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Ranela and Friends

Ranela and Friends

By Ranela
Just chatting...
Season 2 Slice of life and Podcasting Mistakes
Season 1 Korean studies/chatting with friends


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Episode 29: Podcasting Challenges 2 & 3: Buying useless expensive apps and connection failure
I need to make better titles! Episode 29: Podcasting Challenges Series: 2-connection failure 3-expensive and useless to us equipment. Good thing I never bought a microphone! This episode shares the challenges our guests face when trying to connect with us. Some live in places with sporadic electricity and poor internet connections, but they still work hard to show up for the recording. We appreciate you so much! This actually prompted me to purchase apps I thought would help with splicing audio together, but I ended up with expensive apps that are useless to me. Too bad they’re not transferable or I would give them away!
September 30, 2020
Episode 28: S2E3 Inaccessibility of Podcasts
Podcasting Mistakes Series: Mistake 1 - not having a script or transcript. I don’t have a single transcript of my episodes. I would like it done so those who are Deaf, I’m thinking of my one friend in particular can still be part of my my podcasting life. Also, I “mastered” this audio and it sounds the worst out of all my podcasts. I spent $35 on Mic Swap Pro and Audio Master Pro and this recording ended up really awful. I’ll just stick with the default mic on the iPad and iPhone via Anchor. I guess make that Mistake 2-buying equipment that you don’t need. See you next time! Cloud’s Korean Podcast mentioned incorrectly. Find him at
September 21, 2020
Episode 27: slice of life- *explicit* we are not back to school
At a park for not back to school
September 4, 2020
Bonus Episode 26: IWPWM with my mom after 6 years
Mom and I have been estranged for 6 years, and in this episode we talked about part of what happened. I know friends and family have been curious. This episode is more for us than our audience, so you might feel like you don’t know what we were talking about. So, if you have any questions and feedback, feel free to send a voice memo or contact me on FB at Ranela Makes if you want to talk. A few months back, my mom and I talked about possibly doing a mother wound type of podcast, but we (I) was still too hurt to even have a coherent conversation with her. We might have more episodes together here, a new podcast or guest in another mother wound addressing podcast. We both have ADD (her) ADHD (me), so when we talk, we get distracted as you will notice in the recording. The only part I removed from the podcast is when I talked about my partner’s possible reaction. So, this unscripted, unrehearsed, candid conversation was recorded in 30 minutes. Posting this as Season 1 Episode 26 because mom’s birthday is 1/26.
August 21, 2020
Episode 25 목요일 Numbers-buying apples and oranges with Nayera from Egypt
Nayera and Ranela Talk about buying apples and oranges from the book Seoul Korean 1 서울대 한국어 1.
August 20, 2020
Episode 24 만나서 반갑다 Shri 셰리 from Myanmar
We meet Shri (pronounced like Sherry/셰리) from Myanmar formerly known as Burma. She taught us how to say what year we were born instead of our ages. She also mentioned the Sejong Institute where she took classes prior to the pandemic. If you would like to practice speaking Korean with us, contact me at Ranela Makes on Facebook, or leave us a voice memo here on anchor.
August 19, 2020
Episode 23 만나서 반갑다 Zarina from Singapore
Get to know Zarina a bit in this episode! If you want to join us in a podcast, find us on Facebook: Ranela Makes, GLEx2020
August 18, 2020
Episode 22 날씨 Talking about the Weather with Rose
Rose (KDA) and Ranela read a script from a book page shared by Gala Seuseungnim at Learn Korean in Kculture Facebook Group. To join us in practice, contact me via messenger at Ranela Makes on Facebook. We also have that we are trying to cultivate. We are looking for Korean speakers to practice with us. Find us at GLEx2020 Facebook page.
August 17, 2020
Episode 21: (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) SOLO: Car Wash, ordering Wendy’s, and being a dopamine addict
Solo Podcast: Come with me on an errand: car wash and Wendy’s
August 16, 2020
Bonus Episode 20: IWPWM: Daniel
“I Wanna Podcast With Mommy”. In this Bonus Episode, Daniel talks about a bat potion and an obstacle course.
August 15, 2020
Episode 19: Podcast Study Group: 전화번호가 알아요? Sino Korean numbers
Rose, Zarina, Ranela, and Sanchita learn about pronouncing ㅘ and Sino Korean numbers when reading phone numbers. The script is from 서울대 한국어 shared by Zarina.
August 14, 2020
Episode 18: Aha! KTTV Directions and Birthday gift
Sanchita and Ranela tackle another challenge on Aha! Korean and KTTV. This time, it’s about asking for directions and getting a gift for an older sister. If you have some simpler conversations from your channel that can help us boost our confidence, please message us at Ranela Makes or Sanchita Sakpal on Facebook
August 13, 2020
Episode 17: 만나서 반갑다 Vanesa OFW in Kuwait
Meet Vanesa, an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) in Kuwait. Our recording was accidentally cut off, but you get to hear a little bit about how we got to became close over trying to figure out how to send mail to Kuwait. “Tipid” Filipino word for being frugal.
August 12, 2020
Podcasting FYI Anchor Exclusive Audio Tracks
I’ve been playing with the app to get better at podcasting. So, if you use music, you cannot monetize your episode. I will make a series of Podcasting FYI for those who want to learn from my experiences. It’s been really fun so far!
August 12, 2020
Episode 16: The Struggle is Real Part 2 KTTV “Room Upgrade” 업그레이드 script
Note: this conversation is above our current Korean knowledge level. We quit. Sanchita and Ranela struggle through reading new and difficult words in this script by KT Korean Teacher TV on YouTube: (Sino Korean Numbers linked). Adrian GW샘 recommends reading each sentence 10x aloud, and that’s not an exaggeration! Check out his YouTube channel and improve your Korean. These two part episodes were recorded in 2 days, because of the struggle. Adrian GW 샘 ended up sending a voice memo to help Sanchita and Ranela out. Voice memo published with permission. LKiK channel mentioned for learning phonics: IU eight linked
August 11, 2020
Episode 15: The struggle is real! Part 1 KTTV ADRIAN GW “Room Upgrade” 업그레이드 script
Note: this conversation is above our current Korean knowledge level. Sanchita and Ranela struggle through reading new and difficult words in this script by KT Korean Teacher TV on YouTube. Adrian GW샘 recommends reading each sentence 10x aloud, and that’s not an exaggeration! Check out his YouTube channel and improve your Korean. These two part episodes were recorded in 2 days, because of the struggle. Adrian GW 샘 ended up sending a voice memo to help Sanchita and Ranela out. Voice memo published with permission.
August 10, 2020
Do you like podcast study group? We are evolving as we create new episodes, and we hope you join us soon. For this episode, Rose only had 10 minutes to record and we were able to finish recording in eight minutes and the edited final version is about three minutes.
August 8, 2020
Episode 13: 만나서 반갑다 Nayera from Egypt and JKLC “Aircon” 에어컨 script.
We meet Nayera from Egypt for the first time. Sanchita and Nayera use a script from JEJU KOREAN LANGUAGE CENTER’s KTalk live on Instagram. The conversation is between a student and teacher talking about turning on the air conditioner.
August 7, 2020
Bonus Episode 12: Progress not Perfection the first 2weeks’ clips
Clips of things I want to remember during my learning period and clip of a dialogue from TTMIK(I think) of my hashtag Korean learning goals.
August 7, 2020
Episode 11 Aha! Korean Describing about Stuff
Sanchita and Ranela read a simple script from Aha! Korean text book. There were heavy rains in India and a hurricane in N.J. when we recorded this (8/4/2020) no post recorded intro or outro to remember that the electricity got cut off immediately after saving the recording.
August 6, 2020
Episode 10 Podcast Study Group 조TV Class 1&2 Script
Sanchita, Buthaina, and Ranela (Podcast Study Group) take on the 조TV beginners conversation challenge. Sanchita explains what the scripts were about at the end of the episode: greetings, music, and what we did on Saturday. If you would like to join us in an episode, please contact Ranela Makes on Facebook.
August 5, 2020
Episode 9 Podcast Study Group Part 3
Rose and Zarina, Ranela and Sanchita pair up to practice a script from a Korean Language Learning textbook. Rose is from KDA (KDrama Anonymous FB Group) , and Zarina, Sanchita, and Ranela are members of Learn Korean in Kculture (LKiK) Facebook Group by Paul Gim. If you would like to volunteer to practice speaking Korean with us, contact Ranela Makes on FB. Sunny Lee’s conversation class was also mentioned. You can also find her on Facebook.
August 4, 2020
Episode 8: Podcast Study Group Part 2
Rose, Zarina, Sanchita, and Ranela practice saying the time and date in their respective regions, North Dakota, Singapore, India, and New Jersey respectively. Episodes 6,8,&9 were recorded in the same day and segmented for the podcast. If you would like to record with us, please contact Ranela Makes on Facebook. We sincerely hope you join us!
August 3, 2020
Episode 7: 만나서 반갑다 Buthaina aka Choi Byeol at LKiK
Buthaina and Ranela tried to have a spontaneous conversation in Korean: dramas and kpop. Buthaina is Choi Byeol at Learn Korean in Kculture. You might be more familiar with that name! In English they talked about family, studying during the pandemic, a current civil war in Libya, expensive internet connection, and spotty electricity. To volunteer for the podcast, message Ranela Makes on Facebook.
August 1, 2020
Episode 6: 만나서 반갑다 Learn Korean with KDA-Rose
Rose and Ranela, after a couple of years as KDA (Korean Drama Anonymous) members, finally talk about learning Korean by downloading drama scripts, other ways of learning Korean through Duolingo, Memrise, Howtolearnkorean dot com, YouTube videos, and now having practice conversations with each other. To volunteer as a speaking buddy, send a message to Ranela Makes on FBMessenger.
July 31, 2020
Episode 5: Spiritual Single Woman
Ashley’s candid thoughts on being empowered in her singleness. She currently doesn’t have her media channels yet, so I will update this when she has them.
July 31, 2020
Episode 4: Chatting it up with Mel
Mel and Ranela chatting about dating, comedy, homeschooling during the pandemic, making people happy through social media, and the joy in accepting people as we are. Find her on IG: Melsie7888; FB: Melanie Chima; YouTube: Melanie C
July 29, 2020
Episode 3: 어느 나라 사람입니까? Which country are you from?
Sanchita and Ranela read a script from Android App “Cudu” “Which country are you from?” and discuss the difference between English vocalization vs Korean pronunciation as inspired by KATOZ’s founder Daegon Chung. GLEx2020 podcast is looking for volunteers to collaborate with. Find them on Facebook.
July 28, 2020
Episode 2: Review and GLE planning
Sanchita and Ranela review Adrian샘’s “On the subway train” scripted conversation, try to connect with Charley Jang님 on Anchor, and plan for the Global Language Exchange conversations. Also featuring: Daniel’s voice and Charley님’s voice mail.
July 24, 2020
지하철에서 In the Subway Train scripted conversation reading with Sanchita GLE
Sanchita GLE and Ranela are reading a passage that Adrian GW 선생님 posted on his YouTube channel KT Korean Teacher TV on July 22, 2020: 지하철에서 In the Subway Train. Subscribe and comment and let him know where you heard of him! ***Let me know if you want to practice with me, too! Let’s do this everyday!***
July 23, 2020