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Jeff Wright - Its all about relationships.

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By The Darby Project
We learn nothing from the stories we don't tell and the successes/mistakes we don't share. These lessons help shape future generations of Rangers, and provide a source of inspiration to those in need of some. Rangers are leaders, and that comes with a price. Collaborating together and creating an area of growth helps to lessen the burden for each, making wanting to be a leader even after you take the uniform off.

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Finding happiness in giving back - Jeramiah Wegner
On this episode we talk with 2/75 Veteran Jeramiah Wegner. We discuss his acceptance to Columbia and how a Ranger Buddy helped him get accepted, and the volunteer efforts he has been involved with over the years and why he does it. https://www.sentinelsoffreedom.org/ https://www.warrior-scholar.org/ https://missioncontinues.org/ https://www.elitemeet.us/ http://www.milvets.com/
December 4, 2018
Conversations with a Ranger.
Unedited. Unfiltered. RAW.
September 19, 2018
Zac Bell & Joseph Lattimer - Transition Assistant Program(TAP)
Zac Bell is a 3/75 mortarman who spent most of his career attached to 3-Delta. He currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs under the Health Elegibility Center - for Enrollment Case Management. Joe Lattimer is a Navy Veteran and has worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for sixteen years. Started VA career as a Certified Veteran Service Representative in the Winston-Salem, NC. and has held various roles to include: Military Retired Pay and Special Pay Programs Lead Overseas Military Service Coordinator Transition Assistant Program/Transition Liaison We talk about what the VA is doing to assist with creating a life cycle within the armed forces. Please don't forget to leave a review on whatever platform you are listening to us on. We love feedback!! RLTW
September 17, 2018
Luke Ryan - Be the author of your own life.
Former 3/75 Veteran Luke Ryan discusses his transition, going into the film industry, and how he has found his place in writing. He's recently published his first book. A work of fiction called "The First Marauder". Available on Amazon at : https://amzn.to/2LWLn1l
September 10, 2018
Andrew Horan - Thoughts on medication.
We talk to 1/75 Veteran Andrew Horan about his transition, separation anxiety, depression, and his aversion to taking "the cocktail" of meds the VA is known to prescribe. But when he began to struggle for motivation after a serious injury, he did his homework and found a solution in medication offered to him by the VA.
September 6, 2018
Patrick Turnage / Mission For Healing Foundation
Patrick is a 2/75 veteran that served in the same platoon from Dec 1999- Feb 2011. Currently OPS SGM for 81st Sricker Brigade Combat Team in the Washington National Guard, and Co-founder of A Mission for Healing Foundation. They assist current and former military and their spouses through a few programs. First, They conduct missions trips which provide an opportunity to heal from the effects of war through acts of service and giving back on mission trips to developing countries, like Honduras. Second, they coordinate Spousal Retreats which help to strengthen the warfighter's most valuable player, increasing overall quality of life. And third, and still in development, a Gold Star program that will help the families of the fallen complete the mission their fallen service member started when they swore to defend our freedom. http://www.missionforhealingfoundation.org/ https://www.facebook.com/missionforhealing/
August 27, 2018
William Cole - Response-Ability
William Cole is a 3/75 veteran living in San Antonio TX. He is a real estate agent and currently serves on the board for Eli's Fund. Eli’s Fund is a source of financial support for active duty service men and women, medically retired veterans’ service animals, and retired military animals with veterinary medical bills at the VMTH. http://vetmed.tamu.edu/giving/opportunities/elis-fund
August 10, 2018
Grant Quezada - From Battalion to Barbershops.
Grant Q is a R... RAAA ..... RAAAAANGERRRRRRR. who served in the Army with 2/75th from 2006-2014. If you have been in Regiment then that is all you need to know. Anyone else listening to this, then Grant did stuff like go to space, deep sea dive with sea turtles, boxed kangaroos in Australia, Locked himself in a box to overcome fears of the dark and tiny spaces. All of these types of activities helped with understanding the inner workings of combatting terror at the tip of the spear to keep America safe and provided Grant with good bed time stories for his kids to hear well into their teenage years. Grant is now a serial entrepreneur, Real estate investor, and believes highly in civic duty to his community. He sits on 4 different non-profit boards, community boards and civic boards in the near future he will be running for city council. He loves his Wife, Kids, and America and the ability to return home every night knowing his brothers are keeping watch.
August 9, 2018
The struggle ends where gratitude begins.
Seek the good, seek the gratiude, change your thoughts.
August 6, 2018
Jeff Wright - Its all about relationships.
Jeff Wright served as a Ranger Company Fire Support Officer at 1/75. Jeff provides private wealth management services for senior executives, business owners, and special needs families. He strives to consolidate and simplify all of these complexities for clients, so they can focus on the goals, objectives, and priorities that their wealth exists to support.
August 2, 2018
United States Army Ranger Association
Bryce Mahoney & Karl Monger sit down with the leadership of USARA to discuss why joining an association is so important. To participate in the Ranger For Life Podcast, email us at podcast@darbyproject.org
July 30, 2018
Andy Weiss - Surround yourself with lighthouses.
TDP Director talks with Andy Weiss, Father of 1LT Danny Weiss from 2/75. Danny committed suicide in 2012. Andy talks about how he dealt with this, and how he uses that to encourage others to always be vigilant. He gives Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors(TAPS) credit for saving his life. Learn more about TAPS at https://www.taps.org/
July 26, 2018
Steven Brown - If you want it, Own it.
TDP Director talks with 3/75 veteran and long-standing volunteer with TDP, Steven Brown about his transition, how made it through some rough patches and never underestimated himself. To connect with Steven or to share your story on our podcast, email us at podcast@darbyproject.org.
July 26, 2018
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