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That's So Raven Simone

That's So Raven Simone

By Raven Phillips
Discuss everyday struggles, personal goals, and an understanding of the world in a spiritual perspective as a whole. A podcast that reflects human interests of many in order to contribute to the growth of society!
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September 3, 2020
I'm in the hospital fighting for my life and I wake up to three giant white police officers.
I made a special video of me singing to my fiance about me recovering and coming home and I edited the nurse out the video that she walked in without notice. Showed her the original then the edited to secure her and she refused me of my medication/IV for almost a whole hour. Then sends three white Male security officers to wake me out my sleep to confront me of committing a crime
June 16, 2020
Strive For Peace Not Deaths in the Streets
Incorporating music to further touch the hearts of others since music is it's own language that all people can connect to. Introducing new music artist TNB Tez that contributes to podcast topic of leadership and standing out versus fading into the background of a status quo. Acknowledging Rap Artist Papoose for his police brutality tribute.
June 5, 2020
Inner Peace not tweets or streets
Inner peace and different exercises to keep or regain your inner peace
May 28, 2020
Everyone needs self-love and care
Discussing how neglect towards others is a reflection of self-neglect and requires one to do some self reflecting upon their unique qualities and what makes them special. While doing so, you require self-love to overcome your fears.
May 26, 2020
That's So Raven Simone meets Anchor podcast
Introduces the foundation of my podcast, while addressing the rooted issues that us as people need to remain focus and productive. The people of the world are the colony and the planet is the Queen. We are only successful when we work as a unit.
May 26, 2020