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Rants with ley

Rants with ley

By Rants with ley
Ley has a lot to rant about. From her feelings to random thoughts, basic conversations, advice, dealing with self esteem, story times(funny,intimate...) and more.Nothing is off limits, Anything Goes.XOXO💕💋

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Body Shaming and Insecurities
We all have our own insecurities(I also have insecurities but try my best to overcome them) whether we deal with insecurities regarding our weight, our social status or our physical appearance, I’d be giving advice on how to overcome this insecurity and I’d also share a quick story of one of my insecurities. 💋💕Positive vibes always people!!!
October 2, 2020
Why Are We Attracted to Certain People?
Today, ley has something to say about why she thinks we are attracted to certain people. We all have our own reasons for being attracted to a particular person but these are just some of the reasons she has to share and it’s straight from her heart. I hope you guys enjoy the podcast and you can also leave a review, see you next week and have a nice weekend. XOXO💋💕
September 25, 2020