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The Ray(s) Vs. Everybody Podcast

The Ray(s) Vs. Everybody Podcast

By raymond ankrum
Ray(s) vs. Everybody is a concept podcast with an educational spin.
The two Ray's will tackle issues in education and Popular Black culture in a way that uplifts the culture.

Ray Jr. is a 13-year old whiz kid, currently completing his sophomore year in High School. Ray Sr. is a doctoral candidate presently and set to defend his dissertation later in 2019.

Both Rays' offer their opinions and have a lot to say.

This podcast will also touch on fatherhood and issues that Black and Latinx parents face when communicating with their children. So sit back and enjoy the ride! Not 1 but 2 Rays'.
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White people should never use the N-Word!

The Ray(s) Vs. Everybody Podcast

Police Brutality on Broward County teenager.
In this episode, I talk with Ray about police brutality and it's impact on the Black and Latinx community. He then schools me on ways in which the police can police better, and how our lives have to start mattering.
April 21, 2019
White people should never use the N-Word!
In this episode the Rays’ talk about white people and their usage of the N-word. We want to inform folks of the power of words while being solution oriented on how to handle these types of situations in the era of Trump.
April 15, 2019
The Miseducation of Kodak Black
In the first episode of Ray (x2) vs. Everybody we talk about Kodak Black and his current media backlash.  Ray Jr. comes into his own as a voice for teenagers growing up in the United States post-Obama.  It's vital that we give our young Black and Latinx teenagers an outlet to express themselves.  There's no better way to do that than to meet them on technological platforms that peak their interests while creating a safe space for them to be expressive.
April 12, 2019