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Radio Active Kids

Radio Active Kids

By Sagan Thacker
Radio Active Kids is a program for kids. But not just for kids–for EVERYONE! We play intelligent kids' music for the young and the young at heart. It’s awesome. Join host Sagan and the gang in an interactive show that explores all things kids. Shows feature cool kid-friendly tunes, storytelling, comedy, and weirdness! Requests and call-ins are a must! Questions? Comments? Requests? Email me:
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RAK 6/18/22 - New music coming your way!
We've got new music coming your way to brighten your day this week on Radio Active Kids, and the amazing Kelli Welli made this video and song for us!!! New songs by Justin Roberts, Ralph's World, Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips ft. Twinkle Time, Kath Bee - Children's Songwriter & Levity Beet Music, Street Corner Symphony, Chris Ballew (AKA caspar babypants), Josh Lovelace, CLARALUNA, Johnny and the Raindrops, Trevor Walls & Mista Cookie Jar, Shawny, JellyBean Queen, The Pretty Crazies, Silly Goose & Val, Pata Punn, Brighter Light Brigade ft. Mista Cookie Jar (AGAIN!), the Tallest Kid in the Room, Stuart Stotts - Musician, Author, Storyteller, Alexei and the Rock O'Clock Band, Yeah Nah, Tinker & more!!! Here's the playlist. 
June 18, 2022
RAK 6/11/22 - Andrew Best in-studio performance!
This week on Radio Active Kids, I'm incredibly excited to have Andrew Best Music performing LIVE in studio! Can't wait!!! Also, new songs by Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, Randale - Rockmusik für Kinder, Jenn Cleary Music, King Bullfrog, Em and Me Music, Blue Milk Run, & #BobBlue, plus older songs by Father Goose Music, Undesirable #1 & Music For New People! The playlist is here. 
June 11, 2022
RAK 6/4/22 - Queen Piarei interview!
 This week on Radio Active Kids, I'm incredibly excited to have Austin, TX kindie musician Queen Piarei perform IN STUDIO! I'm told she'll play several new songs...Also, new songs by Danny Weinkauf - Red Pants Band, Fred Penner & Five Alarm Funk, Jazzy Ash, BENNY TIME, Captain Festus McBoyle, little hurricane, Big Bang Boom, Kid Carpet, Gerry Paul, Vivian Fang Liu 劉芳 & more! The playlist is here.
June 04, 2022
RAK 5/28/22 - The Zing Zangs interview!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we'll interview The Zing Zangs about their amazing debut album #TheGoodDay! Also, new tunes by Itty Bitty Beats, POCO DROM, The Figureheads, Alexander Star, Silly Goose & Val, Kare Strong Art, AGAIN AGAIN, Go Banana Go & more! The playlist is here.
May 28, 2022
RAK 5/21/22 - SHOE music!
We've got MUSIC this week on Radio Active Kids, and Steve Weeks Music made an incredible promo jingle for us! Songs by Itty Bitty Beats, Levity Beet Music, The BenAnna Band, Jenn Cleary Music, Beleza Music, Suzi Shelton, La Granja del Tío Bob, Steve Elci and Friends, Andrew Best Music, Herr Jan, Ashley Mills Monaghan, & Lefty Jones Band!!! ALSO. A whole set of music about SHOES by Timmy Abell Music, Go Banana Go, Here Comes Trouble, Mista Cookie Jar, My Friend Christopher, The Stacey Peasley Band, Ratboy Jr., Riff Rockit, Shine & the Moonbeams, & Songeez!!! Here's the playlist. 
May 21, 2022
RAK 5/14/22 - The Listies interview!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we are incredibly excited to interview The Listies, who called in all the way from Australia to chat about their new #MusicalOwlBum! Also, new songs by Laurie Berkner Band, Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn, Kira Willey, BENNY TIME (ft Itty Bitty Beats), the Fabulous Lemon Drops, fleaBITE, Afghan Children's Songbook, Totally Knuts, & Cee Bee Teatime, plus older songs by Drew Bunting, Miss Lynn, Monedita de oro, & Roy Moye III/thestemusic!
May 15, 2022
RAK 4/30/22 - Kelli Welli interview!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we'll interview Kelli Welli! Her new album Robots Don't Tell Jokes is great fun! Also, new tunes by Kira Willey, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Steve Elci and Friends, Father Goose Music, Jaqualyn Taimana, The Gum Drops, Ants Ants Ants, Die Rollenden Steinchen, Strawbitty Yops, & Percy and the Prefects/Sonorus Studio on a comp by Totally Knuts! Plus, older songs by Dan + Claudia Zanes, Baron Von Rumblebuss, Banana Slug String Band, Ana Iniesta y la Banda de la Luna, Tricked Out Tricycle, & Diana reds and family for children! Playlist is here.
April 30, 2022
RAK 4/23/22 - Todd'n'Tina interview!
We'll interview new kindie duo Todd'n'Tina this week on Radio Active Kids! The chat is gonna be dynamite! Also, new tunes by Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn, Lucy Kalantari/Falu/Fyütch, Randale, Sugar Free Allstars, Tu Rockcito, BENNY TIME ft. Little Wild Music, Claudia Robin Gunn - Music for Kids, #KonshenstheMC, Emma Cook, Esther Crow Music, AMP'D, Dub Town Rockers, Wilderness Betty and the Turnips, & #UpnAdam! Plus, for no particular reason, a whole set of kindie psych rock from STEVENSTEVEN, Rainbow Beast, Harry Nilsson, Guitar Party, Jarebear, The Sippy Cups, The Strawberry Jam, & Todd McHatton! The playlist is here:
April 23, 2022
RAK 4/16/22 - My Friend Christopher interview!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we'll interview My Friend Christopher about his fantastic and accurately titled new album #TubaBlues! Also, brand-new music from Andy Z, Story Surprise, Kelli Welli, Three O'Clock Rock, James Culleton Art & Design, Pointed Man Band, Jenn Hartmann Luck, The Zing Zangs, & Totally Knuts, plus older songs by Baby in Tune, Jumpin' Jamie, Sean McCollough Family Music & Molly Ledford, Princess Katie & Racer Steve, & Seanster and the Monsters! The playlist is here. 
April 16, 2022
RAK 4/9/22 - Red Yarn interview!
April 09, 2022
RAK 4/2/22 - Zovi interview!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we'll get all weird and noisy in an interview with experimental musician Zovi, whose new all-ages songs about plushies are great fun! Also, new songs by Formidable Vegetable, Danny Weinkauf - Red Pants Band, Little Miss Ann (ft. Suzi Shelton & Uncle Jumbo!), Captain Festus McBoyle, Phredd, Silly Goose & Val and The Maryland School for the Blind, Brett Campbell Children's Musician, Nature Out Loud & more, plus some older songs by POCO DROM, ChIPS (with BENNY TIME & The Vegetable Plot) & #HollowGodric! The playlist is here.
April 02, 2022
RAK 3/26/22 - Mr. Pete's Playhouse interview & Asheville FM Spring Fund Drive!
This week on Radio Active Kids, interviews return! 🥳 We'll talk with Mr. Pete's Playhouse about his awesome music! ALSO! It's the Asheville FM Spring Fund Drive--please donate at if you can to help keep us on the air & spinning great kindie music! More new songs this week by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Kath Bee, Little Feet Music, Steve Elci and Friends, Lieselotte Quetschkommode, Baze And His Silly Friends, Kelli Welli, Knuckleheadz: Father/Son Rap Group, The Dolly Shakes, #DanOrkin & more! 8-10am ET Saturday at or & podcasting at! Playlist
March 26, 2022
RAK 3/19/22 - A random assortment of music!
We're starting doing interviews again next week on Radio Active Kids, but this week we've got a random assortment of music that I just haphazardly pulled from the stacks! New songs from Sonia De Los Santos, Formidable Vegetable, Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove, DARIA MUSIC, Marko Polo Music, Big Idea Committee, & Dots and Lines! Plus a bunch of older stuff from Jessie Baylin, Sylvia Chave, nick cope, Dubba Chuck, The Harmonica Pocket, Human Person, Jazzy Ash & Mista Cookie Jar, the Magic Wizard Band (Rushad Eggleston), John McCutcheon, Mister Porter, Ms. Niki's Music Class, Muckemacher, Newt Skabander, The Nields, Parasite Diet, The Relative Minors, Brian Ross, Musician, Aaron Nigel Smith, The Swedish Shortsnouts, & Trout Fishing in America! Playlist is here.
March 19, 2022
RAK 3/12/22 - X marks the spot for new music!
X marks the spot for new music this week on Radio Active Kids, and the fantastic Snackbeard has made a super fun little promo jingle for us! We be honored, YAAARR!!! New songs by Jaqualyn Taimana Williams, BENNY TIME, The BenAnna Band, Trevor Walls, fleaBITE, Captain & Cat, Emma Cook, The Zing Zangs, Totally Knuts, #LeonardEckhaus & Tinker! Plus, older songs by Candy Corn For Breakfast, Captain Bogg & Salty, Egg ft. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Jess and Aaron, KevvyG, Miss Nina, Pirate Jenny, Poppy Galactic & The Beat, Snackbeard, Zovi & more!!! Here's the playlist.
March 12, 2022
RAK 3/5/22 - Singing and dancing to new music!
This week on Radio Active Kids, it's Saturday morning and we're singing and dancing to tons of new music again! And new kindie musician Dana Rice has made this amazing little jingle for us! Thank you so much, Dana! Releases by POCO DROM, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, Itty Bitty Beats, The Listies, Cheeky Monkey Club, Joanie Leeds, Steve Elci and Friends, EVT Kids, Andyroo & the Andyrooniverse, #MrBooDaddy, Jackie B and the Mini Band, #TheShytunas, The Wise Channel, #MissJessicasWorld, AGAIN AGAIN, & #Corbad, plus older tunes by Timmy Abell, Care Bears on Fire, High Brow Affair, Mommy's lil Monsterz, SEÑOR FANCYPANTS, Співанкограй, Tu Rockcito & Los Patita de Perro, KB Whirly, & more! Playlist.
March 05, 2022
RAK 2/26/22 - Mostly NOT new music!
For the first time in over two years, we actually have mostly older music this week on Radio Active Kids! I've dug through the archive & randomly picked a bunch of fun stuff that I want to hear! We've got SOME new tunes by the likes of Itty Bitty Beats, uncle dox, The BenAnna Band, Levity Beet Music, Sylvia, Kaci Bolls Music, & Learna! Aaaaaaaand old tunes by (in alphabetical order): The Deedle Deedle Dees, Future Hits, Harry and the Potters, Here Comes Trouble, Randy Kaplan, Los Migajita Sound Band, Mosquitas Muertas, No Parking Studio, Puppet Time Machine Theatre, Renee & Friends ft. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Shine & the Moonbeams, #ToddandCookie (Todd McHatton & Mista Cookie Jar!), & many more!!!  Playlist
February 26, 2022
RAK 2/19/22 - New sound, dance around!
 We've got even MORE new music this week on Radio Active Kids, and the amazing Rock-a-Baby has created this absolutely MAGNIFICENT jingle and video for us!!! Thank you SO MUCH, y'all! We also have a new tune by Rock-a-Baby & other new songs by The Listies, Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs, Uncle Jumbo, Charity and the JAMband, Michael and the Rockness Monsters, Emily Who, ArgenPotter, Ashley Mills Monaghan, Erica Rabner Music, The Zing Zangs, #KaBoomBoom, & Em and Me, plus a request for Microphone Doctors & older tunes by Captain Bogg & Salty, David Holt, John And Mark's Children's Record, Erin Lee and the Up Past Bedtime Band, Lard Dog, The Whizpops, & more!!! Playlist:
February 19, 2022
RAK 2/12/22 - New tunes!
We've got tons of new tunes this week on Radio Active Kids, and the incredible Andrew & Polly has created this utterly incredible jingle for us! Thank you SO MUCH, A&P!!!!! New tunes from Alphabet Rockers & Mista Cookie Jar, Kath Bee, Itty Bitty Beats, Mr. Elephant, DJ Willy Wow, Moe & Friends, Nutshell Playhouse, Minute Masters, #ThePocketJoys, Kristle Skennar, & #MarkedasHisEqual w/ #TheAzkabanWorkReleaseProgram! Since we have a much smaller backlog of new tunes now, we also have older tunes from caspar babypants, #Bandtastic (Mike Phirman & Drennon Davis), Jim Cosgrove & Jazzy Ash, Earthworm Ensemble, Camille Harris, Billy Jonas, The Oot n' Oots, Peelander-Z, salva_trasto, Dan Vapid, The Wise Channel on 1TribeCollective & more!!! Playlist:
February 12, 2022
RAK 2/5/22 - Countdown to new music!
 We've got lots of new music as usual this week on Radio Active Kids, and Brett Campbell Children's Musician has created this amazing promo video for us! Thank you SO MUCH, Brett! We'll also play his brand-new song, and more new tunes by Music for Kiddos, Wendy & DB, Fug und Janina, The Whomping Willows, Mophradat, EVT Kids, Istvan & His Imaginary Band, Mr. Ellis The Teacher, You & Us (Emerald Sketch), & #MarkoPolo, plus awesome older songs by Leslie Bixler's Blues, Michelle Bloom & Co., Un Bosque EnCantado, Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, The Green Orbs, Josh & The Jamtones (ft. Father Goose Music & Secret Agent 23 Skidoo), Milkshake, Story Pirates, & Underbirds! Playlist:
February 05, 2022
RAK 1/29/22 - A marvelous mishmash of music!
I thought it'd never happen, but we've finally gotten close to catching up with new music on Radio Active Kids! We'll still have lots of new music every week, but we've got a bunch of older songs on this week's show as well! New tunes by Tim Kubart, Bears and Lions, Ingrid Hofer, Ginalina Music, Key Wilde & Mr Clarke, KwikSpell, El mundo de Bungo and #TheMudbloods, plus older tunes by (in alphabetical order): Alphabet Rockers, #BabetheBlueOx, Bee Parks and the Hornets, Christylez Bacon & Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Hopalong Andrew, Mariana Iranzi, The Jimmies, Sara Lovell Music, Lunch Money, Elena Moon Park & Friends, The Royal Order of Chords and Keys (R.O.C.K.), Secret Agent 23 Skidoo ft. The Gift of Gab, Sonshine and Broccoli, &#SpringBees. Playlist:
January 29, 2022
RAK 1/22/22 - New music as usual!
January 22, 2022
RAK 1/15/22 - Radio Active Kids got new music for you!
Radio Active Kids got new music for you on this week's episode! And AGAIN AGAIN has created this INCREDIBLE little ditty for the show! Thanks so much for making this, y'all!!! New tunes by Music for Kiddos, Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove & Rissi Palmer, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, DJ Willy Wow, Rocknoceros, HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED, Michael and the Rockness Monsters & Little Miss Ann, Little Parade, Ruth and Emilia, Birdie, Zovi, Pink Moth, Triple Rainbow, The Zing Zangs, Totally Knuts covering Dots and Lines, Brócoli Duendes, & more! Playlist:
January 15, 2022
RAK 1/8/22 - New year, new music!
So! Since I missed last week's Radio Active Kids show due to sickness, I'm broadcasting the playlist I planned on spinning then! There are a few songs that are a bit out of season now, but hey, that's OK! They're great! Songs by Mr. Pete's Playhouse, Greg & Steve, Andrew & Polly, Laura Doherty Music, Joanie Leeds, Johnny and the Raindrops, Music for Kiddos, Beleza Music, Chris Ballew from caspar babypants, Culture Queen's Culture Kingdom Kids & Fyütch, Keith Munslow - Musician/Storyteller, Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs, Ed and Carol Nicodemi, Mr. Lobster, Stacy & Athena, My Earth Songs, Twinpop, & Dorktales Storytime Podcast, plus an older song by The Arkadian! Playlist:
January 08, 2022
RAK 12/25/21 - The 2021 Christmas-ish show!!!
It's our Christmas-ish episode on Radio Active Kids! New holiday songs by Formidable Vegetable, Itty Bitty Beats, EVT Kids, Kath Bee - Children's Songwriter, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, Dad Jokes Duo, The Happy Racers, LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music, Kymberly Stewart Music, uncle dox, Emily Who, Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band, Claudia Robin Gunn, Kaci Bolls Kids, Aro, Little Parade, Watch Reggie Run, Jackie B and the Mini Band, Hooray Miss Marae, Kristle Skennar - Kids songs, Twinpop, My Friend Christopher, Adoraborealis (Mike Messer Music), The Swedish Shortsnouts/Candle Wix/Fangirl Riot on a comp by The Leaky Cauldron & Candle Wix, & #MissPaulaQuintet! Playlist:
December 25, 2021
Radio Active Kids 12/18/21 - Newwwwww music!!!!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we've got so much new music as usual! And the amazing Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove has created a wonderful lil' jingle for us, which you can find here! Thank you so much, Jim! New songs by Tiptoe Giants, Lori Henriques, Levity Beet Music & Mr Roberelli, Ukubebe Music, The Gothsicles (Remixed by Funker Vogt), Ingrid Hofer, Joanie Leeds & Fyütch, Genevieve Goings, Ants on a Log & Billy Jonas, fleaBITE ft. Levity Beet Music, My Earth Songs - Music for Children on the Environment & Sustainability, Mr. Ryan's Music, The Morning Announcements, The Mudcakes, Nanny Nikki Music on 1TribeCollective, AN VEDI, JellyBean Queen, Suriseva (Remixed by The Gothsicles) & #ChrisSabatini, plus some older songs by Harry and the Potters, Trout Fishing in America - ofFISHal page & Moona Luna ft. Dan from Dan & Claudia Zanes!!! Playlist:
December 18, 2021
RAK 12/11/21 - A river of new music!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we have a whole river of new music, and Simon Stanley has created an AMAZING "New Music" theme based on his new single on 8 Pound Gorilla Records, "Floating Down the River!" Check out the video for it here! Thank you SO MUCH, Simon!!! New tunes on this show by Little Feet Music, Jazzy Ash, Music with Michal (ft. Loopy Tunes Kids Music), Suzy Cato, Pevan and Sarah, Story Surprise, POCO DROM, Rock-a-Baby RI & MA, The Gothsicles (remixed by Psyence Fiction), Smilin' Rylan, Lindsay Munroe & Raffi, DidiPop Music for Kids, fleaBITE, Mr. Deep Positivity, The Other Other Brothers, Strawbitty Yops, Em and Me Music, IFAR Compilations, & other related releases & #TheBirthdaiyPlan! Playlist:
December 11, 2021
RAK 12/4/21 - Eight days of new music!
We have an awesome show this week on Radio Active Kids, ft. a ton of new #Hanukkah songs by Laurie Berkner Band, Joanie Leeds & Josh & The Jamtones, Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together, The Buttons, The Macaroons, & Ruth and Emilia, plus old songs by The LeeVees & new NON-holiday songs by Itty Bitty Beats, Rock-a-Baby, Marshmellow, Percy and the Prefects, Father Goose Music, Remy Rodden, Dad Jokes Duo, #MissJessicasWorld, Three O'Clock Rock, The Zing Zangs, Stuart Stotts & Tom Pease, & Suni Paz! Playlist:
December 04, 2021
RAK 11/27/21 - A full table of new music!
We've got a full table of new music this week on Radio Active Kids, with songs by Kid Pan Alley, Will's Jams, Danny Weinkauf - Red Pants Band, THE ZAMBONIS, Sharon Lois and Bram, Snooknuk, mömandpöp, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, Mo Phillips, Kyle James Riley, Tom Knight Puppets, David Polansky, Ashley Mills Monaghan, #HouseElfTavernChoir (Dream Quaffle)/Chasitherin/Potterwatch/The Faithful Sidekicks on a comp by Totally Knuts), Triple Rainbow, Mr Nature's Music Garden & #FluffyMcCustard, plus a request for an old song by Joanie Leeds! Playlist:
November 27, 2021
RAK 11/20/21 - Zany & brainy new music!
We've got all sorts of zany & brainy new music this week on Radio Active Kids! We've also got an incredibly amazing special promo song by the new kindie band Strawbitty Yops! WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! Please check it out here! We also have a new single by Strawbitty Yops, a world premiere by Amyhershkidstunes, and tons of other new songs by Kids Imagine Nation, mömandpöp, Claudia Robin Gunn, Rock-a-Baby RI & MA, Falu, Divinity Roxx/Divi Roxx Kids, Los Rockan, The BenAnna Band, Aro, Jaqualyn Taimana Williams, Charity and the JAMband, The Happy Racers, Poppy Galactic & The Beat, #OurWestLife, & a request for Esther Crow Music! Playlist:
November 20, 2021
RAK 11/13/21 - Building some awesome new music!
We're building an awesome new kindie music show this week on Radio Active Kids! New songs by Aaron Nigel Smith & The Merry Rockers, The Oot n' Oots, Danny Weinkauf - Red Pants Band, Ageeth de Haan, Tom Weber Children's Music, Beleza Music, Pez al revés, Andyroo & the Andyrooniverse, Dana Rice Music, Trevor Walls, Mister B's Buzz, Music With Mandy, Snorkel McCorkle and the Lost Flipper, Kristle Skennar - Kids songs, The Dolly Shakes, #KonshenstheMC & My Earth Songs - Music for Children on the Environment & Sustainability, Carrie Dahlby, My Friend Christopher, & #SlytherSpouse! Playlist:
November 13, 2021
RAK 11/6/21 - Newnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnew music!
Newnewnewnewnewnewnewnew music is getting played this week on Radio Active Kids! Songs by caspar babypants, Gustafer Yellowgold, Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could, The Bazillions, Angel Star, Simone Ludwig, Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band, The Relative Minors, Mr. Deep Positivity, Boyonastringmusic, Simon Stanley, Sue McBride, Suni Paz, Mättu & Schnuder Buebe, Freddy Apple & #GalenBrandt! Playlist:
November 06, 2021
RAK 10/30/21 - The Halloween show! A scary amount of new music!!!
It's our all-Halloween show on Radio Active Kids and we have a SCARY amount of new Halloween songs, by the likes of caspar babypants, Jim "Mr. Stinky Feet" Cosgrove, Johnette Downing, Itty Bitty Beats, Suzi Shelton & Fyütch, Little Miss Ann, Billy Kelly, Levity Beet Music, Nathalia, Super Stolie, Andrew Best Music, Randale - Rockmusik für Kinder, Trevor Walls, Bee Parks and the Hornets & Ants on a Log, Emily Who, Claudia Robin Gunn, Kymberly Stewart Music, Suzanne Jamieson Music, Captain & Cat, Dad Jokes Duo, Beppie, #MrBooDaddy, Ludo Bagman and the Trash, babadumusica, The Tallest Kid In The Room, The Dolly Shakes on Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club, Shawny, & 123 Menagerie! Playlist is here.
October 30, 2021
RAK 10/23/21 - Nü Kïndïë Müsïk!
We've got tons of nü kïndïë müsïk on this week's Radio Active Kids show! Nü songs by Laurie Berkner Band, Little Rockers, uncle dox, The Harmonica Pocket, Ben Tatar Music, #MissJessicasWorld, The Rockin' Rhinos, Narwhals and Waterfalls, Kymberly Stewart Music & Music with Kira, Narwhals and Waterfalls Rosie & Biff, The Blibbering Humdingers/Hawthorn & Holly/Neville's Diary/Newt Skabander on a comp by Wizrocklopedia Compilation Club, Mättu & Schnuder Buebe, Triple Rainbow & Mermanda! Playlist
October 23, 2021
RAK 10/16/21 - A potpourri of new music!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we have a huge potpourri of new music! Songs by Dan + Claudia Zanes, 123 Andrés (ft. Rubén Blades, Red Yarn, Luis Fernando Borjas, Rissi Palmer, Roberto Delgado & Orquesta, & Gregorio Uribe!!!), Kath Bee - Children's Songwriter, Loopy Tunes Preschool Music, Imagination Movers, Itty Bitty Beats & Mr. Nick Davio, AN VEDI on Bongo Boy Records, Mr. Pete's Playhouse, EVT Kids, Ed and Carol Nicodemi, The Faithful Sidekicks, Kathryn Hoss, Em and Me Music, Mättu & Schnuder Buebe, Mama B & Uncle T, Stuart Stotts - Musician, Author, Storyteller, & #SlytherSpouse! Playlist is here.
October 16, 2021
RAK 10/9/21 - New music! Aaaahhh!!!
This week on Radio Active Kids, we've got so much new music that we've just gotta scream! This neat little video comes courtesy of our friend Mo Phillips, who made it without us even asking! 😳 New songs by Loopy Tunes Preschool Music, RAII & Whitney, Music with Michal & Claudia Robin Gunn, La Granja Rock, Mil's Trills ft. Kymberly Stewart Music & Uncle Jumbo, Andy Z/Mauro Magellan/Clark Ford Music on a comp by Bongo Boy Records, Mi Amigo Hamlet & Alina Celeste, Mister Q, Peanut Butter Jams, Kristle Skennar - Kids songs, Ludo Bagman and the Trash/How Airplanes Fly/Aguamenti/The Bandon Banshees/Candle Wix on a comp by Totally Knuts, Go Banana Go, & Sodalala! The playlist is here.
October 09, 2021
Radio Active Kids 10/2/21 - FALL into new music!
We're falling into new music this week on Radio Active Kids! Songs by Tim Kubart, LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music, Captain Festus McBoyle, Lulu & Dan Bern, Aro, Fabulous Lemon Drops, Father Goose Music, fleaBITE ft. Itty Bitty Beats, Sing Along Tim, Beppie, Allison DeSalvo's World of Song, Ashley Mills Monaghan, Cosmo and the Cosmonaut, Paso a pasito, Amyhershkidstunes, JellyBean Queen, Blue Milk Run, Star Forest, Mr Nature's Music Garden & Aguamenti! Playlist is here.
October 02, 2021
RAK 9/25/21 - The Asheville FM Fall Fund Drive 2021 show!
This week on Radio Active Kids, it's the Asheville FM Fall Fund Drive show! Please donate to help keep the show on the air & spinning great kindie music at! We've got tons of amazing new music this week by Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats, Joanie Leeds & Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips, LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music, Kids Imagine Nation, Megan Schoenbohm, Blazh, Earth Mama, The Tallest Kid In The Room, Peter Puffin's Whale Tales, Don't Splash Marty & #TheLovegoods! Playlist is here!
September 25, 2021
RAK 9/18/21 - So much new music that I can't even handle it!
I may be running out of ideas for catchy promos, but kindie artists certainly aren't running out of ideas for new music! Songs this week on Radio Active Kids from Kids Imagine Nation, Kath Bee - Children's Songwriter, LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music, 123 Andrés (ft. Jerau & Mayte Montero!), Lindsay Müller Music, #ChIPS (ft. The Vegetable Plot & BENNY TIME), Levity Beet Music, Kaci Bolls Kids, The Happy Racers, Flor Bromley Music, Johnny Bregar Music, #QueenPiarei, KIZZRock - coole Rockmucke für Kids, Angudadá, #Cultigen (by Zovi), Jenn Hartmann Luck, G'Raph, Captain & Cat, & #TheChocolateFrogs! Playlist
September 18, 2021
RAK 9/11/21 - A computer full of new music!
We've got a whole computer (plus a couple CDs) full of new kindie music this week on Radio Active Kids! Songs by Tim Kubart, Andrew & Polly ft. Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips, LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music, The Oot n' Oots, Los Patapelá, Kath Bee - Children's Songwriter, uncle dox (ft. Fancy Pants Kids Pop & Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders), Will's Jams (ft. Penny Pom Pom), Zunzún Arts & Education, Inc, Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys, The Listies, Larrikin Puppets, Lindsay Munroe, Jammin' Randy, Little Parade, AGAIN AGAIN, Beppie, #MarkoPolo, & Potterwatch! Playlist!
September 11, 2021