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The RAW Epics Audio Experience

The RAW Epics Audio Experience

By RAW Audio Podcast
Welcome to the RAW Epics Audio experience, hosted by mountain bike skills instructor, trip guide, coach, and content creator, Wilson Low. On this podcast you’ll find episodes on topics covering mountain biking skills, training, & travel from a Singaporean/Asian perspective - including interviews, segments from my RAW Epics YouTube channel, plus original content made just for podcast listeners!
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We Are One Composites Factory Tour & Interview With Dustin Adams
A throwback to July 2019 where we went for a deep-dive into the mindset, craftsmanship, and ethos behind Kamloops, BC-based We Are One Composites. We find out from founder and head Dustin Adams how his Canadian company differentiates itself from the rest of the pack in the crowded MTB components market. This episode is certainly one for the carbon geeks! | RAW Epics thanks Dustin Adams for supporting us with the We Are One Composites Da Package handlebar+stem combo, manufactured right there in Kamloops, BC; as well as for the past 3 years (and counting) of usage of their awesome carbon MTB rims | Check out | #weareonecomposites #handlaidincanada #showusyourcarbon
May 05, 2020
Discovering Mountain Biking | Keynote Presentation at PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay
This keynote address gets to the heart of things - why pick up mountain biking? The real world considerations and tactics to actually picking up and sustaining interest in the sport are addressed here, as are questions from the audience on a variety of how-to queries. I hope you enjoy it! My gratitude goes out Mr Lee Boon Meng of PA Water-Venture at Marina Bay for making this possible.
December 02, 2019
Learning to Teach Drops & Jumps | A MTB Instructor Training Course Deep Dive
After a long hiatus due to the recently concluded US-Canada trip, the podcast is back - sharing insights into the process of learning to teach advanced mountain biking skills. They say that the best way to learn is to be a teacher. This episode’s topic on the PMBIA instructor certification for teaching drops & jumps is all about that, and the good stuff that goes with riding in one of the best bike parks in BC, Canada - SilverStar Mountain Resort. Keen to catch more air-time on the bike? Then don’t miss this gem of an episode *** Always looking to improve as I go - do tell me what you thought and suggest/give feedback on what you’d like to hear or consume more of on our upcoming content & episodes. | Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @raw.epics | Email: ***
August 22, 2019
First Things First | Why Podcast, and That Big US-Canada MTB Trip
Our first episode, and we are gonna dive deep into what me and my mountain bike are going to be up to visiting a whole spread of places on this upcoming US-Canada trip! Seattle, Silver Star, Trans BC Enduro in eastern BC, Kamloops, Whistler, Squamish, and finishing off with the Yeti Tribe Gathering in Telluride, Colorado - and documenting in video and audio form along the way. This is just the start, and I hope I’ll be able to keep up consistency and improve as I go along on this podcast journey - so do tell me what you thought and suggest/give feedback on what you’d like to hear or consume more of on our upcoming content & episodes. | Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @raw.epics | Email:
June 26, 2019