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Follow the RAPIDSFire podcast for a fresh take on data science. Hear from revolutionaries transforming data science on GPUs for scientific research, higher education, and the broader enterprise. Talks with open-source software maintainers, Kaggle grandmasters, practitioners, CUDA experts and many others keep you up-to-date on the most exciting developments. Let's discuss how to make your work better and faster. Hosted by Data Scientist Paul Mahler and a rotation of co-hosts with a wide range of expertise. The show drops bi-weekly.

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Cybersecurity Data Science with Rachel Allen and Bartley Richardson


BlazingSQL with Felipe Aramburu and William Malpica
Join me as I sit down with Felipe Aramburu and William Malpica as we talk about BlazingSQL's GPU-accelerated SQL queries, start-up life, the tech talent in Peru, things we used to hate about SQL and a lot more.  Give BlazingSQL a try at and once you're convinced, and go here for their beta of the paid version that will give you access to very large GPU clusters. Thanks! 
January 20, 2021
Artificial General Intelligence in Our Lifetimes with Rachel Allen
In the first bonus episode of RAPIDSFire, I sit down with Rachel Allen, who holds a PhD in Neuroscience. We talk about how neural net models relate to and differ from real brains, ethical issues around conscience machines and their training, and what steps might be taken to get closer to true thinking machines. I had a lot of fun recording this, and I hope you enjoy it!  Reconstructing visual experiences from brain activity evoked by natural movies Dead Salmon Study Existential Comics - Turing Tests and Other Things of That Nature Spiteful Octopi Corrupted Microsoft Language Model
January 12, 2021
Cybersecurity Data Science with Rachel Allen and Bartley Richardson
Join me as I talk with Rachel Allen and Bartley Richardson about applying data science to cybersecurity with GPUs and RAPIDS. We'll also talk in-depth about an amazing extension of the BERT transformer model: CyBERT, the pre-built GPU pipelines in CLX, a super fast GPU tokenizer, and what to expect from them next.  The link to the repos discussed in the episode is here:
January 5, 2021
RAPIDSFire Episode One: The Birth of RAPIDS with Josh Patterson and Keith Kraus
Welcome to the first episode of RAPIDSFire! My rotating cohost this week is Josh Patterson, Senior Director of Engineering at NVIDIA, and Keith Kraus, Systems Software Senior Manager at NVIDIA. These two gentlemen were driving forces behind RAPIDS from the very start, and this is an illuminating talk about GPU data science, open source software, and the past, present, and future of RAPIDS.  
December 8, 2020