The Sit Down with Olwethu Leshabane

The Sit Down with Olwethu Leshabane

By Art of Superwoman
The Sit Down with Olwethu Leshabane is a podcast for women everywhere who are exploring The Art Of Superwoman.

Olwethu unpacks and explores everything that affects women:
Womenomics (Finances)

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New Beginnings

The Sit Down with Olwethu Leshabane

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Managing Your Money During A Global Pandemic
On this episode Olwethu talks to Maya Fischer -French, finance journalist and author of “Maya on Money: Implement your Money Plan”  about how to take the reigns on our finances, when so much in our lives is uncertain. Although the world has yet to experience the full impact of Covid 19- no one can deny that the effects of this lockdwon were felt by all.  This conversation is a moment of taking stock and planning as best as possible for the future.
May 28, 2020
#TheSitDownCareers with Ipeleng Mkhari
We speak Careers and The Balancing Act with Ipeleng Mkhari💛 The 18 y/o in Olwethu was so geeked out and excited as she relays the story that she used to sit in CNA & Exclusive Books reading up on self made business women such as Ipeleng & now she chats with her about her trajectory🙏🏽 A full circle moment. #TheSitDownCareers Ipeleng is the co-founder and CEO of Motseng Investment Holdings a diversified investment holdings group with investments spanning asset management, integrated property and facilities management, infrastructure investing, logistics and industrial manufacturing. A pioneering entrepreneur, she established the first black woman owned CCTV business and subsequently founded Motseng Investment Holdings (MIH) a diversified investment holdings group in 1998. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree, has completed The Executive Development Programme at Wits Business School and is an Archbishop Tutu Fellow. Ipeleng has served on various boards of unlisted and listed businesses, public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations. She serves as an independent non-executive director of a few boards and is actively involved in the Women’s Property Network education trust and is a director and past President of South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA). Ipeleng is passionate about the development and ascension of women in business and has been an ambassador of various women’s business organizations. During her 21-year career, Ipeleng has been named the o Cosmopolitan Mover of the Year in 2007 o She was named one of CEO magazines Most Influential Women in Business in 2008. o The Times (March 2012) featured her as one of 20 Movers and Shakers in Africa o Destiny Magazine named her as one of the 25 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs in July 2013 o Pioneer Woman of the Year Award by Forbes Woman Africa in 2015 o In 2016 she was awarded the Standard Bank Top Woman in Property Award Ipeleng is married and is mom to three inspiring daughters.
May 28, 2020
#TheSitDownBookclub with Amanda Dambuza
We had a Bookclub date with Amanda Dambuza discussing the heart breaking, yet triumphant story of her life in the book #BakedInPain If you’re a cryer, this one will tug on your water works... it’s good to wash the soul anyway🦋 Get the book on Amazon: Follow Amanda on IG: @amanda.dambuza
May 26, 2020
When It's Time To Take A SOULBBATICAL
In this episode Olwethu speaks to author and transformational coach Shelley Paxton about her candid and humorous book called SOULBBATICAL: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life. They have a wide ranging conversation about overcoming doubt and fear and changing one’s life as well as how to re-imagine one’s life during a global pandemic. This is a time of huge change and uncertaintly and  Shelley gives useful tips of how to reframe this time and take charge by turning “I wishes to I ams” . Find Shelley on Please note that because of the high internet usage, you’ll notice a couple of connection glitches in the conversation.  Nothing major, but they have not been edited for the sake of clarity and continuity in the conversation.
May 21, 2020
Domestic Worker's Rights and Our Positive Obligations As Employers: Thinking About That Relationship During Lockdown
Lockdown has made us re-look so many things that we take for granted and one aspect of our lives that is not talked about enough is how important domestic workers and childcare givers are in our homes so we can live our busy, highflying lives.  It is sad that this same group of people remains one of the most vulnerable groups in the labour sector facing an uncertain future amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  Olwethu speaks to Sherisa Rajah a labour, employment and human rights lawyer about how to rethink our working relationships with domestic workers and they lay our best practice for navigating this uncertain time.    Contact Sherisa Rajah: 079 872 7126. 
April 29, 2020
Careers During And After The COVID19 Pandemic
COVID 19 lockdown regulations have really done a number on everyone’s work situations and ambitions.  Many people’s livelihoods are imperiled and for those who still have jobs- the future is unclear.  To help think about how we can find our feet during the lockdown and also imagine a future work life for ourselves…Olwethu speaks to Phiona Martin to get her expert insights on all these possibilities. You can find Phiona on: and on Twitter as @MsPhiona
April 17, 2020
How Your Relationships Can Survive Lockdown
All around the globe families partners, friends and even siblings are finding themselves in closer quarters than they ever imagined they would have to be in- and for an uncertain amount of time.  We know that work and a social life are a respite and an important  way of exploring different ways of being in the world- but the lockdown does not allow that unfortunately! This episode looks at how best  to get through lockdown and quarantine.  How to avoid relations hist and family conflicts or actually how to repair those fault lines might be something that is on your mind.  Olwethu speaks to Relationship expert, and the Author of 'Embracing Conflict' and 'Embracing No,' Paula Quinsee. This episode is must listen for all of us! You can find Paula Quinsee on
April 8, 2020
A Discussion on Mental, Physical And Sexual Health In The Time Of COVID19
This episode of The Sit Down is all about health and since the 7 April is World Health Day we are taking a look at the factors that impact our health.  Mental, emotional and of course physical health are of such importance in this time of COVID19.  South Africa is in the midst of a lockdwon as we try to get a handle on this global pandemic and it is only fitting to couch this conversation in that context.  Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng (popularly kown as Dr T) joins Olwethu to talk all things mental, physical, sexual health related. It is a wide ranging conversation that contains so many fascinating insight from Dr T. Dr T’s book “A Guide To Sexual Health And Pleasure” is availabale as an ebook and you can find her on twitter on @drtlaleng.
April 2, 2020
The Art Of Giving
This episode of The Sit Down is focused on the art of giving.  Many of us want to help and make a difference to the communities around us but often don’t know how to go about doing so in a meanigful and impactful way.  With the country on lockdown and so many other country’s dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, this conversation is timely in that it asks the question of how we can make a difference even under unusual circumstances where disparities between the affluant and less well off are brought into sharp focus. Olwethu speaks to Sihle Mooi, the CEO of Rays of Hope about  his organisation’s work and Sihle gives some great ideas on how we can contribute to society at large. Reach out to Ray's of Hope on: Learn more about Door of Hope on:
March 26, 2020
Fitness and Health Inspiration
Today’s episode is all about how to look after our biggest asset- our health!   Olwethu speaks to super fit mom Belinda Netshipise about her fitness and weight loss journey and of course how she eventually turned that into her personal training business.  Belinda’s story is really encouraging and coupled with a passion for transforming the lives of her clients- she truly is inspiring. Catch her on Instagram on the handle : @belinda_gainz
March 19, 2020
Womenomics And The National Budget
This episode is all about talking about our Womenomics against the backdrop of a national conversation.  We all heard the national budget speech recently  and while not too much has changed by way of personal taxes we are still seeing that our money does not go anyway near as far as it used to...why is this the case?   Olwethu has a chat with chartered accountant and political commentator Khaya Sithole about how the national budget impacts our lives and how we can take cues from the budget in order to secure our financial lives .
March 12, 2020
Choosing The Right School For Your Kids
It’s open day season for many schools in South Africa and this episode of The Sit Down is all about empowering you with the information you need to make informed decisions when choosing a school for your child.  Sending your kids off to school is a big step in their development and upbringing and Olwethu chats to award-winning speaker, best-selling author and parenting expert Nikki Bush to help with navigating all this important terrain.
March 4, 2020
The Art of Career Pivoting and Self Branding
This episode is all about changing your life for the better and giving yourself effective tools to do so... Interests and passions change and it’s important to know when this has happened and to plan accordingly so that the next step is successful and fulfilling.  Olwethu speaks to the founder of VBS Luxury Vika Shipalana about her her own career pivot to starting her business and being her own boss. Before branching off to start her business Vika had a successful corporate career.  They talk how to transition successfully, what it takes to make the big jump as well as (Vika’s speciality) how to create an enduring personal brand that conveys your values and aspirations.
February 27, 2020
Out Of the DM's & Into The Podcast: Olwethu and Neo Leshabane's Relationship Q&A
This episode is all about answering your relationship questions that you have sent to Olwethu on social media.  Olwethu and her husband Neo have way too much fun with this one– the questions range from how they handle finances, mending gaps in their communication and how they keep the spark alive even after children. They also discuss each other’s love languages and decide on who is really the most romantic of the two of them! Should you have any enquiries or topic suggestions for what you’d like to hear on other episodes- send them through to : E: info@artofsuperwoman IG: @artofsuperwoman
February 19, 2020
Eating For Optimal Health
Season 2 of The Sit Down is here!  As we kick off this next season a quick reminder that The Sit Down Tour is kicking off it’s first event in Johannesburg on April 4.  Tickets are online so book yours for an amazing lineup of speakers who will be helping us finesse The Art Of Superwoman! Ever heard of the saying, you are what you eat? Well, that’s what this episode focuses on.  The focus is not just on how to stay healthy but most importantly how to eat for optimal health and vibrancy.  To talk through all these ideas Olwethu speaks to Lebo Matshego Roda a nutritionist, PHD candidate and researcher who works with the education department to help children aquire sound, nutritional knowledge.
February 12, 2020
The Sit Down Is On A Break & Season 2 is Loading!
Thank you for supporting The Sit Down's first season.  We are incredibly proud of the community we have built and you are a key ingredient to it all.  As we take a short break and prepare for season 2, please get in touch with your suggestions on the guests and topics you'd really love to hear Olwethu talk to.   The Sit Down is also going on tour and the first leg is in Johannesburg on 4 April 2020.  A beautiful day will be spent with you talking Parenting, Wellness, Career, Finances and Relationships.  Experts and other friends of The Sit Down will be on hand to share their insights and make the day even more special. Go to WebTickets for the early bird specials and more or follow this link:
January 22, 2020
Stepping Up The #Womenomics - Smart Money Woman With Arese Ugwu
In this instalment of #Womenomics Olwethu has an important conversation with the author of Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu. The book is a practical guide to becoming financially savvy and gaining financial freedom and it guides much of their conversation.  They also talk about Arese’s own journey to writing the book and she breaks down what a Smart Money Woman is and her own journey to becoming one. Connect with Arese on Twitter: @smartmoneyarese
January 15, 2020
The Pursuit Of Self Love
Today’s episode is all about self love and self care.  Olwethu lays out what self care means for her and the importance of it in her own life. More to the conversation about self love Olwethu speaks to Ntombenhle Khatwane the founder of the locally produced hair care product AfroBotanics. They talk unpack Ntombenhle’s own hair care journey as well as how she started her business.  Most importantly the discussion centres around natural hair care as self love and self acceptance. You can find AfroBotanics on :
January 8, 2020
Crafting An Effective Skincare Routine For You And Your Family
We are in deep in summer mode and today’s episode deals with something we can't talk nearly enough about, especially at this time of year: skincare and skin routines for yourself and your family.  Dr. Nandipha Magudumana joins Olwethu for this discussion which runs the full range from prevention to anti- ageing, skin care habits and even skin treatments. Dr Nandi is the owner and resident doctor of Optimum Medical Aesthetics Solutions in Morningside, Sandton.
January 2, 2020
Talking Positively About Sexuality And Sexual Health With Your Children
Part 2 of the conversation with Dr Nataly Woollett is about how to have empowering conversations with your children about sex, sexuality and sexual health matters.  In some ways the conversation is an attempt to re-educate parents so that they make sure to be the primary purveyors of information about the birds and bees, as opposed to friends, the internet or television.  But it’s also a way to give the whole family the appropriate tools and language to talk to children about their bodies and teach them to have clear boundaries and age appropriate knowledge about sex.  I Dr. Nataly Woollett is a South African therapist and researcher, trained and registered in the fields of psychology, play therapy and art therapy.  Her clinical expertise is in trauma and traumatic bereavement; as well as the intersection of mental health, HIV and violence.  She has worked with and studied multiple traumatized populations both locally and internationally and has a particular interest in the wellbeing of children, adolescents and their caregivers.
December 26, 2019
Facing The Trauma Of Abuse: Tools for Dealing With Its Aftermath
Olwethu talks to Dr Nataly Woollett about the harsh realities of child abuse in South Africa.  Despite the fact that parents do their best to protect their children from predation- the high incidence of abuse in our society means there is a high chance many listeners of this podcast have/ may have to deal with the trauma and effects of abuse.  In this 2 part conversation we unpack restorative and healthy tools to adopt in order to help a child/ family cope with this unfortunate trauma. Dr. Nataly Woollett is a South African therapist and researcher, trained and registered in the fields of psychology, play therapy and art therapy.  Her clinical expertise is in trauma and traumatic bereavement; as well as the intersection of mental health, HIV and violence.  She has worked with and studied multiple traumatized populations both locally and internationally and has a particular interest in the wellbeing of children, adolescents and their caregivers.  Parents and children can reach The Teddy Bear Clinic on 011 484 4554
December 19, 2019
Can Growing Up In A Multilingual Home Affect A Child's Language Acquisition?
This episode focuses on a something that many South Africans who have multiple languages in one home can relate to.  From worrying if exposing your children to two or more languages will impact their language acquisition or stressing that the weird mishmash of Pedi, Xhosa, English and Sotho that your child speaks will eventually resolve itself into four coherent languages.  Olwethu speaks to Carmen Ditlhoiso about this.  Carmen is a Cape Town born, Kimberley based wife and mom. She works as a Speech-Language Therapist with a special interest in mulitlingualism as almost all of the learners she works with in mainstream school settings are multilingual.  
December 11, 2019
Tips On Crafting A Capsule Wardrobe For The Woman On The Go
On this episode of The Sit Down Olwethu talks fashion  and style with stylist and costume designer Lehasa Molloyi.  They discuss how to find your own style and create a wardrobe that works for you.  Whether you're in the boardroom, doing the school run, going to a function and just taking it easy.  Lehasa also talks Olwethu through the staples that every woman should be sure to have in her wardrobe.  Comfort, affordability and versatility feature high on the list of priorities. You can find Lehasa on Instagram as Lehasa2lehasa
December 4, 2019
Nurturing A Love of Reading In Your Home
Olwethu speaks to the Gauteng Chair of the Literary Association of South Africa- Tumelo Motaung.  Their discussion runs the gamut from how to get kids and the family reading to the politics and concerns of multilingual literature as well as the importance of representation in books.  We get some useful tips and ideas for parents to use on a regular basis and then Olwethu gives us her list of fun but constructive activities for kids to do over the school holidays. Find Tumelo Motaung on
November 28, 2019
To Out Or Not To Out? Grappling With How Best to Share Our Stories of Trauma Online
This week’s episode deals with really tough subject matter.  The phenomenon of women outing their abusers online is one that we see a lot of and in many ways this episode is looking for the best way to navigate this sometimes treacherous terrain of sharing details of trauma with online communities. Olwethu speaks to lawyer and Associate at Motsoeneng Bill Attorneys, Thokwadi Seabela about the legal pit falls to avoid when naming an alleged abuser; the role the law can play in remedying trauma and injustice; while at the same time unpacking how our judicial system can dissapoint survivors.  She then speaks to psychologist Lufuno Modipa about the emotional and psychological journey back from abuse/trauma/distress.  What are the benefits of telling your story publicly and most importantly: when is the best time to share your story?
November 22, 2019
Feeding Your Kids and Dealing With Picky Eaters
This episode is all about how we can deal with fussy eaters and make sure kids get maximum nutritional benefit from the meals we cook at home.  Whether it’s kids who refuse to eat their veggies or children with allergies- this is all about getting useful tips on how to navigate these speed bumps and many more. Olwethu speaks to two guests: Jade Seeliger (RD) who is the co-founder of Nutritional Solutions, one of the largest Dietetic practices in South Africa and then she speaks to Chef Lumka Nzimande whose company House of Ernestina trains kids, parents and housekeepers to create quick, healthy meals for kids. Find Jade Seeliger online: Find Lumka Mzimande on Instagram: Ernestina04
November 13, 2019
Planning For Every Eventuality: Financial Planning With Liberty
Olwethu sits down with Daphne Rampersad who is a Senior Specialist in Financial Planning at Liberty.  They discuss ways to structure one’s finances and money to make sure that your family is taken care of when you are no longer able do so. Too many of us don’t plan for things such as death or incapacitation but if we think about them in the context of making sure our children and loved one’s don’t have to suffer unnecessarily- then it definitely pushes us to do the sensible thing as soon as possible.
November 6, 2019
Raising Girls vs. Raising Boys
On this episode Olwethu sits down with Raelene Rorke to discuss raising girls vs raising boys.  Is there a real difference between the two or is each child a unique experience all unto themselves? They share insights and contrast their experiences as the mothers of three boys (Olwethu) and three girls (Raelene). We met Raelene Rorke as the young lady who took the crown of Miss Teen SA in 2004 but she has long since flourished into a business woman, wife an mother of three girls (one in-utero at the time of recording) . Life and love has taken Raelene all over the world but she still made time for a heartfelt and insightful Sit Down despite the 6 hour difference. Follow Raelene’s adventures on Instagram:@raelenerorke.
October 31, 2019
How To Get Ahead In The Workplace And Effectively Plan Your Career Change
Olwethu talks to Zimasa Mabuse about career decisions and how to stay in a field of study or to follow your yen and pivot to something else.  Essentially- how can we take dramatic and unexpected decisions (according to some) responsibily, effectively, with maximum output?  Zimasa offers some frank and incisive insights into her own career journey.
October 23, 2019
This episode of The Sit Down is all about Womenomics!  Olwethu has a candid and informative chat with Nicolette Mashile (TV presenter and founder of Financial Fitness Bunny - a Financial Education agency that seeks to simplify Financial and Consumer Education on the African continent). They also give tips on how to have important conversations in our relationships about money; and unpack important financial lessons for families.
October 16, 2019
Relationship Deal Breakers
In this episode Olwethu looks at the  importance of choosing your partner intentionally.  So after the pheromones have worn off and the butterflies have stopped fluttering- is this honestly the time to start thinking about and even discussing what we really expect from a partner or a relationship?  Or should all of this have been declared upfront? Olwethu speaks to the fun, thoughtful and irreverent Umhlobo Wenene DJ, TV host and social media influencer Spitch Nzawumbi about boundaries in relationships and how to understand, negotiate and declare your deal breakers.  What's a hard no or a maybe so for you?
October 9, 2019
New Beginnings
Breastfeeding etiquette- is that even a thing and how should we think about it?  All the considerations around breastfeeding for new moms and what they need to be mindful of as well as how to make it work for you and baby.  on this episode of The Sit Down, Olwethu discusses breastfeeding with Dr Khanya Khanyile and she also answers some frequently asked questions.
October 2, 2019