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The Digital Talk Show in Hindi | Digital Marketing Show By Rahul Poojari

The Digital Talk Show in Hindi | Digital Marketing Show By Rahul Poojari

By Rahul Poojari
Welcome to The Digital Talk Show. This show is all about Digital Marketing in Hindi hosted by Rahul Poojari I share my knowledge and Experience on Digital Marketing. Subscribe to my Podcast channel to stay updated for Digital marketing tips, tricks and latest trends.
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Growth strategies for Business and How to make your career in Growth Hacking by Rohan Chaubey.
This episode is a Guest Episode and we have Rohan Chaubey with us today who is India’s Most followed Growth Hacker. Author of the book name “The Growth Hacking Book” which is the best international selling book. Rohan’s work is featured in media outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Next Web, YourStory, Yahoo, and more. In this episode, we have discussed on Growth Hacking, and how you can make your career as a Growth Hacker, and some growth Hacking strategies on how you can retain & get new clients for your business, Agency, or as a freelancer in this Pandemic. You can Follow Rohan Chaubey on below social media platforms Instagram- Linkedin- Twitter- Facebook-
September 20, 2020
What is Public Realtions (PR) and Importance of Public Relations by Deepak.V. Maddila
This episode is a Guest Episode and we have Deepak.V. Maddila who is a Public Relations Expert, Co-Author of the book name “The Growth Hacking Book” which is the best international selling book. He is featured on Forbes he is a  TEDx Speaker and Founder of DVM media. Deepak has shared about his journey, life, and what challenges he faced in his life. He shared all about Public Relation and how can you get featured on Forbes and be a TEDx speaker and his first TEDx experience as a speaker. In this episode other than Public Relations we have discussed some of Deepak’s and my interesting topic which is Football. Do listen to the interesting questions and their answers. You can connect with Deepak and ask him questions related to Public Relations Instagram- Linkedin- Facebook- E-mail- Share this episode with your friends who are into Public Relations or want to work as a Public Relations expert and start a PR agency.
August 19, 2020
How to get Sales for your business using ChatBot Marketing
In this episode, I have discussed AI-based ChatBot Marketing and how can use Chatbot to generate sales for your business and don't lose you, customers, when they see your ad or product and want details for the same. Tools for Chatbot Marketing are- ChatFuel & Mobile Monkey.
August 14, 2020
Free Consultancy Call- How to grow your Business in Online Space.
In this episode, I have given a FREE Consultancy Call for a Body Massage Therapist Business where I have given strategies on how an offline business can get clients in Online Space. To know more Tune In to listen to the episode and for any FREE Consultancy Call you Message me on Instagram. Instagram-
August 11, 2020
Know about Affiliate marketing and Email marketing
In this episode, I have talked on affiliate marketing and email marketing and how you can earn money by selling products and how you can sell your products through E-mail marketing and generate sales for yourself and Earn Money. Tools for E-mail Marketing 1. Mail Chimp 2. SendInBlue 3. Convert Kit Follow me on Instagram- LinkedIn- Twitter-
August 2, 2020
How to create you own Blog & How to start your career in Blogging.
Introduction to Blogging and how to start your blogging journey. There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use and for business blogging- to rank your website higher in Google SERPs and increase your visibility. The main purpose of a blog is to connect to the relevant audience and another is to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website. You can check my blog on Digital marketing for tips & tricks. Follow me on Instagram
July 4, 2020
How can you grow your YouTube Channel in just 9 simple tips.
In this episode I have shared 9tips by which you can grow your YouTube Channel. Tool to track your competitors on YouTube ( Tubebuddy & VidIQ). To Find YouTube Tags of your competitors you can check this website-
May 1, 2020
Introduction to the Important Modules in Digital Marketing.
In this episode I have covered all the important modules in Digital Marketing for beginners who are willing to start their career in Digital Marketing.
April 24, 2020
Introduction- The Digital Talk Show
Hi Guys This is Rahul Poojari. Welcome to my Podcast- The Digital Talk Show. This is Introduction of my Podcast this Podcast will be regarding Digital Marketing. I will share my Digital Marketing tips,tricks and hacks with you in Hindi.
April 22, 2020