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Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast

Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast

By Alberto M Calderon
A fun and positive Star Wars discussion show. News, reviews, and thoughts. The inner rumination of Alberto Calderon, a Star Wars fan with no agenda.
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S4 EP 3: Review: Tempest Runner w/ Arezou Amin & Maggie Lovitt
Maggie Lovitt (Let's Talks About Star Wars) and Arezou Amin (Space Waffles) join us to review Tempest Runner, the latest audio-drama by Cavan Scott highlighting the life of Nihil Tempest Runner, Lourna Dee.  We'll briefly discuss any new SW news and highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Maggie on Twitter Arezou on Twitter
September 20, 2021
S4 EP2: Music Themes w/ Rachel
The Star Wars score and music themes are as important to the movies as the stories themselves. They elicit all our emotions and bring us closer to the characters we love.  We are joined by Rachel from Followers of the Force Podcast to discuss some of our favorite music themes and which use of them is our favorites.  We'll briefly discuss any new SW news and highlight your Rebel Thoughts. Follow Rachel and
September 13, 2021
S4 EP1: Favorite Helmets & Masks w/ Meg Dowell
On our season 4 premiere we are joined by Meg Dowell to talk all about our favorite helmets and masks in Star Wars. Will your favorite make the list?  We take some time to review the latest news topics and highlight your Rebel Thoughts. *Sorry for the audio on my end. Didn't notice during the stream.
September 6, 2021
S3 EP24: The Bad Batch Finale & Race to Crashpoint Tower w/ Oti
With season 1 of The Bad Batch coming to an end, we look back at the finale, Kamino Lost and our reaction to the newest Star Wars animated series.  As we continue our reviews of The High Republic books, we discuss Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel Jose Older.  We are joined by Oti from El Podcast de Estar Guars as we celebrate our 75th episode and season 3 finale. Follow Oti Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
August 16, 2021
S3 EP23: Out of the Shadows Review w/ Meg Dowell
Today we are joined by Meg Dowell of Project Stardust, Followers of the Force and many others to review and discuss Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland.  The High Republic hits keep coming and Out of the Shadows gives us new characters, new drama and an ending that will change the future of the Nihil.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts  Follow Meg   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast Link Tree:
August 9, 2021
S3 EP22: Art Design w/ Roberto Venegas & July in Review
Artist Roberto Venegas joins us to talk fan art and cover the biggest news in Star Wars during the month of July and the latest The Bad Batch episodes. -The High Republic Wave 3 announced -Ezra and Thrawn casting rumors -Star Wars Visions titles revealed -The Bad Batch episodes 11-14 - and more  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts!  Follow Roberto  Prints available at:  Support the Loveland Foundation: Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
August 2, 2021
S3 EP21: The Rising Storm Review w/ Maggie Lovitt & Arezou Amin
We are joined by Maggie Lovitt (Outer Rim Beacon/Let's Talk About Star Wars) and Arezou Amin (Geeky Waffle/Space Waffles) on our deep dive of The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott.   On this spoiler-filled episode we talk all about Chancellor Lina Soh's Republic Fair, Jedi Stellan Gios and Elzar Mann brotherhood, heartbreak, dark side creatures and of course the Nihil and Marchion Ro's "evil" plan.  Oh and sex, the Jedi have sex in this book.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Maggie Lovitt  Follow Arezou Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
July 19, 2021
S3 EP20: A Rebel Rises
Today we are joined by Rachel from Followers of the Force to talk about Rebel Rising (book by Beth Revis) and Rogue One.  We'll follow Jyn Erso's journey from orphan, to mercenary, to Rebel leader. How was she molded by Saw Gerrera, her parents and her own struggles.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Rachel and   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
July 12, 2021
S3 EP19: June in Review
On our first Month in Review segment we tackle all the important breaking news that happened during the month of June and review the latest episodes of The Bad Batch  -The Acolyte news -Emilia Clarke on Qi'ra's return -Writers announced for Rogue Squadron & Feige's Star Wars -Cover reveal for The High Republic: Tempest Runner -Review/Recap The Bad Batch episodes 8 & 9  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
July 5, 2021
S3 EP18: Character Introductions
Star Wars is known for its iconic characters and we fall in love with a lot of them the first time we meet them.  Darth Vader making his way through the Tantive IV in a New Hope. Rey scavenging a Star Destroyer before sliding down the Jakku sand dunes in The Force Awakens. The Emperor walking down the ramp of his shuttle in Return of the Jedi. Which is your favorite character introduction.  We'll discuss some honorable mentions before going over our Top 5 introductions.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
June 28, 2021
S3 EP17: Review The Bad Batch EP8 & Dooku: Jedi Lost w/ Jedi Geek Girl
The Bad Batch were reunited with an old squad mate and the fans were reunited with a favorite bounty hunter on this week's The Bad Batch episode, Reunion.  Guest Jedi Geek Girl of the I Rebel podcast joins us to discuss the latest episode of The Bad Batch and to talk all things Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott.  Follow Jedi Geek Girl  I Rebel Podcast Intro music by The Media Music Podcast
June 21, 2021
S3 EP16: The Bad Batch EP7 & Andor Casting Rumors w/ Wannabe Jedi Podcast
Guests Matt and Josh from Wannabe Jedi Podcast help us break down the latest episode of The Bad Batch, Battle Scars. Wrecker's headaches finally activate his inhibitor chip. Will the rest of the Batch be able to stop him? Some casting rumors for the Andor Disney+ has some of our favorites returning. Saw Gerrera continues his quest to appear in all Star Wars projects and Orson Krennic and his awesome cape might grace us with their presence.  We answer your #RebelThoughts Follow Wannabe Jedi Podcast  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
June 14, 2021
S3 EP15: Look Who's Back. Back Again. The Bad Batch EP6 & War of the Bounty Hunters #1 Review
Today on our morning show we are doing a recap and review of episode 6 of The Bad Batch, Decommissioned. We have some returning characters from The Clone Wars S7 and a mysterious figure in hologram. Who could it be and what does it mean for the Batch.  Earlier this week we got a look at Charles Soule latest Star Wars comic, War of the Bounty Hunters #1. Boba Fett has lost Han Solo and needs to find him before returning to Jabba the Hutt. Is it too late for our Fett?   We also get a groundbreaking reveal of the criminal organization that stole Solo and who was behind it.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
June 7, 2021
S3 EP14: Review: The Bad Batch EP5 & Thrawn Greater Good
On today's show we review and recap episode 5 of The Bad Batch, Rampage. Is that a baby Rancor!?  We also dive into the Unknown Regions and the political troubles of the Chiss on our review of Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
May 31, 2021
S3 EP13: Review: The Bad Batch EP 1-4
We are back after our 2 week mid-season break and like good soldiers following orders, we are ready to jump into The Bad Batch.  Today we are talking Aftermath, Cut and Run, Replacements, and Cornered. Does this new #StarWars series have what it takes to join the greats of Star Wars animation.  Omega, Crosshair, Lula, we are discussing all of it. Join us live.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
May 24, 2021
S3 EP12: Review Victory's Price
The war was at its end. Both sides knew it was inevitable. What toll would it take on its combatants? What price will it claim once the dust settles?  Today we review Victory's Price, the final installment of the Alphabet Squadron trilogy by Alexander Freed.  Yrica Quell had rejoined the 204th Shadow Wing while General Syndulla, Wyl Lark and the rest of what's left of Alphabet Squadron try to bring an end to the remnants of the old Empire.  Where does this book rank in the trilogy? Let's find out. Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
April 26, 2021
S3 EP11: The High Republic Phase 1, Wave 1 w/ Arezou Amin
Today we are joined by Arezou Amin, host of the brand new podcast Space Waffles (part of The Geeky Waffle Network) to celebrate and geek out about Phase 1, Wave 1 of The High Republic.  Star Wars publishing initiative has taken the galaxy by storm. Some (the Nihil) would say that it has "Ride the Storm".  We are discussing all 3 main books, favorite Jedi, Chancellor Lina Soh's message of unity, and why Marchion Ro is bae.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Arezou on Twitter​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
April 19, 2021
S3 EP10: Kenobi Cast/The Bad Batch Trailer/Thrawn Book 3 w/Certain POV Pod
We are joined by Adam from the From a Certain POV Podcast to discuss the most recent Star Wars news.  We have an official casting list for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus series!! We also got the official trailer for the next animated series, The Bad Batch. Who is that Omega kid?  Even thought the second Thrawn Ascendancy book isn't even out yet, Del Rey Books revealed the title and release date for book 3, Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil. Is 6 Thrawn books too much?  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow From a Certain POV Podcast on Twitter​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
April 12, 2021
S3 EP9: Rebels Rewind w/ A Larger View of the Force
Star Wars Rebels left a mark on the Saga that will be talked about for decades. Today we are joined by Davor, host of A Larger View of the Force podcast to go over all 4 seasons of the series.  The heroes, the villains, creatures and sacrifices. The Ghost crew, Maul's end and the re-introduction of fan favorite villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Will we ever find out where Ezra and Thrawn have been all this time?  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow A Larger View of the Force on Twitter​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter://
March 29, 2021
S3 EP8: Review: Into the Dark w/Sithty Minutes
FINALLY!!! We are reviewing Claudia Gray's Into the Dark, the third book in The High Republic series.  We are joined by Andres Alvarez of Sithty Minutes to look into the depths of the Amaxine station and the dark secrets kept within. Wayseeker Jedi, the Barash Vow, colonization and homicidal warrior plants. Can anyone save us?  GEODE!!!  Follow Andres Alvares on Twitter​ Follow Sithty Minutes on Twitter​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
March 15, 2021
S3 EP7: Favorite Creatures w/ Salacious Rum
Today we are joined by the leader of the Kowakian Monkey-Lizard Army, Salacious Rum as we discuss our favorite creatures from each of the Skywalker Saga movies.  Fan-favorites like rancors, wampas, and porgs are sure to make the list, but what about some of the not-so-talked-about creatures.   Big and small, Star Wars is home to some amazing creatures and we are here to celebrate them.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Salacious on Twitter​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
March 8, 2021
S3 EP6: Rewind Mando S2 w/ Maggie Lovitt
It's been a few months since The Mandalorian season 2 ended and who better than actor, writer and host of Lets Talk About Star Wars, Maggie Lovitt, to help us look back at it.  Now that the hype has died down, was season 2 as epic as we remember? What were some of the biggest surprises, character moments, and when will we see Grogu again?  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Follow Maggie Lovitt on Twitter​Help support Trans Rights are Human Rights: This is the Way:​ Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
March 1, 2021
S3 EP5: Review: A Test of Courage
We continue our reviews of The High Republic with Justina Ireland's A Test of Courage. Is this middle grade book worthy of your time? Spoiler, it is.  How do two young Jedi, a wiz engineer and her outspoken droid and an ambassador's son survive in the wild when cut off after an "accident" in unknown space? Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter
February 22, 2021
S3 EP4: Review: Light of the Jedi
We finally dive into The High Republic as we review Charles Soule's Light of the Jedi, the first novel of the new era.  Will it be able to hold the weight of an entire new Star Wars saga on its shoulders or crumble down as the Republic did under the manipulations of Darth Sidious?  Join us and find out.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast.
February 15, 2021
S3 EP3: Canon Books w/ Outer Rim Reads
Today we are joined by Andrew Geha, host of Outer Rim Reads, to talk all about canon books. How we feel about the transition from Expanded Universe (now Legends) to new canon, what have been our favorite canon books and which ones we are excited for.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast.
February 8, 2021
S3EP2: Future of Star Wars
We finally tackle all the new shows and movies revealed during the Dec 2020 Disney Investors Day, including The Book of Boba Fett. Which ones we are looking forward to and if any of them are a pass.  We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
February 1, 2021
S3EP1: Ranking Star Wars
It's our 1 year anniversary and the start of Season 3!!!  Today we are finally ranking all Star Wars movies after re-watching them during last season. We also talk about our favorite musical themes, favorite trilogy, which trilogy has the best story and much more.  Join us as we, Rank Star Wars. We highlight your Rebel Thoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
January 25, 2021
S2 EP 21: Rewind: The Sequel Trilogy
On our season 2 finale we are taking a look back at the Sequel Trilogy. The Force Awakens reintroduced us to Star Wars, The Last Jedi showed us our heroes had flaws and The Rise of Skywalker culminated the Saga.  The conclusion of the Skywalker saga has been filled with controversy but we will do our best to focus on all of the positives that came from it.  We also select the winner of our Grogu keychain giveaway.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
December 28, 2020
S2 EP20: Review: The Mandalorian S2 Finale: The Rescue
IT'S OUR 50th EPISODE!!! We are celebrating with our first reaction and review of The Mandalorian Season 2 finale, Chapter 16: The Rescue  What will be the fate of our heroes? Will Din Djarin be able to rescue Grogu or will Moff Gideon prevail. Will Bo Katan return and regain the dark saber?  Did a Jedi answer the call from Tython? Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
December 21, 2020
S2 EP 19: Review: The Believer & Rewind: Return of the Jedi
Today we review and discuss Chapter 15 of The Mandalorian, The Believer. Din, Boba, Fennec and Cara infiltrate an Imperial facility with the help of Mayfield. Character redemption, characters beliefs put to the test and one awesome seismic charge.  We finish our look back at the Original Trilogy with, Return of the Jedi. Luke confronts his past, the Rebels attack the Death Star and Darth Vader's redemption. Is it the best in the trilogy?  We answer you #AskTheRebellion questions. Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
December 14, 2020
S2 EP 18: Review: The Tragedy/Rewind: The Empire Strikes Back
On today's episode of Radio Rebellion, we recap and review Chapter 14: The Tragedy from season 2 of #TheMandalorian. Boba Fett's back and he don't take no crap. What we all feared came to pass, Grogu has been taken.  Star Wars Rewind returns this week as we look back at The Empire Strikes Back, the highly acclaimed 5th episode in the Star Wars saga.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
December 7, 2020
S2 EP 17: Review: The Jedi, The Mandalorian Chapter 13
"I Like Firsts. Good or Bad They Are Always Memorable"  Chapter 13 of #TheMandalorian was filled with first and we can't wait to give our thoughts on them. Din Djarin finally meets a Jedi to help in his quest. Ahsoka Tano makes the jump to live action and is asked to train Baby Yoda (Grogu!). Will she?  #AhsokaTano #Grogu Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
November 30, 2020
S2 EP 16: Review: The Siege/Rewind: A New Hope
Today we review the Siege, Chapter 12 of #TheMandalorian directed by Carl Weathers. Old friends Cara Dune and Greef Karga return and join Mando on his quest.  We start our look back at the Original Trilogy with the one that started it all, A New Hope, on this week's Rewind.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
November 23, 2020
S2 EP 15: Review The Mandalorian S2EP3 & Rewind: Rogue One
This week we recap and review The Heiress, Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian. Din Djarin finally finds another group of Mandalorians. Will they live by the same creed?  Let's look back at the first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One. A diverse cast, a droid that slaps and a Sith Lord's hallway strut.  We discuss at your #RebelThoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
November 16, 2020
S2 EP 14: Review The Mandalorian S2EP2 & Rewind: Solo A SW Story
Host, Alberto Calderon, reviews Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian titled, The Passenger.  Could it live up to the hype created by the season premiere?  We continue our look back at all the #StarWars movies with the return of Rewind. Today, Solo; A Star Wars Story gets the treatment as we reminisce on our favorite scoundrel and his Wookie friend's introduction and first adventure together.  @Geeky_Waffle Mando roundtable   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
November 9, 2020
S2 EP13: Review The Mandalorian S2EP1 & Scary Scenes in Star Wars
*Apologize for the 7 minutes were the audio is weird* It's our Halloween episode!!! The Mandalorian season 2 finally premieres and we review episode 1, The Marshal. Was the hype worth the wait and did any surprise character show up?  Given the time of the year we are looking at scary scenes in Star Wars. From the interrogations, hallway scenes and scary creatures. Can anything top Darth Vader in Rogue One?  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod  For full audio episodes please listen to our weekly podcasts.
November 2, 2020
S2 EP12: Rewind: Revenge of the Sith
We finish our look back at the prequel era movies with the great Revenge of the Sith. Will it still hold as our favorite Prequel movie or will another hold "the high ground"?  A special look at season 2 of the Mandalorian was revealed during MNF. What caught our eye (or ears) during this teaser?  More Jedi Padawan's from The High Republic are revealed and we are now on the waitlist to adopt a charhound.  We answer your #AskTheRebellion questions and reveal your #RebelThoughts.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
October 26, 2020
S2 EP11: Rewind: The Clone Wars Movie
We continue our look back at the theatrical releases and we reminisce on the 2008 The Clone Wars movie. We were  introduced to two characters that have grown in popularity throughout the years, Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress. But what did we think back in 2008.  This week in #StarWars news we were treated with some cool The Mandalorian character posters, production news for season 3 and rumors on a spin-off show.  Was Luke Skywalker always destined to become one with the Force? Geaorge Lucas seemed to think so. But don't worry, Star Wars Lego's is here to bring everyone back to the Light Side with the Christmas Special.  We answer your #AskTheRebellion questions and introduce new fan segment "Rebel Thoughts".  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
October 19, 2020
S2 EP10: Rewind: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Del Rey Books revealed the 40 stories and the authors behind them for the upcoming From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back anthology book. We will finally find out what it was like setting the table for Darth Vader's dinner at Hoth.  Continuing the book reveals, During NYCC, more information was revealed about Star Wars: The High Republic books and hw different Jedi interpret the Force.  Following our Star Wars Rewind series, today we take a look back at Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. Will our reaction be one of surprise like it was for TPM? We also hear from some fans and their thoughts on the movie.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
October 12, 2020
S2 EP9: Jabba's Palace with Pink Milk
Today, host Alberto is joined by Bryan from the Pink Milk podcast to talk all things awesome regarding the first act of Return of the Jedi starring our favorite Hutt. Jabba's Palace is iconic in the Star Wars universe and we will revel in it's weirdness.  Not much on the news front this week but D23 was pushed back to 2022. Will this have any impact on Star Wars celebration? We also got a look at a new poster for The Mandalorian S2.  We answer your #AskTheRebellion fan questions.  Follow Pink Milk:   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
October 5, 2020
S2 EP8: Review: Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising
Big news week for today's episode of Radio Rebellion!! The Mandalorian season 2 trailer finally came out. Giancarlo Esposito reveals that the show might go on for at least 4 seasons. Will The Mandalorian have an after show with the new Mando Mondays from Star Wars? Was Boba Fett accidentally confirmed for S2 of The Mandalorian? That's a lot of The Mandalorian news.  We got a first look at a lightsaber from Star Wars: The High Republic and another shakeup for the untitled Cassian Andor DIsney Plus series.  On our main topic, we will review Timothy Zahn's latest, Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising. Is it worth a read?  We also answer your #AskTheRebellion questions.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
September 28, 2020
S2 EP7: The Mandalorian EW article and more News
On today's news-only show, host Alberto Calderon, covers this past week's cast interviews and official press releases.  We finally get a look at The Mandalorian season 2 thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Daisy Ridley confirms late minute changes to Rey's backstory, Ewan McGregor talks Kenobi TV series and we get to read the first 4 pages of Star Wars: The High Republic comic.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
September 14, 2020
S2 EP6: Rewind: The Phantom Menace
On this episode of Radio Rebellion, host Alberto talks about the comments made by John Boyega on his interview with British GQ criticizing the handling of Finn and other POC by Disney during the sequel trilogy.  We finally have confirmation for when to expect season 2 of The Mandalorian and a new look at a spry 700 year old Yoda in The High Republic.  We are going back in time as we start our series of #StarWars movie Rewind and talk Episode 1 The Phantom Menace.  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
September 7, 2020
S2 EP5: SW Celebration What Could Have Been w/ Triad of the Force
We welcome the hosts of new podcast Triad of the Force to the Rebellion as we comfort each other over no #StarWars Celebration this year. We discuss what Lucasfilm could learn from the DC Fandome event and what panels we would have liked to have seen from a SW Celebration or even a Virtual Convention.  New rumors abound regarding the untitled Kenobi Disney Plus series.  Follow Triad of the Force on Twitter @TriadOfTheForce  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
August 30, 2020
S2 EP4: The Agony of Kenobi w/ TalkingWithMyHans
Today we are joined by Talking with my Hans to talk about suffering in Star Wars, especially everything that Obi-Wan Kenobi has gone through. From losing his Master, the woman he loved, and his apprentice, Obi-Wan's hurt goes deep, but he has never wavered from his Jedi path.  More rumors regarding a Star Wars Disney Plus series have emerged, this time about our favorite bad boy turn good Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Also, Kathy Kennedy says that the untitled Kenobi Disney Plus series will be a limited series. Is this good news or bad news?  Follow Talking with my Hans on Twitter @TalkWithMyHans_  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
August 24, 2020
S2 EP3: Canon vs. What If with TooMedToo
We are joined by Michael Condon of the TooMedToo Star Wars Network to talk about "What If?" in Star Wars. How would the story of our beloved franchise be different if certain events had transpired differently .  What if Ahsoka told the Council about Maul's comments? What if Yoda was involved in the fall of the Jedi? What if Luke's temple hadn't been destroyed or Mace killed Palpatine? These and more stories in StarWars take a twist when the outcomes are changed.  Casting news on the Cassian Andor TV series and we answer your #AskTheRebellion fan questions.  Follow Michael on Twitter   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
August 17, 2020
S2 EP2: Droids with The GALactic Podcast
Host Alberto is joined by Lauren and Andrea from The Galactic Podcast to talk droids in Star Wars. Their importance, some of their greatest moments, and why we just love droids. Will your favorite make the list?  Slow news week but it looks like the trailer for The Mandalorian season 2 might be just around the corner.  We also answer your #AskTheRebellion listener questions.  Follow The Galactic Podcast on Twitter   Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod
August 10, 2020
S2 EP1: Discussing Padme Amidala with The Geeky Waffle
On the debut episode of Season 2, we are joined by Candace and Bri of The Geeky Waffle Podcast to talk all things Padme Amidala. Her journey through the Prequel Trilogy and if she was the victim of murder (gasp).  Rumors are saying that Lucasfilm is working on nine Star Wars shows for Disney Plus. Is that too much? We will finally talk more in depth about the rumored Lando series and other Solo continuation series. #MakeSolo2Happen  The EMMY nominations came out and The Mandalorian received 15 nominations. Does it stand a chance of winning and how adorable will Baby Yoda in a tux be?  Intro music by The Media Music Podcast. Follow them on Twitter @MediaMusicPod 0IkKvCx4At6IRAHmNaSz
August 3, 2020
EP 30: Shadow Fall Review/The Bad Batch Series
Episode 30 of Radio Rebellion is here and so is the return of the news! This week we have some confirmed news and some rumors.  Confirmed!! The next Star Wars animated series will be The Bad Batch and follow Clone Force 99. Alden Ehrenreich is up to playing Han Solo again.  We'll go over the rumors of Hayden C. returning for the Kenobi series and both the Kenobi and Cassian TV series set to shoot simultaneously in the Fall.  Our main topic is a spoiler review of Alexander Freed Shadow Fall novel, the second book in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy. oGLR1PesJ78U6c9VFe0G
July 20, 2020
EP 29: Women in Star Wars
Alberto is joined by Michelle and Natalie, hosts of Force of Light Entertainment to discuss some of the most important women characters in Star Wars. Leia Organa-Solo, Padme Amidala, Rey Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Cara Dune will be topics of conversation.  We'll talk about what drove Michelle and Natalie to start their own podcast, their new YouTube channel and what they are looking forward to in the future of Star Wars.  As always we'll finish up with listeners questions in #AskTheRebellion
July 13, 2020
EP 28: Let's Celebrate
In honor of July 4th (Independence Day), we are looking back at some of the most important celebrations in the Star Wars saga. We might also mention some unconventional celebrations.  The big news this week was the revelation of a series of publishing items related to The Mandalorian.  Join host, Alberto Calderon as he talks Star Wars and answers listeners questions on #AskTheRebellion.
July 6, 2020
EP 27: Rock, Pop, TV theme songs.
Music is a staple in Star Wars and helps us connect to our favorite characters and scenes. But what music do Luke, Han, Leia and our favorite characters listen to? Is Jabba the Hutt an adult contemporary or a pop rock kinda slug? Who listens to podcasts? Prequel, Original, and Sequel Trilogy characters are not save from our theorizing.  It's been a slow news week but we did get our first look at Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. We'll discuss what we learned from the first chapter.  We got some great questions from our listeners/viewers and we'll answer all of them on #AskTheRebellion
June 29, 2020
EP 26: Stories From A Certain POV: ESB
We know the stories and legends from the heroes and villains of the Empire Strikes Back. But what about the little guys? Or droids? Or beasts? On Episode 26 we'll discuss what interesting stories might be told from...a certain point of view.  Warning: Most will be ridiculous silly.  Celebration 2020 is officially cancelled until 2022 but will we hear any movie or TV updates during the summer? Are the Disney+ live-action series all connected and will the untitled Kenobi series film in the Volume? These and more Star Wars news will be discussed by host, Alberto Calderon.
June 22, 2020
EP 25: What Star Wars Disney Plus Show Would You Make?
We celebrate episode 25 of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast with guests Matt from the Wannabe Jedi Podcast and Noah and Curtis from The Geeks Strike Back Podcast as we discuss which Star Wars Disney + series would we like seeing and respond to fans suggestions. As always we discuss the most current Star Wars news to include the premiere episodes of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, Extraction director Sam Hargrave helping touch up the action for Season 2 of The Mandalorian, and the latest episode of The Mandalorian documentary. We had a lot of fun talking about starting our podcast channels, how we came up with the names, and the correct pronunciation of AT-AT. Did Han shoot first, weirdest Star Wars gifts received, and a lengthy and passionate discussion about pizzas.
June 15, 2020
EP 24: A Message of Hope/Review: Alphabet Squadron
Recent real world events need to be discussed and we will try to use the teachings of Star Wars to facilitate the conversation. Our platform might be small, but every person we reach will hopefully  be a step towards helping those in need.  Episode 24 will also have host, Alberto Calderon, discuss the delay of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, the latest episode of The Mandalorian documentary, and other news.  Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed came out last year but we will do our Star Wars Rewind and review it on today's episode.
June 8, 2020
EP 23: Best and Worst Alien Species
The High Republic might be delayed, but that doesn't mean we didn't get some new tidbits about it. Ahmed Best is back and man does he fit the bill as a Jedi Master in "Jedi Temple Challenge".  Host, Alberto Calderon, will try to remember to talk about the last two The Mandalorian documentary episodes, and we see the return of Star Wars Yelp! Is Ezra coming to live action?  Star Wars is known for its alien species, but not all are created equal. We talk about some of the best and worst alien species in our favorite galaxy and answer fan questions.
June 1, 2020
EP 22: Weird Creatures in Star Wars
Weird creatures are a staple in Star Wars but sometimes they get a bad wrap. In this episode, Alberto discusses some of the weirdest and most fascinating creatures we've come to know and love.  Also, what's up with Boba Fett armor and why is everyone wearing it? Was it on sale? Thoughts on the latest rumors about our (mine) favorite bounty hunter.  We answer your questions on our fan segment, #asktherebellion.
May 25, 2020
EP 21: Favorite "Master"-Apprentice Jedi
Did The Mandalorian season 2 had a lottery drawing for characters and everyone found a golden ticket? Bo Katan, played by Katee Sachkoff, and Sabine Wren are the newest rumored additions.  Is Padme Amidala also making a return to the Star Wars universe and more exciting casting news for the untitled Cassian Andor TV series.  Who are the fans favorite "Master" and Apprentice Jedi teams? Also, what has led to the new found appreciation for Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn? Host, Alberto Calderon answers fans questions.
May 18, 2020
EP 20: Mothers in Star Wars
Happy Mother's Day!!! On Radio Rebellion's 20th episode, we discuss the impact that the mothers in Star Wars have had across the galaxy. We also talk about Dave Filoni's comments in The Mandalorian documentary about The Duel of the Fates. Rumors become reality with the announcement of Robert Rodriguez joining the SW family and rumors abound regarding possible casting for season 2 of The Mandalorian (B. Fett? Rex?) and the possible return of the Chosen One to the Kenobi TV series. Join host, Alberto Calderon for this and other news around the Star Wars world.
May 11, 2020
Review: The Clone Wars Series Finale, Victory and Death
Review of The Clone Wars series finale. How will Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul survive in the aftermath of Order 66. Host, Alberto Calderon breaks down the final The Clone Wars episode and the questions it raises.
May 6, 2020
EP 19: Favorite Star Wars Scenes
It's Star Wars Day!! And on this May the 4th be with you episode we are joined by Noah Crawford from The Geeks Strike Back Podcast to talk about this week's Star Wars news and what are our favorite scenes from all of Star Wars. We also discuss some of the fans favorite scenes and might veer off topic a bit to talk Prequel and Sequel trilogy.
May 4, 2020
Special Review Episode: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: S7E11: Shattered
On this special episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars podcast, host Alberto Calderon reviews and breakdown the penultimate episode of The Clone Wars, Shattered. How does Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul handle the Darth Sidious plan of Order 66.
May 2, 2020
EP 18.2: New Disney Plus series from Russian Doll co-creator
If you listened to episode 18 of Radio Rebellion you might have noticed an abrupt jump when we started discussing the new rumored Disney Plus series. Sorry about that. We went back and re-recorded the news of Leslye Headland possibly writing and serving as showrunner for a "female-centric" Star Wars TV series taking place in a different timeline than other SW projects. We hypothesis in hyperspace on what or when this new series might take place.
April 27, 2020
EP 18: When did The Force Awakens Feel Like Star Wars
In today's episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, Alberto Calderon does his second live chat video podcast and discusses the rumors of season 3 of The Mandalorian being green lit, Tony Gilroy officially joining the untitled Cassian Andor series as show-runner, writer and pilot director. We review the great episode of the Clone Wars: The Phantom Apprentice and look at what the last two episodes might give us. Finally, did you feel like you were watching a Star Wars movie as soon as The Force Awakens starts? Alberto, relieves his experience sitting down to watch Episode 7 for the first time and when he felt he was watching a Star Wars movie.
April 27, 2020
EP17: Favorite Prequel Trilogy Quotes
On the very first live chat episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, host, Alberto Calderon tackles the formidable task of selecting the best SW Prequel Trilogy quotes. Will favorites like "Hello, there," "I have the high ground," and disliking sand make the cut. Tune in and find out.  We also breakdown and review "Old Friends Not Forgotten", the latest The Clone Wars episode and the first on the Siege of Mandalore arc, and go over the latest Star Wars news. We are joined in the chat by friends of the show @PizzaandParsecs and @aRuralFarmBoy to get their perspective on all things Star Wars.
April 20, 2020
EP 16: Ahsoka Here, Ahsoka There, Ahsoka Everywhere
It's our Easter weekend episode and host Alberto Calderon does his second video podcast. Episode 16 of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars podcast delves into the final episode in the Ahsoka arc of The Clone Wars season 7 as it sets the stage for The Siege of Mandalore. We talk about more rumors regarding Ahsoka's live-action adventures and put the spotlight on some of the Star Wars movies more underrated characters.
April 13, 2020
EP 15: The Jedi of the High Republic
On this episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, we try something new by simultaneously recording it on video. Today, host Alberto Calderon, discusses more casting rumors for season 2 of The Mandalorian, reviews the newest episode of The Clone Wars and how it can directly connect to The Mandalorian. Our main topic revolves around character description for 5 Jedi that we will meet in The High Republic. We also answer your questions.
April 6, 2020
EP 14: Review: The Rise of Skywalker Novelization
On this week's full episode, host Alberto Calderon breaks down and reviews Rae Carson novelization of The Rise of Skywalker. Wondering how the Emperor survived? Come find out. We also talk about the latest episode of The Clone Wars, and more "casting" news for season 2 of The Mandalorian. We also answer you questions and we got some fun ones today.
March 30, 2020
EP 13: Finn/Poe Journey: The "Ship" That Never Set Sail
In the third and final special look episode, we take a journey through Finn's and Poe's arc during the sequel trilogy. Finn, ex-stormtrooper that may end up being a Jedi Padawan. Poe Dameron, ex-spice-runner that has a bumby ride to end up Resistance General.
March 28, 2020
EP 12: Ben/Kylo's Journey: The Other Half of the Dyad
Our second special episode of Radio Rebellion has host, Alberto Calderon, discussing Ben Solo's fall to the Dark Side, Kylo Ren's journey and Ben's eventual redemption. Was Ben Solo always destined to fall or is Kylo Ren the creation of a misunderstood expectations?
March 24, 2020
EP 11: Rey's Journey: One Half of the Dyad
On this very special episode of Radio Rebellion, host Alberto Calderon analyses Rey's journey through the sequel trilogy and how she went from a junk trader from Jakku (Rey from nowhere) to hero of the galaxy (Rey Skywalker).
March 23, 2020
EP 10: The Skywalker Legacy doc
We've made it to double digits, baby!! Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast celebrates its 10th episode as host, Alberto Calderon discusses the documentary featured in the digital release of The Rise of Skywalker. We also talk about the breaking report that Ahsoka might make her live-action debut as soon as The Mandalorian season 2, review the latest episode of The Clone Wars, and do a brief talk about The Rise of Skywalker. We finally  answer our first listener question.
March 22, 2020
EP 9: The Rise of Kylo Ren Comic Review
On this week episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, host Alberto Calderon goes over Justina Ireland's The High Republic comments, the return of Star Wars: Galaxies of Adventure Youtube shorts, and reviews the last episode of The Bad Batch arc on The Clone Wars (Season 7: Episode 4) Unfinished Business. Finish up with a full breakdown and review of the Charles Soule 4 issue comic book run, The Rise of Kylo Ren.
March 15, 2020
EP8: Hypothesizing in Hyperspace
On this slow news week, host Alberto Calderon discusses the latest Dave Filoni comments, the controversy surrounding early copies of The Rise of Skywalker novelization and Instagram reports that The Mandalorian season 2 has wrapped filming. We also take a few minutes to talk about episode 3 of The Clone Wars: On the Wings of Keeradaks. We Hypothesize in Hyperspace by speculating if the currently announced The High Republic books are the basis for the next set of Star Wars movies and which of the announced and rumored directors attached to Star Wars are best suited for each story.
March 9, 2020
EP7: The High Republic
Republic! Republic! This week on Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast we go deep on The Project Luminous reveal and discuss/speculate on The High Republic and everything that can be explored in that era. We don't forget to go over the week's news including the departure of Bob Iger from Disney, lightsaber battles during The Mandalorian season 2 and review The Clone Wars S7 episode 2: A Distant Echo. We also have new shorts on our Youtube channel, including a quick video breaking down The High Republic news, reviews of The Mandalorian, and The Clone Wars season 7.
March 2, 2020
EP6: The Clone Wars return!!
On the shortest episode to date of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast we go over the week’s news including all of Dave Filoni’s comments about the return of The Clone Wars and Ahsoka’s fate in The Rise of Skywalker, the official release date for The Rise of Skywalker digital and DVD/Blu-ray release. The late breaking news of JD Dillard possibly leading a Star Wars movie and of course our breakdown of Episode 1 of The Clone Wars season 7, The Bad Batch. This description is longer than the actual episode.
February 23, 2020
EP5: Star Wars Rewind: The Mandalorian
On Episode 5 of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars podcast we discus Diego Luna's comments about starting to shoot the Cassian Andor Disney Plus series and we do our first Star Wars: Rewind as we finally catch up to everyone else and do our The Mandalorian episode reviews. We also have big news as we just started the Radio Rebellion YouTube channel.
February 18, 2020
EP4: Are Gray Jedi a thing?
In the fourth episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, host Alberto Calderon talks about all the latest Star Wars news like more female directors in Star Wars, Bob Iger's The Mandalorian revelations, and the possible reveal of the villain for the Obi-Wan Disney + series. In the first Radio Rebellion editorial, we talk about Gray Jedi and why it goes against the essence of a Jedi.
February 10, 2020
EP3: Best and Worst Stormtroopers
On episode 3 of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast we rate the best and worst troopers on our new segment Star Wars Yelp! We also discuss all the weekly news, especially Project Luminous and the Star Wars: Underworld test footage leak.
February 3, 2020
EP2: It's All Animated...and Some Obi-Wan
On the second episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast, we talk about the Star Wars Resistance finale, the great The Clone Wars season 7 trailer, and speculate on what the next animated show might be. Oh, and there's some confusion about the Obi-Wan TV series,
January 27, 2020
EP1: That "Other" Episode 9 Script
Debut episode of Radio Rebellion: A Star Wars Podcast. Host Alberto Calderon does a quick introduction and reasons for starting his podcast. We tackle the last few episode of Star Wars: Resistance, some late breaking news, and then do a deep dive into the first and last of the Collin Trevorrow scripts. Follow us on Twitter @RadioRebelPod and send questions by using #asktherebellion 
January 19, 2020