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The Transformational Soul Talks

The Transformational Soul Talks

By Raschell Harlingten
The Transformational Soul Talks, is a podcast where I share my personal journey of my transformation through understanding the connection of Body- Mind -Soul. I will also be interviewing women globally who have embraced this same empowerment. Connect with me @
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Selena shares how she detached from what she thought was her identity.
Selena shares her journey of letting go of the attachments all of us carry and believing in one self as the powerful beings that we all are. On this journey she began to recognize things that stood out to her and experiences that would occur in her life that seem to happen usually before other people. Everything she has experienced was to open up to the energy of understanding that she can release that need to be validated, accepted and loved.  Reach out to her on Social Media Selena Ella Moon
July 23, 2021
Laura Hammond, shares how she embraces the feeling of uncomfortable in her life
Laura, talks about how she feels so blessed to walk in ones light in life and how amazing it is. Laura entered into community work to transform not only her self but also for her children being a good role model. Being very aware of the environment for herself and her children's were so important to her as well as her family to embrace amazing life experiences.  Sister Souljah - Books Find her on Social Media Laura Hammond Facebook
July 08, 2021
Dela shares her journey with mental wellness
Dela, shares her journey with Schizophrenia and her brother, as many of us know mental wellness just does not happen. Her family over the years managed it with the best they knew how, attributing it to teenager struggles or choosing the wrong friends.  However once she realized what was at the base of this and began to see what it was like to suffer from schizophrenia and that mental wellness had so many support resources that were offered. From their she began to invest in herself and her whole world changed she made her mission to advocate for mental wellness from that drive Dela's her world exploded and she now runs her own live Youtube show Dela's Voice. Delas's Voice
June 24, 2021
Julz Tufte talks about being worthy!
Julz , began her transformation back in 2009 and continued to as she calls it level up each time she made a change or progress in the direction she wanted to go; during this time she welcomed into her world two beautiful little souls to join her in this journey. However in 2020 she and her boys decided to make a change and had what she calls so beautifully "her family meeting" and decided that making their journey across the United States to Michigan was something they wanted to do.  Julz says embracing what is shown to you and being present to you enjoy the harmony of the current moment! FB- Julz Tufte Energy Ambassador's - children's program! 
June 10, 2021
Lisa Blue, talks about how the simplest of things can keep us going!
Lisa, understands that sometimes depression can take hold of our life, however she realized that taking one step at a time is so important. She shares her story in her book which she is still working on called "Today I brushed my hair". Understanding that our surroundings speak to us; Lisa realized that the biggest obstacle was to believe in herself and what was being shown to her. Lisa has proven to herself that she is special in so many ways! Connect with her  Hippy Empath Facebook Lisa Blue- Facebook  IG- @HippyEmpath
May 26, 2021
Sherri Morgan shares her calling of being a Sharman
Her journey of becoming a Sharman was something she pushed away for several years; until she decided to step into the role and embrace her calling. Sherri shares how women hold so much power, her journey is to help women embrace that. Sometimes situations in our life's shift us in the direction of our calling. However it means pushing through the emotions that do not serve us even when want to ignore them.  Sherri shares that Sharman's history is one of the oldest of the healing practices and the connection to the spirit world.  IG @wildsoulrising FB Sherri Fiain  Morgan FB Group- Wild Soul Rising World renown Teacher of Sharmanism -Sandra Ingerman
May 12, 2021
Delilah Taylor shares how it all starts in the mind!
Delilah, began her journey as a paramedic during that journey she realized that our mind has so much more control over our bodies thean we realize. The imprints from childhood or even our social connections imprint us with things that do not support us. Some times it is so ingrained in us and we try many different paths to change it . Delilah helps her clients through hypnotherapy to change the patterns in the mind; once they do that then changing the outer world whatever that looks like has a better chance to succeed. FB- Delilah Taylor
May 05, 2021
Gemma Duarte shares her journey of her American Dream!
Gemma, shares her journey from Columbia, to Canada and how she transformed her life from a 20 year old college student with $300 in her pocket, over 25 years ago and her journey to a new country. The entire experience of coming to Toronto in the cold winter months, not speaking the language and feeling overwhelmed with no family here, is not for the faint of heart it takes guts and determination. Gemma says that the "American Dream" is just that... the dream to achieve wherever you want and transform your life wherever that may be in the world. Starting with a bicycle she bought for $10 and advertising to clean peoples houses to pay for rent and food; to an successful entrepreneur who is now recognized as women who is well respected in the industry of how to fix and flip homes within the Real Estate business.  Believing she could transform her life and build that dream she wanted! LinkedIn- Gemma Duarte- FB -Gemma Duarte IG-Gemma Duarte
April 28, 2021
Trust Believe and let go of the resistance
Solo cast
April 23, 2021
Andrea Dasent shares how the narrative of employee happiness is changing
Born and raised in New York; Andrea was passionate about engagement and having fun since a early age.  Though she did try to work within the corporate world she never felt she was part of the team. Andrea wanted to change the narrative around happiness and engagement within the corporate world. She began her company in 2019 (Ajay Event Productions) and then COVID hit and the dynamic of what she was striving to achieve had to change. So within the last year Andrea took a step back and made small changes, as the world changes the workplace for employees. However happiness and engagement of employees is still her passion and she is excited to begin getting back in the mix of live events. website LinkedIn : Andrea Dasent Facebook - Andrea Dasent
April 14, 2021
Lesley Forbes, shares how we have to trust dark moments will show us the light!
Growing up Lesley Forbes pillar in her life  was her mother; after losing her she struggled with self doubt and negative self talk. However as she began to de-layer that she also began to appreciate the things she had in her life and living from a place where she was enjoying the NOW moment!.  Lesley talks about how the awakening of ones self is a difficult and arduous journey, however it is also ones of the most rewarding.  Books: Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav  Lesley Forbes  FB- Lesley Forbes  website -. IG @forbesvoiceover
April 06, 2021
Assumptions of how we should live our life !
How we greet each day ....
April 02, 2021
Parul Banka shares how your story can change your life.
Parul Banka, was diagnosed with cancer in her early thirties; she realized that if she made to the other side of cancer she would do everything in her power to live the rest of her life no matter how long or short it is, as meaningful as possible.  Not everyone makes it to the other side of cancer. However she made that promise to herself everyday to make her life meaningful and joyous and realizing that there was need to release the control over so much of our lives. Facebook Parul Banka LinkedIn Parul Banka Website : Facebook Group -
March 24, 2021
Lisa Jameson, shares about her awareness of Human Trafficking
Lisa shares her passion of supporting and helping people become aware of human trafficking . What started out as member of her community church has now transformed her by understanding her drive and determination, for being a light for so many people who do not realize that there is support for human trafficking victims. Books Kristin Sharry - You've got gifts FB - Lisa Jameson
March 17, 2021
Crystal Truax shares how as women we can lose our identity by being consumed by life, family etc.
Crystal's journey started by her making a New Years resolution in 2018 which ended up transforming her life not just physically, but realizing that the physical was only one part of her transformation. Crystal then began another journey of transforming her mind and soul through feeding it the things she needed through meditation and guidance in her life and to let go of past traumas and worries. She learned a lot abut trusting the process and trusting herself. Connect with her on these platforms E-Book- IG -coachmecrystal  FB -CrystalTruax 
March 09, 2021
Only the Now moment exists
Solocast with Raschell Harlingten
March 03, 2021
Dianne Solano; talks about whatever you dealing with in life YOU created it!
Dianne's, turning point in her transformation was after she realized that her relationship was over ... but her life was not. Her spirit wanted to live and she knew that she had belief in the spiritual, emotional change that she wanted to step into.  Her path involves changes to her business her relationship's and her emotional and physical well being. Join us as Dianne, shares her journey and her transformation. Connect with her  website : FB - Dianne Solano IG - thediannesolano
February 23, 2021
Jamye Price, talks about being open to Light Language
Jamye, shares with us about how she was journeying through life like most of us working in corporate and going through relationships, until she noticed she was getting messages that she was not even aware of what they were. She had a lot of fear come up as she began to transition from her old life into this new one that was emerging. Her life has changed so much as teacher of Light language now, and through other modalities she supports many people globally. Jayme looks back in bewilderment that something she is so passionate about is now what she gets to do each day to support others. FB- Book :OPEN TO LIGHT LANGUAGE
February 17, 2021
Melody Vachal talks about the importance of self care as caregivers.
Melody for years had provided care and support as speech pathologist ;After experiencing a serious car accident, she was now on the other side of care giving. She had temporary paralysis and a brain injury, which meant learning to navigate the world with a brain that was different then from the one she had prior to the car accident. That is when she experienced and understood the importance of caregivers being present , balanced and hole in who they were.  Melody shares her journey on recovering and her building a business supporting people as caregivers. Find her @ Facebook - Melody Vachal Instagram: Melody Vachal
February 09, 2021
Today I share how Emotions are the key to our reality
Emotions are with us everyday and in every way, how we choose to express those emotions creates out reality. When we learn to let go of the resistance we can flow through the emotion and experience a better feeling emotion. Raschell 
February 03, 2021
Chella Diaz shares how we can merge our intuition with our money!
Chella, began her journey over 19 years ago, although she was aware of her gifts since she was 8 years old; like many of us she made a conscious decision that she did not want to be one of those "weird" kids,  so she shut her gifts down. After her life made a  major transition she began to open up again to her gifts. She now empowers women in understanding their money conversations they heard as children and what they currently have. These transitions in our life can mean letting go of people and things that do not serve us anymore and at times it is very difficult. Her message to her clients is to dig for their own precious stones and fine their own light . website : Instagram : FB: Chella Diaz
January 27, 2021
LaChelle Adkins, shares her journey with mental illness and her choices and how it has shape her life.
LaChelle's  journey has been one of many challenges being hospitalized 3 times for mental illness, and wearing different masks to validate other peoples perception of how she should look . She hopped off the emotional rollercoaster to she embrace life with her 15 children and appreciate the time we have NOW.  Being aware of who we are and not coming from a place of a victim mindset. She shares her story and empowers women globally on mental illness and what she went thorough, and how she has overcome this by surrounding herself with things that support her spirit and soul on her journey. Find her on Social media  website : FB: Books: Four Agreements 
January 20, 2021
Dr Mandana Attarzadeh, shares her transition as doctor in Iran to an empowering leader in diverse neighbourhoods in Toronto Canada.
Dr Mandana, talks about her transformation; her journey started  in Iran where she was trained as a medical doctor . However it did not serve her soul purpose to be in this profession. She received resentment and anger from her family after making this decision; being a daughter of a single mother of three girls.   However in 2006 she made a transition to move to Canada where she now supports communities , with her amazing supportive group "The Flourishing Women" where Mandana empowers residents of a very diverse neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto, to take leadership and engage in collective community action to improve their neighbourhood and their living condition. FB: The Flourishing Women
January 13, 2021
Embracing 2021
As we transition into 2021, what challenges and experiences are you going to let go off or embrace.  Raschell Harlingten
January 05, 2021
Georgia Jean shares her experiences with the Circle of light
Georgia, shares her life experiences on how she began on this journey with the Circle of Light.  As a standup comedian in Los Angeles working with the intensity of that world; It lead to having a crazy spiritual event with friend over 16 years ago.  Working directly with the Circle she shares  with humanity that we are here  to live a good life in this reality, however also incorporating energetic vibrations which is new way of living for so many people. As she states it is a "mind cracking experience" . She explains during the podcast that each encounter is a mirror and an expansion of oneself.  She debunks  the myth of spiritual work  by saying that people who are expanded levels of consciousness  are stereotyped as  " they never mess up," the spiritual journey has a look about it  and behavior ,she feels like she is here  to normalize that . Georgia Jean website: Books :The Circle of Light and the Philosopher Gaia Network; Interview with E.D
January 05, 2021
Welcome Transformational Women
This podcast was created to share and inspire women globally with their stories of challenges, success and experiences that have taught them that by embracing these experiences they can transform their life!!
January 05, 2021
Laura Masters shares how she likes to give herself permission to "break away"
Laura Masters shares, how her journey in being trained in different modalities that she was guided towards, but also  understanding that personal growth is built into each experience as well.  As a child she shares how she experienced connection to spirit, however it shut down for many years and only reopened once she moved back to Grand Rapids, after experiencing her first Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.  Her message is really to enjoy the journey and the present moment because it is so intentional! Books: Dolores Cannon  You Tube: Laura Masters Website : Facebook:
December 08, 2020
Amanda Abella shares how “Its normal to desire more “
Amanda realized at a very young age that what we are being taught in school is not really supporting us in the real world . As a blogger and financial expert she has made it her mission, to support women worldwide and show them how to change that mindset of being afraid to ask for more . As Amanda says she “ got sick of choosing between designer shoes and her retirement account”  So she decide to increase her business so she could have both ! Author: Make Money your honey website : IG:
November 26, 2020
Jenna Knudsen shares how her world blew up in an epic way!
Jenna Knudsen a mother of two children and a life coach thought she was one her way the typical American dream. That dream came to a screeching halt.... her entire world blew up and she became a single mother of two children and she lost her horse farm she loved  so dearly . However this was a pivotal time, with feelings over overwhelm depression,  Jenna's choices and decisions were inspired and driven by her two small children. She made a massive shifts in her coaching and now works with women  globally in the field of equestrian. This change has fueled her life and inspired her to really blossom and how she wants to share her gifts with the world. Facbook: Instagram:
November 12, 2020
How have you shown up in 2020!
I share my thoughts on 2020 and as women how we have made changes this year emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially and my journey so far in 2020!
October 29, 2020
Lyn Croker shares how she is supporting people before they get into a crisis situation
Lyn Croker's life now as life coach is very different from when she was paramedic, she was always helping people that were in a crisis situation. As she changed the trajectory of her life she realized, she wanted to support people before they got to that crisis situation.  As she began to realized that our soul never leads us estray; it is only when we start to doubt and question it,  then life can become challenging.  However from her perspective listening to yourself, your soul is linked to your abundance and success in this life. It takes practice and work and that commitment to yourself, in order to give you different results. We go through life on automatic pilot and wonder why things never change it usually is not till we hit rock bottom that massive change begins.  Social Media; Lynn Crocker on Facebook Web;
October 29, 2020
Tracy L Clark shares how the power within can change everything!
Tracy L Clark came in to this world a very sick child with many challenges with her physical body and spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. She also experienced many traumas in childhood and younger adult life.  She was told by medical professions that her body could not repair. However when Tracy opened up to understanding she had to heal from within, her body started to heal.  As a leader she has created an amazing community to support many people globally to understand we can support our bodies and minds when we heal from within. Website  Social Media
October 12, 2020
Jude Conn, Making the Transition doing it afraid!
Jude Conn, is a certified professional massage therapist and Reiki Master, as well as a contemporary spiritual teacher and holistic life coach. Jude supports people in creating greater well-being; mind, body and spirit. As she journeys through her life she believes strongly in making those changes in you life even though you may be afraid. Her recent move from  Charlotte, North Carolina  to Richland, Washington during this time when her country is in crisis and a pandemic was something that she did even though she was unsure, she made this transition!  Book : The Greatest Salesman , The Four Agreements, Dr.Joe Dispenza - On Becoming Supernatural  Website : Facebook Jude Conn
October 01, 2020
Looking at life from a different perspective with Tress Hotzel
Tress Hotzel,  from Ann Arbor in Michigan a certified life coach, who wants to support people worldwide.  Such a beautiful spirit who went through her own struggles with depression however recognizing her own challenges . This serves her so she is able to  really help her clients to be able to go from where they are to where they wanted to be! Atomic Habits -  Author James Clear  Website
September 18, 2020
Be in the Rhythm, hold your highest vision - working with Kinesiology with Amanda Adey
Amanda Adey in her third year of studying Kinesiology, became sick with a thyroid imbalance this propelled her to really dive deep into her studies and heal her self. This of course was the catalyst that supported her as her business grew since she had healed her self she had no doubt in what Kinesiology could do for her clients. Book -Molecules of Emotion -  Connect with her here. Her program "Skills 4 Daily Life" Instagram @auricfields_kinesiology or connect with @ or on Facebook @Amanda Adey
September 09, 2020
Remembering the way you felt as child letting everything else go, but the present moment! - Pam Jacobson
A wife, mother and grandmother, Pam Jacobson grew up as many children do with the usual society norms and paradigms in South Dakota  USA. However several years ago after nearly dying on the operating table, Pam realized that many of the things she had brushed aside or dismissed as a younger child were beginning to come back, and her enate connection to her purpose  was beginning to unfold for her to embrace and share with humanity.  Somethings the simplest of things the smell of sweet grass or the colour of a basket brings back those memories of child hood which can shift our perspective and help us become of aware of  emotions and thoughts that may not be our own and embrace the LOVE frequency.  Pam is super passionate about supporting others to release things do not serve them and connecting with our true essence. Her story is amazing!  Connect with her at :  
August 29, 2020
Your darkest moments are the path to your power and your purpose! with Brandaleen Johnson
After leaving Corporate American after 15 years in marketing and commercial real estate because it was sucking her Soul!  Like many of us she  had a feeling deep in her stomach that there was more to life than trading my time for money! But that wasn’t the only reason. She started having insomnia and actual panic and anxiety about going to work. She kept thinking , “when will this end” and the answer she got was “when you are 72 and you can collect social security”. That thought alone made her so depressed that she knew she had to figure something out, and FAST! My spiritual awakening led me to see, hearing and feeling things I never knew existed and have abilities I never imagined were possible. It was magical but at the same time, I felt lost and confused because there was no one else I could talk to without sounding like a crazy lady. Even my relationship with my husband almost failed because he thought I really was losing my mind. I studied the law of attraction, I coached under some amazing business coaches, I removed myself from pleasing others (mom/husband) and created firm boundaries around my pricing. I learned how to blend business strategy with mindset, and working with Spirit, the quantum field and using my own intuition. That’s when everything changed! Today I am known as Spiritual Awakening Babe! I am a Spiritual Coach who helps people awaken to their spiritual gifts, align to the frequency of their dream life and business and IGNITE their future! www. Books: Your Freaking Amazing Gifts  & Your Freaking Amazing Life Facebook :
August 26, 2020
Embracing challenges as women ,when we are faced with adversity ! with Sadhana Sabharwal
After being left with three little boys to raise, Sadhana Sadharwal's  only goal was to put her boys through university without them coming out with huge debts at the other end.  Sadhana’s quest for financial freedom was strong and she knew that there would be no help from her ex-husband.  Her journey began over 12 years ago Sadhana acquired 18 different properties, most of them with none or very little money of her own. From single family homes all the way to an 8-unit building.   Sadhana’s specialty is buying undervalued properties that need work, fixing them up, and then refinancing them in order to get the newly-gained equity out of the property; she then continues as owner in order to rent them out to tenants, who provide her with an ongoing positive return on her investment.   Sadhana  built up her portfolio of properties through what she calls “recycling” her money, and also by creative financing strategies, including traditional bank financing, lines of credit, financing from private lenders, borrowing from family, credit cards, as well as joint venture partners who provide initial funds for down payments.    She has bought and sold about 30 properties.  Sadhana is passionate about helping women become financially independent.    Sadhana will share her incredible journey on success, happiness and freedom...and how you can do it too.  She is a spiritual person who believes in nurturing relationships and helping others attain their goals Divorce is not the end If you are passionate about changing your life and the life of people around you…..I am looking for you !!!   Her motto is, “When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.”  Are you ready? Her life has changed in so many ways over the years now recognized as a Coach, a real estate investor, a best-selling author &public speaker. Her passion is to empower women and know that they can create the future they desire .  
August 13, 2020
Being aware that we are here to experience life and embrace it 100% with Janet Cook
My girl Janet Cook, made a conscious decision after a series of life challenges along with unhealthy eating habits, relationship ups and downs and then the death of both her parents 2015 . She set out to create massive changes in her life through nutrition, exercise and mindset. Her goal was to set about building a business and life style to support women and break down barriers . Her goal was before she was 50 she would enter a bikini contest  and her journey is amazing and still continues! Connect with her @ or   or visit her website "launching soon"!!! @janetcookvwpc
August 12, 2020
Being conscious of our health and honouring our body with Katie Christie
My dear friend and beautiful soul Katie Christie shares her journey which began with a series of health problems, including: anxiety, severe acne and bloating, candida, parasites, leaky gut and thyroid nodules. Feeling exhausted and depleted; confused from all the conflicting advice she was receiving. She turned inwards and really connected with herself  and started to honour her body and heal. Join us as she shares her  empowering story to connect with your body and intuition that changed her life.
July 30, 2020
Over coming life's traumatic obstacles to live our purpose with Lais Scortegagna
Join me in conversation with Lais Scortegagna as she shares her dreams of being a journalist and traveling the world.  Only to have that path abruptly halted after spinal cord injury which lead her down a different path in life which she has chosen to embrace. Wanna know 3 Secrets to create a captivating brand that turn visitors into clients? Get it here! >>>
July 30, 2020
How our connection to Body Mind and Soul influences our writing with Megan Barnhard
Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Megan  Barnhard, who is an amazing writing coach who supports individuals to use their authentic voice to build passion-fueled business or simply share their story of transformation. Free Writing training  -
July 30, 2020