversations about inclusion and equity, leadership and career development, and business success. Dr. Pierce gives three concrete things that creatives can do to help move their careers forward, starting with Being Confident and Being Bold! Example of someone taking charge and making it happen: Geomyra Pollard, Coach for Creatives.   Favorite Contemporary Female Artist: Amy Sherald, "because she is a risk-taker..." Bonus Favorite: Peggy Cooper Cafritz, "a real game-changer for underserved artists." Find Dr. Pierce here - Website: Instagram: and Facebook: LinkedIn:
July 3, 2020
Gail Keyes Allen talks about the Importance of Mindset Work!
Gail Keyes Allen is the Midlife Moneymaker.  She's a Money & Life Coach who helps her clients Master their Mindset of Wealth by seeing their money blocks, beliefs, and behaviors and then transforms them.  In this episode, Gail talks about the importance of mindset work and pushing past your fears!  She shares the pivotal moment she realized she needed to change things and the beautiful power of giving yourself permission to take quick messy action! She gives three things creatives can do to get more visibility as well as the role a mini offer has in moving your goals forward. Favorite Contemporary Female Artist: Corie Mattie, the LA Hope Dealer. Find Gail here: Facebook: Instagram: @midlifemoneymaker Website: Podcast: Midlife Moneymaker
June 26, 2020
Naima Dozier Talks Fearless Threads!
Naima Dozier is the owner and creative mind behind fearless threads handbags and accessories.  She started the brand in 2011 after receiving a gift box of African fabric from a friend.  She launched her business out of the backseat of a VW Beetle convertible at Fenton Street Market.  She didn't have much to sell at her first market and so sold them as one of a kind.  It quickly became what she is known for.  She now travels the world in search of fabrics that compliment her unique style.   Naima talks about what inspires her and how Covid has changed the landscape of her business! Find Naima here: Instagram> Facebook>  Website> Favorite Makers:   Carolina Herrera  Diane Von Furstenberg Tracy Reese Pat McGrath Bobbi Brown
June 20, 2020
Wendy Harrop Talks About Cooking, Showing Up, & Being You!
Wendy Harrop is a veteran wedding planner (with a love of good cooking) turned barn lover, who along with her husband Keith and daughter Amelia, is following her bliss.  Wendy et al have made the magic come to life at The Phineas Wright House in Bolton, MA.  The house was built in 1785 by the third reverend of First Parish Church and the family has transformed it into a destination for weddings and artful events & classes which include opportunities to learn things such as cooking, painting, and sheep sheering from people who are experts in their fields.   Wendy tells us about her journey to East Coast Farm life and the importance of Being You, Showing up on Social Media, and how to give experiences away without diminishing their value.  Also, she talks about how far her fondness for Brown Butter Sage Sauce really goes! Her muse:  A friend named Jeff who retired and move to France to cook and garden. Interested in the French Cooking Class we discuss in the show?  Find it here, along with some other gloriously affordable offerings here. Find Wendy at: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
June 5, 2020
Marjorie Atwood talks about Not Waiting for Inspiration
Marjorie talks about the importance of not waiting for inspiration and developing a practice. Marjorie Atwood is a contemporary artist who has been painting and exhibiting her work for the past 20 years.  After graduating from Holland Hall high school in Tulsa, she moved to New York and earned a bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College, while also studying at Parson’s School of Design. She has had several solo shows across the United States. Favorite Artist: Haley Hasler.  Find her work here. Find Marjorie here - Website Instagram Facebook
May 31, 2020
Rose Nash Talks About the Importance of Being Fearless with your Work
Rose Nash is a writer & artist who is a Fellow at Chateau Orquevaux in Orquevaux, France, and also Director of the Kingsley House, a creative production house in Los Angeles. Rose talks about the importance of connection, being fearless with your work, and the law of attraction.  And learn what life advice she got from Drake! Favorite Contemporary Woman Artist: Can't settle on just one, she loves them all.  But she listens to a lot of Lana Del Rey right now and will always be a fan of Sylvia Plath. Find Rose here: Instagram:
May 22, 2020
Pure Fire Creatives Talks Learning to Value Your Work and Giving Back to the Community with Author Faye McCray
Author Faye McCray talks about the importance of self-promotion, giving back to the community, and networking across mediums.  Faye tells us about how she deviated from her first love of writing because there was no clear path to making money from it.   Listen and learn about how she found her way back to her creative self. Faye McCray is an attorney, author, and playwright whose essays on love, life, and parenting have been featured in a number of popular publications including HuffPost, AARP Magazine, the Little Patuxent Review, AfroPunk, and Black Girl Nerds. She is the Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to celebrating and inspiring creativity in children and young adults. Faye is also the author of White Belt, a collection of horror short stories; Boyfriend, a novel about a troubled college student struggling with love and fidelity; and I am Loved, a collection of positive affirmations for children. Favorite Artist: Elizabeth Acevedo.  Find out more about this Author at Listen to Acevedo talk about The Poet X, getting nervous when she performs, her path to Slam Poetry, and the value of your unique voice here. Where can you find Faye? Website: Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:
May 15, 2020
Alexandra N. Sherman talks about finding the Exquisite balance between Ugliness & Beauty
Alexandra N Sherman talks about the importance of getting out there, finding your working rhythm, and the exquisite balance of that line between ugliness & beauty, as well as pain & delight.   Alexandra explores the landscape of the mind in her art through watercolor, installations, and collage. She seeks to give the viewer an intimate experience through small-scale, evocative watercolors and collages that explore the human existence, our sense of connection, and the responsibility we have to ourselves, others, and the environment. She has been a curator as well as worked in several frame ateliers learning conservation framing techniques and the French paper art of cartonnage. Earning her BA in Philosophy of Religion from Elon University, she continued her studies at the Corcoran College of Art. Alexandra received her MFA in drawing and painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has held artist residencies in Washington, DC and Buenos Aires, Argentina and has taught experimental and experiential watercolor and collage classes. Alexandra’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, and can be found in private collections and institutions. Favorite Artist: Kara Walker. Find out more about this artist on She can be found on Instagram @alexandransherman, Facebook @AlexandraNSherman and her website at
May 8, 2020
Toby Penney talks travel, art and the power of social media
Pure Fire Creatives talks with artist Toby Penney about the somewhat nomadic lifestyle of an artist, picking the right location for you to put down roots and knowing your Social Media limits.  Toby is a southern artist working in painting, photography, printmaking & multiple sculpture media.  Penney creates work accepting, even glorifying simple objects & fleeting moments. She is also the founder of Roaming Studio, offering art classes, workshops,  & artist residencies. Toby enjoys developing relationships with other creative people. She exhibits internationally and with several galleries in the U.S. Recent exhibitions include a couple in Australia. And Tennessee. Toby has also been a two-time recipient of the Denis Diderot AIR Grant with corresponding fellowships to Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency. Her work has been on the cover of Professional Artist Magazine and Hellbent Magazine and has been included in numerous other publications.
May 1, 2020
Talking About the Artist's Journey with Kamilah O. House
A diplomat brat, Kamilah House is a self-taught visual artist and attorney in the DMV. She doodled her way through high school, college and law school until, one day, she found herself with a hunger to learn more about painting. She enrolled in several courses at the Art League School and viola! She began, what she describes as her Visual Emotion Project.  Kamilah blends her own culture with the experiences she picked up all over the world to create works of color.  Through her artwork, she hopes to empower all women who rarely see themselves in the ideals of our society. Through bold-colored paintings and collages, her work seeks to highlight the strength, history, struggle and poetry of the lives of women through her eyes as a third culture black woman of African American and Bahamian ancestry.   Most recently, she has been working with her friend and Howard Law colleague author Faye McCray on an exhibition to bring awareness to black maternal health issues at the Columbia Arts Center.  This exhibit was postponed due to the Coronavirus and they are now taking the show online.  Follow along at Instagram @dearmama_art. Find Kamilah and her work on Instagram @Kohouseart
April 27, 2020
The Power of Words with Dana Ray Consulting
Dana Ray, of Dana Ray Consulting, talks about the Power of Words.  We chat about how she got started and how she ended up helping other creatives hone their words to articulate the ideas and values that underpin their work.  We learn some of her favorite books and why people still dance salsa in Antarctica.  So, be sure to listen to the end! More details about Dana:  She builds her services on the assumption that words are action. As a communications consultant, she defines internal messaging for driven creators and founders and the organizations they lead. Dana Ray Consulting helps leaders identify the compelling language for what they do and why it matters. Her process defines the client’s unique and fundamental approach to their work and then translates this narrative into messaging. Her clients represent diverse industries including fashion, dance, design, visual art, digital media, and activism. They can be found around the world in places like the Bay Area, Chicago, Montreal, Boston, and New York Dana received a Fulbright to Bulgaria. a Master’s in Literature and Writing from Bucknell University. In 2018, she completed the altMBA program designed by marketing expert, Seth Godin.
March 28, 2020
Pure Fire Creatives Talks with Super Attractor Reena Friedman Watts
Join me for a fireside chat with Super Attractor Reena Friedman Watts, where she talks about "bringing the people to the party" and her role as an Accountability Coach in Cathy Heller's Made To Do This program.  She tells the story of her creative journey from her first jobs at the forefront of Reality TV and the Film Industry, how she took those skills, applied them to the corporate world and ultimately her current creative incarnation in the entrepreneurial space.  She talks about transferable skills, the power of networking and finding that all-important balance.  We also chat about how if it doesn't fit, sometimes you just have to quit.    
March 20, 2020
Pure Fire Creatives! Let's Set the World on Fire!
Welcome to Pure Fire Creatives!  A podcast about art and the making of it!  In this episode, podcast host Racquel Keller (that's me!) tells you a little bit about herself and the reason behind bringing Pure Fire Creatives to life!  So, come sit by the fire and listen to a little story about a woman and her dream to lift other creative women up by giving them a platform to share their work, why they do it and where we can find it.  Welcome to the party!  You bring the wine...I'll bring the matches!
March 20, 2020