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Discover and express your best Self with Raliat Abe

Discover and express your best Self with Raliat Abe

By Raliat Abe
I suffered identity issues and until I discovered myself before I began to win.
This is a show where we dig deep into our limiting beliefs ,find our purpose and be free to express our best self.
We will look at issues around purpose,relationships,beauty,spirituality and Health..

We will be unapologetic about who we are,express freedom.
Real talks,amazing stories ,awesome women.
It’s a total wholeness of the woman.

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Season 1 Finale : Extracts from start .
2020 is the year most of us wake up.Unprecedented year for everyone around the world,no matter your race,tribe,gender and location. As much as we lost we also birthed .Our podcast started to help women discover and express their best selves ..... We had conversations around purpose,identity,healthy relationships and likes . We appreciate every guest,listener and contributors to this podcast. Next Season starts January 2021 stay blessed and hopeful till we connect again.
December 29, 2020
Episode 14.My quest for more led me to purpose .
Mabel Eromosele shares how her deep quest for more led her to discovering her purpose . Mabel Eromosele is a minister of the gospel. Founder of Faith and Prayer watch, a faith based Community were she leads people of Purpose in Worship, teaching God's word and Praying intensely together in agreement. A trained and certified Spiritual and Societal leader from Rhema Bible Training Centre and an Alumni member of Kenneth Hagin Ministries world wide. Mabel Graduated from the Dunamis School of Ministry (DUSOM) after satisfying the preliminaries from the Dunamis International Gospel Centre 'Foundation' and 'Maturity' classes. She is a Dunamis Home Church Leader in the House of Divine Restoration. A graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Jos, Nigeria. And a seasoned graduate from the prestigious Fate Foundation Business School Lagos (AEP 38) and also a certified 'intermediate level training' in Project Management from the Institute of advanced e-studies. She is currently the Business Manager and Head, Marketing Department for a blue chip company in the Construction sector. A position she has held for 9 years. Her Passion is teaching and inspiring people of purpose through Faith and Prayer from God's anointed word and travelling around the world for missions and to see the world our father created.
October 10, 2020
Episode No 13.Finding my purpose
Conversations with Destiney Speaks around finding purpose. Destiney Gillespie, formally known as Destiney Speaks is a well rounded serial entrepreneur that is on a mission to change the world, by helping women discover the tools within them that make them powerful and become their very best selves. She is an Author, Mentor, Podcast Host, Speaker, and Founder of a non profit women’s organization called The EmpowHERment Daily Devotional,Corp. Within her organization, Destiney helps women by mentoring, engaging them in the community, workshops and so much more. She also works with youth. Destiney is an advocate for women’s empowerment and believes all women can be successful, as long as they have the right resources and tools to do so. Her motto is uplift, inspire, EmpowHER!
October 3, 2020
Episode no 12 Lessons from my birthday celebration.
I turned 37 years on the 14th of September 2020.Listen to the conversations around why I hold myself to a very higher standard.
September 23, 2020
Passion Vs Fear
Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea,proposal,or cause;to enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity but fear always has a way of showing up to weaken one’s resolve.Listen to this episode and experience how I combat fear whenever a new passion is discovered.
September 12, 2020
Episode no 10 ,The conclusion of Healthy Female relationship series.
On this episode no 10,I conclude the series of Healthy women friendships. Collaboration against competition. Love against hate.It is never too late to open up and make meaningful,healthy friendships with other women. If you missed any previous episode,make sure to catch up . Thank you for listening
August 28, 2020
The Power of Healthy Women Friendships Series.
On this Episode no 9,I and the beautiful Isioma Okolo had conversations around healthy Women friendships in continuation of the on going series. Isioma Okolo is a purpose Advocate and desires to help create a world where people have joy and Lead Transformational and Fulfilling lives because they do work that matter to them and impact their world. She is a Trusted Advisor to Leaders with several years of international experience in people Development spanning across West Africa,Eastern Africa and the Middle East. She is also a certified Coach,Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and is an Alumnus of University of Stellenbosch,University of Warwick Business School and the University of Benin. Isioma shared her friendship journey with Women .Why it is never too late to meet new friends .With her international exposure in meeting people she learnt that any relationship is most efficient when one adds value to the other. She can be reached via her LinkedIn Isioma Okolo where she shares leadership nuggets.
August 17, 2020
The power of healthy women friendships series (Episode 8)with Jordan Taylor.
On this episode,Jordan and I share on the benefits of Healthy Women friendships with boundaries.The importance of defining the friendships so expectations are clear.Also we shared on instances when a woman have stepped into a situation and the intervened .No other person can understand how a woman goes through cancer expect another women who has experienced it before.We concluded by sharing on how to turtle healthy women friendships.The series continues through the month of August. Stay glued .
August 8, 2020
The power of healthy women friendships series .(1) It is going to be a long month on this topic.
On this Episode no 7. Tsola and I had conversations around healthy women friendships.The system teaches women to fight for attention.Hence Women miss out on the available support for each other. Guess what? Women are changing the stereotypes of competition into collaboration. Listen as Tsola ,a wife,mother to two boys and a best friend to seven women shares her insights .
August 1, 2020
Standing up for yourself against body shaming.
On this follow up episode,We answered questions on how one can respond to body shaming. Bunmi enlightened us on how she responded to body shaming comments in a way that has helped her. We learnt that your response plays a major role in determining your confidence level and subsequently how others perceive and treat you. Remember to share and subscribe.Thank you for listening.
July 24, 2020
Finding Body Positive Confidence.
On this episode No 5,We talked about body confidence because it affects your self esteem, relationships with people and productivity in general. Lack of body confidence can be as a result of wrong perception of beauty,negative comments from people,wrong up bringing and the likes. The moment you realize that you are much more than your physical body.There is so much beauty about you than you acknowledge.Viola !You begin to thrive. My guest is Olubunmi Okonoda is a fashion consultant and entrepreneur. She is the MD/CEO of Bufoles Global Concepts Ltd, a retail clothing store trading as Bufoles Collection in Jos, Plateau state. She is the conveyer of Recontre de Style 1.0,2.0 and 3.0, a fashion styling event that helps professional and business women improve their image and style to attract a new level of success. Olubunmi had suffered from body shaming in the past and shares on how she discovered her best self. Listen and share with a friend who needs this.
July 17, 2020
Unattainable Beauty Standards
In this episode,we challenge a common but erroneous mindset about what beautiful is. Is there a generally accepted definition of beauty or it is a function of individual perception? Do you perceive yourself as beautiful based on perceived standards,external validation,or true self awareness. These and more questions are answered from this discussion,I enjoin you to listen and send in your feedbacks,questions . Send questions to as your questions might be featured in the next episode.
July 10, 2020
Redefining Stereotypes
On this episode we featured Jazlyn Denise, who is a prayer coach, fundraising professional, and author of The prayer play book. Jazlyn went through the personal experiences of teenage pregnancy and single motherhood, and emerged with clear sense of her purpose and determination to live out her purpose in all areas of her life. Jazlyn has not only defied stereotypes, she has redefined them. She has also helped many to redefine their vision and perception of themselves. She shared how she discovered her gift and calling, and how she has helped many others discover theirs.
July 3, 2020
Steps to discover your gift and grow it.
On this Episode of Q & A I responded to questions bothering on steps to discovering yourself and how to grow your gift after you've identified it.
June 26, 2020
My story to self discovery
Raliat Abe walks you through the journey of self discovery & expressing your best self. To be unapologetic about who you are and experience freedom.Drop me a mail if you have any questions Follow on me on IG @ralirich_tara
June 19, 2020