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Trinity of Transformation

Trinity of Transformation

By Raschell Harlingten
Trinity of Transformation is a podcast where I share my personal journey of my transformation through understanding the connection of Body- Mind -Soul. I will also be interviewing women globally who have embraced this same empowerment. Connect with me @
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Tracy L Clark shares how the power within can change everything!
Tracy L Clark came in to this world a very sick child with many challenges with her physical body and spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. She also experienced many traumas in childhood and younger adult life.  She was told by medical professions that her body could not repair. However when Tracy opened up to understanding she had to heal from within, her body started to heal.  As a leader she has created an amazing community to support many people globally to understand we can support our bodies and minds when we heal from within. Website  Social Media
October 12, 2020
Jude Conn, Making the Transition doing it afraid!
Jude Conn, is a certified professional massage therapist and Reiki Master, as well as a contemporary spiritual teacher and holistic life coach. Jude supports people in creating greater well-being; mind, body and spirit. As she journeys through her life she believes strongly in making those changes in you life even though you may be afraid. Her recent move from  Charlotte, North Carolina  to Richland, Washington during this time when her country is in crisis and a pandemic was something that she did even though she was unsure, she made this transition!  Book : The Greatest Salesman , The Four Agreements, Dr.Joe Dispenza - On Becoming Supernatural  Website : Facebook Jude Conn
October 1, 2020
Looking at life from a different perspective with Tress Hotzel
Tress Hotzel,  from Ann Arbor in Michigan a certified life coach, who wants to support people worldwide.  Such a beautiful spirit who went through her own struggles with depression however recognizing her own challenges . This serves her so she is able to  really help her clients to be able to go from where they are to where they wanted to be! Atomic Habits -  Author James Clear  Website
September 18, 2020
Be in the Rhythm, hold your highest vision - working with Kinesiology with Amanda Adey
Amanda Adey in her third year of studying Kinesiology, became sick with a thyroid imbalance this propelled her to really dive deep into her studies and heal her self. This of course was the catalyst that supported her as her business grew since she had healed her self she had no doubt in what Kinesiology could do for her clients. Book -Molecules of Emotion -  Connect with her here. Her program "Skills 4 Daily Life" Instagram @auricfields_kinesiology or connect with @ or on Facebook @Amanda Adey
September 9, 2020
Remembering the way you felt as child letting everything else go, but the present moment! - Pam Jacobson
A wife, mother and grandmother, Pam Jacobson grew up as many children do with the usual society norms and paradigms in South Dakota  USA. However several years ago after nearly dying on the operating table, Pam realized that many of the things she had brushed aside or dismissed as a younger child were beginning to come back, and her enate connection to her purpose  was beginning to unfold for her to embrace and share with humanity.  Somethings the simplest of things the smell of sweet grass or the colour of a basket brings back those memories of child hood which can shift our perspective and help us become of aware of  emotions and thoughts that may not be our own and embrace the LOVE frequency.  Pam is super passionate about supporting others to release things do not serve them and connecting with our true essence. Her story is amazing!  Connect with her at :  
August 29, 2020
Your darkest moments are the path to your power and your purpose! with Brandaleen Johnson
After leaving Corporate American after 15 years in marketing and commercial real estate because it was sucking her Soul!  Like many of us she  had a feeling deep in her stomach that there was more to life than trading my time for money! But that wasn’t the only reason. She started having insomnia and actual panic and anxiety about going to work. She kept thinking , “when will this end” and the answer she got was “when you are 72 and you can collect social security”. That thought alone made her so depressed that she knew she had to figure something out, and FAST! My spiritual awakening led me to see, hearing and feeling things I never knew existed and have abilities I never imagined were possible. It was magical but at the same time, I felt lost and confused because there was no one else I could talk to without sounding like a crazy lady. Even my relationship with my husband almost failed because he thought I really was losing my mind. I studied the law of attraction, I coached under some amazing business coaches, I removed myself from pleasing others (mom/husband) and created firm boundaries around my pricing. I learned how to blend business strategy with mindset, and working with Spirit, the quantum field and using my own intuition. That’s when everything changed! Today I am known as Spiritual Awakening Babe! I am a Spiritual Coach who helps people awaken to their spiritual gifts, align to the frequency of their dream life and business and IGNITE their future! www. Books: Your Freaking Amazing Gifts  & Your Freaking Amazing Life Facebook :
August 26, 2020
Embracing challenges as women ,when we are faced with adversity ! with Sadhana Sabharwal
After being left with three little boys to raise, Sadhana Sadharwal's  only goal was to put her boys through university without them coming out with huge debts at the other end.  Sadhana’s quest for financial freedom was strong and she knew that there would be no help from her ex-husband.  Her journey began over 12 years ago Sadhana acquired 18 different properties, most of them with none or very little money of her own. From single family homes all the way to an 8-unit building.   Sadhana’s specialty is buying undervalued properties that need work, fixing them up, and then refinancing them in order to get the newly-gained equity out of the property; she then continues as owner in order to rent them out to tenants, who provide her with an ongoing positive return on her investment.   Sadhana  built up her portfolio of properties through what she calls “recycling” her money, and also by creative financing strategies, including traditional bank financing, lines of credit, financing from private lenders, borrowing from family, credit cards, as well as joint venture partners who provide initial funds for down payments.    She has bought and sold about 30 properties.  Sadhana is passionate about helping women become financially independent.    Sadhana will share her incredible journey on success, happiness and freedom...and how you can do it too.  She is a spiritual person who believes in nurturing relationships and helping others attain their goals Divorce is not the end If you are passionate about changing your life and the life of people around you…..I am looking for you !!!   Her motto is, “When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.”  Are you ready? Her life has changed in so many ways over the years now recognized as a Coach, a real estate investor, a best-selling author &public speaker. Her passion is to empower women and know that they can create the future they desire .  
August 13, 2020
Being aware that we are here to experience life and embrace it 100% with Janet Cook
My girl Janet Cook, made a conscious decision after a series of life challenges along with unhealthy eating habits, relationship ups and downs and then the death of both her parents 2015 . She set out to create massive changes in her life through nutrition, exercise and mindset. Her goal was to set about building a business and life style to support women and break down barriers . Her goal was before she was 50 she would enter a bikini contest  and her journey is amazing and still continues! Connect with her @ or   or visit her website "launching soon"!!! @janetcookvwpc
August 12, 2020
Being conscious of our health and honouring our body with Katie Christie
My dear friend and beautiful soul Katie Christie shares her journey which began with a series of health problems, including: anxiety, severe acne and bloating, candida, parasites, leaky gut and thyroid nodules. Feeling exhausted and depleted; confused from all the conflicting advice she was receiving. She turned inwards and really connected with herself  and started to honour her body and heal. Join us as she shares her  empowering story to connect with your body and intuition that changed her life.
July 30, 2020
Over coming life's traumatic obstacles to live our purpose with Lais Scortegagna
Join me in conversation with Lais Scortegagna as she shares her dreams of being a journalist and traveling the world.  Only to have that path abruptly halted after spinal cord injury which lead her down a different path in life which she has chosen to embrace. Wanna know 3 Secrets to create a captivating brand that turn visitors into clients? Get it here! >>>
July 30, 2020
How our connection to Body Mind and Soul influences our writing with Megan Barnhard
Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Megan  Barnhard, who is an amazing writing coach who supports individuals to use their authentic voice to build passion-fueled business or simply share their story of transformation. Free Writing training  -
July 30, 2020
Welcome Transformational Women with Raschell Harlingten
Raschell shares her personal journey through transformation and how the Trinity - Body -Mind -Soul empowered her .
July 16, 2020