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Raidió Reibiliúnach

Raidió Reibiliúnach

By Raidió Reibiliúnach
This is a non sectarian broad left podcast that is dedicated to bringing anti capitalists of all tendencies together to discuss the way forward. We all agree that society should and could be better, and it's okay to have differences of opinion on how that is to be achieved. While based in the West of Ireland we look at the world through an internationalist lens. We discuss all aspects of society with a view to creating a better understanding of the world, both for ourselves and anybody who tunes in our podcast. If you have any suggestions or comments get in touch,
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European Union Militarism!

Raidió Reibiliúnach

Spéire Nua (New Horizon) Rehabilitation - Everyone wins when someone turns their life around!
In this episode we talk with the founder and director of the Spéire Nua project Damien Quinn. Spéire Nua is a recently launched project which helps to reintegrate ex offenders back into the community by adopting and developing a process that validates the commitment to change of people who have come into contact with the criminal justice system. There is a link to the website below.   Danny Coffey Presented Denise O'Toole Produced Beat by DJ Green
July 21, 2022
European Union Militarism!
In this episode we chat with Niamh Ní Bhriain coordinator of the War and Pacification Programme at the Transnational Institute about the increased push toward a militarised European Union, the many facets of miltarism within Europe, the Strategic Compass, the "European Defence Fund", the "European Peace Facility", Frontex and NATO. Link to War and Pacification Porgramme at the Transnational Institute below Production Denise O'Toole Presenter Danny Coffey Beats DJ Green  
July 06, 2022
Out with the 1990 Industrial Relations Act and in with Fair Employment Bill 2022
In this episode we chat with Jimmy Doran, Chair of the Trade Union Left Forum about proposed legislation to replace the regressive 1990 Industrial Relations Act with a new Bill entitled ' The Fair Employment Bill 2022' . The new bill will give back the freedoms tradeunionists had prior to 1990. We urge all workers to support this Bill. The Bill will be launched tomorrow night in the Unite the Union Office in Middle Abbey Street Dublin. Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Beat by DJ Green
June 01, 2022
Galway Against Gas
We caught up with Adrian Curran and Conor Dowd, two member of the recently formed Galway Against Gas, which was formed in opposition to the proposed new Open Cycle Gas Turbine for Tynagh Co Galway. This is one of several plants proposed to bridge the supposed gap in our energy needs. This plant and others will lock us into a carbon future when we need to drastically reduce emissions. To Contact the group email Production Denise O'Toole Presenter Danny Coffey Music DJ Green 
May 27, 2022
Éirígí in the West of Ireland
In this episode we chat with Éirígí Galway spokesperson Ian Ó Dálaigh about the development of the party in the west, taking our wind resources into public ownership, the housing crisis and the campaign to name the new Galway's pedestrian bridge after Galway revolutionary Julia Morrissey. Presented - Danny Coffey Production - Denise O'Toole Beat - Dj Green -
April 27, 2022
People Before Profits bill to save our Neutrality
In this short episode we catch up with People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith to have a chat about People Before Profit/Solidarity's bill to enshrine Neutrality into our constitution that is before the Dáil today. Please sign the petition Below Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Densie O'Toole Music by DJ Green
March 30, 2022
Ireland's Partition, Coda to counterrevolution
In this episode we chat with veteran Irish socialist John McAnulty a member of Socialist Democracy and formally civil rights campaigner with People's Democracy about his latest book, Ireland's Partition, Coda to counterrevolution, in which he refutes many long held historical narratives held by revisionist historians, establishment Ireland and fellow travelers. Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Music by Dj Green Link to the book:
March 28, 2022
Our Neutrality and an ever increasing EU Militarism!
In this episode we talk to Seanad by-election candidate for the Trinity seat and former Dublin MEP, Patricia McKenna about defending Irish neutrality and the European Unions attempts to become an imperialist super power in its own right.  Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Beat by DJ Green
March 25, 2022
Panel discussion with PBP reps for the west
This is the first of our panel discussions. We're joined by Adrian Curran PBP rep for Galway and Joe Daly PBP rep for Mayo. We discuss cycle ways and traffic congestion, the Tesco Security Workers dispute, Trade Union activity and workers rights, housing in the West and the Ukraine war. We hope to hold a series of these across the west and north west in the coming months, We would like to speak to activist from all parties and none, so get in touch. Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Beat by DJ Green
March 02, 2022
The ATypical Scheme and the Exploitation of Non EEA Fishers
In this episode we chat with Michael O'Brien, Fisheries Campaign lead with the International Transport Workers' Federation about the gross exploitation of Non EEA Fisher. Many Non EEA fisher are working 18 hour shifts for less than minimum wage in dangerous work conditions, while being contracted to one vessel owner who holds sway over the workers documentation. The submission below makes for chilling reading! Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Music by DJ Green:
February 18, 2022
Tax Haven Ireland
In this episode we discuss the recently published book Tax Haven Ireland. It was co-authored by Kieran Allen, lecturer in Sociology at UCD and Brian O'Boyle economist at St. Angela's Sligo. Both are People Before Profit activists. We chat with Brian O'Boyle. The book gives insight into Ireland's nefarious tax system, how it fits into the rest of the global tax system and how it affects ordinary people. It's a fascinating book that stirs both intrigue and anger. There is a link to the book below. A must Read! Presented by, Danny Coffey Produced by, Denise O'Toole Music by, Dj Green,  
February 03, 2022
The Energy Charter Treaty, The Treaty that enables energy corporations to SUE us!
In this episode we chat with Sinn Fein Senator, Lynn Boylan about the little known Energy Charter Treaty. The implications for Ireland and Europe are grave. This treaty threatens our transition to a cleaner globe through it's use of Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS). We need to leave this treaty either in block with Spain, France and other like minded EU states or leave unilaterally. Presented by, Danny Coffey Produced by, Denise O'Toole Beat by, DJ Green
December 04, 2021
Climate Change and the Future for Rural Ireland?
In this episode we talk to President of the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association, Vincent Roddy about the impact of climate change on rural communities, the "Just Transition" and land management. With the potential loss of over 50,000 jobs what lies ahead for rural towns and villages? Are the climate change measures fair and just?  Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Beat by DJ Green
November 21, 2021
The State of Low Pay, 1/5 of Irish workers are on LOW PAY!
With one fifth of all workers in Ireland on low pay. In this episode we talk to the author of SIPTU's report on low pay, SIPTU Analysist analyst Michael Taft. The report entitled Low Pay Republic has some startling data. Low pay is spread across many sectors and not just the sectors you would expect, like hospitality. Ireland also has low rates of collective bargaining, only 33% in comparison to the EU average of 83.4%.  There is a link to the report those who want read in full. Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Densie O'Toole Music by DJ Green
November 04, 2021
100 Percent Redress, No Less
With yet another deadline approaching on the November 9th and the hope of defective block campaigners demands being meet. In this episode we chat with Lisa Hone of the Donegal Mica Action Group and Eimear Brady of the North Mayo Pyrite Group.  We discuss the rights of the homeowner, the Defective Block Scheme and the campaign for 100 percent redress so far.  Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Music by DJ Green
October 28, 2021
Data Centres and Power outages!
In this episode we caught with up People Before Profit TD Brid Smith for a brief chat on People Before Profit's bill which seeks to ban further development of data centres and Shannon LNG.  Presented by Danny Coffey Produced by Denise O'Toole Music by DJ Green
October 01, 2021
Eoin O'Broin, author of Defects, Living with the Legacy of the Celtic Tiger
In this episode we talk to Sinn Fein spokesperson on Housing Eoin O'Broin about his new book, Defects, Living with the Legacy of the Celtic Tiger, the defective blocks scandal and the government's new housing policy, Housing For All. Defects is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how building standards were forfeited at the behest of industry. Presented by, Danny Coffey Produced by, Denise O'Toole Beat by, DJ Green
September 20, 2021
Rural Ireland, What is to be done?
A conversation on the state of rural Ireland with two rural Ireland activists Eco Socialist Mags Sheehan and Donegal Independent Socialist Republican County Councillor Micheal Mac Giolla Easbuig          
May 11, 2021
Discussing the Perpetual Housing Crisis and Fight Back with CATU
In this episode we chat with Richard Mitchell (Mitch) spokesperson with the Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) about the housing crisis and what we can do about it. Homeless figures are at depressingly high figure. House prices are out now out of reach of many people's budgets and rents are on a consistent upward trajectory. Can we wait for political change in parliament? If you think not, it's worth joining CATU
April 10, 2021
The daunting task of democratizing Europe!
In this episode we talk to George Billinge spokesperson with DiEM 25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025) about Europe's future and the total lack of democracy within the halls of power in Brussels. Can Europe be saved or will it be torn about by its own internal undemocratic structures?  
March 15, 2021
A border poll, but what type of United Ireland?
As Britain struggles to reposition its self after the fallout of Brexit and many reactionary figures south of the border jump on the United Ireland bandwagon, the prospect of an end to partition has never been nearer. In this episode we discuss a potential border poll and the type of Ireland that may emerge in its aftermath with Yes For Unity spokesperson Joe Mathews. Music by Peadar Hopkins,  Produced by Denise O'Toole and presented by Danny Coffey
February 09, 2021
Fascists, Alt Right, Far Right, Here There And Everywhere
In the first segment of this third episode we talk to President of the All India Student Federation, member of the National Council of the Communist Party of India and Chief Editor of the International magazine, Shuvam Banerjee, about farmer's and worker's right in India and the impact Narendra Modi's far right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  government has on the Indian working class. As well as the history of the BJP  and their fascist boot boys the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).  In the second segment we chat to activist Eamonn Crudden about the development, tactics of the Irish far right and ways of combatting any further growth of the fledgling far right in Ireland. Also, we have placed a link below to the new International magazine of which Shavum Banerjee is chief editor. Check it out, even if you're not from that particular tendency, some great content on international national matters. Music by Peadar Hopkins; Denise O'Toole produced; Danny Coffey Presented
January 23, 2021
Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism
In this the second episode we discuss Imperialism, its cause and consequences. We would like to thank our guests. We were joined by Eleanor Morley of Socialist Alternative, Sydney Australia who spoke on the findings of the Brereton report into Australian special forces war crimes. We were also joined by Denis Halliday former United Nations, Assistant Secretary General, who resigned over the sanctions on Iraq in 1998, characterizing them genocide. Denis has been involved with various peace initiatives since, including Shannon Watch. The interview with Denis focuses on Iraq and the Security Council then and now. We were also joined by James O'Toole of Rebel Telly to discuss Lenin's analysis of Imperialism and how it relates to today. Further thanks to Dette McLoughlin of the Galway Alliance Against war for all her help.  World Beyond War are holding Wednesday Webinars starting on the 13 January 2021 and running until the 10 February. Click on the link below to register. If you would like to get in contact:  Music by: Peadar Hopkins Production: Denise O'Toole Presented: Danny Coffey
January 07, 2021
The United States Left and the Failure of Realignment
In this first episode, we talk to Massachusetts based, Communist Historian, Doug Enna Greene about his forthcoming book, A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism (Zero Books, 2021) . Doug is also author of Communist Insurgent, Blanqui's Politics of Revolution, while penning articles for various leftist publications, such as Left Voice and Cosmonaut, which can all be found on his blog, We followed that up with a brief twenty minute discussion among ourselves. Danny Coffey presenter, Denise O ' Toole production, Music by Peadar Hopkins, all of which contributed to the discussion.
November 27, 2020