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The Rainmatter Podcast

The Rainmatter Podcast

By Rainmatter
Conversations with the brightest founders and investors in fintech.
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Making sense of the madness in the startup world with Sriram Mani
2021 was a banner year for startups. According to Crunchbase, $643 billion of venture money went into startups, compared to $335 billion in 2020 globally. Investors poured $38 billion into Indian startups in 2021 compared to $11.1 billion in 2020, according to Fintrackr. The sheer amount of activity in the world of startups was maddening. 2021 will forever be remembered as the year when venture capital changed. We saw the rise of non-traditional investors like Tiger Global, who play by different rules compared to the vintage investors like Sequoia etc, a record number of unicorns, the highest ever early-stage rounds, a record number of new funds and much more.   Given the sheer amount of activity in the space, we caught up with Sriram Mani from Moneycontrol, who covers the startup and venture funding ecosystem. Sriram has published some brilliant pieces on the evolving startup world. In this conversation, he spoke about: His personal journey and how he got to covering startups and VCs The madness in the Indian startup world How the size of startups deals have changed in India vs globally Tiger Global and their investing style Hottest and coldest spaces in terms of funding The rise of direct investing vs through funds Founder burnout Where's all this money coming from, and what's driving this frenzy Crypto And a whole lot more. This was a fascinating conversation, given that Sriram spends his entire day looking at this space. You can also follow Sriram on Twitter; he's @manicontrol2020.  We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording this. 
February 01, 2022
Making investing easy with Vasanth, Rohan and Anugrah of smallcase
Thanks for tuning to episode 3. In this episode, Nithin caught up with Vasanth Kamath, Anugrah Shrivastava, and Rohan Gupta, the founders of smallcase.   In this freewheeling conversation Vasanth, Anugrah, and Rohan talk about:    0:00 Introduction and Individual backgrounds 9:20 The chronology of the smallcase story 12:05 What's smallcase 13:13 The Rainmatter side of the smallcase story 15:10 The initial days of building smallcase 25:57 Navigating the technological challenges of integrating with different brokers 29:20 Onboarding older brokers 35:06 Growth hack: Getting customers to tag other brokers on tweets asking for smallcases   36:50 Deciding on broking partners 38:40 smallcase Publisher - a platform for advisors 42:42 Building Publisher 43:59 Breakup of smallcase transaction across platforms 46:14 smallcase Gateway 51:50 Tickertape 58:20 Being a broker on their own vs deciding not to 1:01:20 Thinking about now in the light of billion-dollar valuations ascribed to brokers 1:02:40 Going global 1:05.21 Direct indexing vs ETF 1:10.15 Learnings from Smallcase journey 1:15:27 What next   If you guys want to explore all the awesome things that smallcase is building:   Tickertape smallcase Publisher smallcase Gateway
July 23, 2021
Making financial education accessible with Prateek Singh of LearnApp
In Episode 2, Nithin speaks to Prateek Singh, the founder of LearnApp​ on how he working on making quality financial education accessible.    Prateek talks about:   00:00​ LearnApp  4:51​ Prateeks' background and his trading journey  16:36​ The behind deciding to teach people  25:56​ How LearnApp started  29:39​ Demographics of LearnApp users  32:40​ Competing against people selling greed   38:58​ On funding and raining more money  42:03​ What content gets consumed the most  45:27​ Organic growth vs ads  50:00​ Advice for wannabe entrepreneurs  50:38​ What motivates him Please enjoy this conversation with Prateek. We'd also love to hear your thoughts and feedback, we are @rainmatterin on Twitter.
April 10, 2021
Making taxes easy with Vishvajit Sonagara of Quicko.
Yay, we finally decided to start a podcast. Thanks for tuning in to the first episode of The Rainmatter Podcast. The idea of the podcast is to talk and learn from the best and brightest founders and investors in the Indian startup ecosystem. We hope this podcast becomes a source of learning in your entrepreneurial journey.   In the first episode, we decided to catch up with Vishvajit Sonagara, the founder of Quicko which is working on making taxes easy for individuals and businesses. In this conversation Vishvajit talks to Nithin about: The Quicko story and the motivation How he built the core team and the challenges What the Quicko team does all year round given that tax filing is seasonal :)  What is Quicko Sandbox, the objective of building it, and how it is helping businesses  Observations about the userbase of Quicko Thoughts on the taxation announcements in the budget The Indian tax base in numbers Why people don't file taxes and some reasons why the Indian tax base is so small What if income tax was abolished His learnings throughout this journey His thoughts on managing people Advice for budding entrepreneurs Please enjoy this conversation with Vishvajit. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on this episode and also in general, we are @rainmatterin on Twitter. 
March 03, 2021