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Line Cook Thoughts

Line Cook Thoughts

By Line cook thoughts
A podcast focusing on the everyday workers of the food service industry. I strive to promote cooks and other food service workers, and give an audio experience that help listeners relate to these stories. Send your stories to@linecookthoughts on Instagram.
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Episode 120: Why Creativity Outside Of The Plate Matters
On this episode I talk about the idea of creativity, and how applying your passion for plating with the same intensity in areas such as food business can be career changing. I then share why you need to be on Clubhouse if you are a food industry worker. Finally. I touch on Imposter Syndrome and why it can not hold you back.  Leave a review on Apple Podcasts! Go to and use promo code "linecookthoughts" for 50% off of coaching services. Offer good until March 6th, 2021 Check out for the official Line Cook Thoughts Blog. 
March 3, 2021
Episode 119: From Tech to Food Media and Entrepreneurship With Lamees Attar-Bashi
On this episode I chat with Lamees Attar-Bashi. Lamees AttarBashi is an MBA Engineer turned Tv chef & personality, An international culinary enthusiast with a focus on representing Middle Eastern cuisine in a very fun and approachable way, debunking a lot of misconceptions on how hard or long it can be by showcasing short cuts & easy steps on how to cook her food! Middle Eastern food is rich with flavor, taste and unique delicious dishes and its not just shawarma, hummus & falafel so she hopes she can be  a gateway into that untapped cuisine! She is also a recipe developer, a constant Nomad who spent most of her years traveling the world and learning about different cuisines & food which she in turn infused that into her cooking and dishes. Lamees is currently working on her startup company in California( Bashi Superfoods) focusing on healthy superfood snacks that she hopes her audience and customers will enjoy! A snack that is enhanced by nature’s own ingredients.  Check out for our official blog we just launched! As a line cook thoughts follower visit and use promo code "linecookthoughts"  for 50% off a professional coaching session. Offer good until March 6, 2021
February 24, 2021
Episode 118: What Would You Tell Yourself If You Could Start Again?
On this episode I spent the last few weeks asking those in the industry this question: "If you could go back in time and tell yourself any piece of advice in regards to starting out in food, what would it be?" I share some amazing pieces of advice from all of the people that shared, and also contemplate what I would have told myself. Some great content in here for anyone, whether you are just starting out or have been experienced for years in the business of food.  Please visit and use the promo code "linecookthoughts" for 50% off of a professional culinary coaching session.  If you are on Apple, please leave us a review!
February 11, 2021
Episode 117: Starting A Food Media Career With Kendall Beach
On this episode I chat with Kendall Beach. A graduate from The Culinary Institute of America, Kendall is the Kitchen Producer for The Babish Culinary Universe. In the episode we talk about her entering the industry, graduating during a Pandemic, and landing a role with one the most prominent food media creators of our time. We also discuss my hate for American Cheese, and NYC Bagels. 
February 3, 2021
Episode 116: What Society Doesn't Understand About People In The Food Industry
On this episode I discuss a topic that many of you have shared with me. I asked cooks directly what people do not understand about those in the food industry, and they share. Whether it be the long hours, the education needed to do the work, or how little they feel valued I discuss a lot of the issues cooks face in this episode. 
January 27, 2021
Episode 115: Good, Rich Life: A Conversation With Val Goodrich
On this episode I chat with Val Goodrich about her self published food magazine: Good, Rich Life. We talk about the independent work she did to bring the magazine to life, how she curated her content, and future plans for food media. Get the magazine at
January 17, 2021
Episode 114: Photography and Kintsugi with Joseph Weaver
On this episode, I chat with photographer and artist Joseph Weaver. We chat about his photography career, and how he gets great shots of food and the people who create it. We then talk about modern Kintsugi, an art style focused on restoring broken ceramics. A great conversation with someone who has taken different paths in our diverse industry. 
January 11, 2021
Episode 113: Hard Work and Achieving Goals with Sophie Lynn
On this episode I chat with Chef Sophie Lynn. We chat about her career so far, managing it during the pandemic, and taking the role of Executive Chef. She shares how she has achieved her goals, the work it took, and what she is aiming for in the future. Finally, she stresses the importance of your team, and why they are integral to your success. 
January 6, 2021
Episode 112: 2020 Podcast Year In Review
On this episode, I reflect on the change 2020 has brought me. I then share the top 10 most listened to episodes of this podcast in the past year, and contemplate what the future may hold. Thank you all so much for this year, and I will see you in 2021!
December 31, 2020
Episode 111: Square One Chocolates
On this episode I chat with Lila Johnson about Square One Chocolates. Square One Chocolates is a small, pop-up business on Instagram run by two recent graduates from The Culinary Institute of America, Lila Johnson and Tony Wuesthofen. The two basement entrepreneurs started Square One in acknowledgment of the change that is now required of them, as well as other culinarians, in response to COVID-19.  Get official Line Cook Thoughts Merchandise @ 
December 21, 2020
Episode 110: A Guide to Starting Out In Food Media
In this episode, I address a topic that many have been reaching out to me for. As we as an industry look to diversify our skillset, many are looking to media and building brand as a way to do so. In this episode I share how I got started in all of my various media outlets. From Instagram, to writing, to podcasting I go over it all and give my experience. I do not expect everyone to follow this exactly, but I did want to share in the hopes of creating clarity and a path for those who want to create content. Good Luck!
December 12, 2020
Episod 109: Talking Tik Tok with Chef Kelsey Shade
In this episode, I get to chat with Kelsey Shade. Kelsey is a 22 year old social media influencer and freelance cook. With over 335k+ followers on Tik Tok, she has been able to transform her online success into a thriving career path. She shares how she went viral, how she's sustained it, what she is working on now, and gives advice for anyone trying to break through in food media. 
November 16, 2020
Episode 108: What Matters To The End Consumer with Chef Taffy Elrod
In this episode, I chat with Chef Taffy Elrod about her career and time during the pandemic. We then talk about what the consumers are looking for in the age of COVID, and what food seems most important to those dining out.
November 8, 2020
Episode 107: Don't Let Others Dictate Your Career
The podcast is back! Thank you all so much for the support while I have taken this break. In this episode, I give an update on the brand. Then I dive deep into my decision to chose a different career path in the food industry. I also discuss why you need to dictate your career path, and why any decision now on where you are going is ultimately yours and no one else's. Check out for official podcast merchandise. 
November 3, 2020
Episode 106: Food Writing and James Beard: A Conversation With John Birdsall
On this episode, I chat with John Birdsall. We chat about his career, how his writing reflects upon the issues gay cooks face in our industry, and also the impact people such as Jeremiah Tower and James Beard have had on our industry. His new book The Man Who Ate Too Much: A Life of James Beard is out October 6th. Be sure to get a copy!
September 6, 2020
Episode 105: The No Kid Hungry Fundraiser
Hello! This short episode is explaining the running fundraiser next month. The goal is to raise $10,000 between September 1st and September 30th. We will run 47 miles to represent 47% of households facing hunger. Hit the link in the bio to sign up, and hope to see you out there!
August 30, 2020
Episode 104: 3D Food Printing with Elzelinde van Doleweerd
In this episode I chat with Elzelinde about her start up based in the Netherlands, Upprinting Food. Her company focuses on sustainable food printing, and we discuss how it works, how food waste can be saved, and what is being done to expand the technology to more Chefs. Website: Running Link:
August 23, 2020
Episode 103: The Meaning of Rating Systems Now with Marisel Salazar
On this episode I chat with Marisel Salazar about the importance of rating systems right now. She is a NYC-based food writer, and also focuses on celebrating POC and Minorities in the kitchen through her writing. She is someone who’s career is diverse, and is a great example for anyone trying to chase multiple passions in the industry. Links :
August 16, 2020
Episode 102: Eat Well. Train Well. Live Well. A Conversation With Lynnardo Holland
On this episode I chat with Lynnardo Holland, owner of TheSkinnyFatCook. It is a business focused on operating a platform for people to get exposed to a healthier way of life, with the healthier way of life being focused on eating more real food, being active, and taking care of mental/spiritual health. A lot of great info for anyone trying to better themselves in this episode!
August 10, 2020
Episode 101: What Should Chefs Eat? A Conversation with Melanie Wong
In this episode, I chat with Melanie Wong. Melanie Wong is a Registered Dietitian and cook leveraging food and nutrition knowledge with culinary skills to help people foster healthy relationships with food and their health. She is a firm believer in enjoying food and understanding how it got on your plate. When she is not eating, thinking, or writing about food you can find her dancing or tending to her garden.
August 2, 2020
Episode 100: Why It Is Important To Talk To Cooks
We have reached episode 100! Thank you all so much for the opportunity to create this podcast and community. In this episode, I chat about the journey to 100, give some thanks, and then let cooks share why they feel it’s so important to talk to one another.
July 26, 2020
Episode 99: Talking Plate Magazine with Chandra Ram
On this episode I talk with Editor of Plate Magazine and cookbook author, Chandra Ram. We talk about the future of the magazine, her career, and how putting the magazine together works.
July 6, 2020
Episode 98: Buffalo Eats with Donnie Burtless
On this episode, I chat with Founder of Buffalo Eats, Donnie Burtless. We talk about his creation of the food blog and podcast, why Buffalo is a great dining city, and his journey on promoting the food industry here for the past eleven years.
June 29, 2020
Episode 97: Reshaping The Industry With Amethyst Ganaway
On this episode, I chat with Amethyst about what it means to be a well rounded Chef. We then get into the social justice issues we are facing, and how we can improve moving forward.
June 21, 2020
Episode 96: Where Do Cooks Fit In?
On this episode I discuss how cooks feel unheard in the industry, and why it is integral to talk to them more. I then talk about why now is the time for you to start the process of change you want to see in the industry.
May 29, 2020
Episode 95: Building Brand/Perfecting Tacos with Zuriel Barradas
On this episode, I chat with Zuriel Barradas. He is the owner of the Nomad, a pop up taqueria. We chat about his journey to building brand awareness through his food, and also his passion for being a Chef.
May 21, 2020
Episode 94: Wine, Beer, and Spirits with the Bevin4mers
On this episode I chat with the Bevin4mers. 4 friends in the service industry who have come together to share their knowledge of beverages, they speak about their respective niches in the beverage industry and share a lot of great knowledge. We talk about their preferences, stigmas related to certain alcoholic beverages, and much more!
May 15, 2020
Episode 93: The One About Gabriel Concordia
On this episode I chat with Gabriel Concordia. Gabriel’s love for travel and food has brought him to food-centric places around the world. Armed with degrees in Culinary Arts and Applied Food Studies from CIA, Gabriel has worked in several restaurants. He has cooked in the kitchens of Minibar by Jose Andres and Hartwood, and worked in the dining rooms of Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Pineapple and Pearls. In addition, he is a freelance food writer and occasionally teaches cooking classes. From his experience, Gabriel sees the issues of how we eat. In response, he has built relationships with other chefs, agriculturists, and food scientists to learn innovative and sustainable solutions to improve local food systems.
May 10, 2020
Episode 92: What Makes A “Strong” Chef?
On this episode, I chat about the idea of strength. I touch upon how we must utilize this time to assess that strong Chefs are ones who create the atmospheres of well being for themselves and the ones they lead. I then go into how this should be awarded. Finally, I chat about how YOU can find your strength, and make the most of this time. Stay safe!
May 5, 2020
Episode 91: The One About Anneka Brooks
On this episode I chat with Anneka Brooks. Anneka is the Service Director of Nomad, and has had a successful career in the FOH aspect of restaurants. In the podcast, we chat about her career, what it takes to become good with interpersonal skills in dining rooms, and how she is doing during the pandemic.
May 2, 2020
Episode 90: The One About Quincy Randolph
On this episode I chat with Pop-up Chef and Culinary Director of RND Coffee: Quincy Randolph. In this we chat about his time cooking in Chicago, how he built his own business, and how he is evolving the business through a pandemic.
April 29, 2020
Episode 89: The One About Stephanie Burt
On this episode I chat with Stephanie Burt. Stephanie Burt is the host of The Southern Fork podcast and a writer based in Charleston, SC. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Saveur, Washington Post, CNN's Parts Unknown, Conde Nast Traveler, and the Southern Foodways Alliance's Gravy. She focuses on researching heirloom ingredients, interviewing passionate culinary makers, and when she's in the kitchen, perfecting her roasted chicken recipe.
April 26, 2020
Episode 88: The One About Renée Sferrazza
On this episode I speak with Renée Sferrazza. She is a certified sommelier, wine consultant, and wine writer. In the podcast we chat about the sommelier exams, how to make wine more approachable, and what it is like to be an independent contractor in the world of wine. 
April 25, 2020
Episode 87: The One About Alexis Brown
On this episode, I chat with Alexis Brown.  Alexis is from South Haven, Michigan, and is a Food Service Manager. In the episode we chat about our time building a community garden at our college, how we are dealing with the pandemic, and how she has witnessed Line Cook Thoughts evolve. 
April 19, 2020
Episode 86: A Conversation with Jenny Dorsey
On this episode, I chat with Jenny Dorsey, a Chef, Author, and Speaker exploring the intersection of food, identity, and vulnerability. We chat about her recent TED talk, her nonprofit Studio ATAO, and her work to better the industry.
April 18, 2020
Episode 85: The One About Hanna Krilov
On this episode, I chat with Hanna Krilov. She is a pastry cook turned sommelier, and in the episode we chat about wine, how to learn about wine during the pandemic, and our shared admiration of New York City.
April 14, 2020
Episode 84: A Conversation with Andrew Friedman
On this episode, I speak with Andrew, the host of Andrew Talks To Chefs. We chat about the COVID-19 Pandemic, and how we might prepare as an industry for what the future might hold.
April 13, 2020
Episode 83: The One About Aaron Hutcherson
On this episode I speak with Aaron Hutcherson. Aaron Hutcherson is a freelance writer and recipe developer based in New York City, and runs the lauded recipe blog The Hungry Hutch. His work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Eater, Thrillist, TASTE, Simply Recipes, Food52, and others. Previous employers include MICHELIN Guide, Tasting Table, Food Network, Food Arts, and more. He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and had a career in finance prior to that.
April 11, 2020
Episode 82: The One About David Vidal
On this episode I chat with Chef David Vidal. David is the Senior Sous Chef at Scandic Laholmen in Strömstad, Sweden. In the episode, we discuss his upbringing in Malta, how he was able to learn baking and savory cooking, and how he has challenged himself to progress in his career.
April 9, 2020
Episode 81: The One About Val Goodrich
On this episode I speak with Val Goodrich. She is a Food and Beverage writer located in Pennsylvania. In the episode we chat getting into food media, what her creative process is like, and how she was able to create a career in the food writing field.
April 8, 2020
Episode 80: The One About Michelle Whitney
On this episode, I chat with friend Michelle Whitney. Born and raised in Connecticut, she is a CIA graduate in baking and pastry but moved to front of the house right after graduation. Since then she’s been living in San Francisco gaining experience in restaurants and living her best life. We talk about her career so far, how she has worked her way into the San Francisco dining scene, and how she is staying busy and motivated during this time.
April 7, 2020
Episode 79: A Take On The Industry With Justin Khanna
On this episode I chat with friend Justin Khanna on the state of the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. We talk on how we can use this time to move forward, evolve ourselves as Chefs, and how we can come out of the other end stronger than before. Hope you all are safe and that you enjoy. 
April 6, 2020
Episode 78: A Conversation With Kole Bailey
On this episode, I chat with good friend Kole Bailey. We talk about the state of the industry, and how we believe it will bounce back. We also discuss take out dining, what the image of the chef will be moving forward, and what projects Kole is working on in a time of self isolation.
March 22, 2020
Episode 77: Conversation with Marcello Molteni
In an effort to keep producing content amid the effects of coronavirus, I chat with friend Marcello. We talk about his personal situation with family, not working, and what it’s been like since the world has changed. We then talk about how the lifestyle of a cook and the education of food as a whole in the country needs to change or at least be examined. This is all in hopes to further a positive conversation that allows us to be better than ever upon returning to the kitchens we love. Hope all is well.
March 18, 2020
Episode 76: Anxious Times For a Cook
On this episode I touch on the impact coronavirus is having on our industry. I then go into anxiety and how it has affected me and how I try to work through it. Definitely a more serious episode than usual but I hope you all relate and have some peace in knowing we are in this together.
March 14, 2020
Episode 75: The One About Lagusta Yearwood
On this episode, I chat with Lagusta Yearwood. Lagusta is the owner of Lagusta’s Luscious and Lagusta’s Luscious Commissary, located in New Paltz NY. In the episode, we chat about her chocolate work, how she is forging her path as a business owner, and the responsibility you have for your employee welfare. Really loved this one, hope you all enjoy.
March 9, 2020
Episode 74: The One About Mary King
On this episode, I chat with Mary King. Experienced in the food service industry, we chat about her career and how she has come to run the blog, “Where The Sidework Ends”. Interesting chat and some great stories shared.
March 2, 2020
Episode 73: The One About Cody Castiglia
On this episode, I chat with Cody Castiglia. Cody is the Chef/Owner of Della Terra, a business focused on catering and cooking classes while using the best ingredients possible during the season’s harvest. We chat about our time cooking together, his ventures out to the West Coast, and his approach to being a Chef.
February 24, 2020
Episode 72: The One About Corey Mintz
On this episode I chat with Corey Mintz. Corey has been a critic for the Toronto Star, and has written many acclaimed articles on food. We chat about his career, and what it meant for him to make a career of writing about food.
February 18, 2020
Episode 71: Family Meal: A Push for Healthier Lifestyles for Cooks
On this episode, I speak with Ross and Jill of Family Meal, a nonprofit located in Buffalo, NY dedicated to helping cooks lead a healthier and positive life. This talk goes into their plans for the organization, the struggles a cook faces, and what we can do to help others on the line every service. Hope you all enjoy a conversation about a great cause!
February 10, 2020
Episode 70: The One About Jenny McCoy
On this episode, I chat with the owner of Recette in Chicago, Jenny McCoy. In it, we talk about her astounding career in restaurants, food writing, and how she ended up falling in love with the Cannelé. Very inspiring story of finding your place in the industry and not being boxed into one distinct segment of the industry. Please follow her on Instagram, and try a Cannelé!
January 26, 2020
Episode 69: “You Started in Fast Food?”
On this episode, I go over this idea of humble beginnings in the industry, and why it is so valuable to appreciate the different sectors in our profession. I then talk about what I would like to see out of the industry in the next decade.
January 19, 2020
Episode 68: The One About Chris Spear
On this episode, I chat with owner of Perfect Little Bites and the host of Chefs Without Restaurants: Chris Spear. We talk about this concept of taking the restaurant with you, and how some unconventional restaurant jobs can give you what you may be looking for in terms of a career opportunity.
January 13, 2020
Episode 67: The One About Jamie Simpson
On this episode, I chat with Chef Jamie Simpson. Jamie is the Executive Chef Liaison at The Culinary Vegetable Institute. In the episode, we talk about his story of becoming a Chef. We then talk about his work at The Chef's Garden, and why more people should be learning about their food and where it comes from.
January 5, 2020
Episode 66: The One About Nyesha Arrington
On this episode, I chat with Chef Nyesha Arrington. The Los Angeles based Chef is a leader in the industry, and we go over her career and industry insights that have helped her reach success with brand deals, operating successful restaurant projects, and even competing in the Bocuse d’Or. Her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her achieve some pretty amazing goals, and continues to push her forward in this difficult world of cooking. Really great time getting to talk with someone so profound in her industry.
December 30, 2019
Episode 65: The One About Scott Guerin
In this episode, I chat with Scott Guerin. He is lead Research and Development Chef for Modernist Pantry. In the episode we chat about what modern cooking means, what his day to day work includes, and why modernist cooking is not confined only to fine dining. We also chat projects, including a plant based meat he has been working on. Very excited for you all to hear!
December 22, 2019
Episode 64: The One About Matthew Francis
On this episode, I chat with Matthew Francis, a food video producer. Matthew has experience in food media, working for one the largest food media companies for two years, helping to create viral food videos. Matthew has now stepped away to create his own brand, DinnerViews. He chats about his story of creating for himself, and pursuing food media. The Link to season 2 of DinnerViews:
December 15, 2019
Episode 63: One Year of Line Cook Thoughts
On this episode, I share the major lessons I have learned from the past year. In this year of running the podcast, I have learned a ton, and am so grateful to be able to make this content for you all. Thank you for making this project of mine possible!
December 9, 2019
Episode 62: The One About Martin Diez
On this episode I interview Chef Martin Diez. He is the Chef Patissier-chocolatier for the Barry Callebaut Group. In the episode, we talk about his journey of working his way through France. We then go into topics around Ruby Chocolate, how he creates his different flavors, and what it means to work in an industry with so many different preferences in regards to chocolate.
December 1, 2019
Episode 61: My 15 Year Journey To Perfect The Mysterious Cannelé de Bordeaux: Kriss Harvey Returns
On this episode, I have Kriss Harvey back on the podcast to go over his 15 year dedication to mastering the Cannelé de Bordeaux.
November 24, 2019
Episode 60: The One About Katy Osuna
On this episode, I chat with Katy Osuna, creator of Copper and Heat, a James Beard Award Winning Podcast. In this episode, we talk about staging, gaining respect in the industry, and what we want to see more of in the industry.
November 17, 2019
Episode 59: The One About David Pietranczyk
On this episode, I speak with David, Product and Marketing Specialist for Polyscience. He is also the creator of Flavor Bound Media. In this, we chat about his time working his way into Michelin dining, and eventually, his move into another sector of the industry. Definitely a must listen if another path in the industry is calling your name, and yet you are not sure you should take. David's story is an example of why you should. 
November 10, 2019
Episode 58: The One About Francesca Zani
On this episode, I chat with friend Francesca Zani. She is the creator of The Garnished Palate blog, and works within the food media world. We chat about her choice to follow an unconventional path in the industry, and the challenges it takes be in the food media world.
November 3, 2019
Episode 57: The One About Rachel Vazquez
On this episode I speak with my friend Rachel, aka the Sustainability Gangster. On it, we talk about her time learning why she’s in the industry. We then get into our disappointment in school lunches, what we teach kids about food, and what we would like to see in terms of culinary education for the youth. Hope y’all enjoy!
October 28, 2019
Episode 56: "What Do I Bring to a Stage?"
On this episode, I take some topics from YOU, and discuss them in depth. I first get into what you should bring to a stage and how you should prepare for it. I then talk about the idea of mental toughness and how i view mental toughness in the kitchen.
October 21, 2019
Episode 55: The One About Steve Doucakis
On this episode, I get to chat with Steve Doucakis. He is a Chef based out of Thailand, and it was awesome to get to make this episode happen. We chat about his time working in NYC, how to overcome self doubt, his decision to work overseas, and the pop-up he is working on now.
October 13, 2019
Episode 54: The One About Marcello Molteni
On this episode, I chat with Marcello Molteni. He tells his story, and how his career path has taken some different turns. He then talks about the importance of teaching yourself, staying true to yourself as a Chef, and trying to find happiness in a tough industry. Hope you all enjoy!
September 29, 2019
Episode 53: In The Weeds- Good or Bad?
On this episode, I talk about “the weeds”, a place all cooks have gone to. I then share why I feel every cook has a story, and then give some social media advice for cooks wanting to start their own brand.
September 22, 2019
Episode 52: The One About Arielle Lofton
On this episode, I speak with Arielle Lofton. She is a current student at The Culinary Institute of America. We chat about her finding herself in the industry, how traveling has impacted her, and why it’s important to believe in yourself when starting to define your career.
September 15, 2019
Episode 51: The One About Kriss Harvey
On this episode, I chat with Beverley Hills Chocolatier At andSons, Kriss Harvey. We talk about his career, different viewpoints in the industry, and how to innovate in a very traditionally set environment. Great conversation for any cook, but a lot of great pastry focused conversation here!
September 8, 2019
Episode 50: The One About Andrew Friedman
On this episode, I chat with Andrew Friedman. He is the author of “Chefs, Drugs & Rock and Roll”, and host of the podcast “Andrew Talks To Chefs.” We chat about his career in food media, how to process criticism, and how he captured the story of the American Food Revolution.
September 1, 2019
Episode 49: The One About Dylan Leary
On this episode, I interview friend Dylan Leary. Dylan is the founder of People4Tomorrow, an organization focused on teaching the people of Soroti, Uganda skills of self sustainability that include cooking and medicinal education. Dylan is also currently a student at The Culinary Institute of America, pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Food Studies. His journey to help others and find himself in the industry is inspiring and one that I was proud to share. Donate to the organization using this link:
August 25, 2019
Episode 48: Ego vs. Guest
On this episode I start out by chatting more on values of a higher education in cooking. I then talk about balancing your ego with the needs of the guest, and why the guest is our top priority as Chefs.
August 18, 2019
Episode 47: The Return of Justin Khanna
On this shared episode, I chat with Justin about a lot of topics related to cooks and branding. We get into cooks and their uses of various social media platforms, restaurant reviews and what we should be holding restaurants to, as well as how to create content as a Chef for the industry.
August 11, 2019
Episode 46: The One About Adam Loo
On this podcast, I speak with the culinary operations manager of MHG, Adam Loo. We talk about Being a Chef in Canada, starting in management early in his career, and how to effectively grow with a business mindset as a Chef.
August 4, 2019
Episode 45: 80 Pounds Down
On this episode, I share my journey of losing 80 lbs in the last year. The difficulty of being a chef and being overweight has been a struggle for me for years. I was finally able to overcome it, and here is how.
July 29, 2019
Episode 44: Impact of a Cook’s Podcast
On this episode I share a message I received from a veteran who is just starting in the industry. I then chat about how age shouldn’t hold you back from getting into the industry. Finally, I chat about the value of culinary school.
July 21, 2019
Episode 43: Humans of The Kitchen
On this episode, I speak with Beto from Humans of The Kitchen. It is a social media account focused on highlighting cooks. Telling their stories through some beautiful photography, this account shows some of the most raw photos of cooks on Instagram. We chat on how it started and why.
July 8, 2019
Episode 42: The One About Chad Minton
On this episode, I speak with the founder of True Cooks, Chad Minton. Also Co-owner of Spiceology, he has created a platform, and brand that speaks to cooks like no other. Working hard to connect to the true cooks of our industry every day, his message and work has been helpful to many, and I was happy to chat all things industry on this. Thanks for coming on Chef!
June 30, 2019
Episode 41: The One About Jessica Lorigo
On this episode, I speak with Chef Jessica Lorigo. Working in the famous kitchen of Mugaritz, and appearing on the Netflix Show The Final Table, Chef Lorigo has attained quite the successes and following. Coming from Buffalo, NY, we chat how she got into the food industry, and how hard work has led to some great opportunities.
June 23, 2019
Episode 40: Mentorship In Our Industry
On this episode, I share my own experiences of mentorship, and how blessed I have been to have people guiding me throughout my career. I share how mentors have connected to help me achieve goals and even dreams, and then share what we should be looking for in mentors. 
June 19, 2019
Episode 39: The One About Duane Brown
On this episode, I speak with mentor and friend Duane Brown about deciding your path in the culinary world. Discussing why business mindsets help you progress, we also talk about the balance of what it takes to become a successful leader in the industry, and just being true to what you want and what you can do to be happy and successful. Thanks Duane for chatting!
June 16, 2019
Episode 38: A Chat About Passion For The Food Industry
On this episode I talk about having passions for this industry and also having passions outside of this industry. The goal of trying to find happiness and balance in this career, and why it matters that you take care of yourself.
June 12, 2019
Episode 37: A Tribute To Chef Anthony Bourdain
It has been a year since Anthony Bourdain left us. I just wanted to create an episode commemorating him through my thoughts and messages sent in by listeners. If there is any episode to share, please share this one. And make sure to be there for each other. We are a family of cooks, let’s make sure to watch out for everyone in this industry. Thank you Anthony Bourdain for teaching us that we are family.
June 8, 2019
Episode 36: The One About Kareem Roberts
On this episode, I chat with Kareem Roberts, the owner of the instagram page @brokedinner. We chat about instagram chefs, finding yourself in the industry, how his culture impacts the way he sees food, and so much more. Just a chat between two content creators for cooks to hear! 
June 2, 2019
Episode 35: Emperor of Chef's, Godfather of Foodies: Auguste Escoffier
On this episode, I tell the story of Auguste Escoffier. In an effort to learn more of our past as cooks, I go deep into what he did for our industry, and the impacts he still has on us today. I hope I add just a little bit of value telling the story of one of the greatest Chefs of all time.
May 29, 2019
Episode 34: The One About Michael Ruhlman
On this episode, I speak with Author Michael Ruhlman. Michael is a food writer, making books such as The Making of a Chef and Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing. He is definitely someone I look up to due to his work, and was excited to chat with him on his work and what’s to come.
May 26, 2019
Episode 33: 5 Minutes To Close
On this episode I talk about the idea of how many different people we serve throughout our careers. I then chat about cooking until service ends, and why even your last plate matters. I then share my thoughts on cooking on days off, and of course share some Line Cook Thoughts. Thoughts in this episode shared by: @chefeliotttttt, @the_laurentian, and @wookieeman
May 22, 2019
Episode 32: The One About Jenny Dorsey Part 1
On this episode I speak with Chef Jenny Dorsey. She introduces herself, and then we get into the culture of working in Michelin restaurants. We talk the morals of fine dining, what we like and dislike, and what we feel is changing or needs to change in the industry. Chef will return to talk more of her work, and I look forward to the second episode with her.
May 19, 2019
Episode 31: The Empathetic Ramp Forager
On this podcast, I discuss why it is important to have empathy in a kitchen. This important skill is invaluable to Chefs everywhere, and I wanted to give my thoughts on it. I then get into my time I spent foraging for ramps and being out in the woods gathering my own food. I then shoutout Impossible Burger for the tremendous amount of financial support they received from a lot of celebrities. Finally, I discuss my first time at Shake Shack, and why I am inspired by the work of Danny Meyer. Thoughts in this episode from: @devonwhisler1987, @chef.feefee, and @martin_verano.
May 16, 2019
Episode 30: The One About Lowana Lunasco
On this episode I chat with Lowana. She is a cook and also the creator of the YouTube Channel Yagottacook. She focuses on the value in teaching young adults how to cook, and we talk about content creation, her background in food, and how to inspire the next generation of cooks.
May 12, 2019
Episode 29: Mushroom Toast, Two Poached Eggs and A Glass of Orange Juice
On this episode, I start by sharing the day I had with my Chef, Ross Warhol. Then i get into breakfast, and my opinion on certain breakfast foods and how i enjoy and dislike them. After that, I chat about eating breakfast for dinner. Finally, I get into why breakfast cooks are some of the best cooks in in the industry, and why they deserve more of the spotlight. This is one episode of many more breakfast themed episodes. Enjoy! Topics of this episode based on ideas from: @yagottacook @jt88851 @daledoe2 Line Cook Thoughts featured by: @mattyyates2101, @razcooks, and @gillespiebryce
May 8, 2019
Episode 28: The One About Sam Bacharach
On this episode, I speak with my friend Sam. Sam is a sommelier at a 2 Michelin star restaurant. He has a breadth of knowledge on wine, and I thought it would be a good chat on learning more about wine and it’s place in dining.
May 5, 2019
Episode 27: A Stage And The Inability To Use The Subway
On this episode, I start out by going over my experiences of staging. I talk about the good, the bad, my inability to use a subway, and why you have to stage in white in truffle season. I then get into Music in the kitchen, and if  I believe it belongs or not. After that, I talk about why i enjoy foraging, and the first time I went out on a foraging trip. Finally, I share some Line Cook Thoughts. Topics on this episode pulled from suggestions by @dom_larosa, and @jessahardy333. Thoughts shared by @sweetsbystephanie_, @charas_kitchenandcatering, @akopp47, and @roastingthebeasr.
May 1, 2019
Episode 26: The One About Jerry Fischetti
On this episode, we talk about treating your employees in a fair way. We then talk about empowering your team, and why a good organizational culture will help you in the kitchen in terms of efficiency and success.
April 28, 2019
Episode 25: Paying Dues, Signature Items, and Being Friends With A Sommelier
On this episode I start by reminding you all of the Anthony Bourdain Tribute Episode I am trying to put together. I then give my thoughts on Kwame Onwuachi's new book. After that, I chat about a major fast food chain and the changes that they saw this past week. I then start the thought of using food memories to interact with diners. Finally, I share my experience on going out to eat with a sommelier and the major benefits of having a friend who knows about wine. Line Cook Thoughts in this episode shared by: @chefprodigy_jamir. @grodycody_, @izbz, @auroradbee
April 24, 2019
Episode 24: The One About Joe Sasto
On this episode I speak with Chef Joe Sasto. We talk A LOT about pasta. We also chat about his career, and where he is headed next. Great conversation for anyone who has a passion for cooking or pasta!
April 21, 2019
Episode 23: Just a Cook?
On this episode I share why being an entrepreneurial chef is so important in this day and age. I then get into why only cooking for the opinion of others is detrimental, and how it made me feel lost in the industry. I shoutout some love for Gary Vee, and how he inspired me to find the right path in my career. I then talk about my cookbook collection, and some solid recommendations on what to read. I spend a few minutes on why dishwashers mean so much, and then share your Line Cook Thoughts. Thoughts shared by: @the_cyclops_cook, @kayla.demiro, @needsmorebutter, and @cheffit.ed.
April 17, 2019
Episode 22: The One About Lauren Joffrion
On this episode, I speak with Chef Lauren Joffrion. Lauren runs, a vegan food blog. We chat about her new role as Pastry/Sous Chef. We also discuss her Southern roots and how it influences her cuisine.
April 14, 2019
Episode 21: The One About Louis Robinson
On this episode, I speak with Chef Louis Robinson. Chef Robinson is the owner of The Spice pop-up restaurant. He also is a restaurant consultant, and runs the instagram page @soignefood. After gaining 118k followers on his account, he has learned some valuable lessons from promoting his brand. He goes over his different career focuses, and why he does different jobs. We then talk about building a brand, and why it is important. A must listen for any entrepreneurial chef!
April 10, 2019
Episode 20: The One About Kathy Merget
On this episode, I speak with Kathy Merget. Kathy is Dean of student affairs at The Culinary Institute of America. We speak about physical and mental wellness outside of the kitchen. We also raise the topic of Mise en Place outside of the kitchen, and how it can be applied to daily life.
April 7, 2019
Episode 19: Sixty Four
On this episode, I start by talking about the positives of eating at hole in the wall places. I then talk about Mise En Place and what it means for cooks. After that I reflect on Michelin vs. Progressive restaurants. Finally, I share how I was able to lose 64 lbs in the past 7 months while being a cook. Topics based off of ideas by: @thatkidcameron @exoxms97 Thoughts shared by: @sarah.anne.stephan @lemmelime_ @stovetopped
April 3, 2019
Episode 17: Teach, Don't Show
On this solo episode, I discuss topics shared by YOU, the Line Cook Nation. I talk about The importance of teaching cooks properly, and building a positive relationship through that. I also go into why being productive on days off helps you to prevent burnout. I then talk about paying dues, based off of the Eater article with Chef Kwame. Finally, I go over some thoughts from Instagram and also give some podcast and book recommendations. This episode's content comes from: @chad_bosquez @chefcliffsmith @tj_bleau @rickatron
March 27, 2019
Episode 16: The One About Michael Zebrowski
On this episode, I interview Chef Michael Zebrowski. Chef is a Pastry Arts instructor at The CIA. He is also the co-author of The Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book. He gives some great advice and talks about what it was like creating a resource for other pastry chefs.
March 24, 2019
Episode 15: The One About Jeremiah Tower
On this episode, I speak with one of the first Chefs who sparked the ingredient revolution, Jeremiah Tower. Known as one of the first Celebrity Chefs, we chat about his impact and what he did as A Chef. We then chat about his views on the modern food industry and he also gives some advice to cooks.
March 17, 2019
Episode 14: The One About Dillon Marra
On this episode, I speak with Chef turned Entrepreneur Dillon Marra. Dillon is the founder of Smallplate Blades, a business in which he makes custom knives. We talk about knife making, being a leader in and out of the kitchen, and how he has built his brand. Check him out and grab a knife made by him!
March 10, 2019
Episode 13: The One About Ryan Peters
On this episode, I got to interview Chef Ryan Peters. Ryan is Sous Chef at Fish Nor Fowl in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We chat about going from being a Line Cook to a Sous Chef, some trends in the industry, competing in the Young Chef competition and also how smaller cities are evolving with their food scenes.
March 3, 2019
Episode 12: Buffalo Wings, Habits, and Leadership and What They All Have In Common
On this episode, I talk about the subject of authenticity sent to me from a follower. I then go into some leadership habits I picked up from a book I read. Finally, I share your thoughts from the instagram page and elaborate on them. 
February 24, 2019
Episode 7: The One About Ross Warhol
On this episode, I speak with mentor and friend Chef Ross Warhol. Ross has worked in some of the best kitchens in the world including El Bulli and Alinea. He shares his story and also philosophies on food. This episode is for die hard cooks and foodies alike! (This episode was recorded on January 7th and re-released due to technical issues.)
February 20, 2019
Episode 11: The One About Brian Kaywork
Brian Kaywork is a lecturing instructor at The Culinary Institute of America. In the episode we cover how food has revolved since he has graduated from the CIA. We talk about foraging and how to get started in it. We then discuss how he got into teaching the future people of our industry, and how they can set themselves up for success!
February 17, 2019
Episode 10: The One About Justin Khanna
Ok this episode, I interview Chef Justin Khanna. Justin has worked in the best restaurants in the world and is also an industry figure on YouTube and in podcasting. Justin shares how he has empowered himself to build his own brand, and what cooks elsewhere could do to start. Very proud of this podcast, and we both hope you all follow your dreams! (This podcAst was recorded January 20th and re-uploaded due to technical issues)
February 5, 2019
Episode 6: The One About EJ Lagasse
On this episode, I speak with EJ Lagasse. Son of Emeril Lagasse, EJ is a young Chef breaking the mold of what it means to be a young professional in the foodservice industry. A lot of great content and just a very good listen if you are trying to make it in the food industry. (This episode was recorded on January 6th and re-uploaded due to technical issues)
February 4, 2019
Episode 9: The One About Jessica Scott
On this episode, I speak with Chef Jessica Scott. She had been featured on Food Network, and is now the Pastry Chef of Barton G restaurants. She shares her story and gives advice for doing your best in the industry, and taking the chances to move forward with your career! (This episode was recorded on January 12 and re-uploaded due to technical issues)
February 4, 2019
Episode 5: The One About Adam Shoemaker and Olivia Fisse
Adam and Olivia share their thoughts on the industry and also announce something big! (This episode was recorded on January 5th, was reuploaded due to technical issues)
January 30, 2019