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A New Way of Thinking Empowerment Broadcast

A New Way of Thinking Empowerment Broadcast

By Rashieda Timpson Ministries
A life changing empowerment broadcast. One that changes your way of thinking to line up with Christ. A broadcast to uplift, inspire, and encourage you to maximize your full potential to be successful in every area of your life!
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A New Way of Thinking Empowerment Broadcast


A New Way of Thinking Empowerment Broadcast

Dispelling misconceptions
God Word makes everything clear, there is no mistaking that!
March 15, 2020
It not just about you!
It not just about you, God wants you to see a bigger picture, but with you included!
March 15, 2020
The Times of the Times
In these times we must trust God and be watchful in the days to come
March 15, 2020
You are what’s needed!!!
You have purpose, you have destiny, you were born for this you are needed at this time in this moment!
March 15, 2020
Please listen and share my single and off at forms and remember to visit my website ( ) for more about me and my music!
February 13, 2020
Don’t let your emotions get in the way of God’s will for your life!
Emotions are fickle, up one day, down the next. We must learn how to trust in the process and trust in the word and will of God
January 25, 2020
I’m coming for the dream snatchers!
You have dreams, goals, ambitions but something is trying to block you from reaching your destiny. We are not gonna take it any longer we’re coming from the dream snatchers!
January 25, 2020