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Soup For Success

Soup For Success

By Rashada Siojo
Live Your Bliss Unapologetically. I Am Rashada Siojo Beauty & Wellness Business Guru. Here I will show you how you can live an abundant balanced life on all levels. Our lifestyle is a choice by design. Tune in for the weekly ingredient for success. We will hear from balanced, successful, sacred women whom weathered the storm of life & persevered throughout their journey. Learn about manifesting your wildest dreams, a focus on mental health, mindset, wealth, manifestation, action steps, & showing up in your greatness. Rashada Siojo
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Procrastinate NO MORE!

Soup For Success

Procrastinate NO MORE!

Soup For Success

You Are So Much More Than You Allow Yourself To Be!
BE EMPOWERED. Life is so much more than you’re allowing it to be. Allow ✨
May 15, 2021
Awaken To Your Power!
When you’re called answer! Meet Wadee’ah Psychotherapist & your build with your host Rashada Siojo. We’re discussing showing up and answering your divine call. Stand in your power & make no apologies!
April 24, 2021
I WOKE UP LIKE THIS I remember the day like it was yesterday, the day that I decided to change my life forever. I was a whopping 220 lbs and depressed. I woke up like this every day and it was not flawless, I’ll tell you that loves! Listen to learn more about the Journey that birthed the sacred world of Rashada Siojo
April 21, 2021
What in the world are you choosing today? Let’s choose...
Choose to feel good live your best Flawless life 💋 let’s dance & affirm 💃🏻& get into this superfood bliss.
April 19, 2021
3rd Eye Meditation with Rashada Siojo excerpt from The Flawless Juice Cleanse & Chakra Activation!
Here’s a guided activation for the third eye chakra. The ultimate ingredient for success is balance. Balancing the Chakras are essential. The Flawless Juice Cleanse & Chakra Activation titled 7 days of rainbows is a great way to start. The third eye chakra, or ajna chakra in Sanskrit, is known as “the seat of intuition.” Translations of the Sanskrit name include, “perceive,” “beyond wisdom,” and “command.” Located in the center of the forehead, it acts as the individual’s center of wisdom, conscience, and higher consciousness. The third eye allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. It is the highest chakra in the physical body, allowing it to provide visionary perspective. The third eye also helps to determine one’s reality and beliefs based on what one chooses to see in the world.
April 18, 2021
Work Through The Shit!
On this episode Rashada Siojo shares her truth about being a mogul and working through trauma. There's great resources, techniques and tools she shares with her audience who have experienced psychological traumatic experiences, lifespan's stresses or have loved ones they may be supporting through their trauma. Follow these techniques, get the ingredients for life's Soup For Success here! Lets face it no one not even Rashada Siojo is exempt from life happenings. The purpose of this space is not to show case perfectionism or superficial reality it is to encourage its listeners to keep overcome, to accept life challenges, to prevail, to use thee stories shared to encourage and uplift you to win in life. We must remain diligent & keep going even when life gets muddy. There's also great mental health resources shared for those listeners whom surpassed the level of self discipline and needs to seek professional help which we advocate holistic mental health. How do you cope with traumatic, debilitating experiences that make you want to throw in the towel but you have so many people counting on you? You are counting on you. Get the recipe for lifespan's Soup For Success. Tune in to find out how Rashada does it ALL!
April 15, 2021
Abundance Affirmations
Everything always works out for me ✨I allow LOVE ✨I am happy ✨I am divine soul ✨I am love✨Life is SO good to me ✨I allow FLOW ✨I am abundant✨I am great at making decisions ✨I am worthy ✨Gratitude is my attitude✨I am healthy ✨I love my life ✨I am loved, honored & supported ✨I eat foods that nourish my body ✨I am pure bliss ✨I am safe ✨I will not block blessings by gossiping ✨I am self aware ✨I am FUCKING FLAWLESS 💃🏻💋✨I am always guided & protected✨I love what I see in the mirror ✨I attract prosperity ✨I am committed to my joy ✨I am surrounded by amazing energy ✨I am that I am. Let’s revel in abundance. Raise the vibe. One of my greatest sources for success. Positive self talk!
April 14, 2021
Today is a new day.
Table talk with Tracee as we share real life stories of overcoming & girl talk. Restart your life today! It’s your birthday!
April 11, 2021
The Universe Is Your Playground
Rashada discusses the importance of energy & being aware of your point of attraction, how success & relationships are directly linked. Your beliefs thoughts & feelings are shaping your reality. Evidence shows up are you paying attention?
April 9, 2021
Know Your Worth & Charge For It.
On this episode we discuss limiting beliefs around money, self worth & value in business. There’s tips, affirmations & strategies for demanding what you’re worthy of in exchange for your gifts and talents. This is a topic of discussion in my manifesting coaching group. Many entrepreneurs have a hard time feeling worthy of what they charge for services. Break down the barriers, own your uniqueness & soar.
April 4, 2021
I learned work life balance the hard way.
Tips on alternative care for releasing trauma, emotional blockages, stagnation. Here I share how I was forced to learn work life balance the hard way. How has acupuncture awakened my spirit. Success is balance of the mind, body & spirit.
April 1, 2021
You Are Limitless
Here’s an activation session with Rashada Siojo that will immediately shift your consciousness, help you to release negative thought patterns while aligning with the energy that creates worlds. Listen to this recording for 40 days for best results. ACTIVATE
April 1, 2021
Encourage Your Friends
You become the 5 people you are around most. Are you all on the frequency of success & elevation? Are your friends supportive & routing for you. If you’re circle doesn’t motivate & uplift you it’s time for a new circle. Welcome reciprocal abundant relationships in your life NOW.
March 31, 2021
9 Daily Success Journal Prompts
Success Rituals for Journaling for self healing, heightened awareness & awakening. Write it down & make it real.
March 29, 2021
10 Daily Tips To Live An Abundant Life
Apply these tips & Manifest GREATNESS. Grab a note pad, flawless elixirs, find a comfortable spot & lets get ready to receive. Enjoy a Guided Sound healing Meditation with Rashada Siojo. Love, Love, Love!
March 25, 2021
What Is Soup For Success?
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Find out the vision for Soup For Success & Get Excited! Love, Love, Love, Rashada Siojo
March 25, 2021
You Are Too Powerful To Play It Safe!
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
As a successful entrepreneur I’ve reached many highs & many lows in my life. I am just getting started. I’m here to show you how to have it all. Grab your note pads, champagne & tap in! Here I share some of my soup for success. The Glow Up Is Now! No more playing small in your life. Love, love, love, your Flawless best friend for life, Rashada Siojo
March 25, 2021
Procrastinate NO MORE!
How many of you can relate to being a procrastinator also known as a perfectionist? There’s something magical about inspired action & just doing the damn thang. I finally moved forward with Soup For Success & I’m over the moon excited. Let’s Go.
March 18, 2021
Finding Rashada
Here’s a little back story.There’s lots of stories to come. I hope this inspires you. Cheers to EVOLUTION
March 18, 2021
March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021