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Heart To Heart with Ray Mardia

Heart To Heart with Ray Mardia

By Ray Mardia
Leadership mentor and lawyer Ray Mardia has heart-to-heart conversations with her guests --- exploring ideas about love, pain, authenticity, purpose, and the deeper questions of what it means to be human.

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Finding Beauty in Ordinary Moments with Anita Patel: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #3

Heart To Heart with Ray Mardia

How To Embrace Your Light and Dark with Charlotte Schinckel-Brown: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #6
Ray speaks with Charlotte Schinckel-Brown, artist and coach, about how to navigate the human experience as a sensitive person, the fallacy of comparison, some wisdom from nature about taking responsibility, embracing our light and dark as leaders/teachers ... and much more. Enjoy and thank you so much for watching! I love you, yes I do :D 😂 PSA: I included some of our pre-show riffs but PLEASE note there's some unfettered swearing in it lol. ✅ The actual podcast starts around 4:50. RESOURCES: Charlotte:​ FIND ME HERE:​​​ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00​ - Pre-Show Musings (Warning: Some Swearing lol) 00:01:56 - Do You Know Who The Fuck You Are? 00:03:50 - Masculine Energy in Nature 00:04:10​ - Stop Being Dependent On Me, Moon 00:04:50​ - Podcast Begins - Welcome, Charlotte :) 00:06:30​ - Question: What is the value of making room for our Humanity as leaders? 00:08:45​ - Question: Where have you learned to integrate creativity, dance and growth? 00:10:30​ - Ray: Art and Nature Taught Me the Most about Life, For They Accept The Totality of Experience. All Of You Is Welcome. 00:11:00​ - Question: What role has dancing played in who you are and how you show up? 00:13:30​ - The Creative, Physical, Social and Spiritual Meanings of Movement. 00:14:30​ - Meditations on Sensitivity. Question: Is sensitivity a double-edged sword? A curse or a gift? 00:17:00​ - Charlotte Describes Sensitivity as 'Worthy Opponent' 00:18:30​ - Accept and Honour Support On Your Journey. Let Others Add To The Stories You Tell Yourself. 00:20:00​ - Strategy: Create Boundaries through Language and Meaning To Take Care of Yourself and Navigate Your Sensitivity 00:23:00​ - The Limitations of being the Light all the time. 00:24:30 - Welcoming the Darkness: Bringing Curiosity and the Spirit of Play 00:25:19 - Suppression is the Most Harmful Thing You Can Do for Yourself 00:26:00​ - If There's Room for the Darkness and Hypersensitivity to Exist, You'll Find the next layer of yourself 00:26:50​ - Question: How do you help women express themselves? 00:30:00​ - What actually creates transformation in people? Hint: it's not your skills or the modalities you use. It is the depth of your attention, love, feeling deeply seen, heard and understood. 00:32:47​ - Not a fan of the term ‘Fix’ (you are not broken) 00:33:50​ - Question: what would you say to women who say they have too much or not enough? 00:37:40​ - Question: what practices help you value yourself vs. fearing the loss of love and approval? 00:42:20​ - Question: what question are you delving into? 00:43:00​ - ‘What Now’? 00:44:00​ - Be aware of the tone in which we speak with ourselves; You can very quickly shift to a state of gratitude and purpose by shifting the energy of how you ask questions. 00:45:00​ - Question: What’s your why, Charlotte? What lights you up? 00:45:30​ - Love seeing people in their element (‘doing their Thing’) 00:46:40​ - You are the artist of you life. 00:48:15​ - Question: What would you to tell your younger self? 00:49:00​ - ‘There’s nothing wrong with you' 00:51:15​ - Ray on Creating wholeness within and around us 00:52:30​ - Gratitude and farewells 00:53:15​ - Post-show laughs :D Music provided by The Sound
April 5, 2021
Deep Inner Work for Leaders with Linden Vazey: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #5
Ray has a heart to heart with one of her clients: a courageous manager, coach and writer, Linden Vazey.  They discuss why it's crucial for leaders to do deep inner work themselves to truly serve others; how to navigate being in the corporate sector to living authentically, as well as the personal and collective benefits of heart-centred leadership in today's world.    If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to join in on uplifting, heart-centred conversations!    Thank you so much for watching! I love you, yes I do :D    RESOURCES:   Linden:  FIND ME HERE:  Music provided by The Sound
January 13, 2021
Getting Real About Personal Development With Hakeem Brookes: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #4
Ray gets real with Hakeem Brookes, who has worked with some of the biggest names in personal development, about the personal development journey, understanding our why, embracing the art of not knowing answers all the time, and the importance of finding beauty in the process.   If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to join in on uplifting, heart-centred conversations :)   Thank you for watching :) Video: 00:00:30 - Welcome, Hakeem!  00:01:00 - Question: What Does Facing Your Past Look Like For You?  00:01:40 - Question: What Is The Value Of Connecting With Your Why?  00:03:20 - Why ‘Being The Best’ Is To Be Informed By Love, Not Need  00:05:12 - Nurturing A Love Of Learning From A Young Age  00:07:20 - Hakeem’s Insights From Tony Robbin’s Platinum Program  00:09:10 - Pausing To Implement Lessons Is Important (Rather Than Constant Input)  00:09:38 - The Dangers Of ‘Personal Development Addiction’  00:11:47 - The Importance Of Including Loved Ones/Your Past In Your Transformation Path  00:13:45 - Adversity Happens For Growth  00:15:35 - How To Navigate Your Growth Vs The Role You Play In Other’s Growth  00:18:00 - Being the ‘Unsolicited Saviour’ in Other's Journeys  00:20:00 - The Traps And Conventions Of The Personal Development Industry  00:21:00 - The Best Coaches Are The Ones Who Are Ready To Be Your Friend  00:21:20 - Hakeem Discusses His Values  00:23:25 - The Fallacy Of Needing To Conquer All Our Fears   00:23:40 - The Myth of Arrival and "Getting There"  00:25:15 - You Can’t Get Anything Done If You’re Beating Yourself Up  00:28:05 - The Perils Of Undirected Ambition   00:30:05 - It Boils Down To The Search For Love And Connection  00:32:00 - Beware Of Seeking Others To Feel Like Yourself  00:34:00 - The Butterfly Becoming Itself (Surrender To The Process Of Your Own Becoming)  00:36:15 - None Of Us Can Do This Alone  00:38:20 - Heroes, The Alchemist, Will Smith, and ‘Laying This Brick Perfectly’   00:40:15 - You Are Being Moved By The Universe, Supported On Your Path  00:42:20 - The Illusion Of Polarity (It's Both, And)  00:44:29 - Sun Tzu, The Art Of War - The Middle Is Where You Make Decisions That Work   00:47:11 - There’s Always An Abundance Of Opportunity (Scarcity Kills Creativity)  00:49:00 - Approaching Fears With Inquisitiveness And Play  00:49:30 - Question: How Do You Experience Beauty Day-To-Day?  00:51:00 - Letting Fear Fade Because You’re One With It, Not Because You’ve Fought It  00:52:00 - Question: How Can Creativity Help Us Find Out Who We Are?  00:54:11 - When Creativity Becomes Boundary-Breaking Innovation  00:56:15 - An Openness To Testing New Thresholds To Find Out Who We’re Here To Be  00:56:50 - Question: What Do You See For Yourself In The Future?  00:57:10 - Taking A Moment To Not Know  00:58:00 - Not Linking Your Identity To An Activity   00:59:40 - Committing Ourselves To Knowing Who We Are  01:00:00 - Socially Distant Hugs!  01:00:40 - Hakeem: How This Chat Helped Me Inform Myself  01:01:55 - Farewells RESOURCES:  Hakeem: FIND ME HERE: Music provided by The Sound
September 8, 2020
Finding Beauty in Ordinary Moments with Anita Patel: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #3
Ray has a heart to heart with humanities teacher and poet Anita Patel about nourishing our hearts with words and ordinary moments - especially during uncertain times. They discuss the spirituality of poetry, the many lives of readers, as well as the role of privilege and perspective during the current pandemic.   If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to join in on uplifting, heart-centred conversations! Thank you for listening :)    Video:   RESOURCES:    Anita's Blog  A Common Garment by Anita Patel Heart Stitched, Annie Franklin and Anita Patel  FIND ME HERE:  Website:   Facebook:  Instagram:   Music provided by The Sound:
June 29, 2020
Practise Heart-Centred Activism with Ber-Henda Williams: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #2
On this episode, Ray has a heart to heart with Visionary Empath coach, speaker and poet Ber-Henda Williams. Set against the backdrop of the historic BLM protests after George Floyd's murder, they discuss the task ahead for all of us; the inner work it takes to engage in conscious, sustainable and heart-centred activism in 2020 and beyond. Enjoy! [Time stamps and audio below] Video: 00:01:00 Q: How are you doing, Ber-henda? 00:02:10 The dangers of glossing over pain 00:02:25 The only way to heal is to tell the truth 00:03:00 Q: Advice for those separating the conversation?  00:03:45 The dark origins of America’s police (slave-catchers)  00:04:45 Why is it difficult for some to accept the truth of #BLM? 00:05:25 Sitting with your discomfort 00:06:25 Q: What is your personal journey and your process? 00:06:55 B’s tumour analogy (racism, sexism, colourism) 00:07:45 I never want to become the thing I say I am opposed to  00:08:15 A society built on stolen land (Atonement is needed) 00:08:30 Ber-henda’s heroes (MLK, others) 00:09:10 Venting Vs. Honouring and Expressing our emotions 00:09:30 The perils of emotional bypassing 00:09:55 The importance of moving towards a resolve 00:10:15 The dance between acknowledging/empowering victims 00:11:45 The need for radical honesty 00:12:45 Why its damaging to say ‘I don’t see colour 00:13:00 The lack of basics (water, places to by groceries) 00:14:25 The disconnection between reality and statistics (1873) 00:16:00 Ber-henda’s body metaphor (rest the wound) 00:18:00 Ray’s caution for those diverting their focus from #BLM  00:21:00 The role of the centrist 00:23:00 How neutrality impedes progress 00:26:00 The perils of politicising human rights 00:28:00 Our lived experiences each vary 00:30:00 The black community’s lack of unifying practices 00:32:00 Why change shouldn’t take longer than 5 years 00:33:30 Every human being has the right to live their purpose 00:35:00 Ray’s body analogy (the whole body is on board) 00:37:00 How in nature there is no debate when healing’s needed 00:39:00 The importance of articulating specific needs (#BLM) 00:41:00 Q: What can people do to help #BLM? (Their own skills) 00:43:00 Being of service and acting on shared humanity 00:45:00 Why empaths are suited for helping create change 00:46:00 Q: What is Ber-henda’s Why? 00:48:00 Embodying the beliefs we hold, farewells 00:49:00 Post-show You can find more of Ber-Henda at: • • Music provided by The Sound
June 23, 2020
Live Your Values with Kat Millar: Heart to Heart with Ray Mardia #1
On this episode, Ray has a heart to heart with coach and entrepreneur Kat Millar. They discuss friendship, love, personal values, faith and the deeper questions of life. Enjoy! Video: Chapters 00:00:25 What I love most about Kat 00:01:25 Kat discusses the importance of values 00:02:25 Kat discusses limiting beliefs 00:03:25 Q: What are some lessons from family? 00:04:25 The importance of playfulness 00:05:25 Making time for your staff 00:06:25 Being busy as a badge of honour 00:07:25 The mind is not physical 00:08:25 The percentage we spend in the present 00:09:25 Kat’s intentional mornings 00:10:25 The importance of balancing phone use 00:11:25 How social media robs us of our time 00:12:05 Q: What is important to have in relationships? 00:13:20 The healing power of forgiveness 00:14:20 The dangers of transactional friendships 00:15:20 The importance of shedding expectations 00:17:20 Balancing unconditional love with boundaries  00:18:20 The importance of tonality & body language 00:20:30 Seeing conflict as a growth experience 00:21:10 Kat’s love languages 00:22:10 Ray’s love languages  00:23:00 Q: How did creativity become a value for you? 00:24:10 Kat’s gothic poetry (teen years) 00:26:25 Q: What brings you joy? 00:27:10 Giving yourself to be creative at work 00:28:20 Removing the barriers to receiving love 00:29:20 Q: What do you love about your work? 00:30:15 Q: We filter good from bad based on our beliefs 00:31:10 How ugly feelings can bring beauty 00:33:55 All suffering comes from wanting what is to be different 00:34:40 What if we just felt the thing that’s happening 00:35:25 Q: When did you decide to begin you transformational journey? 00:37:35 There’s more to what we see 00:38:20 Q: What role does faith play in your life? 00:40:10 Trust in faith and the unseen 00:41:20 Seeking solace in the divine 00:42:10 Be close to yourself in tough times 00:43:35 Q: What’s a question you’re navigating right now? 00:44:50 Q: What’s a time you surrendered to faith? 00:45:40 It’s okay to have sad and uncertain moments 00:46:00 Kat’s London story 00:47:00 Uncertainty is an old friend 00:47:20 What we’ve been through is for us and others too 00:48:10 Q: What can you share for those realising dreams? 00:49:25 The what leads to the how (and be patient) 00:50:30 Q: What future do you want to create? 00:51:25 Do business where people feel cared about 00:51:45 Ray shares her goals 00:52:20 Living our values 00:53:35 Farewells 00:54:10 Post-Show Shenanigans & Goofs Resources How to Break Up with Your Phone, by Catherine Price Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp You can find more of Kat at Music provided by The Sound
May 28, 2020