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Rahdo Talks Through

Rahdo Talks Through

By Richard Ham
A podcast all about boardgames, hosted by Richard "Rahdo" Ham
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RRU August 2020

Rahdo Talks Through

RRU August 2020

Rahdo Talks Through

The R&R Show #11 - Top 10 MORE MORE MORE Games of Essen Spiel 2021
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check
October 13, 2021
The R&R Show #10 - Top 10 Games of Essen Spiel 2021
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check
October 6, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► September 2021
And now... a episode outlining the new games we played in September! If you'd rather watch this in video form: 1:00 Shea's 4. Terraternity 2:53 Shea's 3. Voidfall  4:30 Shea's 2. Machi Koro 2 5:51 Shea's 1. Tindaya 9:51 Drop Drive 11:27 15. Eleven 14:07 14. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party 16:26 13. Drawn to Adventure 20:12 12. Mandala Stones 23:14 11. Adventure of D (2nd edition) 26:07 10. Keep the Heroes Out 28:04 9. Murano Light Masters 32:16 8. Birdwatcher 36:03 7. Adventures of Robin Hood 40:48 6. Settlement 44:28 5. Bad Company 47:57 4. Origins: First Builders 51:22 3. Witchstone 55:02 2. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea 58:37 1. Dungeon Decorators •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 1, 2021
The R&R Show #9 - Top 10 Upcoming Kickstarters for October 2021
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check
September 29, 2021
The R&R Show #8 - Top 10 Games We'd Buy Right Now (September 2020)
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check
September 22, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 76
•••[00:00:45] Games Q&A►►►  Kickstarter as investment? Where's Tim? Different designer takes on my fave games? Murano Light Masters? Speaking out with channel? Objectively good games? Difficulty levels on co-ops? Jen in videos? Gaming with kids? Rank new Fresco modules? Let's Waltz modules? Boardgame TikTok? Kickstarter compilation campaigns? Solar Storm? Kickstarter vs crowdfunding? Essen on R&R? Deck builder vs hand builder? Art vs graphic design?  Box fronts? Setting vs theme? Expansion ratings? Lid drift? Best games with definitive ending? How to stop focusing on winning? Direction vs point salad? Gaming with new gamers?  •••[01:46:10] Personal Q&A►►►  What do we like talking about? Words we hate? Game designer origin story? Concerts? Systemic racism outside of America? West Wing Weekly? Northern Wales? Getting more invovled? Countries we haven't been to yet? Route 66? Sports we could like? Prior relationships? Wandering eyes? Good friends? Fave chicken? Regenerative farming? Jen's words of wisdom? Doggo pics! •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 12, 2021
The R&R Show #7 - Top 10 Gencon 2021 Games!
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
September 8, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► August 2021
And now... a episode outlining the new games we played in August! If you'd rather watch this in video form: Shea's Games 2:04 6. Super Truffle Pigs 3:51 5. Wild Serengeti 5:44 4. Mythic Mischief 9:30 3. Black Rose Wars: Rebirth 12:37 2. Agemonia 15:51 1. Oath Expansions 20:56 3. Fresco Expansion Box 23:27 2. Galaxy Trucker 2021 edition 28:24 1. Roll Camera: The B Movies Expansion  Full Games 32:24 14. Lost Cities: Roll & Write 35:26 13. Lost Explorers 38:59 12. Gods Love Dinosaurs 42:22 11. Crack the Code  46:41 10. Spy Connection 49:40 9. Whirling Witchcraft 53:01 8. Khora: Rise of an Empire 57:50 7. Flamecraft  1:00:04 6. Islands in the Mist 1:03:35 5. Subastral 1:06:51 4. Verdant 1:09:27 3. Solar Sphere  1:14:39 2. Riverside 1:20:14 1. Let’s Make a Bus Route: Dice Game 1:25:27 Outro •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 4, 2021
The R&R Show #6 - Top 10 Games We Want to Play NOW!
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
September 2, 2021
The R&R Show #5 - Top 10 (25 really) Upcoming Kickstarter Games
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
August 26, 2021
The R&R Show #4 - Top 10 Games We'd Buy Right Now (august 2020)
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to For more Ruel, check To enter the contest, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
August 18, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 75
•••[00:03:24] Games Q&A►►► Lamination? Box size? Green in green screen? Playing with others? Playing in restuarants? Audio show for patreon? Clickbait titles? Shea indicator? Colonization theme and alternatives? KS influence? Key to KS success? What game to "legacy"? Best Oniverse expansion? Objectively best game? Fix turns or variable ending? Top 10 multi-use cards? Top 10 language independent games? Shadowrun Crossfire? How to bring people in to boardgaming? Level designer skill? Code of conduct for live shows? Card luck in heavier games? Gloomhaven content? Rating games based on expansions? Timestamps in podcast? Artefacts? Meadow roads & environment cards? Other content creators should podcast? Ideal dog themed game? Undaunted series? Boardgame criticism? Watch Mojo fair use? Top 10 rules tweaks? Preferred co-op difficulty increaser? 6 key words to describe perfect game? Boardgame conventions with Delta?    •••[02:15:38] Personal Q&A►►► Skipping hot topics for a bit? Leaving US? If I went back to videogame industry? Backyard chicken output? Patriot (Amazon prime tv series)? New Masters of Universe? Dog grooming? Awesome? Top10 European & American cities? Dystopian future vs idealized past? Hanging weight? US citizenship? Jen's closing wisdom? Dog pics! •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 14, 2021
The R&R Show #3 - Boardgame Cage Match!
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to or For more Ruel, check To enter the contest to win a new copy of Origins: First Builders, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
August 11, 2021
Top 10 Solo Games w/ Maggie of ThinkerThemer
This month I'm joined by Maggie of Thinker Themer to count down all our fave solo games! If you'd rather watch the video of it, check, and you can find more of Thinker Themer at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 10, 2021
The R&R Show episode #2
And now... the latest episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! To watch this in video form, head over to or For more Ruel, check To enter the contest to win a new copy of Origins: First Builders, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
August 4, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► July 2021
And now... a episode outlining the new games we played in July! If you'd rather watch this in video form: 0:00 Introduction 5:01 4. Lands of Galzyr 6:56 3. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice 8:28 2. ISS Vanguard 11:00 1. Watergate 15:33 5. Rune Stones expansions 17:55 4. IaWW: Corruption & Ascension 19:25 3. Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum 22:21 2. Marvel Champions: Venom 23:38 1. Rococo Deluxe 25:53 - For Sale 28:13 10. Majesty For the Realm 29:49 9. Nidavellir 32:51 8. Clever Cubed 34:54 7. Tussie Mussie 38:05 6. Indus 2500 BCE 40:13 5. Rajas of the Ganges: Dice Charmers 42:20 4. Oros  44:11 3. Venice 47:38 2. Remember Our Trip 49:30 1. Now or Never  52:34 Outro •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 1, 2021
The R&R Show Episode #1
And now... the premier episode of the R&R show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games!  To watch this in video form, head over to,, or For more Ruel, check  To enter the contest to win a new copy of FORT, send the "secret word" as the subject line of an email to (Secret word details revealed in the episode) :)
July 30, 2021
Top 10 Card Games w/ Jason Perez of Shelf Stories
This month I'm joined by Jason Perez of Shelf Stories to count down all our fave card games! If you'd rather watch the video of it, check, and you can find more of Shelf Stories at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 12, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 74
•••[00:00:55] Games Q&A►►► Using copyrighted art in homemade games? Marvel Champions rating drop? Hallertau worth it for Agricola fan? Loop > Viscounts of West Kingdom co-op? Digital boardgames implementations? Ranking solo only games? BGG’s Gamenight show? Rahdo talk show? Polling podcast style? Content creators using platforms for social advocacy? Publishers response to said social advocacy? Best Martin Wallace games? Revisiting games post kickstarter? Card overlapping? Co-op turn structure? What games do we excel at? How often do I keep games after the runthrough? Boardgame value quiz? Can there be a fair BGG ranking system? Contributor to the channel who matches my tastes? Dismissing the importance of cultural representation? Unique devs? Playing Pandemic during a pandemic? Responding to a game we don’t like? What makes for good co-op? Justifying boardgame hobby? Getting reluctant friends to the table? Tawantinsuyu vs Barbarians: Invasion?  •••[02:22:38] Personal Q&A►►► Why return to the UK? One world government? Evolving shooter videogame design? 3rd person vs 1st person? Hamas conservative? Defunding the police? One Punch Man? Team up with Stegmaier? Time to move on from colonization theme? Luck in games? What did I do on Fable? Jen’s fave of my videogames? Revisit my old games? Kickstarter vs Patreon? Flight advice? Jen’s and my vision status? Who do we think I look/sound like? Gun control in other countries? Investing during 2020? Ireland a pathway to EU? Jen's WOW? So many pet pics!!! •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 4, 2021
June 2021 Round Up
UPDATE: a new version of the episode is now uploaded that has Shea's segment no longer playing at 1.4x speed. Sorry for the confusion!!! And now... a episode outlining the new games we played in June! If you'd rather watch this in video form: 3:16 4. Far Away (shea) 6:05 3. Too Many Bones (shea) 9:29 2. Distilled (shea) 14:37 1. Wild Assent (shea) 21:15 Dungeon & Kingdom (ryan) 22:32 4. Port Royal Unterwegs! 24:06 3. Welcome To… scenarios 26:33 2. Marvel Champions: Drax 28:36 1. Between 2 Castles: Secrets & Soirees 31:25 13. Die Tore der Welt: Das Kartenspiel 33:54 12. Aqualin 36:28 11. Mercado de Lisboa 40:18 10. Brew 43:37 9. Doodle Dungeon 47:43 8. Devil May Cry: Bloody Palace 53:54 7. Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade 57:47 6. Soul Raiders 1:02:19 5. Etherfields 1:09:43 4. Imperium: Classics & Legends 1:13:12 3. Sheepy Time 1:16:27 2. Botanik 1:18:58 1. My Farm Shop 1:23:39 Outro •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 3, 2021
Top 10 Kickstarter Games (revisisted)
This month I'm joined by Dan & Ashton of Shelfside to count down all our fave Kickstarter games! If you'd rather watch the video of it, check, and you can find more of Shelfside at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 11, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #73
•••[00:01:15] Games Q&A►►► 6 year milestone? Solo affects ranking? La Granja: No Siesta? Top 10 2p+ games? Youtube engagement impact? Variants best practices? Top 10 business simulators? Rahdo talk show? One hit wonders? Heavy scuba euro? 2p scaling in pirate games? Kittens expansion for Isle of Cats? Too much info about games? Inclusivity in games? Home made versions of games? Dice values in Troyes? Marvel Champions evolving? Best Crossfire mechanisms? Code of conduct too negative? Too many VP games? Tactics vs strategy? Dog themed games? Avoiding sig. other game burnout?  •••[01:51:50] Personal Q&A►►► Key of Geebz? Queen's Gambit? World too slow? Games desensitization? State vs Federal? Wales? Our pups? More best things about PNW? Fitness? RV plans? Violent crime on the rise? Inflation on the rise? Social media discrimination? Studen housing? My new Syphon Filter design? Chicken food? Friendly chicken breeds? Economy effect on RRT? Jen's Words of Wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 8, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► May 2021 + Q&A
24 new games & expansions discussed for the month of May! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 2, 2021
Top 10 Games of 2020, revisited!!! + Q&A
It's time to finalize my best games of 2020, which I filmed live simultaneously on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook on may 28th. And after the top10 countdown, I stuck around for some questions and answer time! :) If you'd rather watch this top10 than listen, link: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 29, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #72
SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:44] Games Q&A►►►  Three Sisters? Lowlands? Capitalism theme in euros? Soloing while filming? Gaming burnout? Gaming post RRT? Different show post RRT? Viticulture? Video for gone games? Plunderous status? Glory to Rome? Gamer vs non-gamer? True gateway? 6 year of RTT? Soloing more these days? La Granja: No Siesta? Top10 2p+? Shea covering oldies? Looking at camera? Tshirt effect on channel? Work placement not a fave mechanism? Century combo = Waterdeep? Carebear practices? Misdirection during multiplayer? Social deduction? Still analyze games post RRT? Fresco Megabox rule change?  Component quality effect? •••[01:40:01] Personal Q&A►►►  Fave modern cartoons? Testing for videogame enthusiasm? Social media bans? Lego animation! ( April fools bgg gags? ( & Sports appreciation? Natural dog care? Jen's wisdom of the month?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 9, 2021
Top 10 Pandemic Mechansims & Expansions/Spinoffs
Hey everybody, this month I'm joined by Liz Taber of Long Distance Gamers to countdown our favourite Pandemic mechanisms and expansions/spinoffs. For more of LIz, you can find her channel (Long Distance Gamers) here: If you'd rather watch this top10 than listen, link: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 8, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► April 2021
17 new games discussed for the month of April! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) (1:17) [Shea] Hidden Leaders Expansions (2:57) 4. Marvel Champions: Galaxy’s Most Wanted   (6:46) 3. Kingdom Builder Big Box  (8:36) 2. Aquatica: Cold Waters (9:30) 1. Concordia: Solitaria  New Games (12:47) 12. Transmissions  (14:48) 11. Dead Man’s Cabal (18:04) 10. Glow (23:41) 9. Solomon Kane (29:33) 8. Pletrix  (31:30) 7. It’s a Wonderful Kingdom  (35:28) 6. Fairy Tale Inn (38:10) 5. Dice Theme Park (41:57) 4. World’s Fair 1893 (44:24) 3. Vivid Memories  (47:21) 2. Rival Networks (50:38) 1. Anno 1800 •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 1, 2021
Top 10 Games for an RV Lifestyle
Hey everybody, for this month's top 10 I'm joined by Sarah Shah of Boardgames in a Minute (an excellent channel!) to talk about our 10 games we'd take on the road with us if we found ourselves living in a recreational vehicle! :) p.s. Apologies for the last upload where I grabbed the wrong audio file to upload. Here's the proper top10 with Sarah! :) All the ways to find Sarah: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 22, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► March 2021
19 new games discussed for the month of March! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Contributors 4:00 [Shea #3] Rise of the Gnomes 6:34 [Shea #2] Scythe 10:22 [Shea #1] Mage Noir 16:38 [Ryan] Genotype & Long Shot the Dice Game 18:27 [Tim] Fort Rahdo Expansion Countdown 20:07 #5. Merlin: Morgana 22:44 #4. Valeria Card Kingdoms: Darksworn  24:25 #3. Marvel Champions: Quicksilver 26:20 #2. Auztralia: Tazmania & Revenge of the Old Ones  28:59 #1. Marvel Champions: Scarlet Witch Rahdo Games Countdown 30:39 #11. Coatl 33:00 #10. Alhambra Roll & Write 35:58 #9. Genotype  38:25 #8. Escape Roll & Write 40:30 #7. Space Plague  43:27 #6. After The Empire 47:10 #5. Cryo 50:00 #4. Scrumpy: Card Cider  53:10 #3. Hadrian’s Wall 56:48 #2. Meadow 58:52 #1. Hippocrates •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 1, 2021
Top 10 2p Games (revisited)
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my top 10 2p-only games, and I'm joined by Ella Loves Boardgames and Stella of Meeple University! Stella's Channel:  Ella's Channel:  My original top10 from 5 years ago: For this top10 list in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 29, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #71
SHOW NOTES: •••[00:10:20] Games Q&A►►►  Best RTT platform? Changing game ratings? Filming continuity? R&R with old games? FAQ update? Big boxes? Legacy vs campaign definition? Gloomhaven vs Primal? Depth in dungeon crawls? Spirit Island: Jagged Earth? Vindication rating? Designing within constraints? Golden age of gaming? Tinner's Trail? Top10 GOTY updates unfair? Elder Sign vs X-men? Tricon 2021? Is repetitive bad? Changing camera angles? Game enjoyment post RRT retirement? Rulebooks pronouns? Engine building category on BGG? Campaign vs legacy coverage? Handshakes vs copyright? Grain of salt? KS campaign runners managing audience? 18xx? Shortening Faiyum? Fave designer working on different? Narrative in boardgames?  •••[01:57:33] Personal Q&A►►►  Sacrifices for UBI? Social media bans? New Mulan film? Watching 3x speed video? X-Men comics? Did we imagine RRT would get this big? Other bg review channels when we started? Reading suggestion! Effective persuasion? Changing perspective story. Cryptocurrency? Violence in the MCU? Upcoming MCU lineup? Wandavision? Reckoners novels? Not all republicans! Intensions vs outcomes? How's my mom? Covid effect on her if we hadn't come back? Let's see Jen's knitting! Carebear kids gaming? Foodi tips? Sleeping tips? Income post RRT retirement? Jen's words of wisdom?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 22, 2021
Top 10 Combat Systems
Hey everybody, this is February's top10, a bit late, but to make up for that, I'm joined by the newest contributor to the channel, Tim Chuon! Tim's Channel: Tim's First Rundown for RRT: To see this top10 on Youtube: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 10, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► February 2021
15 new games discussed for the month of February! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea's Coverage: (0:38) Chamber of Wonders  (1:37) Dwellings of Eldervale  (3:02) Skyline Express  (5:00) Tiny Epic Dungeons  My Coverage: (6:29) 11. Maglev Metro (9:52) 10. So, You’ve Been Eaten  (12:55) 9. X-Men: Mutant Insurrection (17:02) 8. Sleeping Gods (22:40) 7. Red Rising (26:21) 6. Eternal Palace  (28:52) 5. Sagani (31:49) 4. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition  (34:47) 3. Stroganov  (37:41) 2. Red Cathedral (39:57) 1. Faiyum •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 2, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► January 2021
Oops, apologies, i just noticed this has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder since i uploaded it on feb 1! So I'm making it live now, the 16 new games discussed for the month of January! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea's Coverage  (1:04) [Shea] Carnegie  (2:21) [Shea] Under Falling Skies Expansions  Expansions: (3:43) 6. Morels: Foray  (5:19) #5 Wingspan: Oceania  (8:31) #4 Posthuman Saga: Journey Home  (10:39) #3 Smartphone Inc: Update 1.1  (12:21) #2 Marvel Champions: Wasp  (14:25) #1 Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold New Games  New games: (16:25) #8 Primal: The Awakening (17:53) #7 The Coldest Night  (20:33) #6 Seven Bridges  (21:49) #5 Meeples & Monsters  (23:39) #4 Funfair  (26:23) #3 Hallertau  (29:25) #2 CloudAge  (32:44) #1 Project Elite (2020)  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 15, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #70
This podcast is a follow on to the topics discussed in the last hour of episode 69, which can be found here: Note: there won't be Q&A, Jen won't be appearing, it's just me talking through what has happened since then and what I want to do going forward.  If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out  Here's the excellent video I mentions from Jason Perez: Here's the interview I did on Meepleville meets: Here's the hateful tweet I mentioned (warning: deeply offensive language and hate speech): Jen's "words of wisdom" I mentioned:
February 12, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #69
IMPORTANT NOTICE! The contents of the final portion of this podcast have been edited from what originally aired, because I made a terrible mistake that led to abusive and potentially violent acts against innocent and marginalized people. As such, all names have been removed, though I've left the other content stand so as not to hide my other mistakes. If further edits are to be made (I am consulting with people smarter than me from the affected communities), they will be noted here!   Also, to those who are "defending" me by being demeaning, insulting or harassing to those who are rightfully angry/disappointed by my recent mistakes: STOP! I made real transgressions, I'm working to rectify them. If you disagree, you're NOT on my side! Please extend grace! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:40] Games Q&A►►► Insert reviews? Seasonal games? One game do-over? Tips for written reviews? My City? 1 game/30 plays? 1st vs 3rd person question reading? Rulebook sins? Boardgame zelda? More 1st vs 3rd person reading? Future of C2C? Stats app? Games with no ratings? Digital discrepancy? How much time on each game? ISS Vanguard if Shea hadn't stepped in? TTS if you own the game? Top 5 legacy games? Ideal Star Trek boardgame? Circadians series? Ranking T&L games? Co-op vs competitive?  •••[01:09:22] Personal Q&A►►► Legion? Thoughts on Jan 6th? Golden vs Platinum rule? Hobbies? Recovering from Trump? Expanse vs Star Trek? Returning to EU? New books or podcasts for Jen? Censorship on BGG? Moving mom to EU? Ranking MCU movies? Value of sports? Other hobbies? Great reset clarification! Shelter vs private seller for getting dogs? How do we decide which dog? Needs of the many vs needs of the few? EU healthcare vs US? Where do i get my t-shirts? Tascini? Funagain? Eklund? Boardgame reviewers & masks? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 3, 2021
Rahdo Rounds Up►►► December 2020
Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize this was in the "draft" folder, and I only just now noticed! Better late than never for 19 new games discussed for the month of December! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea & Ryan (1:40) Shea: ISS Vanguard (4:05) Shea: Masters of Mutanite (5:26) Shea: Pingyao (7:22) Ryan: Era of Tribes (9:24) Ryan: Winter Queen Expansions (11:08) 03. West Kingdom Tomesaga (14:37) 02. The Magnificent: SNØ (16:48) 01. Aeon’s End: Southern Village New Games (18:36) 11. Forgotten Waters  (22:39) 10. Kodama Forest (24:41) 09. The Fox in the Forest (27:43) 08. Florenza 10th Anniversary  (30:33) 07. Century Golem: Endless World (33:48) 06. Marvel United (37:15) 05. Dungeon Academy (39:26) 04. Flourish (41:28) 03. Four Gardens (44:55) 02. Darwin’s Journey (PAID) (48:52) 01. Bonfire •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 8, 2021
Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode #68
New year, same podcast SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:58] Games Q&A►►► Fave “T” game? Solo runthroughs? Klingon sub notification timing? Game room? How much play before filming? Official boardgame release year? Atlantis Rising? Spiel des Jahres recognizing official boardgame release year? Reviewer perspective different than gamers? Apply narrative device from Maracaibo to Trajan? Roll to resolve in Star Trek Expeditions? Event deck in Shadowrun Crossfire? TTS vs ETSY? 2020 a good or bad year for gaming? Nidavellir? Sports themed boardgames? London too random? Formidable opponents? RRT voting double? Castles of Tuscany rules goof? Castles of Tuscany official rules change? Rulebook structure? Darwin & Vanguard not on to anticipated list? Pandemic 0 vs regular Pandemic? Smile & a Gun a top 2p game? What does Jen remember about games? Fave AE Nemesis? Changing Rahdo audience? Has RRT changed our gaming preferences? Jen interested in role playing games? •••[02:29:22] Personal Q&A►►► Dark? Coping with loss of dogs? More than 2 dogs? Social justice on RRT? Terry Pratchett? How did Gamer Glass do in 2020? World Economic Forum’s global economic reset proposals? Using covid for societal reset? Why so many haters? Why no sports? New Star Wars lineup? Ted Lasso? Character growth in Back to the Future? My work on Sims? Discovery season 3? Mandalorian? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 8, 2021
Top 25 Anticipated Games of 2021
Hey everybody, it's my yearly top25 countdown of the most anticipated games of the upcoming 365, which was filmed live on youtube on Jan 1st. To see this episode in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 2, 2021
C2C Episode 28
Hey everybody! Here's the final bi-weekly episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the YouTube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 28: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 29, 2020
Top 10 Games of 2020 (preliminary)
Hey everybody, it's my yearly top10 countdown of the games of the year, which was filmed live on youtube on Christmas day, and which will be followed by an updated list in April or May. To see this episode in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 25, 2020
Top10 Designers Revisited
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my 10 designers, as well as the top10 from Jeremy Howard of MvM. To see more of Jeremy's content, check My original top10 from 5 years ago: For Rahdo & Jeremy's list in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 23, 2020
RTT Episode 67
Bye 2020! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:09] Games Q&A►►► Tom & I swapping styles? Youtube Ads? Jon Gets Games? How's it going with Shea & Ryan? Plunderous updates? Morality vs Illegality re: TTS? Hiding the math? Skulls of Sedlec? Smile & A Gun? Best nemesis in Aeon's End? Kosmos & Lookout 2p lines? Upcoming top10 revisits? Rahdo Requests thumbs? Blackout Hong Kong appearance? Insanity in games? Tuscany rules? Tuscany final thoughts?  •••[01:31:40] Personal Q&A►►► Did we grunge? BGG pun? Marty McFly character growth? Opposite of empathy? Platinum vs Golden rule? Advice for balanced politics updates? Self care preferences? Time management? Is this really happening? Preferred streaming sites? Yang love? Sparking joy? Best Thanksgiving pie? Drinking glasses up or down? Culinary teas? PacNW influence in Jen's glass? Boardgame wisdom? The Boys? Farscape? Videogame archiving? Emulation? Remakes or remasters? Perishable videogames? Handy? Run Lola Run? Covid negative effects on us? Jen's words of wisdom?  •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @
December 7, 2020
C2C Episode 27
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the YouTube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 27: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 1, 2020
RRU November 2020
26 new games discussed for the month of October! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Expansions (1:33) 8. 7 Wonders: Armada (4:10) 7. Splendor Marvel (6:42) 6. Star Wars: Unlock! (10:01) 5. TIME Stories: A Midsummer Night (13:26) 4. Fields of Green: Grand Fair (15:48) 3. Boomerang: Europe (19:28) 2. On Tour: Europe (21:11) 1. Marvel Champions: Ant-Man New Games (24:21) 18. Dune Imperium (27:28) 17. The Transcontinental (paid) (31:06) 16. Fresco Card & Dice Game (34:36) 15. Monster Expedition (37:45) 14. Azul: Summer Pavilion (41:27) 13. Medici the Dice Game (43:45) 12. 6 Castles (46:58) 11. Paleo (52:07) 10. Rune (54:36) 9. New York Zoo (56:18) 8. Città-Stato (paid) (1:00:45) 7. Levitation (paid) (1:02:58) 6. Twinkle (paid) (1:05:02) 5. Winter Kingdom (1:09:01) 4. Atheneum  (1:11:12) 3. Lost Ruins of Arnak (1:14:49) 2. Cubitos (1:18:34) 1. Merv: Heart of the Silk Road •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 1, 2020
C2C Episode 26
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the YouTube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 26: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 17, 2020
C2C episode 25
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the YouTube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 25: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 3, 2020
RTT Episode 66
Unleash the doggo pics at :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:49] Games Q&A►►► Immorality of copyright infringement? Why cover long games? Mercado de Lisboa? 2020 Feld game coverage? Roll for the Galaxy tactics? Beer hangup? Plunderous cancellation? Covid's effect on digital boardgaming? Adventure Ink? Rank Marvel Champions expansions? Recent cull? Freedom Five? Alternatives to KDM? Furnace vs Wonderful World? Downtime between runthrough and final thoughts? Orleans Stories? Hadrian's Wall? Glasgow? Lookout vs Kosmos 2p lines? 7 Wonders Duel Agora? Revisiting my top 10? IP conflicts? Wingspan eggs strategy? My rankings ignoring Jen? Ranking Pandemic expansions? Duelosaur Island? Digital conventions? WYG status? Expansions in Yearly top10? Rahdo houserules? •••[01:55:16] Games with Jen Q&A►►► Dungeon Petz revelation? Dummy players? Preferred game themes?  •••[02:19:39] Personal Q&A►►► Lovecraft country? Storytelling rules? Qualities of a wonderful person? 5 year tea plan? Jen's glass business? Jen's fave tea? Gateway teas? What do we do about our carbon footprint? Fireworks? Jen's words of wisdom?  •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @
November 3, 2020
RRU October 2020
36 new games discussed for the month of October! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) S&R Coverage [2:45] Arkenshield (Shea) [4:08] Brick & Mortar (Shea) [5:44] Reign Absolute (Shea) [6:57] Shards of Madness (Shea) [7:51] Veiled Fate (Shea & Ryan) Expansions [9:36] 8. Escape the Curse of the Temple: Traps [11:41] 7. 7 Wonders 2nd Edition [14:52] 6. Escape the Curse of the Temple: Quest [16:55] 5. Paperback: Unabridged  [18:26] 4. Marvel Champions: Once and Future Kang [21:24] 3. Russian Railroads: American Railroads [22:28] 2. Grand Austria Hotel: Let’s Waltz!   [24:19] 1. Pandemic Legacy Season 0: 1963 New Games [26:36] 23. Legends of Andor: The Last Hope [30:26] 22. Pan Am [33:07] 21. Curious Cargo [36:19] 20. Kawa [39:31] 19. Beyond the Sun [42:44] 18. Dwergar [45:44] 17. Studies in Sorcery  [47:37] 16. Mysterium Park [50:47] 15. Seastead [53:41] 14. Finishing Time (Feierabend) [58:48] 13. Alice’s Garden [1:00:23] 12. Beez [1:03:30] 11. Raiders of Scythia [1:06:01] 10. Troyes Dice [1:09:33] 9. Whistle Mountain [1:11:57] 8. Shogun No Katana  [1:14:33] 7. Glasgow [1:16:55] 6. Wild Space [1:18:50] 5. Furnace [1:22:44] 4. Pandoria Merchants [1:25:14] 3. Praga Caput Regni [1:28:32] 2. Kokopelli  [1:30:49] 1. Castles of Tuscany •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 1, 2020
Top 25 Anticipated Games of Essen Spiel Digital
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a top 25... namely the most anticipated games of Essen Spiel. If you'd rather watch the video, you can find it here: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 21, 2020
C2C episode 24
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 24: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 20, 2020
C2C episode 23
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 23: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 7, 2020
RTT Episode 65
Jen hits her funny bone SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:12] Games Q&A►►► Table top simulator piracy? Spills on games? Table flipping moment? Biggest game goof? Boardgame rulebook reviews? Gloomhaven or Frosthaven after Jaws? Rurik coverage? Tabletopia more clinking that TTS? Games I don't like even though I should? Inherently bad mechanisms? Apps that allow boardgame worlds to change? What would get me into wargaming? Why are wargames resistant to modernization? Card Play Conflict Resolution & Gloomhaven? Jump Drive a next step to San Juan? Should patrons not post to early release videos? Why no retail for Plunderous? Marco Polo climbing in ranking? Why the hotness for Red Cathedral? Categorizing game feel?  •••[00:59:24] Games with Jen Q&A►►► Our gaming habits if RRT didn't exist? Love of Legacy vs distaste for consumerism?  •••[01:21:33] Personal Q&A►►► Doggo pics? New Dune movie? Geocaching? Rahdo on the road? Jen into space opera? When did we consider Denmark? Everquest's impact on Jen? Still running? Indi tea shops? Doggo pics part II? How frequently do we wash clothes? Top disney live action animated remakes? Fave disney animated film? Star Trek Lower Decks? Assassin's Creed lazy design?  Gun ownership driving gun deaths? How do we vote? Do we sing or play instruments? Fave movies? No Russian accent in The Great? Connie Booth? Celebs in Malta? BLM & "all"? Pitbulls? Jen's on the spot top10 check? Jen's interest in negotiation in games? Working on Plunderous triggering flashbacks? What's the "reference man" book title? Jen's height? My experience with being "the other"? Empathy vs critical thinking? Taxes in Malta? Demonizing tax avoidance? Words of wisdom?  •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @
October 4, 2020
RRU September 2020
27 new games discussed for the month of September! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Intro (0:00)  [Shea] Embarcadero (2:22) [Shea] Galaxy Hunters (3:36) [Shea] Inventure Quest (4:50) 24. Draconis Invasion (6:57) 23. 7th Citadel (9:59) 22. Silver & Gold (13:07) 21. Renature (15:53) 20. Sabotage (18:33) 19. Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep (23:48) 18. Mariposas (26:02) 17. Rossio (29:36) 16. Sonora (33:10) 15. Alice's Garden (36:22) 14. School of Sorcery (38:57) 13. Dreamscape Expansions (41:50) 12. Monsters on Board (43:55) 11. Village Green (45:57) 10. Viscounts of the West Kingdom (47:46) 09. Unforgiven (49:28) 08. Endless Winter (52:06) 07. Café (54:42) 06. Marco Polo (57:06) 05. Truffle Shuffle (1:00:08) 04. The City (1:02:46) 03. Plunderous (1:04:33) 02. Tiny Towns: Villagers (1:09:40) Technical difficulties (1:10:50) 01. Marvel Champions: Red Skull (1:12:27) Outro (1:17:04) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 2, 2020
Top 10 Fillers Revisited
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my 10 filler games, as well as the top10 fillers from Monique & Naveen of Before You Play.  To see more of M&N's content, check   My original top10 from 5 years ago: Introduction (0:00) Honorable Mentions - Nanga Parbat (4:00) Honorable Mentions - Litle Prince: Make me a Planet (4:57) Honorable Mentions - Fantasy Realms (7:43) Rahdo's #10 - Ankh'or (9:29) M&N's #10 - 6 Nimmt (12:21) Rahdo's #9 - Fugitive (15:27) M&N's #9 - Seikatsu (20:03) Rahdo's #8 - Café (23:55) M&N's #8 - Schotten Totten (27:39) Rahdo's #7 - Ticket to Ride: London (32:40) M&N's #7 - Railroad Ink (36:08) Rahdo's #6 - My City (40:55) M&N's #6 - For Sale (47:22) Rahdo's #5 - On Tour (50:59) M&N's #5 - Yokai Septet (57:23) Rahdo's #4 - FUSE (1:02:25) M&N's #4 - Biblios (1:05:09) Rahdo's #3 - Mandala (1:09:39) M&N's #3 - Hanamikoji (1:13:14) Rahdo's #2 - Circle the Wagons (1:17:09) M&N's #2 - Parade (1:20:52) Rahdo's #1 - Jump Drive / The City (1:26:19) M&N's #1 - Cabo (1:33:43) Outro (1:38:04) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 23, 2020
C2C Episode 22
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 22: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 23, 2020
RTT the Meepleville Meets 2nd interview
Timm Metivier (the owner of Meepleville in Las Vegas, as well as showrunner of the Dice Tower West convention) and I sat down for another back and forth discussion, and while the last one did about 30 minutes on Black Lives Matter, this one goes much deeper on another very non-boardgame subject: gun violence. Fair warning, no boardgaming in this one! If you'd prefer this in video form, you can find it at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 18, 2020
RRT Kickstarter's Projects We Love
Hey everybody. This is a pilot for a new collaboration between my channel and Kickstarter. We'll see if KS wants to continue past this test, and if so, they'll be crossposted to Youtube and the podcast channel! To get notified of project launches, hit the links below.   (1:11) EMBARCADERO     (4:37) PLUNDEROUS    (7:58) CASCADIA    (11:28) IN TOO DEEP (Reboot)    (15:28) LONESOME VILLAGE   Ryan's Channel:  Shea's Channel:  Ruel's Channel:  ...
September 10, 2020
RTT Episode 64
Will you still need me?  SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:10] Games Q&A►►► Anything positive from Covid in the boardgame industry? What defines a boardgame expert opinion? Best polyominal games? Length and swingyness of Altiplano Traveler? Using Replaying old games? 7 Wonders dropping 2p rules? Feld City Collection regular or deluxe? Marvel Champions thoughts? RRT stuff in the gaming section? Any inside Amsterdam game info? Next step after Pandemic? TTS thoughts? Disclaimers in rulebooks? Embargoes vs Kickstarter previews? Amsterdam runthrough? top100 with Shea & Ryan? Rokoko too open? Games of 2020 so far? No Uprising coverage? What’s up with crossover top10s? Standalone roundups? What games get rounded up? Why are people anti-post campaign Pandemic? Reigniting passion for heavy games? Other games for contributors to cover? Why does Jen enjoy Shadowrun Crossfire? How to solo Marvel Champions? Preferred solo scoring style? Move viewed video? Previews with vs without final thoughts? Average length of Dominion for us? 3+ games that work well with 2? What’s Your Game’s rankings?  •••[01:55:50] Games with Jen Q&A►►► Jen’s fave mechanism, and why? Our fave gaming moment? Where will RRT be in 5 years? Could Jen add her game of the month to the roundups? Gaming post breakup?  •••[02:23:03] Personal Q&A►►► What has we learned as a species from the lockdown? Jen’s and my wrestling intro song? What fantastical pet would we want? Decoupling personal value and games? What if I hadn’t done drama in highschool? Swimming? Cats vs dogs in boardgames? Wingspan with dogs? Dark on Netflix? Kamala Harris thoughts? High Score on Netflix? Travel disasters? Jen author suggestions? Reconciling new game drive vs old game comfort? Lead designer monetization dictates? Preferred development scheme? Dictates to return to design? Exec influence on design? Digital boardgame value? Would Jen or I miss the Rahdo persona? Was Rahdo inevitable? Increasing old hen production? Dogs and hens? Overseas tax avoidance? Reference man? Gerald vs Gerard? Animal pic format? How did Jen become so wonderful? Fave cuts? Fatman Beyond BLM episode? What happened with Christopher Nolan? Wisdom of the month?  •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @
September 10, 2020
RRU August 2020
23 new games discussed for the month of August! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Intro (0:00)   [Shea] Defection (1:05) [Shea] Petrichor: Cows (2:23) [Shea] Philosophia: Floating World (3:47) [Shea] Riftforce (5:37) 16. Warp’s Edge (7:13) 15. Apollo (9:29) 14. Alma Mater (12:36) 13. Ganesha (15:45) 12. Unstocked (17:50) 11. Fruit Picking (22:01) 10. Fox Matters (23:51) 9. Tekhenu (26:04) 8. Treelings (30:21) 7. Streets (32:52) 6. Dr Finn 2021 Game Collection (35:39) 6.4. Butterfly Garden (36:10) 6.3. Mining Colony (38:51) 6.2. Biblios Quill & Parchment (41:47) 6.1. Nanga Parbat (44:31) 5. Cascadia (47:00) 4. Hamburg (50:07) 3. MC: Wrecking Crew & Hu lk (53:04)   2. Tapestry: Plans and Ploys (56:02) 1. Pandemic Legacy Season 0 (58:14) Outro (1:08:27) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 2, 2020
C2C Episode 21
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 21: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 26, 2020
C2C Episode 20
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 20: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 26, 2020
3@3 (including Top 10 3k+ Games Part 2)
Hey there, this is a guest appearance I did on Reul Gaviola's 3@3, wherein (amongst other things) I finished my top10 3k+ games, counting down #s 5-1  Interview starts at 3:53 Game countdown at 27:29 •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 24, 2020
Top 10 3k+ Games (part 1)
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a video listing my top 10 games that didn't crack the BGG 3000, but only the 1st half! To watch the 2nd half of this episode, head over to or check out the next podcast listing, my appearance on Ruel Gaviola's 3@3 show.  If you'd prefer to watch this top10-6 in video form, head to :) And now... the spoilers!!! Introduction (0:00) #10 Mercado (2:15)  #9 Xi'an (5:00)  #8 The Boldest (8:56)  #7 Capo Dei Capi (11:31)  #6 Institute for Magical Arts(14:08)   The list continues (17:50) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to Sponsorships: on for this episode
August 24, 2020
Top 10 Heavy Games II
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my top10 co-ops which I originally filmed back in 2015. And this time, I'm joined by Jess Cassady, and I definitely recommend checking out her content at and If you'd prefer to watch this top10 in video form, head to :) And now... the spoilers!!! Introduction (0:00) Rahdo's #10 Black Angel (5:11) Jess's #10 Food Chain Magnate (10:48) Rahdo's #9 Gloomhaven (20:38) Jess's #9 Acquire (26:08) Jess's #8 Chartered (28:35) Rahdo's #8 Feast for Odin (31:36) Jess's #7 Civilization (36:04) Rahdo's #7 Maracaibo (42:47) Jess's #6 Dominant Species (50:53) Rahdo's #6 Spirit Island (58:06) Jess's #5 Brass: Birmingham (1:10:41) Rahdo's #5 Anachrony (1:15:13) Jess's #4 18XX (1:21:25) Rahdo's #4 CO2: Second Chance (1:34:14) Jess's #3 Pax Pamir 2nd Edition (1:40:17) Rahdo's #3 Cooper Island (1:49:05) Jess's #2 Bios: Origin (1:53:04) Rahdo's #2 The Gallerist (1:57:56) Jess's #1 Ginkopolis (2:03:19) Rahdo's #1 Agra (2:13:30) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 14, 2020
RTT the Meepleville Meets interview
Timm Metivier (the owner of Meepleville in Las Vegas, as well as showrunner of the Dice Tower West convention) definitely ran through me and my life in this VERY deep interview, covering my childhood, my time in the videogame industry, my YouTube success, my BLM shirt, and more! If you'd prefer this in video form, you can find it at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 6, 2020
RTT Episode #63
My first bleep! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:10] Games Q&A►►► Aeon’s End memory? Eric Lang on Lovecraft? Inka Brand on games as art? Scythe on RRT? Prioritizing games? Primal the Awakening? Martin Wallace co-designed Runebound? Aeon’s End Legacy vs Clank Legacy? Incorrect game classifications? Roll to resolve ruining potential faves? D6 vs all the other D#s? Bad mechanisms justified by theme? How to find the right ramble? Jaws of the Lion if you’re already Gloomhaven experts? Why not mention designers in run-throughs? How to choose what gets runthrough vs rundown vs rounded up? How to rate Pandemic? Dummy players? Themes we want to see more of? Cards better than dice? Legacy always a good thing? Gaming trends? Why are we gaming masochists? •••[01:42:34] Personal Q&A►►► Is “rahdo” to me as Hulk is to Bruce Banner? Empath? Emotional to kill chickens? Roosters? Chicken breeds? Hansa Teutonica? Fostering dogs? Why fantasy over scifi in boardgaming? Keeping players in the dark? Fave Star Trek episodes? Violent videogames leading to real world violence? Trump’s economy? Australian gun control? BLM? Global warming? Michael Moor’s Planet of Humans? Dark on Netflix? Star Trek Continues? Showering schedule? How to buy a half cow? Skiing with Jen? Jen read any good books lately? Worst insult? Theme song of our lives? What to consider regarding retiring in other countries? Overwhelmed by RRT? New Fable? How’s the leg? Fave dystopia fiction? Unity2020? Jen’s fave book genres? Pandemic Legacy Season 1 death? Moving considerations? How to handle self defeating player? Jen’s words of wisdom? •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Download episode directly:
August 5, 2020
RRU July 2020
24 new games discussed for the month of July. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Intro (0:00)   [ryan] Dead Reckoning (0:57) [shea] Turris (2:09) 22. Back to the Future: Back in Time (4:33) 21. Garum (8:36) 20. Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight (12:50) 19. Nevada City (15:44) 18. Lizard Wizard (19:31) 17. Reavers of Midgard (21:35) 16. Tutankhamun (26:03) 15. Cosmic Encounter Duel (29:56) 14. Tang Garden (35:19) 13. Alubari (39:09) 12. Relics of Rajavihara (42:09) 11. Dice Settlers: Western Sea (43:35) 10. Zen Garden (46:37) 9. With a Smile and a Gun (49:01) 8. Altiplano: Travelers (52:34) 7. Perseverance Chapter 1 & 2 (55:31) 6. Plunderous (59:31) 5. My City (1:07:30) 4. Pendulum (1:11:07) 3. Dominion: Menagerie (1:14:25) 2. Marvel Champions: Dr Strange (1:18:31) 1. Targi: The Expansion (1:20:20) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 2, 2020
C2C Episode 19
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 19: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 28, 2020
RTT the Aldie Interview
Hey everybody, I recently did a 2 hour interview with Scott Alden of, where we discussed a wide range of topics and basically tried to get to know each other a little better. If you'd prefer this in video form, you can find it at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 17, 2020
C2C Episode 18
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 18: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 15, 2020
RTT Episode 62
Back to normal, including some heavy topics that snuck up on me! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:50] Games Q&A►►► Virtual Cons? Sentinels of the Multiverse? Castles of Tuscany? Tracking new games? Lovecraft in gaming part II? RRT full content list? SU&SD's take on Wingspan? Jaws of the Lion rating? TTR London? Hanamikoji? Jaws of the Lion if Gloomhaven didn't exist? Bad things about Legacy? Secret endgame scoring? Colonialism in boardgaming? My interactions with designers of games I cover? Glen More 2 art? Oath a Legacy game? Pipeline?  •••[01:30:25] Personal Q&A►►► How much work to have chickens? Changes to our worldview? Pillars of the Earth videogame? Savage Dragon & Criminal? Professional wrestling? BLM, the organization? Would we rather be back in Malta to face COVID? New Zealand? What Hogwarts house would we be? Ambivert? Eggs? Puppy advice? More puppy advice? Hat day? Yang not partisan enough? Teatime with Jen Heavy Cardboard crossover? 5 fave things about England? Fave new show? Most recent good film? Revisiting old comfort tv? Guildford landmarks? Jen's words of wisdom?  •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Download episode directly:
July 11, 2020
RRU June 2020
17 new games discussed for the month of June.  If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Intro (0:00)   Mini Rogue [Shea] (2:00)  Monumental [Ryan] (3:19)  15. Minecraft (5:14)  14. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time (8:00)  13. Abandon all Artichokes (12:12)  12. Metro X (14:06)  11. King’s Forge (17:00)   10. Hokkaido (19:47)  9. Roll Player Adventure (22:06)  8. Age of Atlantis (26:00)  7. Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons (32:55)  6. Intrepid (37:52)  5. Overlord (41:11)  4. Roll Camera (44:20)   3. Concordia: Egypt Map (47:08)  2. Marvel Champions: Black Widow (48:55)   1. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (50:34) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 2, 2020
C2C Episode 17
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 17: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 24, 2020
Top 10 Co-op Games II
Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my top10 co-ops which I originally filmed back in 2014. And this time, I'm joined by Ruel Gaviola, and I definitely recommend you check out his Twitch and/or Facebook feeds for great live streamed boardgame sessions with him and his family! If you'd prefer to watch this top10 in video form, head to :) And now... the spoilers!!! Introduction (0:00)  Rahdo's #10 Aerion (8:23)  Ruel's #10 Dead of Winter (10:30)   Rahdo's #9 The Crew (13:38)  Ruel's #9 Codenames: Duet (18:59)    Rahdo's #8 Spirit Island (21:20)  Ruel's #8 Kitchen Rush (26:14)   Rahdo's #7 FUSE (30:11)  Ruel's #7 Star Trek Panic (32:56)    Rahdo's #6 Cities Skylines (36:34)  Ruel's #6 Paperback (40:50)    Rahdo's #5 The War of Mine (44:24)  Ruel's #5 Just One (51:16)    Rahdo's #4 Tiny Epic Defenders (54:17)  Ruel's #4 Escape: The Curse of the Temple (58:44)    Some Honorable Mentions (1:01:31)  Rahdo's #3 Aeon's End (1:03:14)   More honorable mentions (1:08:01)  Ruel's #3 Freedom: The Underground Railroad (1:10:49)    Rahdo's #2 Marvel Champions (1:16:15)  Ruel's #2 The Mind (1:22:22)    Rahdo's #1 Gloomhaven (1:26:50)  Ruel's #1 Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (1:34:28)   Even more honorable mentions (1:40:46) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 22, 2020
C2C Episode 16
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 16: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 9, 2020
RTT Episode 61
Full episode archive... activate! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:56] Games Q&A►►► Crossfire vs Dragonfire? Boardgame genre nomenclature? Martin Wallace thoughts? Nations vs Through the Ages? Ranking the Pillars of the Earth trilogy? How can we enjoy Institute of Magical Arts? Game characters connects and disconnects? Cannabis party game? Joe Rogan as a boardgamer? Homesteaders expansion coverage? Legacy definition? Boardgame apps for testing? The "Ryan Thing"? The Rahdo reach? FUSE vs Escape? Escape Roll & Write? Merlin Arthur expansion worth the extra length? What now with no Essen/Gencon upcoming games? Stacking the deck?  •••[01:47:12] Personal Q&A►►► Tablet apps we play? Morality choices in games? Jen getting burned while making glass? Why am I like I am? Butterfly effect store clerk? Moving abroad pitfalls? Origin of Jen's glass making? Glass rod annealing? Hot beverage time with Jen? My end as a mailman? Survivor's most recent season thoughts? Are we humanists? Jen's thoughts on Pillars of the Earth books? Food budgeting? Cookie/biscuit milkshake? Star Wars supporting material? MATH shirt? National parks in Washington state? UBI and people's purpose? Childhood traditions in our lives? Returning to the videogame industry? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Send your questions to •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Download episode directly:
June 8, 2020
RRU May 2020
19 new games discussed for the month of May. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to If you can, please consider helping fund organizations on the frontlines of the fight to create a more just society: Please consider watching Marc Bernardin's excellent piece in the first half hour of Fatman Beyond 5/30/20 or The Ink Lab is good people! Intro (0:00)  Four Shea Games (3:14) 15. Unlocking Insanity (7:40) 14. Maharaja (11:01) 13. Empires of the North expansions (15:05) 12. Sunflower Valley: The Card Game (18:57) 11. Cupcake Empire (22:17) 10. Pandemic Hot Zone (26:18) 09. Extra! Extra! (28:54) 08. Dollars to Donuts (32:50) 07. The Dead Eye (35:14) 06. Merchants of the Dark Road (37:47) 05. Zoo-ography (42:21) 04. Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria (45:49) 03. The Whatnot Cabinet (47:30) 02. Underwater Cities New Discoveries (51:22) 01. Wingspan: European Expansion (53:52) Shirt Story (56:52)
June 6, 2020
Top 10 "Must Have" Games (revisited)
Hey everybody, May's top10 is me updating my list the games I would choose if I was forced to limit my collection to a measly 10.  I'm joined by Shea Parker and Ryan Creighton, who have recently become contributors to the Rahdo Runs Through channel as well! My original Must Have list from 5 years ago: Shea's channel (RTFM): Ryan's channel (Nights Around a Table): •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to SPOILERS!!! . . . . . .#10 Rahdo: Roll for the Galaxy Shea: Omen: A Reign of War Ryan: Merchants and Marauders  #9 Shea: Eldritch Horror Ryan: Roll for the Galaxy Rahdo: FUSE  #8 Ryan: 7 Wonders Duel Rahdo: Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Ed. Shea: Crokinole #7 Rahdo: Kokoro Avenue of the Kodama Shea: Star Realms Ryan: Terra Mystica  #6 Shea: Telestrations Ryan:  Alchemists Rahdo: Pandemic Legacy Season 1  #5 Ryan: Keyflower Rahdo: The Isle of Cats Shea: Cosmic Encounter  #4 Rahdo: Troyes Shea: Quacks of Quedlinburg Ryan: Tiny Epic Galaxies #3 Shea: Gloomhaven Rahdo: Gloomhaven Ryan: Trickerion #2 Ryan: Alien Frontiers Rahdo: Castles of Burgundy 20th Anniversary Edition Shea: Spirit Island  #1 Ryan: Everdell Shea: Twilight Empirium 4th Edition Rahdo: Paperback 
June 2, 2020
C2C Episode 15
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 15: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 31, 2020
C2C Episode 14
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 14: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 22, 2020
C2C Episode 13
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 13:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 15, 2020
RRU April 2020
24 new games discussed for the month of April.  If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :)  (0:00) Intro (3:41) 24. Fallout Shelter (5:46) 23. Yggdrasil Chronicles (9:50) 22. Kanagawa (12:24) 21. Bunny Kingdom (15:48) 20. Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 (22:14) 19. Liberation of Rietburg (25:10) 18. Telepathic (28:44) 17. Yinzi (31:49) 16. Manitoba (40:04) 15. Curators (42:45) 14. Traintopia (44:29) 13. Small Islands (47:01) 12. Steamfall: Genesis (50:26) 11. Fairy Trails (54:20) 10. Destination Neptune 2nd ed (57:21) 09. Ankh’or (59:47) 08. Rolled West (1:03:15) 07. Ausonia (1:05:31) 06. Trails of Tucana (1:06:48) 05. The Phantom (1:11:06) 04. Homesteaders: New Beginnings (1:14:41) 03. Barenpark: Bad News Bears (1:17:40) 02. Robin of Locksley (1:20:08) 01. Walking in Provence  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 7, 2020
C2C Episode 12
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 12:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 6, 2020
RTT Episode 60
5 years, and i'm still not preparing properly!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:01:50] Games Q&A►►► Most innovative mechanism? What game to retheme? Keeping non-2p games? Accepting game deliveries these days? Area control for 2p? Best Marvel Champions characters? Rise of the Red Skull? Best heroes vs boss game? Race for the Galaxy vs Roll vs Jump Drive vs New Frontiers? Caper, Yinzi & 1987? Railroad Revolution expansion? Other Azul games? Roundup recordings? Which of my videogames would make the best boardgame? Thoughts about KS's gone wrong? Lazy gameplay mechanisms? What happened to Transatlantic? Forum Trajanum compared to other Felds? Upcoming Felds? Dreams of Tomorrow? Incomplete prototypes? Shea plans? Atmosfear the first digital boardgame? Last Will vs Prodigal's Club? Simple solos? Covid19's affect on the industry? Boardgame boxes facing out on shelves? Handling multiple modules? Talking to Tom Vasel about Le Havre? My City really legacy?  •••[01:36:22] Personal Q&A►►► How is bengal spice so sweet? Introducing a new dog? Did Jen play any of my games? Spelling of Jen's name? How do we relax? Pub food? No breakfast? Most important videogames in my life? Jen's fave West Wing character? Letterkenny? Preferred news sources? Avoiding confirmation bias? What podcasts do we listen to? PNW travel? Best president? Ideal spot to live in US? UBI vs M4A? Bernie supporters misunderstood? Bethesda story? Really plenty of games out there? Oculus Quest games? Game play counselor? Safari experience? Beat Saber expertise? Egg sizes? Preparedness for Covid19? Fave song on the radio these days? Impostor syndrome? Rise of Skywalker observations?   •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 3, 2020
Top 10 of 2019, revisited
Hey everybody, this month's top10 was a revisit of my top10 of 2019, and extend the countdown to the top30.  If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :)  And now... the spoilers!!!  30. Aerion 29. Circadians: First Light 28. Edge of Darkness 27. Trails of Tucana 26. Bruxelles 1897 25. The Crew 24. Rush MD 23. Ticket to Ride: London 22. The Magnificent 21. Fantastic Factories 20. Bloom Town 19. On Tour 18. Paris: New Eden 17. Solar Draft 16. It's a Wonderful World 15. Aquatica 14. Cooper Island 13. Coloma 12. Cities: Skylines 11. Glen More II 10. Mandala 09. Walking in Provence 08. The Isle of Cats 07. Wingspan 06. Miyabi 05. Tapestry 04. Tiny Towns 03. Black Angel 02. Marvel Champions 01. Maracaibo  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 29, 2020
C2C Episode 11
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 11: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 29, 2020
C2C Episodes 9-10
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episodes of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube links if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 9: Episode 10:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 27, 2020
C2C Episodes 7-8
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episodes of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube links if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 7: Episode 8: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 20, 2020
RTT Episode 59
Warning: buttons will be pushed!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:00:28] Games Q&A►►► Making regular games soloable? The future of deckbuilding? Themes Jen doesn't like? How to help Rahdo Run Through? Rahdo requests? Emotionally touching games? Designing new mechanisms? Games about dreams? Branching out? How do I learn games? A day in the life of Rahdo? The three types of carebear? GAMA during corona? Using theme to teach games? Organizing game components? Rahdo promos? Justifying Pandemic thematically? Why don't I rate Orleans higher?n Abyss vs Conspiracy: Abyss? How many goofs before refilming? Why no mathtrades? What hardware & software do I film with? Thoughts on Burgundy 20th Anniversary Ed.? Exploding Kittens love? App automas? Do I value innovation too much? Skipping classics? Super Rahdo auctions? Did I misrepresent Forgotten Circle haters? Superheroes of Renown and other homebrew designs? Rules discovery? Magic vs Keyforge? Rolling Realms?  •••[01:33:13] More games Q&A (with Jen)►►► Explaining RRT popularity? RTT in the Dice Tower network? Most incredible gaming moment? How to get friends past gateways?  •••[01:58:32] Personal Q&A►►► Mutants in the Marvel Comics universe? Avenue 5? The Passage trilogy? Thoughts on The Expanse, The Witcher and Farscape? Picard is portrayed incorrectly? Luke a Mary Sue? Favourite Star Wars droid? Would I really go back to work on a new SyphonFilter? How has Corona affected us? Biden's chances? Thoughts on Yang leaving the race? How much is too much when it comes to SJWness? Examples of how music has advanced? When did we decide not to have kids? How's Jen's monovision working out? Jen's inherent contradiction in how she consumes entertainment media? How does Jen fell about all the Rahdo haters? 23 and me results? Advice about what not to do when moving overseas? Tea recommendations from Jen? Any phone/tablet games we enjoy? West Wing Weekly? Working with Peter Molyneux? Jen's words of wisdom? Picard thoughts now that the season is over?   •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 13, 2020
C2C Episodes 5-6
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episodes of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube links if you'd like to watch instead of listen:  Episode 5: Episode 6:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 11, 2020
C2C Episodes 3-4
Hey everybody! Here's this weeks's episodes of Corner to Corner, and here's the youtube links if you'd like to watch  Episode 3: Episode 4:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 4, 2020
RRU March 2020
22 new games discussed for the month of March.  If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :)  Countdown --------------------------- 22. Gloomy Graves 21. Franky: Rock'n Vegas 20. Flyin’ Goblin 19. Lawyer Up 18. Sidekick Saga 17. Dwarf 16. Quest for El Dorado: Golden Temples 15. Excavation Earth 14. Canvas 13. Succulent 12. Steampunk Rally: Fusion 11. Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes 10. Paris 9. Kingdom Builder: Nomads 8. Santa Monica 7. The Crew 6. Planet Unknown 5. Mandala 4. Marvel Champions: Captain America & Thor 3. Agricola Revised Edition 2. Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles 1. Frosthaven •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 3, 2020
C2C Episodes 1-2
Hey everybody! Welcome to a brand new show that I'm putting on YouTube with Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower: Corner to Corner. This is the first two episodes, and if you'd rather watch them than listen to them, the direct links are:  Episode 1: Episode 2:  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 29, 2020
Top 10 Influential Games of the Decade
Hey everybody, welcome to the 2nd episode of the audio-only version of my monthly top 10 videos. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) And now... the spoilers!!!  Tom's List ------------------------------ 2010  Alien Frontiers 2011  Risk: Legacy 2012  Lords of Waterdeep 2012  Love Letter 2012  X-Wing 2012  Machi Koro 2015  Codenames 2015  TIME Stories 2017  Gloomhaven 2019  Wingspan  Rahdo's List ----------------------------- 2010  7 Wonders 2012  Zombicide 2013  Hanabi 2013  Qwixx 2014  Viticulture: Tuscany 2015  TIME Stories 2016  Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition 2016  Oh My Goods: Longsdale in Revolt 2017  Gloomhaven 2019  Wingspan •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 23, 2020
RTT Episode 58
Umm, surely 6 hours is too long?  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:00:46] Games Q&A►►► Carcassonne original rule? Etherfield not anticipated? My fave co-op mechanism? How is new TIME stories 2p? What game would I design? Playing with others? Worth it to seek out older games? Ever play oldies? Tubemate recommendation. Boardgame age recommendations? 7 Wonders Armada? Circle the Wagons vs Walking in Provence? Finished Near & Far campaign? Purposeful negativity to boost views? Takenoko? Conspiracy: Abyss? Castles of Tuscany? My City? Handling Lovecraft's racism? Do we Magic the Gathering? How to reach me? Captain is Dead player count? Nights around a table collaboration? Adventure of D reprint? Dreamscape? Boardgame Metacritic? How do I cull my collection? Boardgame reviewer culls in general? Why HATE? Online boardgame implementations? Collection size in Malta vs USA? Boardgame collection update videos? More "what were they thinking" games? Unexplored themes? My tastes changing over the years? Games that get better with more than 2? Big boxes for little games? Shadowrun Crossfire vs Aeon's End Legacy? Embargo preference? Zhanguo revisit by Jen? Best time of day to play games? Snacking while gaming? Game lighting? Gaming music? Gaming room? Game session length? D Day Dice thematically odd? Where are the older episodes of RTT? Gloomhaven wannabes? Becoming a 2p consultant?  •••[02:36:16] More games Q&A (with Jen)►►► Jen's fave co-op mechanism? FOMO? Why aren't we more critical? 10 games 100 times or 100 games 10 times? D&D interest? Playing games we don't like with the right people? Pigeonholing a bad thing? How far to go with diversity in games? Thematic alternative to VP? Asmodee's new parts policy? What's the problem with having unplayed games?  •••[03:51:55] Personal Q&A►►► Moving to Australia? Syphon Filter vs Metal Gear Solid? Works of Fiction or non-fiction that helped make us who we are? Syphon Filter Remake? Videogame recruiters still sniffing around? How was DTW? Indoor skydiving? Fave Survivor? Doctor Who? Why is SJW considered a bad thing by some? What does my MATH shirt mean? Jen's recommendations for young adult fantasy fiction? Malta corruption? Second wedding? What would I say to Trump or Boris Johnson? How did I survive to 13? Factchecking Rahdo related entries on wikipedia? Jen copycats? Who did we vote for in democratic primary? Jen's wisdom of the month? More Picard thoughts (spoilers)? Mandalorian thoughts (spoilers)? Rise of Skywalker Thoughts (spoilers)?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 8, 2020
RRU February 2020
24 new games discussed for the month of February. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to  :)  DTC Games --------------------------- Cubitos The Crew Mandala Marvel Champions expansions Queen of Hansa Silver and Gold Ludocherry shirts  Countdown --------------------------- 18 Oceans 17 Chrono Corsairs 16 Dawn of Mankind 15 Space Base: Shy Pluto 14 Mind MGMT 13 Matchbox Collection 12 Public Market 11 Lift Off 10 Deadly Doodles 9 Enchanters: East Quest 8 Stellar 7 Masters of Charms 6 Mechanica 5 Rush MD 4 Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period 3 Tumble Town 2 Tiny Towns: Fortune 1 Castles of Burgundy Anniversary Edition  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 3, 2020
Top 10 Games of the Decade
Hey everybody, welcome to the first episode of the audio-only version of my monthly top 10 videos. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to  :)  Countdown ------------------- 10. Roll for the Galaxy (2014) 09. Dungeon Petz (2011) 08. 7 Wonders (2010) 07. Keyflower (2012) 06. Nations (2013) 05. Castles of Burgundy (2011) 04. Troyes (2010) 03. Gloomhaven (2017) 02. Shadowrun: Crossfire (2014) 01. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (2015)  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 4, 2020
RRU January 2020
Hey everybody, welcome to the first episode of the audio-only version of my monthly gaming Rahdo Round Up, where I talk about the games Jen and I have played over the preceding 4 weeks. If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :)  Countdown: 22. World Without End 21. Captain is Dead: Lockdown 20. Parks 19. Legendary Forests 18. Fox in the Forest Duet 17. Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet 16. Florenza Dice Game 15. Trickerion 14. Dungeon Alliance Adventures 13. Ishtar 12. Quirky Circuits 11. TIME Stories: Experience 10. TIME Stories: Hadal Project 9. Rocketmen 8. Inner Compass 7. Aftermath 6. Micro City 5. Solar draft 4. Suburbia Collector’s Edition 3. Circle the Wagons 2. Aeon’s End: Outcasts 1. The Networks: Executives  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 3, 2020
RTT Episode 57
Ch-ch-ch-changes!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:04:52] Games Q&A►►► Rahdo top 100? Reviewer impact? LotR LCG preferences? Weight vs Complexity? Boardgame cafes? Why didn't RRT cover videogames instead of boardgames? 4x recommends? Solo RRT issues? Pandemic Legacy 3 anticipation? Ecos ranking? Space Hulk Death Angel a euro? Top10's and roundups on podcast channel? 2p faves diminished after playing with more? Design a game around our home town? HP Lovecraft's racist history? Games that could benefit from more diversity? Other live shows besides the alaboom? What games to play with family? Stowing sore loser tendencies? Backlash against Project Shrinko? Res Arcana suffered from Rahdo clash? Hopeful improvements in Frosthaven? We don't like Legacy games? Jen's fave Pfister?  •••[02:27:03] Personal Q&A►►► Pronunciation of Teotihuacan? Any games played with parents? Chicken checkin? Gamestorm or Dice Tower west? Rank our homes? Most anticipated TV for 2020? DC or Marvel? Game pubs taking responsibility for counterfeits? USA healthcare progress? Skydiving? Cinema going? Jen's wisdom of the month? Picard thoughts?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 2, 2020
RTT Episode 56
Happy New Decade, everybody!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:01:37] 75 Games of Interest in 2020►►► The 7th Citadel, Adventure of D (2nd Edition), Agemonia, Almanac: Crystal Peaks, Alpha Quadrant, Boomerang: Australia, Brasil, Canopy, Castle von Loghan, Chai: Tea for 2, Contact, Coraline: Beware the Other Mother, Dead Reckoning, Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz, Defense of Procyon III, Dice Quest, Excavation Earth, Fairy Trails, Foundations of Rome, Fresco: Card & Dice Game, Frosthaven, The Game: Quick & Easy, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, The Great Wall, Hamlet, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party, Holi: Festival of Colors, Imperial Century, Imperium, In Too Deep, Jodhpur, Kanban EV, Lands of Galzyr, Legend Raiders, Lost Atlantis, Mariposas, Marvel Splendor, Medici: The Dice Game, Menestrels, Metal Gear Solid: the Board Game, Moonflight, The Mountain, Nevada City, Nidavellir, No Dawn, Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, Oltree, Paper Dungeons, Paris, Plunderous, Rise & Fall, The Rival Networks, Roads to Rome, Rococo: Deluxe Edition, Roll Player Adventures, Ruins of Mars, Running Quest: Soul Raiders, Santa Monica, Seventh Cross, Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria, So You’ve Been Eaten, Solomon Kane, Streets, Tang Garden, Tea for 2, Tharos, Three Sisters, TIME Stories: Cavendish Manor, Traintopia, Transhumanity, Unlikely Heroes, Viscounts of the West Kingdom, Weather Machine, Welcome To… New Las Vegas, Yedo: Deluxe Master Set  •••[02:03:42] 27 Expansions of Interest in 2020►►► Anachrony: Fractures of Time, Anachrony: Future Imperfect, Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans, Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element, Crusaders: Divine Influence, Dominion: Menagerie, Edge of Darkness: Cliffs of Coldharbor, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Fresco: Expansion Modules 11-14, Gugong: Panjun, Heroes of Tenefyr: Second Curse, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North – Roman Banners, The Isle of Cats: Late Arrivals, Madeira: Expansion, Marvel Champions: Wrecking Crew, Marvel Champions: Thor, Museum: The Historians, Mystic Vale: Nemesis, New Frontiers: Starry Rift, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, Rune Stones: Enchanters Forest, Sailing Toward Osiris: Pharaoh’s Pyramid, Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin, Spirit Island: Jagged Earth, Teotihuacan: Shadow of Xitle, Tiny Towns: Fortune, Zhanguo: Expansion  •••[02:19:15] 22 Kickstarters shipping in 2020►►► Burgle Bros 2: Casino Capers, Dungeon Drop, Etherfields, Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon, The Grand Carnival, Icaion, Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, Legacies, Manchukuo, Margraves of Valeria, Merchants Cove, Roland Wright: Dice Game, Rome & Roll, Runika & the Six sided Spellbooks, Search for Planet X, Seize the Bean, Sovereign Skies, Space Race, Tasty Humans, Time of Legends: Destinies, Tungaru, Ugly Christmas Sweaters  •••[02:32:10] Top 25 Games of Interest in 2020►►► Return to Dark Tower, TIME Stories Revolution, Deckscape Duel, The Fox in the Forest Duet, Chrono Corsairs, Followers, Venice, Tekhenu, Floor Plan, Hour of Need, Lions of Lydia, Rocketmen, Artificial Intelligence, Quantified, Inner Compass, School of Sorcery, Cosmic Colonies, Calico, Sleeping Gods, Mercado de Lisboa, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, Dice Realms, Troyes Dice, Adventure Ink, My City  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 12, 2020
RTT Episode 55
Longest episode evar!!!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:01:10] Top 10 Revisits►►► Sim City, Tippity Top 10  •••[00:18:05] Game Q&A►►► BGG mechanisms revamp? BGG convention preview games lists? Standard boardgame rules template? Altiplano expansion? When/why do I use house rules? Tapestry embargo? Rahdo video stats? What publishers to approach? Pronunciation of Peloponnes? Updating games ratings based on expansions? How to judge a game based on the rules without seeing the cards? Standard Rahdo rejection letter? Why not Feudum? Walnut Grove alternative? How to get a paying job in the boardgame industry? Playing open hand in co-ops? On Mars & others in the top10 for 2019? How are the new Rahdo segments for 2019 going so far? How to know which games I passed on covering? Where's my wishlist? Solo vs 2p runthroughs? Chatting with folks in boardgame stores? Snowdonia, Foothills or Alubari? How often do I accidentally say yes to games that turn out to be crap? Best design techniques? Euros that let you be creative? Ideal boardgame designer dinner party? First review copy I received? Why no boardgame rentals? Why did my top10 not change much after 5 years? Gloomhaven campaign ending thoughts? How does Paulo do it?   •••[02:20:15] Game Q&A w/Jen►►► Mechanisms falling out of favor for us? What boardgame tech advances can't we wait for? Offensive boardgame theme treatment? Have games ever made us mad at each other? Best online boardgame community? Which one game to save from burning building? Why's Jen not in more videos? Podcasts we listen to? What's the deal with grains of salt in paid previews? Oathsworn? Why did Tapestry drop? How in sync are Jen and I regarding game tastes? Do I still buy games? Do we keep any games even though one of us doesn't care for it? Who's the bigger sore loser? How to help people learn games? Thoughts on BGG's new look? Project Shrinko and P&P thoughts? Which Pandemic to start with? Judging games based on random factors? Nostalgia factor in rating games? Tom Lehmann co-host? Re-experiencing games for first time preference? Bloom Town vs Quadropolis as gateway? What would a Backyard Chicken boardgame be like? RRT time off? Ultimate gaming room? Review Q's before giving A's? Escape room experiences/thoughts? What one game to super-deluxify? What if I had been introduced to modern boardgames in highschool? Ever guest lecture? Robotized boardgame components? How to downsize while getting good value?  •••[03:52:40] Personal Q&A►►►  Creative outlets outside of gaming? Evern been to SE USA? Hitchcock movies? Radiohead? Late night shows? States we'd like to visit? Celeb 'free pass' list? Geocaching background? Pups post move? Rainy PNW adjustment? Jen & booktube? Jen and me and "the small window"? Ever going back to the videogame industry? Do Jen and I still surprise each other? Big Mouth (the show)? Bucket list? What do we love most about each other? Moving plans in the future? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Jen's tea pantry? Jen's investment approach? Jen on Goodreads? Jen's preferred reading? The Mandalorian? Intermittent fasting? Following current politics? RRT funds backing other shows?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 6, 2019
RTT Episode 54
Soooo many Q's, only time to A  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:01:25] Game Q&A►►► Ads on my channel? Light speed variant for Space Base? Where do prototypes go? Playing the badguy in games? What does my Mom think of RRT? What games does my Mom enjoy playing? Return of the Rosenberg Shackles? Different gaming partner than Jen? Spousal gateway? Game rating shifts? Forgot Odin? How to deal with trolls? Returning to Blue Highway? PAX West? How to handle Essen Spiel? Timing of Gencon/Essen preview podcasts? Rating hole? Viticulture thematic consistency? Teburu thoughts? Game regrets? Why listen to trolls? Underestimating final thoughts? Why is Endeavor attacking okay? Letter Jam less than ideal with 2? Kennerspiel committee intent? Ultimate Aliens boardgame? Heavier roll & writes? Best things about roll & writes? List of   •••[02:24:35] Personal Q&A►►► What job after RRT? What are we most proud of? How'd Jen like Blown Away? Our fave movies? Malta in the spring or fall? War movies? Memorial sites visited? Troll tips? Burano vs Tubingen? Visited southern Germany? Should JK Rowling stop with the new Potterverse stuff? How do we eat 50 eggs a week? What's with the intermezzo tunes? Rick & Morty? What's Jen's fave glass creation? Can Jen make a Klein bottle? Any podcasts questions too trolly? Jen's fave recent books? No sports we're interested in? Missing Malta? Madalorian? Take a few months off RRT? Playtesting in boardgame vs videogame industries? How's it going with mom? Fist fights? Tattoos? Cringey moments? Rare Earth? How do I RSS the podcast? Dark Crystal show? Going to BGG in Dallas? Jen's wisdom of the month? Infinity War vs Endgame? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 8, 2019
RTT Episode 53
Essen Spiel 2019 ahoy!  SHOW NOTES: BGG preview list:  HC Crossover 1: HC Crossover 2:  •••[00:01:12] Top 10 anticipated games of the show►►► Paris: New Eden, Cooper Island, Steamopolis, Coloma, Aquatica, It's a Wonderful World, Foothills, Tapestry, Expedition to Newdale, Maracaibo  •••[00:24:35] Games of Interest►►► Deadly Doodles, Franky: Rock’n Vegas, Solar Draft, Rescue Animals, Monster Baby Rescue!, Posthuman Saga, The City, Tricky Druids, PAX, T-Rex’s Holiday, Pirates Under Fire, Decktective, Embers of Memory, Beluga, Aristocracy, Assembly, Opale, Tan-tan Caravan, Rolled West, Truck Off, Nocturion, Ninja Night, Queen of Hansa, Kingsburg: The Dice Game, Deckscape: Curse of the Sphinx, Dawn of Mankind, Rolling Ranch, Pact, Fire!, Coral Islands, Squire: Collector of the Glorious Rarities, Queenz, Lux Aeterna, Coralia, Die Befreiung der Rietburg, Boomerang, The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, Roll to the Top! Laminate, Circle the Wagons, Maya, Jiguan: Eastern Mechanist, On Tour, Dino World, Conspiracy: Abyss Universe, Draftosaurus, Walking in Provence, Ticket to Ride: London, Fast Sloths, Florenza Dice Game, Robin of Locksley, Corinth, Copenhagen: Roll & Write, ArtSee, A Fistful of Meeples, ClipCut Parks, Egizia: Shifting Sands, Dreamscape, Rush MD, Colors of Paris, Cat Café, Obscurio, Sprawlopolis, Humboldt’s Great Voyage, Bloom Town, Skytopia, Dale of Merchants Collection, Nova Luna, Mastabas, Century: New World, Karekare, 6 Castles, Kingdomino Duel, High Rise, Trails of Tucana, Carrossel, Pax Transhumanity, Yggdrasil Chronicles, Ratzzia, Little Town, Quest for El Dorado: Golden Temples, Key Market 2nd Edition, Pharaon, DS Classic Goodie Box, Walking in Burano, Save the Meeples, Detective City of Angels, Smoothies, Edge of Darkness, Botanists, Snowdonia Master Set, Proto, On the Underground: London/Berlin, Era: Medieval Age, Valley of the Kings Premium Edition, Marco Polo II, Yukon Airways, Sanctum, Cities: Skylines, Parks, Circadians, The Magnificent, Paris: City of Lights, Babylonia, So You’ve Been Eaten, Bruxelles 1897, La Vina, Rune Stones, Ishtar, Masters of Renaissance, Ragusa, Orleans Stories, Neta Tanka, Clank! Legacy, Machi Koro Legacy, RatVille, Suburbia Collector’s Edition, Deep Blue, Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea, Sierra West, 1987 Channel Tunnel, Terramara, Glen More II, Pret a Porter, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, Chocolate Factory, Castles of Burgundy Deluxe, Trismegistus, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Black Angel  •••[03:17:05] Expansions of Interest►►► Carcassonne Maps, Railways of Portugal, Assembly Expansions, Habitats XL, Merlin: Knights of the Round Table, This War of Mine: Days of the Siege, Edge of Darkness: Sands of Duenstar, Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures, Concordia: Balearica/Cyprus/Italia, Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences, Sagrada: Passion, Barenpark: Bad News Bears, Dice Settlers: Western Sea, Everdell Expansions, Newton: Great Discoveries, Santa Maria: Exploration Deck, Welcome To… Thematic Neighborhoods, Clank!: Temple of the Ape Lords, Empires of the North: Japanese Islands, Trickerion Dahlgaard’s Academy, Underwater Cities: New Discoveries, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 21, 2019
RTT Episode 52
Rahdo vs the world!!! :)  SHOW NOTES:  The Rahdo apology tour begins here:  •••[00:00:44] Games of Interest►►► Bloom Town, Deep Blue, Deckscape: Curse of the Sphinx, Rush MD, Sunflower Valley: Card Game, The Magnificent, Trails of Tucana, Marco Polo 2, Skytopia, Fire!, Florenza Dice Game, Gugong: Panjun, Jiguan: Eastern Mechanist, Marvel Champions: Card Game, Miyabi, Nova Luna, Paris: New Eden, Rune Stones, So You've Been Eaten, Time of Legends: Destinies, TIME Stories Revolution: Expereince, Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies, Dragonfire: Campaign - Waterdeep, Last Bastion, Tapestry, Chrono Corsairs, Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11, Gates of Delirium, 7th Citadel, Walking in Provence, Edge of Darkness: Cliffs of Coldharbor, School of Sorcery, Aristocracy, Orleans Stories, Empires of the North: Japanese Islands, TIME Stories Revolution: Hadal Project, Tiny Towns: Fortune, Kitchen Rush (revised edition)  •••[00:53:17] Games Q&A►►► Jen, why are games fun? No record of the Rosenberg shackles? Income issues related to game value? Full runthroughs? 3+ games we like/want to play? Help find a lost game bag from UKGE 2019? Empire of the Void II? Playing the villain not to win? Strange/Norrell runthrough? Santa Maria's handling of sensitive subject hurt fun factor? How common are runthrough reshoots? What game did I hate the most yet finish? Longest game session? Most anticipated next game *right now*? Jettison collection? Solo upswing? How to play new Carpe Diem with orig rules? Translation of rules into non-English? Escape with or without expansions? Does Jen still think Escape is better than Agricola? Will a game come out in next 5 years to supplant Pandemic for us? More thoughts on Spirit Island? Gloomhaven digital implementation? Rahdo designed boardgame? Life for Pandemic Legacy season 1 after campaign is over? Ultimate bingo style euro? How to do detailed ratings on BGG? Rahdo vs Eric Martin? Rahdo vs SU&SD? Rahdo vs the games industry? Feast for Odin return? Grizzled from the POV of German soldiers? My heart no longer in it? How many pubs send out final copy of covered games? Enjoy Legacy more because forced to play more? Any games thought would be poor but surprised upon 2nd play? Green screen trick? Know-op? How does RRT voting rate? Expansions ever make a bad game good? More replays of old games for the show? Dreamscape? What happens when a Kickstarter fails? Rundowns too rushed? More game revisits? Wingspan as Kennerspiel? How'd Jen like Black Angel? GotY contenders? What prompted me to start RRT? What solo game would I play *right now*? Where's the Rahdo/Dice Tower live play session? Game killers? Suburbia too hate-draftey? Mechanics v Mechanisms according to the OED? Tigris & Euphrates?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 5, 2019
RTT Episode 51
Gencon 2019!!!  SHOW NOTES:  •••[00:01:22] Top 10 Must Get Games►►► Machi Koro Legacy, Deckscape (Eldorado, Curtain, Sphinx), On Tour, Pandemic Rapid Response, Sabotage, Space Explorers, Sierra West, Aeon's End: The New Age, Black Angel, Edge of Darkness EoD preorder link:  •••[00:22:15] Games of Interest►►► Are You a Robot, Truck Off, Tricky Druids, Deadly Doodles, Rail Pass, The Queen of Hansa, ShipShape, Battle of the Bards, Boomerang, Dreams of Tomorrow, Nocturion, Undo, One Key, Penny Lane, Old West Empresario, Legendary Forests, Chocolatiers, Realm of Sand, Imaginarium, Dungeon Academy, EXIT: Catacombs of Horror, Foodies, Colors of Paris, Tribes: Dawn of Humanity, Roll for Adventure, Magnastorm, Little Town, Crusoe Crew, Patchwork Doodle, Noctiluca, Rolling Ranch, Carnival of Monsters, Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, Obscurio, Corinth, Museum, Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, Tales of Glory, Quirky Circuits, Cat Cafe, Copenhagen, Ticket to Ride: London, Letter Jam, Welcome to Dino World, Walking in Burano, Wreck Raiders, Imhotep: The Duel, Las Vegas Royale, ArtSee, Kingdomino Duel, Wingspan, Crown of Emara, Ragusa, Detective: City of Angels, Century: Golem Edition Easter Mountains, Century: A New World, Everdell, Res Arcana, Lanterns Dice, Underwater Cities, PARKS, Era: Medieval Age, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, Bargain Quest  •••[01:43:00] Expansions of Interest►►► Bargain Quest expansions, Clank! expansions, Copenhagen Tiles, City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood, Everdell, K2 expansions, Luxor, Museum Expansions, Sagrada: Passion, Villages of Valeria expansions, Vindication: Leaders & Alliances, Welcome To expansions, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period, Merlin expansions  •••[01:51:28] Games to Demo►►► Chocolate Factory, Dominations, Edge of Darkness, Emperor's Choice, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Fertility, High Rise, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Isle of Cats, Margraves of Valeria, New Frontiers, Posthuman Saga, Roam, Sorcerer City, Stygian Society, Suburbia Planet Unknown, Dead Eye, Mandala, Skytopia, Namiji, Marquesas, Coral Islands, Jurassic Parts, Silver & Gold, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising, Copenhagen: Roll & Write, Marco Polo 2, Spirit Islan: Jagged Earth, Floor Plan, Foothills, Crystal Palace, Dice Hospital: Community Care, Lorenzo Il Magnifico the Card Game, Adventure Games, Taverns of Tiefenthal, Aftermath, God of War: the Card Game, Ecos: First Continent, Sleeping Gods, Genotype: Mendelian Genetics, Barenpark: Bad News Bears  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 30, 2019
RTT Episode 50
A bit long winded... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:45] Games of Interest►►► Cities: Skylines, Aftermath, Kingdomino Duel, Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords, Copenhagen, Roll & Write, Cosmic Run: Express, Enchanters: Odyssey, Escape Tales: Low Memory, Habitats: XL Expansion, Lands of Galzyr, Mint Cooperative, ClipCut Parks, Concordia: Balearica, Entrepreneurs, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising, Paris, Rescue Animals, 7th Continent: Classic Edition, Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures •••[00:28:22] Top10 Revisit►►► Underrated Games •••[00:49:12] Gaming Q&A►►► Examples of great scaling for 2? Desert Island solo games? Game depth definition? What happened to Carpe Diem ranking? CO2 & Kanban swap? Large collection wall? Rahdo con? Bad game teaching experiences? What makes great game tension? Designer responsibility for fan behavior? Boardgame marketing? Burning Cat convention? Concordia underwhelming? Rahdo house rules/variants? Value for money in runthroughs? PnP runthroughs? Fields of Arle 2nd thoughts? Star Wars Outer Rim? Playing Black Angel with Eric Martin? Drive to win? Paid previews for games we don't like? Really necessary to reiterate paid caveats? Dice Forge expansion? What's a math trade? More Black Angel info? Best game convention? Did we get any farther in 7th Continent? Ancient World 2nd edition? Retheme challenge: Colosseum? How to reconcile ranking loops? Why did I start doing paid previews? Why keep such a big collection I don't play? Darwinauts beautiful, really? Aeon's End ideal order? •••[02:12:52] Personal Q&A►►► Constructive criticism for GoT? The secret to our relationship? Fave GoT characters and episodes? GoT negative groupthink? Jen's fave Tolkien characters? Tolkien biopic? Where would we live in the Tolkien-verse? Puppy advice? Why are there 880 From Batavia copies in the playlist? How many times have I been fired? Thoughts on Star Trek Picard series? Take games on sabbatical? Thoughts on Survivor: Edge of Extinction? Non-spoiler Star Trek Disco thoughts? Jen's words of wisdom? Quasi-Disco thoughts and what next for a Trek newb? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 3, 2019
RTT Episode 49
A bit short... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:17] Games of Interest►►► Streets, Crystal Palace, Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element, Dice Throne Adventures, Etherfields, Legacies, Lorenzo Il Magnifico: The Card Game, Merlin: Knights of the Round Table, Natsumemo, On the Underground: London/Berlin, Pandemic: Rapid Response, Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas, Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, Yedo: Deluxe Edition, The Isle of Cats •••[00:18:38] Gaming Q&A►►► Best part of gaming? Res Arcana not too cutthroat? 3 words to describe gaming in 2018? Queensdale rating? # of plays before runthrough? Final thoughts during play? Jen's impact on final thoughts? Noting final thoughts? Thoughts between play and final thoughts? Rahdo revisits? Playing cutthroat in runthroughs? Engine building definition? Thoughts on Rodney's paid preview thought piece? Year of the Dragon shackles? Need to win? Video stats? Engine downtime? Neta Tanka vs Manitoba re: cultural appropriation? Customizable dice? •••[01:09:16] Personal Q&A►►► Moving internationally with dogs? What to cut if White Album is a single LP? What does Jen grow in her garden? How are the new chickens? How'd I celebrate the big 5-0? Any more gaming convention plans for 2019? Game of Thrones final season thoughts? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 5, 2019
RTT Episode 48
Just a normal episode! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:31] Games of Interest►►► Age of Dirt, Xi'an Presitge, A Fistful of Meeples, Coralia, Fast Sloths, Pact, Ecos: First Continent, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Marquesas, Search for Planet X, Unlock! Timeless Adventures, Clinic Deluxe Edition •••[00:15:15] Top 10 Revisits►►► 2018, Game Artists •••[00:41:20] Gaming Q&A►►► Colonialism theme in boardgaming? Retheme challenge! Unplayed games from Malta? Where are the euros? Games to play post-RRT? BGG subscriptions? Games named after places? Pubs more or less likely to send review copies in the States? Why keep games we can never play? Fave games by continent? Best Agricola expansions? Jen's dream Tolkien boardgame? Jen's design for a glass making game? Boardgame dirty laundry? Train by Brenda Romero? Rahdo interns? Coimbra vs Notre Dame? Tabletop Day? Dixit? Networks? Anything need to disappear from boardgaming? What generates most excitement for a new game? The art of Ania Kryczkowska? •••[01:46:44] Personal Q&A►►► Do Jen and I watch shows together? What new shows have both Jen and I enjoyed? Care bear player enjoying violence in other media? How can I actually like Glengarry Glen Ross? Other real life superheroes besides Stan Lee? Malta vacation tips? Details about our 20th anniversary catamaran trip? Black Sails? Murano tips? Limoncello? Retirement in Malta? Fave spots in Italy? Maltese fish markets? Sustainability in boardgaming? How to prioritize media? Jen's monthly words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 9, 2019
RTT Episode 47
Year 8 announcement!!! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:44] Games of Interest►►► Altar Quest, Dice Quest, Floor Plan, Key Market, Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, Bruxelles 1897, Hamlet, Dungeon Academy, Dead Reckoning, Letter Jam, Maracaibo, Margraves of Valeria, Namiji, Running Quest: Sould Raiders, Save the Meeples, Starlight, Sanctum, Trouble in Templetown, Underwater Cities: Expansion, Venice, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks & Architects •••[00:27:33] Top 10 Revisits►►► Uwe Rosenberg •••[00:49:12] Gaming Q&A►►► Burgundy Expansions? Reprints? Overlooked games? Tile drafting games? How do I make my lists? Paladins of the West Kingdom solo? Marvel Comics universe reboot? (oops, personal one slipped in there) Hottest recent designer? Revisiting games leading to enjoying more or less? No Rahdo Twitter engagement? Protections for designers in game industry? Expansions make game weaker? Martin Wallace/EGG? Story games? What's best about expansions? 3D printers vs Kickstarter? Art vs Artist? Game designer vs developer? Game  suggestions? Repetitive strategies? Fox in the Forest? Will I design a game? Ant Lab Games? One size fits all games? Jen's preferred games? Games as art lead to no fun? Too kind to games? Gaming Rules vs Watch it Played? Least fave podcast question? Was Vasel right about Moorea? How good is Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry? Dragonfire gets a ranking? Feast for Odin expansion? Background music for games? The rise of co-ops? Choose your own adventure books? Brass Birmingham ranking? Roll Player vs Concordia vs Loyang? Does game "take that" alter real brain patterns? Rahdo fatigue? Rahdo final thoughts? Aeon End ideal play order? Snowdonia still stand up? Am I running through faster? Do I beat myself up IRL? Rahdo subtitles? •••[02:28:14] Personal Q&A►►► Catch 22 tv series? Rahdo in Austin? Jen hesitant to get into gaming? Playing more group games in hte states? Turning 50? Spiderman One More Day? Secret Wars 3? Married too young? Situationally famous? Beatles board game? Jen's take on Wizarding World theme park? One one ethnicity's food forever? Mountain climbing worthwhile? Tour our new surroundings? Fish truck? Thundaar's pterodactyl? Our finances? What do we miss from Europe? Lab grown meat? Our Planet miniseries? Who does Jen want to be in Harry Potter-verse? My preferred nickname? Into the Spider Verse? Binge watch TV or weekly watch? Food we missed in Malta that we can have now? Puppy advice? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 5, 2019
RTT Episode 46
On the eve of Dice Tower Con West... RTT music thread: Last Jedi thread: SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:13] Games of Interest►►► Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss, Foothills, Jodhpur, Ankhor, Menestrels, Bloom, Project Elite - Zombicide Invader Crossover Set, Sushi Roll, The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences, Welcome Too... variant boards, Quest of El Dorado: Golden Temples, TIME Stories Revolution: Midsummer Night, Deadly Doodles, Newdale, Darwinauts, Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, Atelier: Painter's Studio, Cooper Island, Quirky Circuits, Agricola: Corbarius Deck, Lorenzo il magnifico: Pazzi Conspiracy, Valley of the King: Premium Edition, Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Crimson Seas, Watergate •••[00:21:54] Top 10 Revisits►►► Drafting games, one hit wonders •••[00:39:26] Gaming Q&A►►► Top 5 or next 15? Expansion coverage? Theme vs setting? Retirement games? Theme music usage? "Rahdo approved"? Kickstarter to retail? Sending games in a time machine? 3d printer future in boardgaming? Wingspan take that? ET gaming? House variants? Similarities between boardgame and videogame industries? Rahdo journal? •••[01:18:32] Personal Q&A►►► Meaningful books from our childhood? Fave bands growing up? Last Jedi manifesto? Comic books? Wrestling? Changing history? Vegetarian? Videogame dev stories? Adjusting to winter? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 6, 2019
RTT Episode 45
More games, more rants! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:10] Games of Interest►►► Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, Beyond Humanity: Colonies, Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Copenhagen, Tavern of the Deep Valley, Dungeonology: The Expedition, Dunaia: The Prophecy, Aeon's End: New Age, Pret-a-Porter, Harbour: High Tide, Luxor: The Mummy's Curse, Suburbia: Collector's Edition, Silver & Gold, The City: The Expanded City, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period, Agemonia, Xingu, Century: A New World, Hadara, The Castles of Burgundy (Royal Edition), Era: Medieval Age, Corinth, Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write, Kingsburg: The Dice Game •••[00:35:50] Gaming Q&A►►► People's choice top 10? Untouched boardgame genres? Any topics that should be off limit for boardgames? Boardgame industry's cultural insensitivity? Does runthrough style translate to better game teaching IRL? The 'teach'? Andor's roll to resolve? Boardgaming close to mainstream? How to find my list of co-op games? My biggest rules blunder? Rules mega thread issue? Did Martin Wallace really work on Wildlands & Hit Z Road? Gnomopolis? Has Energy Empire held up? Thematic euros? Why Dungeon Petz but not Carnival of Monsters? Better for equal representation at the cost of historical accuracy? Boardgame burn out? Handing RRT over to someone else upon retirement? Reshooting early runthroughs? Ragusa runthrough? Top sandbox games? Easier to houserule 2p into a 3p minimum game, or meanness out of a take take that game? Our houserules? Opinionated Gamer's peak rating article? Best way to move boardgames? Rodney Smith's hype videos? Rewatching old runthroughs? Continuing runthroughs once the camera stops? What games do I wish I'd kept? Best expansion for Elder Sign? Any genres Jen or I dominate? Updating top10 co-ops? Rahdo at Essen Spiel 2019? •••[02:23:00] Personal Q&A►►► Most signficant changes to USA in our absence? My high pitched voice? Vasectomy story? How did we end up in Malta? BBC nature documentaries? Christmas tree & decorations? Syphon Filter influenced by Metal Gear Solid? How do we weather tough times in our marriage? Gaming with Mom? Fave childhood TV shows? Did Syphon Filter meet original vision? Any recent videogames we've enjoyed? Prevalence of open world videogames? Any snow since we've been back? Free to air TV? Renting the UK house? Why is Jen coming to UK? Bandersnatch? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 5, 2019
RTT Episode 44
Anticipation, 2019-style! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:45] 45 Games of Interest!!►►► Adventure Games series, Carnival of Monsters, Carnival Zombie, Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Chocolate Facotry, Chocolatiers, Circadians: First Light, Coloma, Sierra West, Cosmic Run: Mining Colony, Dawn of Mankind, Deckscape: Behind the Curtain, Dice Upon a Time, Egizia: Shifting Sands Edition, F.L.O.W., Humboldt's Great Voyage, Inhuman Conditions, Strange & Norrell: the Boardgame, Kingswood, Legend Raiders, Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, No Dawn, The One Hundred Torii, Outlaws In A Strange Land, Patchwork Doodle, Second Chance, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, Quantified, Quodd Heroes, Ragusa, Res Arcana, Revolution of 1828, Roam, Scotland Yard: Das Wurfelspiel, Seventh Cross, Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set, Solomon Kane, Space Gate Odyssey, Space Race, Tang Garden, Tiny Towns, Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage, Victorian Masterminds, Villagers, Yinzi: Shining Ming Dynasty •••[01:31:05] Expansions of Interest & Already Filmed Games of Interest►►► Barenpark: Die Grizzlies sind los!, Dice Forge: Rebellion, Dungeon Alliance: Champions, Homesteaders: New Beginnings, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Cold War, Mystic Vale: Harmony, Railways of Portugal, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, TIME Stories Madam & Hadal Project, Thunderstone Quest: Barricades and What Lives Beneath, Zhanguo Expansion, Madeirs Expansion, Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution The Crusoe Crew, Detective: City of Angels, Diceborn Heroes, Domination: Road to Civilization, Dreamscape, Exploriana, Heroes of Tenefyr, Incoming Transmission, Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game, Museum, Neta-Tanka, Seize the Bean, Sorcerer City, Stygian Society, Vadoran Gardens, Welcome to DinoWorld •••[01:55:12] Top 25 Games of Interest►►► Steamopolis, Imperial Century, Roll Player Adventures, Rome and Roll, Grim Heroes, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Aerion, Sarah's Vision, The Ancient World 2nd Edition, Dale of Merchants Collection, Edge of Darkness, On Tour, La Stanza, Artificial Intelligence, Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea, On Mars, Comanauts, Wingspan, Project: ELITE, Sleeping Gods, Aeon's End: Legacy, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Machi Koro Legacy, Glen More II: Chronicles, Black Angel •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 4, 2019
RTT Episode 43
Rahdo Rants Through! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:3:00] Gaming Q&A►►► Kids! King Vlaada! Earlier Essen preview? Teotihuacan inspiration? BGG game description critique? How much dice is too much dice? Street Masters & Solomon Kane? Why isn't Escape too light? Dream home variant! BGG meets Boxofficemojo? Robin Hood and the Merry Men? Player aids? Separate solo rules? Reprints too deluxified? Designers phoning it in? Re-seeking gone games? Tainted Grail deets? Groundhog gaming? Crazy rahdo days? Jen feels the pressure? Santa Maria's theme? Game publisher vision? Boardgame pessimism? Series boardgame rules? •••[01:17:50] Personal Q&A►►► Studio Ghibli? Immigration rant alienating audience? Syphonfilter PS1 Classic? Family blacksheep? Fave dog breeds? Jen's fave cocktails? Jen's words of wisdom! •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
December 15, 2018
RTT Episode 42
Better late than never! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:25] Recent Top 10 Revisits►►► Fantasy, BGG disagreements and OOPs alternatives •••[00:25:03] Gaming Q&A►►► What do BGG rankings reflect? Attic storage? Would I work for BGG? How should BGG entries be written? How do we deal with sudden game endings? How do we sit at the table? How do we orient the board? Old school game aesthetics? Boardgame industry trends? 2017 top10 of the year update? Budget games? Losing boardgame passion? Most diverse designer? Games we love in spite of being terrible at them? What should get Legacy'd? Epic boardgaming moments? Hidden gems? Concordia expansions? Do I roleplay as Jen during videos? How do I choose what gets rundown vs run through? Trickerion ranking? Does Jen offer pro-tips? Rating games we get rid of? Game sommilier? This year's Essen crop a letdown? What games do we keep? "1 in / 1 out"? Claustrophobia KS campaign observation? Big turn games? Best player boards? Best scifi? Hate drafting? Do publishers help find rules goofs? Do I re-record runthroughs? Essen crop a letdown, part II? Is my recording studio done? •••[01:59:55] Personal Q&A►►► Chickens in the states? British accent? Jen's nickname for me? What were we happy and unhappy to return to in the states? What do we miss most about Malta? Top 3 vaction destinations? What do Jen and I have in common and how are we different? How does this improve our relationship? Any jigsaw puzzle love? Where do we still need to go in Europe? Projector advice? Best thing about the states, part VII? What character would we choose to be in any show? Best things to do in PNW? Updated thoughts about political landscape int he states? What have we done for health insurance?  Climate change? Do we give each other boardgames for Xmas? What are we doing for Xmas this year? Jen's wisdom of the month? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 18, 2018
RTT Episode 41
Essen Spiel 2018 is this week! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:02] Top 10 Most Anticipated Games►►► Teotihuacan, Underwater Cities, Carpe Diem, Coimbra, Between 2 Castles of  Mad King Ludwig, Gugong, Key Flow, Blackout: Hong Kong, Forum Trajanum, Pandemic Fall of Rome •••[00:18:10] 85 More Games!!!►►► Jungli-La, Wok Star, Big Dig, Moorea, Cosmic Factor, Okavango, Great City of Rome, Sengal-senggol Gang Damai, Honga, Ruthless, Legendary Encounters X-Files, Dicium, Catalyst, Now Boarding, Claim Kingdoms, Hardback, Deckscape, Skylands, Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition, Fugitive, Chronicles of Frost, Fog of Love, Spring Meadow, Tribes, Paper Tales, Sunflower Valley, Factory Funner, Tales of Glory, Roll for Adventure, Scorpius Freighter, Fine Sand, Roll to the Top, Carson City Card Game, Tramways Engineers Workbook, Rolling Ranch, Forgotten City, Stone Age Jubilee Edition, Hokkaido, Gingerbread House, Crisis at Steamfall, The Boldest, Walking in Burano, Smartphone Inc, Cerbria Card Game, Steamrollers, Thief's Fortune, Spy Club, Passing Through Petra, Shadows: Amsterdam, Futuropia, Discovery: Era of Voyage, Manitoba, Scarabya, Kanban 2nd Edition, Reef, Arraial, Valparaiso, Planet, A4 Quest, Fertility, Realm of Sand, Orbis, Captains of the Gulf, Firenze, Fuji, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Magnastorm, Escape Tales, CO2: Second Chance, Railroad Ink, Solenia, Blue Lagoon, Prehistory, Brass Birmingham & Lancashire, Holding On, Treasure Island, Endeavor: Age of Sail, Dice Settlers, The River, Reykholt, Newton, Chronicles of Crime, Everdell, Detective: Modern Crime, Architects of the West Kingdom •••[01:33:10] Expansions for 35 games►►► Santa Maria, Field of Green, Kitchen Rush, Tramways, Welcome To, Space Race, Paper Tales, Chronicles of Crime, Factory Funner, Roll to the Top, Altiplano, Great Western Trail, The Networks, This War of Mine, First Class, Fog of Love, Legend of Andor, Dixit, Agricola, Caverna, Isle of Skye, Dice Town, Reef, Chronicles of Frost, Lost Expedition, Tybor the Builder, Concordia, Merlin, Skylands, Keyflower, El Dorado, K2, Clank, 7 Wonders, Forum Trajanum •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 23, 2018
RTT Episode 40
Back in the saddle again! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:58] Games of Interest►►► Altiplano: The Traveler, Carcassonne: Safari, Castle Rampage, Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview, City of Rome, Clank!: Gold & Silk, Claustrophobia 1643, Comanauts, Concordia Venus, Deckscape: Mystery of Eldorado, Defenders of the Realm 2nd Ed, Discover: Lands Unknown, Dominion: Renaissance, Fine Sand, Fuji, Futuropia, Ghosts of the Moor, Gingerbread House, Honga, K2: Lhotse, Lovelace & Babbage, Machi Koro Legacy, Magnastorm, Passing Through Petra, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles, Project Elite 2nd Edition, Spell Smashers, The Ancient World 2nd Edition, The One Hundred Torii, The River, Trollfjord, Tybor the Builder: Im Auftrag des Konigs, New Unlock! adventures, Valparaiso, Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage, Hokkaido, Claim Kingdoms, Dicium, Outlaws in a Strange Land, Pandemic: Fall of Rome, Rolnicy, Stone Age 10th Anniversary, Merlin: Arthur Expansion •••[00:48:10] Game Q&A►►► Finger pointing? Agricola vs Caverna? Slickerdrips? BGG expansion classifications? Spirit Island? Heavy co-ops? Games that *need* to be made? Competition for Gloomhaven? Jen's perfect game? Typical day on BGG? BGG lease fave feature? Dealing with sore loser children? Any Gloomhaven recently? Ideal Gloomhaven custom components? PAX West? Sasquatch? Why TV over boardgames? How are Rundowns being received? Is The Mind a game? Rahdo solo? Thoughts on the rise of boardgame popularity? More details about our Pandemic Legacy 2 experience? How's it going post move? Break during gaming? Too small components? Ideal boardgame designer interview? Top 10 worker placement updates? Why does SR:CF beat Gloomhaven on my rankings? Pics of our painted Gloomhaven minis? How close have I come to quitting RRT? Game chatter? Gateway to CoB? Thriftstore finds? •••[01:56:35] Personal Q&A►►► Why didn't we have kids? Star Trek vs Star Wars? Malta sights to see? Therapy? Our dog history? Travel insurance? Best DC movie? Seen Infinity War? Our fave car ever? Anything new going on? Seen Solo? Universal Studios Wizarding World tour? Best fictional place to visit? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 23, 2018
RTT Episode 39
A Gencon Quickie! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:30] Top 10 To Get►►► Chimera Station, Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition, Welcome To, Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road, Warsaw: City of Ruins, Carson City: The Card Game, Detective, Coimbra, Merlin, Forbidden Sky •••[00:14:25] 60 More Games to Check Out►►► Legendary Encounters: X-Files, Woodlands, Dragon Master, Amun Re: The Card Game, Jungli-La, Import/Export, Fantastiqa Rival Realms, Mesozooic, Catalyst, Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle, Wok Star 3rd Edition, Railways of the World, Race to the New Found Land, Kaosmos, Multiuniversum, Fortune City, Kick-Ass: The Board Game, Deckscape: Heist in Venice, Talisman: Legendary Tales, Shadows: Amsterdam, Mercado, Lucky's Misadventures, Superhot: The Card Game, Maiden's Quest, Now Boarding, Gearworks, Hardback, Railroad Rivals, The Big Score, Luxor, Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops, Sailing Toward Osiris, Rising 5, Scarbya, Railroad Ink, The Game, Kitchen Rush, Lost Cities: Rivals, Carthago, Speakeasy Blues, Minerva, Steamrollers, Tiny Epic Zombies, Spring Meadow, Paper Tales, Blue Lagoon, Carson City: Big Box, Newton, EXIT: (new titles), Altiplano, Gizmos, Rise of Queensdale, Everdell, The Mind, Reef, Century:  Eastern Wonders, Brass, Reckoners, Root, Palm Island •••[01:11:27] Expansions to Get►►► Big Score: Crack the Safe, Sailing Toward Osiris: Governors & Envoys, Mottainai: Wutai Moutnain, Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden, Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates, Near & Far: Amber Mines, The Captain is Dead: Lockdown, Clank! The Mummy's Curse, Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, Kingdominio: Age of Giants, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!, Scythe: Rise of Fenris •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 31, 2018
RTT Episode 38
So much to talk about... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:54] Games of Interest►►► A Thief's Fortune, 5-Minute Marvel, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! Roll Player Adventures, Solenia, Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner's Edition, Dragonfire: Heroes of the Wild, High Rise, Troyes 2, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, Tale of Ord, Legend of Andor: Verschollenen Legenden, EXIT the Game, 3rd series, Mesozooic, New Frontiers, Roll for Adventure, Snowdonia Delxue, Sleeping God •••[00:25:12] Top10 Revisits►►► Boardgame Boards, Part II & Roll and Writes •••[00:59:52] Game Q&A►►► UKGE recap? First player choosing? How to learn new games? How to teach Burgundy? Theme of Chess? Go? Checkers? Too much theme in modern gaming? How to consume lots of rules? Project Elite's future? Learning Dungeon Petz? Pandemic pre-Legacy? Music while gaming? Yspahan? D&D history? Season's theme? In the zone while at conventions? Most thematic Feld? Rosenberg? Kiesling? Knizia? How to theme dry euros? Dragonfire ranking? Dragonfire vs Gloomhaven? How much time does RRT take? No boardgames or no TV? More optimisitc in the podcast than the final thoughts? Seperate the art from the artist? Roverboat? Jen's glass art as chess set? Runthroughs from Malta still? Isle of Skye Journeyman? •••[01:56:01] Personal Q&A►►► Gloucester cheese roll? Saul vs Breaking bad? The push? Camper vanning? Awesome possum? Snacking while gaming? Fave clothing? Map of RRT viewers? Quiet time? Jen, why London? How handy are we? Local food recommendations? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 8, 2018
RTT Episode 37
And thus begins our 4th year of podcasting! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:00] Games of Interest►►► Homesteaders: New Beginnings, Key Flow, 5 Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!, Escape Tales: The Awakening, Lost Cities: Rivals, Spring Meadow •••[00:09:22] Top10 Board Game Boards Part I Revisit •••[00:31:11] Game Q&A►►► New table in the future? Zombie running? Youtube ads? Yahtzee killers? Co-op conversion to solo? RTT music selection process? Feudum? Bad rules ever ruin the game? Giving 0's on BGG? What 3 games sum up modern boardgaming? Modern videogaming? Pandemic or Agricola: which game to design an expansion for? Perfect euro length? More finding theme in dry soulless euros? What gateway would make the best Legacy game? Game of the month segment? How to best learn from the rules? Boardgame burnout from RRT? Do we care who wins? •••[01:17:35] Personal Q&A►►► Vlogs? Celebrity chef faves? Ever been to Boston? What about Rahdo meetups? Sushi love? What movie have we watched the most? Why New Zealand? What about Australia? Not much of a reader? How does my on-air personality different from off air? Rahdo vs Jen: best driver?  Best sense of humor? Jen's maiden name? Rahdo vs Jen: how often do we fight? Could Jen handle Handmaid's Tale? How're we feeling about the move so far? Fave movies: western? horror? gangster? comedy? Marvel universe? 3 new TV series to recommend? Carebear names?
May 31, 2018
RTT Episode 36
Is this the final RTT??? (spoiler alert: it isn't) SHOW NOTES: help Rahdo run @ or •••[00:01:03] Games of Interest►►► Barage, Underwater Cities, Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution, Santa Maria: American Kingdoms, Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms, Dale of Merchants Collection, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks, From Batavia, On Tour •••[00:09:20] Top10 Scifi Revisit •••[00:31:00] Game Q&A►►► Fave boardgame content creators? Rahdo rolling back moves? Historical thematic impact? How to cull? Claustrophobia 2.0? Any grail games? Modern games in the 70's? What if Jen didn't like games? Accomplishments and regrets for RRT? Perfect podcast co-host? Rapid fire game association? Principled games? Advantages of RRT in the USA? Lighter games with my mom? Updates to the must-have list? Gaming convention in Uganda? What games need expansions? More minis, less gameplay? What TV show to be a game? •••[01:17:42] Personal Q&A►►► What shows are we watching these days? How to watch US TV abroad? Enjoying time away from RRT? Any tenant stories? Last Jedi thoughts? Jen's EQ past? Preferred RPG archetypes? Jen's words of wisdom for the month? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 30, 2018
RTT Episode 35
On the road again... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:10] Games of Interest►►► Agricola: Bubulcus Deck, Carson City: The Card Game, Pandoria, Altiplano: Sunny Days, Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden, Fae, Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition, Plunderous, Way of the Panda, Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles •••[00:21:20] Top10 Revisits►►► Simultaneous Action Selection, Travel •••[00:40:50] Game Q&A►►► Rahdo Runs Through Travel Show? Prestidigitation? Spirit Island not rated? UK games transfered to US? Games stored in the US? Recording the podcasts? Solo cheating? How many games were culled? Thrash n Roll survived? IE vs EG? Above & Below & Near & Far & expansions? RRT prevents us from enjoying sandbox? Best US state for gaming? Next next step games? •••[01:15:15] Personal Q&A►►► Conflicting music tastes between Rahdo & Jen? How to deal with an overtime MIA spouse? How is early retirement working out? How to keep going on solo projects? RRT isolating? RRT mugs dishwashable? Z Nation? Rahdo Runs Through Seattle? Jen's wisdom of the month? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 9, 2018
RTT Episode 34
Big mailbag month! •••[00:00:40] Games of Interest►►► Newton, Arraial, Carpe Diem, Embark, Gizmo, Okavango, Fleet: The Dice Game, Humanitas, Isle of Skye: Expansion 2, The Networks: Telly Time, Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Demons, Dragonfire: Corruption in Calisham, Dragonfire: Sea of Swords, 7 Wonders: Armada, This War of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City, Rice Dice, Architects of the West Kingdom, Primus, Scientia •••[00:15:35] Game Q&A►►► Lignum thoughts? Splotter thoughts? Area Control for care bears? Best trade/negotiations games? Shelf organization? Harry Potter Miniatures Game? Visting Rahdo central? How will Seattle change our gaming? Rahdo relaxes through? More US conventions in our future? Prodigal Club + Last Will? How's Charterstone the 2nd time through? Pandemic Legacy 2 sandboxey? Fave Gloomhaven characters? How will Seattle change our gaming II? Where's Alter Ego & Reborn from Flame? Games that feature disabilities? Controlling multiple characters in co-op? Changing structure of runthroughs, over the years? Jen/Rahdo disagreeing on games? Jen's dislike for social deduction? How's Escape hold up for Jen? Going to UKGE this year? •••[01:11:30] Personal Q&A►►► Household holiday traditions? What are we most looking forward to in the states? Olympia over Seattle? What about the political climate in the US? Last Jedi thoughts? Man in the High Castle thoughts? Best documentary? Ever returning to England? What are we most looking forward to in the Pac NW? Expat adjustments? How loud is Rahdo IRL? Rahdo fire sale? New gaming table? What about the chickens? Dog passports? Miss most about Malta? Miss least about Malta? Jen's investing advice? Interim fundraising options? Fave Harry potter book and movie? Reacclimating to the US? Rahdo on hold dates? Rahdo runs through US protests? Where to grow old? Jen's monthly words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 7, 2018
RTT Episode 33
Big news!!! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:50] 2018 Games of Interest►►► Race to the New Found Land, Forum Trajanum, Lost Cities: To Go, Forbidden Skye, Posthuman Saga, Deckscape: Heist in Venice, TIME Stories: The Handal Project, The Captain is Dead: Lockdown, Clank! The Mummy's Curse, Fields of Green: Grand Fair, Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates, Viceroy: Time of Darkness, Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale, Great Western Trail: Rails to the North, Luxor, Coimbra, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr •••[00:25:40] Top 10 Revist►►► Best produced games •••[00:45:10] Game Q&A►►► BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Why cover kickstarter games? Fave boardgame accessory? Game stress?  Relaxing games? What game setting would we design? Fave game friday? Pet gaming experiences? Wendake? Good solo games? Freedom vs Taihoku? Uboot fave role? Rahdo promos? •••[01:16:35] Personal Q&A►►► Changing the RRT selection process? Soulmates? Jen's wisdom of the month? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 1, 2018
RTT Episode 32
Happy New Year! Remember, no matter where you go... there you are :) SHOW NOTES: 2018 Geeklist: •••[00:00:45] 2018 Games of Interest►►► (games mentioned in previous podcasts), (games getting reprinted/updated),  (games I've already run through), (expansions), Castell, Curio, Dark Souls Card Game, Gandhi, Good Dog Bad Zombie, King's Watch, Lucky's Misadventures, Maiden's Quest, Palm Island, Reavers of Midgard, Reykholt, Safe House, Seize the Bean, Tiny Epic (unannounced), Vadoran Gardens •••[00:27:10] Top 10 Revist►►► 2017, Not Filming, Gateways, Next Steps •••[00:56:55] Game Q&A►►► Dungeon Pets Lite? Memorable Essen? Essen food & evenings? Weekly Rahdo Youtube Hangout? Up and coming boardgame dev scenes?  Games I want to play just once? Relationships with designers? How do I teach games to Jen? What happened with the Henry table raffle? Thanksgiving in Malta (oops, personal question slipped in)? Older games getting shortchanged? Aeon's End Legacy? Updated Gloomhaven thoughts? Impact of my Final Thoughts on developers? Top games on a plane? Post Pandemic? Agricola Revised Edition? •••[01:33:40] Personal Q&A►►► Jen's glass pricing? Us in 5 years? Non Trek TV Scifi? Metric system? Proust questionnaire? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 6, 2018
RTT Episode 31
A slow post Essen month... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:25] Games Q&A►►► Lunch time games at my last job? High rank but low play count for Troyes? Mystery K&K game? Randomness in Feast for Odin? Starting Pandemic Legacy 2 with a new group? Tikal vs Explorers of the North Sea? AP cure? Best and worst things about Essen Spiel? How can carebears enjoy drafting? Regrettable game sales? •••[00:54:30] Non-Games Q&A►►► What's a Xwejni? Starting a new chapter in life on ETSY? Star Trek Discovery? Star Trek Continues? What is Star Trek? Videogame crunch? Jen's parting words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
November 21, 2017
RTT Episode 30
Essen-a-go-go! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:04:13] Essen Games of Interest►►► Guilds, Wibbell++, IUNU, The King's Abbey, Thrashing Dice: Assassin Edition, Karuba the Card Game, Quests of Valeria, Edge of Humanity, Pit Crew, Villages of Valeria, Rising 5, Origami, After the Virus, Carthago: Merchants & Guilds, Dragonsgate College, Nations: The Dice Game, Escape Room: Das Spiel - Virtual Reality, Enchanters, Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature, My Story, Bali, Unicornus Knights, Isle of Trains, Vengeance, Exodus Fleet, Flick 'em Up: Dead of Winter, Import/Export, Master' Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth, Space Race: The Card Game, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, Fantasy Defense, Paperback, Pioneer Days, Paper Tales, CV Pocket, Amun-Re: The Card Game, The Captain is Dead, Deadline, Yokohama, Flatline, Reworld, Instanbul: The Dice Game, Fugitive, Deckscape: Test Time, The Sanctuary: Endangered Species, Feudalia, Flip Ships, The Lost Expedition, Harvest, Petrichor, Fog of Love, Chimera Station, Anachrony, A Column of Fire, Barenpark, The Networks, Sentient, Keyper, Fast Forward Series, Riverboat, Tiny Epic Quest, Raiders of the North Sea, Dinosaur Island, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Otys, Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game, London (2nd edition), Kitchen Rush, Exit: Das Spiel series, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Pulsar 2849, Codenames Duet, Majesty: For the Realm, Tybor the Builder, Heaven & Ale, Unlock! Mystery Adventures, Lisboa, Clank! In! Space!, Rajas of the Ganges, Indian Summer, Whistle Stop, Nusfjord, Azul, Noria, Ex Libris, Altiplano, Agra, Queendomino, Gaia Project, Clans of Caledonia •••[02:12:47] Essen Top 10►►► Tale of Pirates, This War of Mine, Santa Maria, Hunt for the Ring, Transatlantic, Loot Island, Merlin, Gloomhaven, Charterstone, Pandemic Legacy 2 •••[02:43:08] Essen Expansions of Interest►►► Import/Export expansions, Dale of Merchants: Systematic Eurasian Beavers, Rhodes: The Colossus, various Valeria expansions, Nimbee: The Bee's Knees, various Catacombs expansions, Fantasy Defense: The Stone King, Tiny Epic Galaxies Beyond the Black, Petrichor: Flowers, Flick em Up! Dead of Winter - Sparky, Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies, Kingdom Builder: Harvest, Alban Viard expansions, Taluva Extension, Anachrony expansions, Legends of Andor expansions, Agricola: Artifex Deck, Dixit Harmonies, Task Kalar: Etherweave, Azul: Joker Tiles, Pursuit of Happiness: Community, Mystic Vale: Mana Storm, Port Royal: The Adventure Begins, Snowdonia expansions, A Feast for Odin promo, Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest, Lisboa Heavy Cardboard Promo, Orleans promos, Isle of Skye: Journeyman, Concordia: Egypt/Crete, 7 Wonders Anniversary Packs, OMG: Escape to Canyon Brook, Lorenzo il Magnifico: House of Renaissance, Voyages of Marco Polo: Agents of Venice •••[03:10:52] Essen Demos of Interest►►► Mistfall: Chronicles of Frost, Overbooked, Dice Settlers, Fantastiqa Rival Realms, Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game, MourneQuest, Monster Lands, Dawn of Peacemakers, Teotihuacan: City of the Gods, Space Race: The Card Game - Interkosmos, Endeavor (Second Edition), Railways of Nippon, UBOOT: The Board Game, SteamRollers, Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War, Batman: The Boardgame, Dice Hospital, A Nice cut of Tea, Networks: Executives, Unlock! Demos, TIME Stories: Santo Tomas de Aquino •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 21, 2017
RTT Episode 29
Normal, for now! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:29] Games of Interest►►► Dice Settlers, Chronicles of Frost, Merlin, Flick 'em Up!: Dead of Winter, Azul, The Grizzled: Armistice Edition, Raxxon, AuZtralia, 7 Wonders Anniversary Pack, Fast Foward series, Teotihuacan: City of Gods, Power Grid: Fabled Expansion, Eminent Domain: Oblivion, Queendominio, Panic Mansion, Isle of Skye: Journeyman, Dominion: Nocturne, After the Virus, Amun-Re: The Card Game, Dragonfire Expansions, Die Gefahrten des Marco Polo, Concordia: Aegyptus/Creta, Pandemic: Rising Tide, Bali, Altiplano, Nusfjord, Noria, Agricola: Artifex Deck, D-Day Dice 2nd Edition, Chocolatiers, Carthago: Merchants & Guilds, Space Race: Interkosmos, Oh My Goods!: Escape to Canyon Brook, Indian Summer, Stuffed Fables, Tybor der Baumeister, Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game, Sorcerer City, Loot Island, Istanbul: Das Wurfelspiel, Karuba: Das Kartenspiel, The 7th Continent: What Goes Up, Must Come Down  •••[00:42:00] Top10 Revists►►► Most played & 2.0'd •••[01:00:51] Boardgame Q&A►►► Can't wait to play again? Tanto Cuore? Reviewers not getting theme? Lose your cool? Strip Agricola? In-game handicapping? Mechanic according to OED? Upcoming innovations? Memory inconsistency? Spiel17 tshirts? Refilm older runthroughs? When is it a spoiler? When is it owned or prev. owned? How do I rank games? Where will Jen & I be at Essen? Jen's take on Dice Forge? Post Essen video? Palaces of Mad King Ludwig? Sunset Over Water? •••[02:04:11] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► My brother? Best voice impression? Sorkin ranking? April 21st? Do I read these question emails? Weather in Malta in Autumn? Essen at Essen (Va Piano!)? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
October 5, 2017
RTT Episode 28
A Q&A BLOWOUT!!! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:22] Game Q&A►►► How do I get rid of games? Ever binned a game? Moving with games? LeiriaCon 2018? Kennerspiel response this time? Fortunate gamer syndrome? Roll and move? Boardgames inspring videogames? Space for games? Working with kickstarter prototypes? Hidden games? What about the games trapped in Guildford? What percentage of games owned are review copies? Boardgaming online? Port Royal expansion info? Backing games on Kickstarter? Monster-free 2p games? Brink, the board game? Gloomhaven ranking? Agricola Family Edition? What's most enticing about a new game? What designer is next to get full coverage? Essen Spiel coverage? Most frustrating Unlock: The Formula Puzzle? Why no Merlin love last podcast? Essen Spiel plans? World Without End? •••[01:11:45] Non-game Q&A►►► Me & Jen as CV cards? Tracking finances? Running? Malta marriage equality? Murdered by a boardgame personality? Best Beatle post breakup? Knitting glass? Classic consoles? TV in Malta? Marital strife? Will Trump last 4 years? Brexit disaster? Our first records? 3 fave Disney and Pixar films? Shouldn't we all be vegetarians? Typical day? Fave childhood memories? Biggest phobias? Picking up games at Essen? Updated RRT logo? Jen's quote of the month? Moana? Our wedding? Paleo snacks? Rahdo Walks Through? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
September 8, 2017
RTT Episode 27
Gencon 5-0! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:03:25] Gencon Games of Interest►►► Kettou, Dungeon Hustle, Destination Neptune 2nd Edition, Valerian: Alpha Missions, Paramedics: Clear, Outpost: Siberia, Dicey Peaks, Dragon Island, Bohnanza: The Duel, Rick & Morty Deckbuilding Game, Delve, Okey Dokey, Klondike Rush, Vengeance, Deadline, Witches of the Revolution, King's Will, Unicornus Knights, Lost Expedition, Apocrypha, Port Royal, One Deck Dungeon 1.5, Barenpark, Sword & Sorcery, Fugitive, Anachrony, Mint Works, Hotshots, Lisboa, Caverna: Cave vs Cave, Bunny Kingdom, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, The Fox in the Forest, Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Custom Heroes, This War of Mine, Raiders of the North Sea, Flick em Up: Dead of Winter, Flip Ships, Sentient, Tiny Epic Quest, Century: Golem, Professior Evil & the Citadel of Time, Magic Maze, Century Spice Road, Kingdomino, Ex Libris, Sagrada, Whistle Stop, First Martians, Photosynthesis •••[01:36:30] Gencon Top10►►► 10th Anniversary Feld Games, Spirit Island, Escape/EXIT/Deckscape, Valletta, Edge of Humanity, Quest for El Dorado, (unannounced title), Aeon's End: War Eternal, Codenames Duet, Dragonfire •••[01:59:30] Gencon Expansions►►► Spirit Island: Branch & Claw, Nefarious: Becoming a Monster, Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir, Dragonfire: Heroes of the Sword Coast, Aeon's End: The Void, Aeon's End: The Outer Dark, Quadropolis: Public Services, Automobiles: Racing Season, Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Flame & Frost, TIME Stories: Lumen Fidei, Between Two Cities: Captials, Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest, Orleans: Trade & Intrigue •••[02:16:25] Gencon Demoable Games►►► Dice Hunt, Metal Dawn, Black Souls, Konja, The Big Score, Samurai Gardener, Way of Panda, Stygian Society, Hand of Fate: Ordeals, Dice Hospital, Cowboy Bebop, London, Richard the Lionheart, 1001 Odysseys, Legends of Sleepy Hollow, Diceborn Heroes, Ancestree, Hero Realms Ruins of Thandar, Firefly: Brigands & Browncoats, Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, Riverboat, Shared Dream, Catacombs Conquest, Victoriana, Railways of Nippon, Cerebria, Unlock demos, Museum, Epoch: The Awakening, Fog of Love, Agra, Detective: City of Angels, Tiny Epic Defenders: Dark War, Catacombs & Castles, Mottainai: Wutai Mountain, Magic Maze: Maximum Security, Edge of Darkness, Big Trouble in Little China, Codenames: Marvel, Codenames: Disney, One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows, The Networks: Executives, Isle of Skye: Journeyman, The Hunt for the Ring, Dinosaur Island, Thunderstone Quest, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Grimm Forest, Founders of Gloomhaven, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
August 15, 2017
RTT Episode 26
3 and a half hours?!? SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:42] Games of Interest►►► Dungeon Roll: Henchmen, Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama, The Master' Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth, Valerian: The Alpha Missions, Riverboat, Pulsar 2849, Heaven & Ale, Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance, Ancestree, Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War, Edge of Darkness, Unlock! Mystery Adventures, Escape Room: Das Spiel - Virtual Reality, Santa Maria, Rajas of the Ganges, CV Pocket, Mystic Vale: Mana Storm, Enchanters, Agra, Black Angel, Majesty: For the Realm, Deckscape: The Fate of London, Carcassonne for Two, Crisis at Steamfall •••[00:36:14] Top10 Revists►►► Elegant Games, Game AIs, Western Games, Dice Games, Co-op Fantasy/Adventure Cardgames, Restaurant Games •••[01:25:33] Boardgame Q&A►►► Rahdo endorsements, part II? Rahdo at conventions in 2017? Kennerspiel winners, 2011-2017? Rosenberg game similarities? Glen More issues? Pandemic: Legacy 2nd time through? Best game of 2017 so far? Best sci-fi card game? Large print boardgames? Expansions = DLC? Best Pandemic expansion? Board game thesis? Self-handicapping? New Feld game? Aeon's End vs Shadowrun Crossfire? •••[02:20:51] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► Higher education? Jen's fave Tim Ferriss guests? Rahdo Sings Through? 2nd favourite food? Rise of popular Rahdo, part II? Hospitals in Malta? Paleo lifestyle? Losing a pet? Playing with celebs/historical figures? Grain Brain? Grain free dogs? RRT Survivor? RRT Amazing Race? Always Sunny? Ice cream vs custard? Swimming pooches? Fave movies? How does Jen pick her books? Pokemon Go? Jen's music? Glass glue? Classified song? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
July 10, 2017
RTT Episode 25
Origins & Son Geeklist: Kynseed KS: SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:50] Origins Games of Interest►►► The Fox in the Forest, Attack on Titan: Last Stand, Railways of Nippon, Samara, Barenpark, Pinball Showdown, The Lost Expedition, Century: Spice Road, Pit Crew, Haspelknecht: Ruhr Valley, Okey Dokey, (New York Slice), Deadline, Caverna: Cave vs Cave, Flatline •••[00:30:38] Origins Demos Top 10►►► Whistlestop, Unearth, Hotshots, Witches of the Revolution, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Networks: Executives, Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar, Codenames Duet, That's a Question, Hunt for the Ring •••[00:49:10] Boardgame Q&A►►► Recent non RRT games? Heavy boxes? Other language subtitles? How much repeat play? RRT endorsements? Rise to Nobility? Too Many Bones? Master Labyrinth? Games for kids? Who to attack? Gloomhaven unlocked characters? Gloomhaven sticker reset? Isaac Childress' next game? Pandemic story? What do FLGS's needs? Shadowrun Crossfire vs Gloomhaven? Myth franchise sale impact? Capital vs Minerva? •••[01:18:28] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► God and the afterlife? 26th wedding anniversary? Homebodies? Rahdo memory? Best youtube channels? Dog walking and dog parks? Glass working practices? Youtube annotations? Rahdo fame? Spelling of Jen's name? Birth of Rahdo? Too many eggs? Jen's stage fright? Implicit vs explicit? American ice cream? Jen's dream game? What state to move to? Kynseed? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
June 3, 2017
RTT Episode 24
RTT year 2, it's a wrap! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:31] Games of Interest►►► Morels Foray, Paperback: Expansion, Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies, Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds, Reworld, D&D: Dragonfire, Between Two Cities: Capitals •••[00:18:34] Top10 Revists►►► 2016, one more time! •••[00:35:20] Boardgame Q&A►►► No retail copies for me? Top 10 mechanical mechanics? What type of games do we struggle with? Design bugbears? Quadropolis variability? What's so great about Roll for the Galaxy? PnP much? Best source for news? BGG improvements? Boardgame VR? Jen making over games with glass? Boardgame narrative? True sandboxes? Top 100 crossovers? Retheme cash grabs? Geek categorization? How did our tastes grow? Favourite gamey feeling? Are gateways really gateways? •••[01:17:41] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► Chicken talk! Maltese waters? More chicken talk! Jen on Goodreads? What made Jen and I so open with each other and in public? Skillet cookin'? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
May 6, 2017
RTT Episode 23
Top 10x4 SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:05] Games of Interest►►► Codenames Duet, Flip Ships, Helionox Deluxe Edition, Hardback, Klondike Rush, Kitchen Rush, Pursuit of Happiness: Community, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Sentient, Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir, Brass: Birmingham •••[00:27:05] Top10 Revists►►► Felds, Rule Breakers, Deluxe Reprint Needed, Tardis Games •••[00:50:11] Boardgame Q&A►►► Game design vocabulary? Best themes for euro mechanics? Rahdo awards? Take that against AI? How do I classify my BGG collection? Innovation in boardgames vs videogames? Components vs gameplay? How to remember rules? Needed rule tweaks? Fave Dominion stuff? Fave Agricola stuff? •••[01:33:05] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► Non boardgame mastery? Maltese dishes? First jobs? College majors? Languages spoken? How's RRT doing? Frugal living? What does an American expat miss? Chocolate stroopwafel? Fave animals? Jen's fave glass piece? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
April 4, 2017
RTT Episode 22
Jen's back!!! SHOW NOTES: Escape room nightmare: •••[00:01:35] Games of Interest►►► Empyreal: Spells & Steam, Caverna: Höhle gegen Höhle, Codenames: Disney & Marvel Editions, Mottainai: Wutai Mountain, UBOOT: The Board Game, The Expanse, TIME Stories: Estrella Drive & Brothers of the Coast, Aeon's End: War Eternal, Otys, Custom Heroes, Raid on Taihoku •••[00:22:15] Boardgame Q&A►►► Top 5 verbs? Co-op settings? Dream IP? Further Legacy clarification? How to figure out if a game will be good? Honeymoon games? Too many reprints? Multiple characters per player? Auto-succeed die rolls? Perfect co-op dungeon crawl? Which boardgame reviewer do I want to play with? Fresh ideas? What to reprint? Most simpatico boardgame reviewer? Non-BGG online boardgame resources? Best year for boardgames? RTT guests? When will top10 get an update? How can I cover Gloomhaven? To sleeve or not to sleeve? Impulse purchases? First Pandemic play for non-gaming spouse? Rococco jewelry box? Ideal future TIME Story settings? Best & worst components? How to get family more excited about gaming? Game coverage timing? Do I ever finish the runthrough? Percentage of successful kickstarters? My impact on kickstarters? Preferred backup colours? First Feld?  Gamechanging mechanisms? Jen's feelings about Jack the Ripper? Seeland modules? Roll & writes? Dice Tower Con? Dream boardgame? Sirlin games? How did I get Dogs: the boardgame? Off market games? Pfister's standing? Limited moves a design strength or flaw? Gloomhaven alternative? More co-ops... what does it mean? Societal standing of games? Mechanisms first or theme first? Dominion over Trains? •••[01:43:20] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► 2016 & 2017, really the worst? Escape room experiences? France trip? How do I deal with the negativity thrown at RRT? C'mon, 2016 wasn't that bad, really? How is the real me different than Rahdo? Me as John Wick? My 3 worst habits, according to Jen? When will we leave Malta? A day in the life of me and Jen? Different sleep patterns impact on marriage? Grocery shopping? Programming languages? Westworld? Malta mules? Unpacking? Funniest movie? Medical situation in Malta? Beer situation in Malta? Storm situation in Malta? College tips? Auditory processing disorder? What about Scuttle? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
March 14, 2017
RTT Episode 21
Flying solo this month, which is why it's so late! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:50] Games of Interest►►► Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Notre Dame 10th Anniversary, In the Year of the Dragon 10th Anniversary, The City of Kings, Aeon's End: Eternal War, Clank! Sunken Treasures, Card City 2, Die Gärten von Versailles, Detective: City of Angels, Valletta, Bear Park, El Dorado, Mystic Vale: Das Tal der Magie & der Wildnis, Pit Crew, Port Royal: The Adventure Begins, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Quadropolis: Public Services, Seventh Cross, Santo Domingo, Thrash n Roll: Amplified, Steam Ship Company, CO2 2nd edition, Brasil, Loot Island •••[00:51:05] BGG Top 100-50 Countdown •••[01:38:05] Top 10 Revisit: My first games •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
February 13, 2017
RTT Episode 20
2017 is upon us!!! SHOW NOTES: 2017 Games of Interest Geeklist: Top 25 Most Anticipated Games: TIME Stories "Rahdo 2p" variant: •••[00:01:54] 2017 Games of Interest►►► On Mars, Alter Ego, First martians, Edge of Humanity, Fugitive, Zombies Run!, Dragonsgate College, Brasil, Brass, Trashing Dice, Arcology, Chimera Station, Clockwork Islands, Sagrada, Spirit Island, Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, Legacy: Time Surge, Kingsburg 2nd Edition, harvest, The Captain is Dead, Jump Drive, 5 Minute Dungeon, Perfect Storm, Fog of Love, Skyways, Island of Doctor Necreaux: Second Edition, Tiny Epic Quest, COG, Element & Idols, Exodus Fleet, Reborn From Flame, Yamatai, Mines of Olnak, Thunderstone Quest, Railways of Nippon, Catacombs & Castles, 100 Swords Expansions, Shadowrift Skittering Darkness, Haspelknecht: Ruhr Valley, Kingdom Builder Harvest, Temporum Alternate Realities, Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black, Mysterium 2nd Expansion, Automobiles Racing Season, Nations the Dice Game: Unrest, Hero Realms: Ruins of Thandar, Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, TIME Stories Expedition Endurance & Lumen Fidei •••[01:27:15] 2016 Games of Interest Revisit►►► Acute Care, Shadowrift: Eve of the Sickle Moon, Feudum, Dungeon Scroll, Perfect Storm, Brasil, Islebound, 7th Continent, TIME Stories Prophecy of Dragons, Eminent Domain: Exotica, Manhattan Project Energy Empire, Explorers of the North Sea, Dreamwell, The Networks, Fog of Love, Rising 5, Solarius Mission, Roll Player, Guilds of London, Quadropolis, Lisboa, Legend of Andor: Chada & Thorn, Legends of Andor: Journey to the North, Star Trek Frontiers, Gloomhaven •••[01:50:44] Boardgame Q&A►►► Knizia's LotR experiences? BGG top 200? Kingdom Death Monster? TIME Stories variant? My boardgaming history? Conventions? Legacy mechanism? Feld love? Taluva? •••[02:18:22] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► Holiday plans? New Years resolutions? Maltese radio & TV? RRT malta? Games for celebs? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
January 2, 2017
RTT Episode 19
Count downs... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:56] Top 10 Revisits►►► Disagreements, Regrets, and Pre-2009 •••[00:47:00] BGG Top 50 eval •••[01:29:33] B