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Radiant Conversations

Radiant Conversations

By Radiant Sol Yoga
From the heart of Port Melbourne, Radiant Sol Yoga presents
Radiant Conversations.

Join Danielle Joan as she gets up-close and personal with our beautiful community as we reflect on life – on and off the mat.

From self inquiry, to self reflection, following the heart and letting things go, I speak with our greater community about the life force, energy and gratitude they may, or may not have experienced.
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A Radiant Conversation with Caroline Vizec
Meet Caroline Vizec!  Caroline is a Radiant teacher who looks after our Saturday morning classes and our Sunday afternoon Prenatal class – the most nourishing class in the house, if I dare say!  The joy of movement has played a big role in Caroline's personal life and line of work over the years, so becoming a yoga teacher was a very natural progression for her.  As a big fan of study, Caroline is qualified in quite a lot of yoga, alternative and holistic practices, which all come together to create a beutaful offering when she holds space in a room.  We talk about doing things for pleasure, like searching for four leaf clovers and gardening – finding comfort in the environment. We talk about about the benefits of her breathing practices, and how they can be entertaining!  We also talk about a life-changing health diagnosis which shifted her thinking and got her living in the present.  You can follow Caroline on IG here.  I hope you enjoy this chat with Caroline as much as I did. I first met Caroline a few years ago in a YTT with Leonie, and I'm now truly touched that she's part of the RSY fam. I love how wonderfully organic life can be.  Enjoy Danielle x Find Radiant IG here
October 08, 2021
A Radiant Conversation with Lucy Rash
Meet Lucy Rash!  Lucy is a Radiant member and a very special person in my life. As the studio owner, Lucy was one of the first people I really got to know when I took over the studio a few years ago, so it's just really nice to sit down and chat like this.  Nothing is more worth Lucy's time than her practice. It's a non-negotiable. But she honours the flexibility that 'it' can change day to day.  Lucy has a deep respect and love for her teachers and talks to how they have shaped her story in the few short years that she's been dedicated to her practice.  As a fellow multiple-hat wearer and fingers-in-pies person, Yoga has created some Truths for Lucy. It's carved out the space she needed to make some big decisions in life.  Lucy plays the violin and has been part of symphonies and the arts scene all her life. You may even remember we collaborated a couple years ago on a juicy yin and violin evening at the studio.  One of the never-ending talented hats Lucy wears, is her own Content Design business, Cult Copy – creating words, programming, representation and innovation for creatives and creative industries.  She also shared some exciting news here! OMG this is exciting, I'm all for it. I won't go into too much detail, but for more information on her big announcement, you can check in with Gasworks Arts Park here.  Thanks for the chats, Lucy. Big love to you and I can't wait to watch more magic unfold. You can find Lucy on IG here. Enjoy Danielle x Radiant IG x
September 28, 2021
A Radiant Conversation with Nick Fischer
A big hello to Nicholas Fischer!  A self proclaimed yoga MC, anatomist and cheerleader all in the space of a 60 minute class, Nick is a one-to-watch Radiant teacher and a breath enthusiast! Have you read James Nestors' Breath? Both Nick and I highly recommend it.  From challenging assumptions to ego control, making peace with slowing down to encouraging boredom, my chat with Nick is deep and expansive, just like a breathing technique. With the intention of making do with the practice you have, Nick's learned a self-awareness and an ability to work with his anxieties, acknowledging they're there, but not entertaining them.  We leave things on a note of not taking things so personally, which I love and need reminding from time to time, and time again. You can follow Nick on Instagram here. And if you fancy learning how to breathe with Nick, he's created a mini course over on our online yoga studio, where he'll take you through the foundations through to the practices of breathing well. Enjoy Danielle Joan x Find Radiant on IG 
September 23, 2021
A Radiant Conversation with Leonie Lockwood
Say hello to Leonie Lockwood!  Leonie is a Radiant teacher, who looks after our Friday afternoon and evenings In Port Melbourne, with yummy Slow Flow and Yin classes to finish off the week. More than just teaching yoga, Leonie also holds retreats, and is a yoga teacher trainer, teaching the teachers!  From starting yoga as a little tacker with her mum, Leonie shares what yoga means to her and how it's played a huge role in her life, more than just something that pays the bills.  We talk about kindness, or the lack of kindness that presents itself through life. We talk about how her practice has changed over the years, and how she almost tricks herself into the practice when she's avoiding it. We talk about slowing down, about boundaries and acceptance.  You can find out more about Leonie on her Instagram here.  Better yet, you can join Leonie's online yoga classes here, too! Enjoy x
September 20, 2021
A Radiant welcome with Danielle Joan
Welcome to Radiant Conversations! The home for the Radiant community of yogis in Port Melbourne.  With this podcast, we're taking yoga off the mat – going beyond the practice.  Each episode we'll shine light on the amazing, unique and inspiring people that breathe and practice among as, and learn a thing or two about them along the way.  In this episode, meet your host, owner and "chief yogi" of Radiant Sol Yoga, Danielle Joan Pollock. As Danielle sets the scene for the upcoming episodes, features the teachers and students of the studio, she'll also get things started with a little about herself.  Whether you're part of the Radiant community or just love learning about people and their passions, this podcast will always look to surprise and delight the senses, whether you're a yogi or not.  Enjoy! x
September 03, 2021