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Ragnar365 Nuggets

Ragnar365 Nuggets

By Ragnar Heil
Welcome to Ragnar365 Nuggets, Ragnar Heil's short news and personal insights about Microsoft 365 Intelligent Workplace. Focus Areas: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream, ToDo, Power Platform etc)
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#50 Microsoft Teams Connect / Shared Channels Compliance Issues with Raphael Köllner
Microsoft Teams Connect / Shared Channels Discussion around  Compliance Issues and recommendations how to reduce risks with Microsoft 0Regional Director and MVP  Raphael Köllner from Cologne, Germany. 
May 06, 2022
#49 Why Yammer? Perspectives from community professionals
Together with Rebecca Jackson (Senior Consultant at Avanade, Australia) we are discussing and reflecting a Blogpost "Why Yammer? Perspectives from community professionals" published at Microsoft Tech Community  
February 28, 2022
#48 Hybrides Arbeiten bei Mercedes-Benz mit Microsoft 365 und Oliver Herbert
3. Februar Alex & Ragnar Show #69– Wir freuen uns auf Oliver Herbert zu dem Thema “Hybrides Arbeiten und Mitarbeiter:innen Onboarding über Ländergrenzen hinweg mit Microsoft 365 bei Mercedes-Benz”. Oliver arbeitet nicht nur in seiner Rolle als Manager Battery Projects PHEV and BEV – Planning and Projectmanagement, sondern ist als #InfluBenzer (Mercedes-Benz Influencer) bekannt, hat die DigitalConnectDays organisiert und sieht sich als eMobility Enabler.
February 11, 2022
#47 Microsoft Teams #TeamsCommunityDay 2022 - Interview und Zusammenfassung mit Community Leads
Passend zum #TeamsCommunityDay am Freitag, 28. Januar 2022, haben wir mit den Organisatoren des Tages um 12 Uhr eine Stunde rund um die Konferenz “Von der Community – für die Community” geplant.  Erfahrt alles Wichtige zu Insights, Rück- und Ausblicken und mehr von Doris Schlaffer, Jennifer Köllner, Tomislav Karafilov, Michael Plettner und Raphael Köllner in der "Alex & Ragnar Show" live mit Alex Eggers und mir
January 28, 2022
#46 Microsoft 365 Community Leads im 2021 Review und 2022 Ausblick
⚡ Alex & Ragnar Show #65 ⚡Bye Bye 2021 - Hello 2022! ➡️ Die Jahresendshow mit vielen #Microsoft365 Community Leads ➡️ Rückblick auf Community Event in 2021 ➡️ Was wollen wir behalten? Was in 2022 verändern? ️ Wie kannst Du Dich konkret einbringen? ➡️ Gewinnspiel: Poly Studio P15 All-in-One Video Konferenz Kamera ➡️ YouTube Video der Show ➡️ mit Alexander Eggers [MVP] Corinna Lins Frank Carius Gernot Kühn Hans Brender Martin Alter Henning Eiben 🤘🏼 Andreas Schlüter 🎤 Michael Greth Siegfried Jagott Thomas Stensitzki
December 31, 2021
#45 Microsoft Loop Experiences in Microsoft Teams with MVP Darrell Webster
MVP Darrell Webster from Auckland (NZ) is sharing his first in-depth experiences about Microsoft Loop within Microsoft Teams. "Darrell As A Service" has also created a free online course and LinkedIn Group about Loop. 
December 12, 2021
#44 Windows 365 Cloud PC (Jörg Wunderlich, glückkanja-GAB)
Windows 365 Cloud PC was announced few days ago at Microsoft Inspire #MSInspire Conference as Main Highlight. Jörg Wunderlich (Sr PreSales Consultant, glückkanja-GAB AG) is part of Microsoft's early adaptor and launch partner program. We start our conversation with Setup and Configuration, talk about user experience and Use Cases and also Pricing. We also compare Azure Virtual Desktops with Windows 365 Cloud PC YouTube Video (longer)
July 25, 2021
#43 Microsoft Teams Benchmarking, Research and Collaboration Analytics with SWOOP
Interview with Cai Kjaer, CEO of SwoopAnalytics, about Microsoft Teams Benchmarking, Research and Collaboration Analytics with SWOOP
March 21, 2021
#42 Microsoft Ignite: Easy, intuitive webinars with Microsoft Teams: Virtual engagement in the age of remote work
MS Ignite Session Summary: Easy, intuitive webinars with Microsoft Teams: Virtual engagement in the age of remote work. My Blogpost at TechCommunity
March 04, 2021
#41 Don't skip Governance when rolling out Microsoft Teams and PowerApps quickly (Oliver Wirkus)
my second interview with Oliver Wirkus (NTT DATA, Canada) where he talks about a current customer project. My main take away:  Don't skip Governance when rolling out Microsoft Teams and PowerApps quickly 
January 11, 2021
#40 SharePoint Integration inside of Salesforce - powered by Microsoft Graph
Conversations around SharePoint Integration inside of Salesforce - powered by Microsoft Graph (developed by QKom GmbH ). I am talking with Owner and Founder Andreas Rosen and Software Developer  Dominic Ley
January 05, 2021
#39 Workplace Analytics & empathic AI Bots -with Rob Mulsow
with Rob Mulsow, Chief Evangelist at Contexxt.AI we discuss value of Workplace Analytics & empathic AI Bots: how they detect micro management, increase cultural change and analyse disfunctional  working patterns. 
December 22, 2020
#38 Microsoft Teams Backup: Why and how?
Sometimes important objects in Microsoft Teams are deleted. Mostly  it can be restored with the recycle bin. In this episode I am going to show what can't be restored - especially after retention time of recycle bin - and how to solve this conflict.
December 15, 2020
#37 Microsoft Teams Shifts (Schichten Management) mit Andreas Schlüter
Andreas Schlüter stellt die Schichtpläne („Shifts“) für Microsoft Teams vor, er war bei Alex Eggers und mir im Video LiveStream Show
October 24, 2020
#36 Why we don't use Microsoft Teams for our Teams News Show
Alexander Eggers and myself are video live streaming every Thursday evening about Microsoft Teams News. No brainer to use Teams? Not for us! Find out why we are not using Teams for this use case. Find more about Streamyard here and 
October 20, 2020
#35 Microsoft Stream News der Ignite zu mit Tomislav Karafilov
Tomislav Karafilov (MVP und O365 Solution Consultant bei Deroso AG) war zu Gast im "Alex & Ragnar" VIdeo Live Stream und berichtet über die Microsoft Stream News der #MSIgnite Konferenz. Mein Blogpost
October 03, 2020
#34 Outlook Spaces AKA Project Moca: Interview with Luise Freese
In my interview with Luise Freese (M365 Princess) we are talking about new Project Moca / Outlook Spaces. Luise has just published official Microsoft Documentation about it. Check out my Blogpost as well. 
September 25, 2020
#33 Yammer POBO: Posting on behalf of another user - with Melanie Hohertz (Avanade)
In an interview with Melanie Hohertz (US Midwest Region Modern Workplace Transformation at Avanade) a new Yammer Roadmap  item called "Posting on behalf of another user"
September 07, 2020
#32 15 Things I have learned about Microsoft Lists this month
let me share with you 15 Things I have learned about Microsoft Lists this month including Microsoft Teams integration
August 15, 2020
#31 New Advanced Communications License for Live Events and Meetings
Announced at Microsoft Inspire, August 1st Microsoft has launched Advanced Communications. This is a new Microsoft Teams add-on SKU.  Get Advanced Communications for enhanced calling and meetings capabilities. Reach larger audience, tailor and customize meetings, connect meetings and calling to workflows and manage organization communications policies
August 02, 2020
#30 Microsoft Dataflex announced at Microsoft Inspire
Find more about Next Generation for Low/Node Code Backbone for Microsoft Teams, Common Data Services, here in the official blogpost
July 21, 2020
#29 Microsoft Inspire Keynote Live Streaming (incl Satya Nadella)
Alexander Eggers (CEO EPC GmbH) and myself are going to comment Microsoft Inspire Conference Keynote in a Video Live Stream. Discuss with us!  In this session you’ll hear from Satya Nadella, Brad Smith, Nick  Parker and Gavriella Schuster where they’ll cover a variety of topics  including Microsoft’s role in the world, innovation and scale with  partners, highlighting partner achievements, and the opportunities  ahead.
July 17, 2020
#28 new Microsoft Teams Display Devices announced
Microsoft has announced new Microsoft Teams Display devices yesterday with new feature like Cortana Assistant. Let me share my first hands-on impressions with Lenovo ThinkSmart View as well as new Surface Hub integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms Systems
July 09, 2020
#27 Microsoft Teams - now for Family and Friends
Yesterday Microsoft has revealed that Microsoft Teams is rolling out for now for Family and Friends. Let`s take a look into the capabilities and features. 
June 23, 2020
#26 neue Corona App "Sycor Back2Work" mit Alexander Osterbrink
Interview mit Alexander Osterbrink (Head of Customer Engagement & LifeSciences bei Sycor) zur neuen "Back2Work" App, die bei Kapazitätsplanung in Corona Zeiten im Office hilft - mit SharePoint und PowerApps > kostenlos! mehr bei
June 12, 2020
#25 Microsoft Teams Highlights at Microsoft Build Conference
together with Alexanders Eggers we did a Video Live Stream in German about Microsoft Teams Highlights from Microsoft Build Conference. Listen here to my summary in English. Video can be found:
May 31, 2020
#24 Covid_19, New Leadership and need for Social Technologies in Business with Isabel de Clercq
Interviiew with Isabel de Clercq (Founder of Connect| Share|Lead) about Covid_19, New Leadership and need for Social Technologies in Business like Yammer
May 22, 2020
#23 Yammer and Communication Compliance with Martina Grom and Christophe Fiessinger
interview with Martina Grom (CEO atwork) and Principal Product Manager Christophe Fiessinger (Microsoft) about Yammer and Communication Compliance. Check out my blogpost
May 20, 2020
#22 10 things I have learned about Video Live Streaming this week
lots of new learnings, failures and experiments in one week - gathered in one episode, My blogpost about Elgato Stream Deck and Microsoft Teams Shortcuts 
May 15, 2020
#21 News zu Microsoft Stream mit Tomislav Karafilov (Deroso)
In meinem Interview sprechen ich mit Tomislav Karafilov von Deroso über sein neues kosenloses Stream WhitePaper, neue Grenzen und aktuelle Ankündigungen zu Stream. 
May 08, 2020
#20 transforming onsite conferences into virtual events due to Covid_19 (with MVP Edyta Gorzon)
Microsoft MVP Edyta Gorzon needed to transform her SharePoint Saturday in Warsaw, Poland, into a virtual online Event due to Covid_19. Find out how it went and what she learned
May 01, 2020
#19 New Communication Compliance Capabilities (with RD & MVP Raphael Köllner)
Interview with Microsoft Regional Director and MPV Raphael Koellner about new Communication Compliance within Exchange, Teams, OneDrive.
April 23, 2020
#18 Microsoft Teams Governance mit Thomas Lorenz (Powell Software)
Microsoft Teams Governance Tipps und Tricks von Thomas Lorenz, PreSales Manager bei Powell Software. Wir sprechen auch über die neue App "Powell Teams"
April 17, 2020
#17 When to use Zoom vs Microsoft Teams? with Kristof Maes (Xylos)
Kristof Maes (Product & Solution Lead at Belgium System Integrator XYLOS) has also published a blogpost when to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams
April 09, 2020
#16 Microsoft Teams Global Benchmarking Report & Home Office recommendations with Cai Kjaer (CEO SWOOP Analytics)
my interview about new Global Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report & Home Office recommendations with Cai Kjaer (CEO SWOOP Analytics)
March 24, 2020
#15 mit und Microsoft Teams Vorstand-und Board Meetings einfacher planen
Interview mit Nils Langemann (CEO Phat Consulting) und Sven Rebbert  (People&Culture, Axel Springer) über ihr gemeinsames Unternehmen das mit Microsoft Teams  Vorstand-und Board Meetings einfacher planen lässt
March 12, 2020
#14 Projekt Management in Microsoft Teams mit MVP Torben Blankertz
Wann nutze ich ToDo, Planner oder Project in Integration mit Microsoft Teams? Wie sieht die Zukunft vom kollaborativen Projekt Management aus? Erfahrt mehr im Interview mit MVP Torben Blankertz
March 05, 2020
#13 New OneDrive Bot in Microsoft Teams-with Hans Brender and Stephan Bisser
Today at SharePoint Saturday Bremen, Germany, "Mr OneDrive" Hans Brender, Stephan Bisser (Solvion) and Thomas Goelles (Solvion) launched new Bot for Microsoft Teams. Check out my Blog to register:
February 29, 2020
#12 Tony Redmond- how use Office 365 to write an O365 book
Listen how MVP Tony Redmond uses Office 365 to write his book "Office 365 for IT Pros" since years 
February 21, 2020
#11 How VUCA Rockers use Microsoft Teams - with Sebastian Kolberg, BAYER AG
Interview how VUCA Rockers benefit from Microsoft Teams with Sebastian Kolberg, VP HR Solutions - Global Project Lead AI4Talent at BAYER AG (
February 16, 2020
#10 workhacks to raise Microsoft Teams adoption to a new level - with Michael Roth
read more from Michael Roth, Office 365 Adoption Consultant at Devoteam Alegri at
February 13, 2020
#9 Microsoft Teams Barcamp mit Magnus Rode
Erfahrungen mit dem ersten Microsoft Teams Barcamp (
February 10, 2020
#8 Modernizing SharePoint with Oliver Wirkus
Interview with MVP Oliver Wirkus about SharePoint Modernization
February 06, 2020
#7 Microsoft ToDo Productivity Hacks with Luise Freese
Microsoft ToDo Insider Productivity Hacks and Boosters shared by MVP and Digital Workplace Consultant Luise Freese
January 30, 2020
#6 Securing every stage in your Office 365 journey
Office 365 Security and Migration Best Practises shared by in a new and free guide 
January 27, 2020
#5 Hot January! Next Microsoft Teams Community Events in Germany
check out all Microsoft Teams Community Events happening in Germany here:
January 25, 2020
#4 Microsofts neuer Edge Browser - was kann er besser? mit Martin Rechsteiner
Heute spreche ich mit Martin Rechsteiner, Blogger und Podcaster auf "Podkipsie" ( Wir stellen uns heute die Frage, wieso Microsoft den Edge Browser neu aufgesetzt hat und was er nun besser kann.
January 23, 2020
#3 Working Out Loud with Office 365
5 years ago Germany´s Working Out Loud was founded and now many large Enterprises transform their way of working and achieving goals with WOL. As a funding member of this Community I am going to share Best Practises how to use Office 365 Collaboration Tools. 
January 17, 2020
#2 Microsoft Teams Walkie-Talkie
Introduction to Microsoft Teams Walkie-Talkie and Interview with my Teenager son about it
January 13, 2020
#1 Hello World! What is the purpose of this new Microsoft 365 Podcast?
My professional Background           Why another podcast Which topics are covered? How can you engage?
January 12, 2020