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By Duke Baxter
The GET ZONED IN Podcast is the official podcast show of Zoned Sports Academy - Hosted by Duke Baxter, this weekly show will introduce you to coaches, players and professionals that will help educate and motivate you to dominate the game of life.
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Episode 6 - Former Kean University standout & current Minnesota Twins Minor League Infield Coach
It’s time to GET ZONED IN for Episode #6 as host @dukebaxter sits down with former Kean University Baseball standout, Seton Hall University  assistant coach and current Minnesota Twins minor league infield coach, Tyler Smarslok.⁣ ⁣Listen to Tyler talk about his playing experience, the roles he’s held as a collegiate baseball coach and his new role in the Minnesota Twins organization! ⁣ ⁣A must listen to for coaches, players and parents! ⁣ ⁣Tune in today on your favorite podcast platforms @applepodcasts and more! ⁣ ⁣
December 11, 2019
Episode 5 - Governor Livingston High School Head Baseball Coach - Chris Roof
On Episode 5, GET ZONED IN host Duke Baxter sits down with Governor Livingston High School Head Baseball Coach, Chris Roof. One of the most decorated high school baseball coaches in the state of New Jersey, Coach Roof talks about his time at Governor Livingston, what it means for him to coach at his alma mater and what it has taken to be build a winning culture and program.  Find out why he believes that young athletes should play multiple sports and how the tradition plays a big role in the building of a successful program. Coach Roof shares some unforgettable memories, passes along some words of wisdom for young baseball players and talks about why he trusts his players with the coaching staff at Zoned Sports Academy. An incredible interview with a coach who's perspective is a great example on how to lead young people in the right direction. A must listen to all parents, players and coaches!
November 27, 2019
Episode #4 - Ben Fonseca
Host Duke Baxter sits down with longtime baseball coach, Ben Fonseca. Guiding players for nearly 30 years, Fonseca's coaching resume is beyond impressive; coaching at both the collegiate (George Mason University) and professional levels (Kansas City Royals), including a stint as a scout for the Milwaukee Brewers. Fonseca was the Director of Player Development for the independent Atlantic League before transitioning to the private and team training, coaching at Zoned Sports Academy in 2011 & 2015 and at Diamond Nation. Ben talks candidly about the biggest game he's ever played - a fight for his life, battling scheroderma, a rare chronic connective tissue disease. Coming within hours of death, Ben shares his powerful story of how family and faith never let him give up hope. A story and interview that will remind you how precious life really is. 
November 13, 2019
GET ZONED IN - Episode #3 - Dr. Justin Rabinowitz
It's time to tune in to Episode #3 of the GET ZONED IN podcast! This week, host Duke Baxter sits down with STRIVE 2 MOVE founder and author of "Beyond Fitness", Dr. Justin Rabinowitz.  Justin shares memories from his college baseball experience at Ramapo College, the importance of strength training and the impact of forming positive habits.  A must listen for parents, players and coaches!
October 31, 2019
Episode #2 - Blueprint Mental Health Co-Owner/Therapist - John Mopper
On Episode #2, GET ZONED IN host Duke Baxter sits down with Co-Owner/Therapist, John Mopper - the two discuss the importance of mental health, the stigma behind getting treatment, the signs parents can look for if there child could benefit from an additional support system. John also shares his opinions on treatments and medications and passes along his recommendation on how each of us can develop our best mental state. A must listen to parents, players, coaches and everyone who recognize the benefits of a healthy mind. 
October 16, 2019
Episode #1 - PBR New Jersey Director of Scouting & Operations - T.J. Hunt
GET ZONED IN host Duke Baxter interviews former Monmouth University standout and current PBR (Prep Baseball Report) Director of Scouting & Operations, T. J. Hunt. The two discuss T.J.'s high school and college baseball experiences, fulfilling his dream of signing a professional contract and his current role at PBR. T.J. also passes along some advice to aspiring high school players looking to continue their career at the collegiate level. A must listen for any young player and parent who is about to embark on their college recruiting journey.
October 2, 2019