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Radical Learning Talks

Radical Learning Talks

By Radical Learning
Radical Learning Talks is a bi-weekly podcast focused on radically shifting the way we think about education, learning, community and what it means to build equitable relationships.

Sari Gonzalez and Becka Koritz, unschooling mothers, parent coaches and leaders in the self-directed education movement, share insightful dialogues, perspectives, interviews and tips to support unschooling families in moving from control and fear based systems to those of trust and freedom.
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12. Radical Learning Talks with Blake Boles
Ever wonder what a group of unschoolers does with their autonomy in a foreign country? How unschooling truly prepares youth for the future? What the role of an adult is in an unschoolers’ journey? Or even why some of us may still be sending our kids to school?  In this episode, we dive into these questions and more with our friend Blake Boles, writer, speaker, podcaster and SDE (self-directed education) advocate. Blake shares insights from years of research and direct support of unschooling youth on international adventures with his program Unschooling Adventures.  You can find more info on Blake and his work at
January 21, 2022
11. What’s up with challenging our kids?
Why do we think we need to challenge kids all the time? What does that say about our mindset, our fears and our trust in our kids? In this episode we explore ideas about how we learn and how we can support our kids’ natural learning process without falling back into the pressure cooker of challenge.
January 07, 2022
10. Slow living
Consumerist practices are wiping out ways of living more slowly. Our lives are dictated by schedules and deadlines and expectations defined by others.  In this episode we discuss how slow living and unschooling are acts of rebellion against oppressive systems and how important it is to reclaim our lives and center relationships, community and freedom.
December 10, 2021
9. Radical Learning Talks with Teo Koritz
Want to peek into the mind of an unschooler?  In this episode, Teo, a 16 year old neurodiverse unschooler talks about his perspectives on unschooling including learning, freedom, trust, boundaries, relationships and how unschooling is supporting him to live an authentic, empowering and liberating life.
November 26, 2021
8. Why does screen time freak us out?
Many unschooling parents and adults supporting youth are fine to advocate for kid’s freedom until the dreaded “screen time” comes up.  We find that many times we are able to trust in our kids and their choices in certain areas, but when it comes to screen use we clam up, forget about what they are navigating and learning and slip into fear and control.  In this episode of Radical Learning Talks, we explore why screen time freaks us out and invite us to explore some different perspectives. As you listen, we would love to ask some big questions: - In what ways do you limit your kids?  - How can you challenge your own thinking around their freedom?  - What if you’re wrong and they’re right? Please let us know what comes up for you and what is challenging/hard!
November 12, 2021
7. Consent as the foundation for freedom
In this episode we will be speaking about a big topic which we feel we don't talk about enough in the context of parenting and learning… it’s the topic of consent. Today we chat about how consent is part of the foundational work of moving away from systems of control towards those of mutual understanding and freedom.
October 29, 2021
6. Radical Learning Talks with guest Liz Neuenschwander
In this episode we speak with Liz, an unschooling mother and facilitator at an agile learning center.  Liz shares about her transition to unschooling, how unschooling is liberation and anti-oppression work and about her deep journey in shifting towards building relationships based on trust and collaboration.
October 15, 2021
5. Fear
We are living in a time of extreme fear and uncertainty, which for many of us causes us to make restrictive choices.  In this episode we dive into how our fears disempower us and limit us from living truly fulfilling lives and how our fears affect our relationships.  We also give tips on how to unpack our fears, heal generational trauma and develop the courage to live more freely as we embark on our unschooling journey.
October 01, 2021
4. What is deschooling?
In this episode we demystify the meaning of deschooling and how it is a tool for liberation...moving away from systems based on control and fear, towards authenticity and transformation. We talk about how deschooling is a process for both children and adults and how it’s ultimately about breaking cycles, detoxing from oppressive structures and nurturing the relationship between adults and children.  We also share tips for adults to help support and advocate for their kid’s freedom.
September 17, 2021
3. Radical Learning Talks with guest Merry MacIvor Andersen
In this episode, we interview  Merry MacIvor Andersen, a former unschooler, current unschooling mom and community member of an agile learning center in Mexico.  Merry shares about the beauties and challenges of unschooling and about the importance of self reflection and authencity in building relationships based on trust.
September 03, 2021
2. What is Self-Directed Education?
In this episode we define what self directed education, unschooling and free learning are and how any education system should not be “one size fits all”.   We discuss the roots of the education system and begin to challenge the conventional way of looking at how we learn. How is the SDE model better preparing our kids to adapt to an ever changing world? We talk about how SDE works, what are some options in SDE, what are some tips in approaching SDE and we begin to look at the process of deschooling.
August 20, 2021
1. The Shift -Introduction
This podcast is an intro into who Sari and Becka are, what inspired them to unschool, how the pandemic has inspired a paradigm shift and what radical learning means.  They share more about the shift they are hoping to inspire and support in others of questioning how we look at learning, education, and it means to be in community. How can we get back to our roots and allow ourselves to witness the natural learning process in ourselves and others? What are some things that trip us up and what are some practical tips on how we can begin to challenge our fears and shift our mindset to embrace unschooling, free learning and equitable relationship building?  Sari and Becka talk about the foundations of free learning and how we as parents have a wonderful opportunity to dare to question how we are doing things, what kinds of relationships we want to have and and what future we want for ourselves, our kids, our families and the world.
August 08, 2021