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Personal Productivity Secrets

Personal Productivity Secrets

By Ramesh Yadav
This is Ramesh Yadav, Software Developer, Son to an awesome couple, Writer and Swimmer, now Productivity Expert, Creator of Personal Productivity Empire.

I'm on the mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs, students and employees to 10x their productivity and unleash their full potential every day with this podcast, videos and courses.

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What I have learnt after reading 100s of books in business, personality development and finance??

Personal Productivity Secrets

PPS#15: 3 Secrets To Plan Your Day and Save 5 Hours Per Day
Are you struggling to Plan Your Day? Want to get most out of your Day? Want to achieve your Goals faster? Join the Super Productive Bootcamp: 3 Secrets to Plan Your Day and save 5 hours per day. 1. Find Your Big Domino in a Day 2. Work in Hyper-Focused Blocks 3. Plan the Day before Night! FREE RESOURCES:¬† Want your DAY be Super Productive? Get FREE course now ūüėä Watch the INNER GOLD in youtube: Welcome to the Facebook Community Want to start your Productive Journey like a PRO?? Join the Super Productive Bootcamp:
October 28, 2020
PPS #14: Manage your time like a CEO in your life | Personal Productivity Secrets
Want to manage your Time Like a CEO of your life? Are you struggling to become Focus in your life?? Lacking inspiration?? This podcast episode will give the answer.. Jump in... you will the three powerful secrets to manage your Time Like a CEO of your life? 1. Predict the Unpredictable Things  2. Convert Complex routines to Simplicity Routines 3. Give up Small Things Want to 10x Your Productivity in just 5 days??  Join the SUPER PRODUCTIVE BOOTCAMP:
September 11, 2020
PPS #13 : Why We Procrastinate Even We Have A Lot Of Work To Do - 6 Step Solution To Kill It Immediately!
Welcome to the Personal Productivity Secrets Podcast, Why we procrastinate even though we know we have a lot of work to finish! In this episode, you will learn: 3 Concepts: 1.  Old Negative Habits 2. Six Triggers of Procrastination 3.  Inverse the negative triggers into positive solution 6 Step Solution: 1. Think and create a proper plan 2. Align a task with your purpose or life. 3. Don't overestimate the day 4. Create a Productive environment 5. Start with easy & small 6. Give Rewards to yourself. Want to 10x Your Productivity In just 7 Days? Get my free course: Watch the "A Journey Towards Productivity" Video Series: Join my early morning live sessions: Join my Secret VIP Community "Personal Productivity Empire"  Join Flash Updates in Telegram:
August 14, 2020
PPS #12 : The Biggest Pillar of Productivity
Hey, In this episode, you will learn the biggest pillar of Productivity - Self Awareness 1. Understand Yourself 2. Observe yourself 3. Find What means to you. Watch the episode till the end and let me know in comments "What's productivity to you?" Want to 10x Your Productivity in just 3 Days without Procrastination, Distractions and Extra Efforts? Register to my FREE Upcoming Masterclass: Want your DAY be Super Productive? Get FREE course now ūüėä Watch the INNER GOLD in youtube: Cheers, Ramesh Yadav
August 07, 2020
PPS #11: Five Pillars Of Productivity Mindset
"If one man did, other man can do" This quote will applicable to Productivity as well. Without correct mindset, it's impossible to become Productive. There are many Successful People who are very productive. If you MODEL their mindset, then you will be Super Productive in your Life and Business. This episode will show the FIVE PILLARS OF PRODUCTIVITY MINDSET Pillar #1: CLARITY  Pillar #2: PRIORITY Pillar #3: Self-Centered Pillar #4: Manage Your Environment Pillar #5: Reflect Want to become a Time Management Pro: Welcome to the Personal Productivity Empire:
July 11, 2020
PPS#10: How Top 5% Successful People Kill the Negative Thoughts Completely With A Proven Framework. You can do this too.
Hey, This is Ramesh Yadav, Productivity Expert welcoming you to my brand new podcast "Personal Productivity Secrets" This podcast will give you the resources, frameworks, strategies and tactics to make you Super Productive and Successful in Your Life & Business. This Episode divided into three sections: How hard is to live the Life with Negative Thoughts How Negative Thoughts come into our Mind How to kill them with Proven Framework Listen this episode completely to get my "All Day Productivity" Email course worth $27 FREE. Here is the link:
July 04, 2020
PPS #9 : Five Secrets to Conquer the Focus & Concentration Easily in your Life & Business
Focus is everything... The ability to focus determines your Quality of Life In this podcast, you will learn how to conquer the Focus & Concentration.... 1. Clear Action Steps 2. External Environment Triggers 3. Preserve Your Energy 4. Attach Rewards 5. Delayed Gratification Want to Become Productivity Pro in your Life & Business?? Get 7-Day Email course:
June 23, 2020
PPS #8 : Three Ingredients of Productivity - Revealed after 6 years of research!!!
In this podcast, you will gonna learn the key ingredients of Productivity 1. Direction 2. Energy 3. Focus Want to become Time Management Pro in your Life & Business??? Get "All Day Productivity Course" for FREE:
June 20, 2020
PPS#7 : The Secret for Consistency in Any Habit Easily
In this podcast, you can learn how to be consistent in any activity: 1. The Level of Your Commitment 2. One Accountability Partner 3. Track Everyday Want to meet LIVE:
June 07, 2020
PPE #6 : 3 Secrets to raise your Personal Productivity Next Level
Secret #1: Why most people are not really getting results even they are working hard. Secret #2: How to manage our efforts to maximize the results Secret #3: Top Productivity Tools I recommend for you. Get FREE "All Day Productivity" Course => Want to get access to my secret VIP community... Sign up to my email course and reply "I'M READY FOR A COMMUNITY" 
April 11, 2020
OPO #5 : Three Secrets to create a WIN day to build the success life you want.
"The secret of your success is found in your daily routine" Learn how to build your day to turn it into weeks, weeks turns into months and months into years. This is how success builds. In this podcast, You will learn the secrets to make YOUR DAY great, with consistent..Success is inevitable. 1. Eat less than you want. 2. Solve a problem a day 3. Reflect, Reflect, Reflect Get my Free E-book: Welcome to my community: Secret Whatsapp Community for Inner Circle: Telegram Me, I love to read your messages: 
February 25, 2020
OPO #3 : Here is the perfect solution if you want to win your race in long run
I teach you three secrets to win your race of life and achieve your dreams faster. -----Focus on process instead of results-----------Practice delayed gratification----------Helping good enough people in your life-----------------------Get FREE checklist to have more clarity in your life:
January 28, 2020
Please enjoy the episode
January 25, 2020
What I have learnt after reading 100s of books in business, personality development and finance??
we can say like this you should read 20% and implement 80% in that we can see the results in your life and you are you will get momentum to read more and to learn more and then you will implement more in your life in such a way that you can you become a better person in your life in your professional life in your business.
January 22, 2020