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RcadeRadio is a LIVE "radio" show airing every other Thursday at 7:15pm CST on YouTube. Topics in this ‘cast include arcade collecting, restoration, console gaming, and anything related to the arcade scene from about the late 70s through the mid-90s. Join hosts Adam, Mark, and Bryan as they provide an outlet for Rcade News, History, Collecting Tips, and Interviews for their fellow gamers! Step back into the glory days of arcades with a special guest every episode. You're sure to find our content 100% fresh every single time you tune in. See you on the grid, Rcaders.
"Howard's Revenge" with Howard Scott Warshaw S04E36
Howard Scott Warshaw (aka HSW), is an accomplished producer, author, psychotherapist, and former game designer.  He designed and programmed the Atari 2600 games Yars' Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  Over the years, E.T. would be blamed for the demise of the video game industry and create an urban legend turned true regarding the disposal of the overproduced cartridge.  HSW recently appeared on the HIGH SCORE documentary which aired on Netflix in August 2020 and stars in his own episodic documentary:  Once Upon Atari. Please join us for our Season IV finale as we pick Howard's brain about his time at Atari and what he is up to now! Original air date: 09.10.20
September 12, 2020
"Death by Ball" with Tony Hauber S04E35
Two wizards, one ball--endless possibilities. Tony Hauber joins the RcadeRadio crew.  Who is this guy?  He's a brilliant game designer operating out of Elkader, IA--that's who!  He began work on his pet project DeathBall in 2017 while hanging out at the Killer Queen tournaments at GDC in San Francisco.  Yes, Yes, but what is DEATHBALL?  DeathBall is a simple, addictive, exciting arcade game with a vector feel to it.  And we love it.  Tune in tomorrow for the story of DeathBall, how it came to be, and where you can play it.  Original air date: Thursday 09.03.2020
September 12, 2020
"RcadeRadio 34" with Mark Adam and Bryan S04E34
More Shenanigans.  More WITJ.  More fun!  Have a listen and see what we're up to!
September 12, 2020
"Gosh, Mr. Peabody!" with Mr. Peabody! S04E33
We we have a special guest tonight.  You know him as Mr. Peabody in the chat.  We know him as regular WITJ champion and fellow MN arcade collector--Christopher Peabody!  What does this mean?  It's your big chance to take over the juke tonight!  Tune in and we'll talk about what Chris has been workin' on. 
September 12, 2020
"Star Worlds Arcade!" with Patrick O'Malley S04E32
Star Worlds Arcade is a little neighborhood arcade nestled in the Chicago suburb of DeKalb, Illinois. Its collection of games has been curated and cared for by by Patrick (Pac-man Pat) O'Malley and Glenn Thomas for three and a half decades.  In addition to running a large rotating inventory at their single location, Patrick and Glenn have also provided an exclusive STAR WORLDS room at the Midwest Gaming Classic for many years.  Patrick joins the RcadeRadio team tonight to hangout and talk about running Star Worlds for all these years through thick and thin.  Original air date: August 6th 2020.
September 12, 2020
"BitKit Update" with Aaron Reid S04E31
There's been a lot of updates to the BitKit since we last checked in with Aaron.  Tonight he joins us to talk BitKit tech and updates.  AND!  We'll be giving away a BitKit Mark I on the show tonight.  Brand new--never been opened!  Tune in for your chance to win!  Don't worry, it's not part of the WITJ segment... it will be a totally different contest! See you in the chat! Original air date: July 30th, 2020.
September 12, 2020
"RcadeRadio is on the Air" with Adam Mark and Stuff S04E30
Running with the theme of a show every week during COVID-19, Adam, Mark, and Bryan go solo on this episode of RcadeRadio!  Listen in for What's in the Juke, Back to the 'Cade, new Gadgets, and new news! Original air date: Jul 23, 2020
September 12, 2020
"RcadeRadio is on the Air" with Adam Bryan and Mark? S04E29
Bryan, Adam, and Mark fly solo and talk about a new Paradise Arcade Shop fighting "stick", Adam shares a new product, we talk about the new 1UP product--a virtual pin, and Mark set's us up for a stellar WITJ segment. Original air date: Jul 16, 2020
September 12, 2020
"Wreaking Havoc" with Owen Rubin S04E28
His name has become synonymous with innovation at Atari during the golden age of arcades.  Owen Rubin has had one of the most impressive careers in the arcade industry. His long list of game credits include (but are not limited to) Stompin, Night Stocker, Name That Tune, Shrike Avenger, Goalie Ghost, Major Havoc, Space Duel, Battlezone, Malibu Grand Prix, Tunnel Hunt, Orbit, Skydiver, Poolshark, Cannonball, and others.  He's managed to remain relevant today helping Apple to bring cutting edge products to market.  Tune in and we'll bend his ear on some of his favorite projects and find out what his favorite movie candy is.  Original air date: Jul 9, 2020
September 12, 2020
"Exterminate!" with Warren Davis S04E27
A true renaissance man, we are pleased to have Warren Davis on the show this episode. Actor, programmer, engineer, Warren has done it all.  For arcade enthusiasts you'll know him as the designer and programmer of the original Q*bert arcade video game. He was also a co-designer/programmer on other arcade titles, including Revolution-X, Cruis'n USA Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Exterminator (yes THAT Exterminator).Narc, Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest, and Us vs. Them.  What you might not know is he is an actor, producer, writer, and director!  He's worked in TV and film and been involved with some high profile projects such as Criminal Minds and The Middle Original airdate: Jul 2, 2020
July 9, 2020
Episode 100! "Redemption of the King" with Billy Mitchell S04E26
Once again, Billy Mitchell is back in the news. In June 2020, the Guinness Book of World Records reinstated both his Pac-Man world record and his Donkey Scores.   He gives us his thoughts and to ask him about some of the highlights that led up to those pivotal moments in gaming history.  The "bad boy of classic arcade gaming" might surprise you in this episode. Original airdate: Jun 25, 2020
July 9, 2020
"The Rack it Up Robbery" with proprietors Dustin and Julie Myers S04E25
On this episode we talk to Dustin and Julie Myers who were poised to open their arcade: RACK IT UP after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.  They didn't even get a chance to open their doors before they were ROBBED LAST SATURDAY.   They tell their story. We commiserate and talk about how RcadeRadio and its listeners can help.  We'll also talk to them about their love of the game and some positive stuff too.  Tune in.  UPDATE:  The games were recovered the very next day after this episode aired! Original airdate: Jun 18, 2020
July 9, 2020
"It's Your Call" with You S04E24
We got it together didn't we?   We've definitely got our thing together, don't we baby?  Isn't that nice? I mean really when you really sit and think about it isn't it really really nice?  I can easily feel myself slipping in more and more ways That simple world of my own... Nobody but you ... and me. We got it together, baby.   Tonight it's just an intimate night with Mark, Bryan, Adam, and YOU.  That's right, baby.  Pick up the phone.  Original airdate: Jun 11, 2020
July 9, 2020
"The Timelord" aka Barry Shilmover! S04E23
One of the guys in this photo is hobbyist Barry Shilmover.  Can you guess which one?  You know him as Shilmover on KLOV.  Back in Calgary he was known as THE TIMELORD.  Hint: It has something to do with Apple computers.   He's the inventor of a thing that can turn any old raster monitor into a vector monitor, he's got multi-vector, he built a multi-pac kit, he's a classic console and computer nerd--it's a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!  Tune in tonight to hear about his latest projects--including a drop in replacement for your 6100 deflection board...   Original airdate: Jun 4, 2020
July 9, 2020
"The Upside Down" with Steve Moerke! S04E22
In this episode we profile Minnesota collector STEVE MOERKE and his home arcade dubbed THE UPSIDE DOWN. Join us as we talk about his collection, that amazing neon sign he had made for his arcade, and you know--drink beer and just have a great time.  Just like every other show.  We manage to keep the clips in WHAT'S IN THE JUKE short enough that this episode is still up on YouTube.  Original Air Date: May 28th, 2020.
June 4, 2020
"Mike's Arcade Shop" with Mike Haaland! S04E21
Banned in some countries for some song on WHAT'S IN THE JUKE, this is the exclusive way to listen to episode 21 of season 4!  Mike of Mike's Arcade Shop is with us tonight! As many of you know, is one of the longest running arcade parts resources for the community! His shop provides things like reproduction Nintendo buttons and parts, Asahi Seiko products, joysticks and trackballs, hard to find components, chip upgrades & high score save kits, artwork, monitor cap-kits, troubleshooting tips, and even jukebox labels!  We talk shop AND he even has a few new parts to unveil on the show!  And we barely scratch the surface on stories from his many years in the hobby.  Original air date: May 21, 2020
May 26, 2020
"Grinkers Grand Palace Returns" with Steve from Grinkers! S04E20
Episode 420.  I feel like we should have done more for this episode...  And I'm hungry.  Grinkers is slated to re-open after a long hiatus for COVID-19 concerns.  Is it too soon?  Its proprietor, Steve, will be live on the show THIS Thursday to talk about what it's like being shutdown... from an empty, dark, arcade in the middle of Idaho. LIVE FROM GRINKERS this episode ROCKS.  WHAT'S IN THE JUKE is lit! Original air date: May 14, 2020
May 26, 2020
"No More Covid Nights" with Paul McCartney and Winging It S04E19
We do a call in show.  It's pretty fun.  Chatters call in and talk about what they're doing during the pandemic to keep their arcade hobby going.  Plus... we're just really glad to have some alone time. May 7, 2020
May 26, 2020
"She'll Make .5 Past Lightspeed" with Xyla Duval S04E18
Finally another woman on the show.  In a break from COVID-19 (and our usual sausage-fest) we managed to get Xyla Duval to join us for an episode! Proprietor of the now closed Hyperspace arcade in Lakewood, and before COVID-19, she decided to pull up stakes and move back to her home town Las Vegas with visions of opening her arcade there.   Hyperspace was one of the first retro arcades in CO! We talk to her about what that was like, what she's doing now--and what she plans for Hyperspace in the future. Bryan and Xyla also share an (un)common love for Exterminator which is continuing to be a dead horse that is repeatedly beaten... again.  and again.  Original air date:  Apr 30, 2020
May 26, 2020
"I'M GONNA FIX IT" with Arcade Jason! S04E17
Arcade Jason joins us on RcadeRadio!  What's HE doing to keep busy during this COVID-19 tediousness?  We'll talk to Jason about his latest projects and his YouTube channel and FB Page.  Tune in and to talk tech on this episode.  He's got a slew of new arcade gadgets and projects and we're just dying to hear what they are!  Original air date: Apr 23, 2020
May 26, 2020
"A Galloping Halt" with Doc Mack! S04E16
Part of the COVID-19 series of how you handle your business getting shut down:  Doc Mack of Galloping Ghost Arcade joins the RcadeRadio crew to talk about just how he's handling the shutdown.  Plus we'll just have a good time catching up and seeing how many games he's added since the last time we had him on the show.  And WHAT'S IN THE JUKE is stellar this week.  Check it out. Original air date: Apr 16, 2020
May 26, 2020
"We have a piper down, I repeat, a piper is down!" with Dan Loosen S04E15
Each year, Dan joins us to preview the show and tease what's to come in the upcoming event. In this episode we experience a range of emotions as we talk about the demise of Midwest Gaming Classic 2020. What does it take to shut down a show of this magnitude?  What is to yet to come? Original air date: Apr 9, 2020
May 26, 2020
"The Garcade Update" with Gar Nelson S04E14
Please join us in supporting friend of the show, Gar Nelson, and his colleagues at The Garcade tonight. We'll talk with Gar about what he's doing to stay positive (and negative from COVID19) during the temporary shutdown of one of the greatest arcades in Wisconsin: THE GARCADE. Apr 2, 2020
May 26, 2020
"Talkin' Turkey" with Todd Tuckey! S04E13
We hang out with our old pal, TODD TUCKEY of TNT AMUSEMENTS for the first time in three whole years! We catch up with Todd and ask how COVID-19 has impacted TNT Amusements Inc. and speculate on the Arcade Hobby and its future. We also get somewhat serious about his health scare and what he's doing to stay chipper during this awful time. Mar 26, 2020
May 26, 2020
"Eyes of a Stranger" with Jim Bodeanny! S04E12
Episode 12 of Season 4 - Tonight, we hang out with JIM BODEANNY (aka James Dinndorf), proprietor of dinkyflix(tm), arcade hobbyist, AND WORLD RECORD HOLDER ON EYES!  Coronavirus got you cooped up? This episode officially kicks off our weekly series.  Socialize with us in the chat tonight from a very safe distance! We'll see you there, Rcaders.  Original air date: Mar 19, 2020
May 26, 2020
"BitKit 2.0" with CraftyMech S04E11
The BitKit gets a Bluetooth upgrade and a few new surprises.  We talk to friend of the show, Aaron Reid about his invention and all of its latest features.  Gonna have to order up a few of these I think! Aaron Sanders drops in as guest host! Original air date: Mar 5, 2020
May 26, 2020
"It's a NEW WORLD RECORD!" with Jordan Dorrington S04E10
Episode 10 of Season 4 - We interview Jordan Dorrington! A couple of weeks back, Jordan set the NEW WORLD RECORD on GALAGA! We're going to find out how many bathroom breaks are involved and what drives a person to want to stand in front of a machine for 14+ hours. AND we go back to 1986 on WHAT'S IN THE JUKE! TUNE IN! Original air date: Feb 20, 2020
May 26, 2020
"Paging Mike Page!" with Mike Page! S04E09
Paging Mike Page.  But more than that, we have Canadian arcade collector, MIKE PAGE, joining us to hang out for the night.  He's been in the chat, he's been a champion at WHAT'S IN THE JUKE, and he's got an enormous collection of arcade and pinball machines! (He also makes some pretty kick-ass arcade magnets.)  We'll talk to Mike about his first pin he collected WAAAAY back in the mid 70s and about his time as an operator and arcade owner! Original air date: Feb 6, 2020
May 26, 2020
"This. Is. Starcade!" with Damon and Vicky Claussen S04E08
Episode 8 of Season 4 we're going back in time to 80s arcade nirvana!  ***THIS IS STARCADE! TV's first video arcade game show!  Starring your favorite video games and some brand-new ones being introduced to the public for the first time anywhere! ***  Tune in to hear us interview our Damon Claussen and get his insight's on the show, working with Geoff Edwards, and competing for his very own arcade game!  We even dial in his mom for as a surprise guest!  We find out how this cult classic television series impacted their lives all on the next exciting installment of RCADERADIO!  Original air date: Jan 23, 2020
May 26, 2020
"What's Your Vector, Victor?" with Matthew Janeczek S04E07
Episode 7 of Season 4 Matthew Janeczek, (MA-thyoo JA-ne-ZEK) joins RcadeRadio as guest host. If you're an arcade collector, you want this guy on your radar. He's one of the best vector monitor repair experts in the hobby!  We talk about all things vector tech including how to bulletproof and ensure that G08 doesn't flame out on you.  Original air date: Jan 9, 2020
May 26, 2020
"High Hopes are Up" with Carrie Zoller! S04E06
THURSDAY 12.26.2019, Episode 6 of Season 4 we celebrate the holidays ON-AIR with Carrie Zoller!  That's right, the woman behind this Arcade Parody will be joining us for some Rcade Holiday Goodness.  We'll talk about here latest parody video and her collection as well as all kinds of other rad arcade related goodness. Dec 26, 2019
May 26, 2020
"JERRY RETURNS!" with Jerry Buckner of Buckner and Garcia and Pac-Man Fever fame! S04E05
Another great guest returns for a second round.  This time he's got prizes for WHAT'S IN THE JUKE!  We re-hash some stories in this episode but there's also some great material he brings up that's new!  And we discuss the looming 40th anniversary of Pac-Man!  Original air date: Dec 12, 2019
May 26, 2020
"The Turkey Show! with Jenn May!" S04E04
Episode 4 of Season 4 we're live with 2NJenn aka Jenn May!  We'll talk to her about Free Play Florida, her work with Jonathan Taylor's arcade, bend her ear about here personal pow-wow with Walter Day, and talk about what we're thankful for.  Original air date: Nov 28, 2019
May 26, 2020
"MACLUNKEY!" with Just Us S04E03
Episode 3 of Season 4 is a Q&A with our listeners. Whether it's an arcade question or not, Adam, Mark, and/or Bryan will answer chatter questions and questions posed on the game line 612-548-GAME (4263) We see how this goes...  check it out for yourself.  Original air date: Nov 14, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Haunted Rcade" with Tim Hartman of Retrotainment Games! S04E02
The team interviews one of Retrotainment Games' founders, Tim Hartman LIVE in (((STEREO)))! This week, his team released their flagship game Haunted: Halloween '86 to the #NintendoSwitch! Tune-in and listen to us talk NES Tech and Game Design! #8bitLegit #retro #arcade.  Original air date: Nov 1, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Rcade Radio Fourth Season Premier" with Tom and Heather Asaki with guest host Tim McVey S04E01
In an incredible season opener we return to a Nibbler theme, but this time we invite Dr. Tom Asaki and his wife, Heather, to the show. He’s the guy that actually inspired Tim McVey to go for the world record. Tom appeared in Man vs. Snake along with Tim… who… just happens to be the guest host. It’s a double-sized bite of fun on this episode. Check it out!  Original air date: Oct 17, 2019
May 26, 2020
"RcadeRadio Season 3 Finale" with Nolan Bushnell S03E24
The esteemed Nolan Bushnell agreed to be our guest on this very special Season 3 Finale episode of RcadeRadio. We're honored to Have spent this time with Nolan in a very laid back atmosphere.  Adam, Mark, and Bryan along with our chatters get to know one of their dearest arcade heroes--and man does he have some stories to tell along with new ideas and new products--the man never stops!  Original air date: Sep 5, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Extra Life" with Troy Cleland S03E23
Season 3 Episode 23:  EXTRA LIFE! That's what you'll be hearing about on this next episode of RcadeRadio when the President of Extra-Life's Minnesota Guild, Troy Cleland guests. Troy is an old-school gamer--eager to share his journey and experiences with us on how he came to support Extra-Life--we're pretty sure arcade games had somethin' to do with it. The wayback machine is set and we're going back to 1985 and digging out some hair bands for What's in the Juke?!  Original air date: Aug 22, 2019
May 26, 2020
"2D Con 2019 Preview" with Kevin Spande S03E22
WHAT?! Kevin T Spande, our biggest fan, and Director of Sponsorship & Events for 2D Con will hang with Mark, Adam, and Bryan and give us the scoop on what's coming up in 2 weeks over at 2D Con: Minnesota's largest, all-inclusive gaming event of the year!  Original air date: Aug 8, 2019
May 26, 2020
"He Sure Plays a Mean Pinball" with George Gomez S03E21
George Gomez, the best dressed man in the pinball business joins the RcadeRadio crew for the 20th episode of Season 3. George has worked with nearly every major player in the arcade industry: Bally Midway, Williams, Midway Games and now he heads up the creative department at Stern Pinball! As you might expect, we get a few teasers for Jurassic Park and it turned out to be an incredible show.  Original air date: Jul 25, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Tim Attack!" with Nibbler Champion and part-time co-host Tim McVey S03E20
We invite to the show our semi-regular fill-in host with the most:  Tim McVey.  Tim's accomplishments in gaming have been nothing but stellar and of course he was the subject matter in MAN VS. SNAKE.  On this episode, we toast to Donkey Kong's 38th birthday and talk about various arcade related topics. Original air date:  Jul 11, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Brother Billy" with Billy Seven S03E19
One word: Mold-a-rama.  Ok, maybe a few more words:  Billy Seven is on is on the show! On this episode, Mark Shields, Adam Stevens, Tim McVey  talk with Mr. Seven about all things coin-op! From Kiddierama to Mold-a-rama, from pinball to arcades. Billy's got a ton of knowledge to share! Original air date: Jun 27, 2019
May 26, 2020
"Kong Klub" with Jacob Ashley S03E18
Jacob Ashley joins the RcadeRadio team for this week's shenanigans. Jacob runs the KONG KLUB group on Facebook for enthusiasts of the famed monkey game and its related sons, cousins, and arch-nemeses. Have a listen as we wax poetic about his Kong Kollection and get intimate with this most awesome Kong fan.  Original air date: June 13, 2019
May 26, 2020
"The Florida Crew" with Jonathan Taylor, Brandon Specht, and Brian Jones S03E17
What do Free Play Florida, Vector Initiative 2019 Florida Arcade Auction, BBQ & Swap meet, Space Ghost, and Giant Arcade Games have in common? Find out when Brian Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Chris Brown, and Brandon Specht join Mark Shields, Bryan MacLeod, and Adam Whats-his-name to talk all things RCADE.
November 24, 2019
"Fab Night with Fechter" with Aaron Fechter of Creative Engineering
In episode 16 of Season 3 of the RcadeRadio podcast, Creative Engineering's founder Aaron Fechter is our guest! If you visited Showbiz Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese's, or Circus Pizza in the 80s, you just might have seen Billy Bob playin' the banjo along with the Fatz and the gang in the Rock-afire Explosion! We also hear Aaron's thoughts about his search for alternative energy sources, his many inventions including Whac-a-Mole, and a device for sending electronic mail that predates eMail. We hear his opinions on the Showbiz/Rock-afire inspired FIVE NIGHTS WITH FREDDY, his thoughts on Intellectual Property, and so much more.   AND... this episode's WHAT'S IN THE JUKE segment is comprised entirely of ROCK-AFIRE band performances! 
October 27, 2019
"@!#?@!" with Q-bert's co-creator Jeff Lee - S03E15
On episode 15 of Season 3, Jeff Lee shares with us the innovators that influenced him back in the day. He talks about the evolution of Q*Bert and the creative process. We also find out answers to such questions as: Mad Planets. Why so mad?  And his involvement in the development of M.A.C.H. 3 which was a literal game changer toward the end of an era. Jeff shares with us his love of hats along with his love of an industry that flourished in the 1980s.  Strap in and hit the the throttle.  Q-bert is just the beginning of this unique man's story.  Also:  Buy his memoir!  It's fantastic!  Original Air Date: 05.02.2019
August 5, 2019
"Polycade" with Tyler Bushnell - Original Air Date: 04.18.2019
On episode 14 of Season 3, Tyler Bushnell, co-founder and creator of Polycade joins us for a candid interview about ideation, software and hardware development, and where his inspirations come from. We learn what it's like to stand up a business in today's world using a crowd-funding campaign.  We also talk to him about who his target audience is for these awesome wall-mounted arcade systems and inevitably what it's like "growing up Bushnell."  The chatters ask, "What's your favorite Atari arcade game?" and other great questions.  Tune in and hear Tyler school other guests in What's in the Juke on this totally awesome episode of RcadeRadio. Original Air Date: 04.18.2019
August 4, 2019
"On the Rampage or is it the Couch?" with Brian Colin - Original Air Date: 04.04.2019
In Season 3 Episode 13, we have a little bad luck. Our guest, Brian Colin, White Castle Hall of Fame inductee, artiste extraordinaire, and creator of the popular characters in the game RAMPAGE oversleeps and misses the first half of the show. Next, Mark has repeated disconnect issues with his Houston based internet provider.  When Brian Colin does make it to the show (right in the middle of What's in the Juke), we have a little technical difficulty bringing him in.  But! Have no fear! We've edited out most of the shenanigans to make the episode paletable.   When we finally get things on the rails, we Brian about his involvement with games like pig skin, xenophobe and Zwackery, who his inspirations and mentors were that drove him to his specific style, and we quiz him about HIS favorite games growing up. He shares how he got into the industry, what it was like working at Bally, his success with RAMPAGE, and more. Needless to say, Brian's interview turns out to be STELLAR with a promise of returning to do the show again in the very near future! Original Air Date: 04.04.2019
August 4, 2019
"The Return of GARRRR!" with Gar Nelson of the Garcade in Menomonee Falls, WI! Original Air Date: 04.04.2019
In Season 3 Episode 12, Gar Nelson is back and he gives us an update on what's been happening at the Garcade since we last spoke on season 1 of the podcast. For those keeping count, that was way back in July 2017!  He gives us a preview of the Cosmolympics at MGC as they just had the first round at the Garcade.  We talk about the expansion of the Garcade and what games are winners and losers--they're up to over 160 games!  Gar shares how and his business partners have made their business model work over the last 2 years and What's in the Juke is a true crowd pleaser.  Tune in and turn it up--this one's a good one. Original Air Date: 04.04.2019
August 4, 2019
"Exidy Stage Right Even" with John Jamshid of 1 Up Arcades in Denver! Original Air Date: 03.20.2019
In episode 11 of this season, John talks about the time Lakeland tried to shut down his "business."  Find out how the city of Lakeland came to his house in the 90s and told him that he had 30 days to correct the zoning laws by vacating his games. We also ask how he got the handle "Exidy" and about a fellow named "Skip Church."  No joke! Find out why the city of Denver just gave John's 1 Up Arcades in Denver a "MILE HIGH MUST!" There's also a bit about "gas in the diesel tank" we were made to ask.  Another long episode filled with beautiful arcade goodness.  See ya on the grid, Rcaders.
August 4, 2019
"MGC 2019 Preview" with Dan Loosen Original Air Date: 02.21.2019
In episode 10 of Season 3, Adam & Mark try their hand at Casey Kasem impersonations while Dan and Bryan tell stories of unwanted solicitations of their games.  Dan then tells us what it's like to move a convention the size of MGC to the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, and gives us lots of details about what's coming up at the show.  What's in the Juke is back with Hall & Oates in tow and we're up to more mischief. 
August 3, 2019
"Starcade 101" with "Mylstar" aka "ArcadeFixit" aka Stephen Beal Original Air Date: 02.07.2019
S03E09 - On this episode of RcadeRadio we invite Stephen Beal, one of the contestants of the popular kid's arcade game show from the 80s: STARCADE! Stephen was in episode 14 and competed for a Popeye arcade machine! Mark Richards was host and Kevin was announcing! Stephen tells us what it was like to be on STARCADE, talks about his love of the game, and how he ended up obtaining numerous NOS parts for his business ArcadeFixit!  Original Air Date: 02.07.2019
July 11, 2019
"Ben's Golden Rule, Part II" with Ben Gold - Original Air Date: 01.24.2019
Part 2 of 2: In the continuation Ben's interview, we conclude Ben's story of what happened when he called up Williams.  He also shares the stories of what happened on THAT’S INCREDIBLE and PM MAGAZINE as well as the further adventures of meeting Walter Day and the crew who posed for LIFE magazine.  We here about his experiences on CHASING GHOSTS: BEYOND THE ARCADE and Ben defends Billy as a friend with whom he respects and shared many adventure with in the hey day of classic arcade gaming.  Original Air Date: 01.24.2019
April 1, 2019
"Ben's Golden Rule, Part I" with Ben Gold - Original Air Date: 01.24.2019
Part 1 of 2: Even Billy Mitchell concedes our guest on this episode is one of the best players of all time. Ben Gold joins the RcadeRadio team and shares stories of how he became one of the first competitive gamers of the 20th century. He shares the story of how he ended up on THAT’S INCREDIBLE and PM MAGAZINE as well as how he ended up recording his first high scores for the record books. Along the way, you’ll hear anecdotes and stories of his interactions with other arcade legends and the gang traveled to Ottumwa Iowa to shoot that now famous LIFE Magazine two page spread in 1983.  Original Air Date: 01.24.2019
March 31, 2019
"The Return of Tim McVey" with Surprise Guest Aaron Reid! - Original Air Date 01.10.19
Season 3 Episode 7 - Fraught with more technical difficulties, the RcadeRadio team barely keeps the wheels on in this episode.  Mark, Adam, and Bryan, take Tim McVey down memory lane as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of TIM McVEY DAY!  Aaron Reid ALSO joins the team as a surprise guest!  He sits and we shoot the breeze talkin' about Nibbler and how Aaron and Tim ended up fine tuning the FPGA elements of the BitKit.  Original Air Date 01.10.19
March 10, 2019
"Modern Mallard" with Jeff Keacher - Original Air Date: 12.27.18
Season 3 Episode 6:  Jeff Keacher joins the RcadeRadio team and talks with us about his Kickstarter project called Modern Mallard.  What is Modern Mallard?  Well for those of us who love the game DUCK HUNT, Jeff found a way to modify old copies of of the Nintendo title to support LCD TV sets.  Up until now, the original light gun only works with a CRT!  While the kickstarted wasn’t successful, his ingenuity is unsurpassed and we just had to know if there was anyway we could help give this project legs.  In doing so, we learned that we just really like this guy.  Listen in as we sip scotch and talk about Modern Mallard and the challenges that went with creating this patch for the beloved NES game as well as a variety of other related topics!  Original Air Date: 12.27.18
March 10, 2019
"Phoenix Rising" with Darin Jacobs of Phoenix Arcade - Original Air Date: 12.13.18
Adam, Mark, and Bryan interview proprietor Darin Jacobs of PHOENIX ARCADE!  He dials in for what turns out to be a great interview.  We talk about arcade art, quality control, and learn a little bit about Darin's personal collection which includes RUSH 2049, Fire Escape, and even SKEE BALL!  Bryan MacLoed Armitage is also announced as the new host joining the team.  Original Air Date: 12.13.18
March 9, 2019
"Battlezone" with Ed Rotberg - Original Air Date: 11.29.2018
In this episode we welcome ED ROTBERG to the show. You might remember Ed for creating such games as BATTLEZONE and S.T.U.N. Runner! Tune and hear how Ed was hired by Atari, his love for the Tesla, entrepreneurial projects, and what he's doing today! Original Air Date 11.29.2018
March 2, 2019
"We Tilt This City" with Anthony Schwader - Air Date 11.15.18
This week's episode of RcadeRadio has Mark and Adam interviewing our guest host Anthony "Octavious Farnsworth" Schwader of the Game and Movie Podcast! Tony regales us with stories as a former Tilt Arcade GM and Chuck E. Cheese employee as well as the future of The Game and Movie Podcast! Original AirDate: 11.15.2018
March 2, 2019
"GrinkFest Decompress" with Steve From Grinker's Grand Palace - Original Air Date 11.01.18
Adam, Dan and Mark bring back Steve from Grinker's Grand Palace to decompress and discuss GrinkFest 2018 (which Adam and Mark attended). The yearly gathering in Eagle, Idaho drew in one of its largest crowds ever thanks to the newest expansion. Steve discusses that plus fills us in on some of the behind the scenes going-ons at his perfect vintage arcade. Original Air Date 11.01.18
December 21, 2018
"General Computing Craziness" with Steve Golson - Original Air Date 10.18.18
Join us as we explore the origins of Ms. Pac-Man with General Computer Corp (GCC) founder Steve Golson in our season three kick-off episode. In the 51st overall episode of RcadeRadio, Dan Reed returns to his guest chair and is in fine form. Our guest Steve Golson provides a fun and detailed journey into his past coming up with Super Missile Attack. We set out to learn how Ms. Pac-Man and other games took him and his team to the next level. Original Air Date 10.18.18
December 21, 2018
"Eugene Part Duex" - with Eugene Jarvis Season Finale - Original Air Date 08.30.18
Eugene Jarvis returns for Round 2 with the RcadeRadio team in our season finale episode. This episode contains bonus pre-show and post-show chit chat with the hosts and their guest, so strap in for the ride of your lives as Eugene, Adam and Mark take you down both vintage and contemporary topics in our 50th episode.  Original Air Date 08.30.18
December 21, 2018
"CraftyMech" - with Aaron Reid - Original Air Date 08.09.2018
Adam and Mark are joined by Aaron "CraftyMech" Reid and his amazing tales of field-programmable gate arrays! We discuss the BitKit in detail along with getting Craft's origin story and journey through the time vortex. Speaking of vortexes, Mark "Time Runner" Shields takes you back in time to re-experience the same day but in any point in yesteryear. We call up Dan Reed and the show turns out way better than we thought it would. Good times, folks. Original Air Date 08.09.2018
November 3, 2018
"2D Con's Origin Story" with Chairwoman Shanna - Original Air Date 08.16.18
2D Con's Shanna is here for the second to last episode of the season. Tonight we resurrect the ghost of Steve Perry. What's that? He's alive? Well, that's good, because Mark and Adam make this a Journey-centric show as a result. Hear about the 2D-Con origin story in addition to catching up with the latest arcade news. A quick trip into the past with Back to the Cade is happening as per usual. Original Air Date 08.16.18
September 21, 2018
"Galloping Ghost Arcade and More!" with Proprietor Doc Mack - Original Air Date 07.26.2018
Doc Mack launches our latest episode as we delve into the origins of his legendary Brookfield, IL super-sized arcade that's open every day of the year and adds one new arcade game every week. Of course, we delve into recent news (Retrocade, anyone?) and take a dip back in time to visit some doctored songs. Get it? Enjoy! Original Air Date 07.26.2018
September 20, 2018
"Back to the 'Cade III: On the Oregon Trail" with Sam Bahman - Original Air Date: 07.12.2018
You have died of the measles.  You receive a snakebite and you have died.  You entire party has died of exhaustion.  You have typhoid... and you died.  Zeke has died from cholera. You have suffered an accidental gunshot wound... and you have died.  You have died of dysentery.  Your entire party has drowned.  Sound familiar? Sam Bahman is an artist who has recently re-imagined a number of video games into fully-realized arcade versions.  Games like Mega Man, Zelda, and Duck Tales never existed originally in arcades.  He created a Nintendo style arcade cabinet from scratch and brought them all to life in glorious technicolor!  Recently Sam was commissioned to create a *NEW* unique cabinet:  OREGON TRAIL!  Oregon Trail, originally designed for MECC - The Minnesota Education Computing Corporation is a simple, challenging, and educational computer program with immense replay value.  It became a staple for the Apple II in the late 70s and early 80s and was eventually ported to many other systems over the years.  Hosts Adam Stevens and Mark "Time Runner" Shields throw us back to 1976 with some vintage Yacht Rock moments followed by Sam's testament to gaming and how to is using his artistic super powers to bring us a little closer to arcade greatness. Original Air Date: 07.12.2018
September 15, 2018
"Eugene Jarvis, Part 1" with Eugene Jarvis - Original Air Date: 06.28.18
Listen in on our extended interview with Raw Thrills' veteran game designer Eugene Jarvis. This podcast includes bonus content with a discussion on AI and why it won't work (especially with cars). Funny stuff. We then move on to the show and interview Eugene for a solid hour before he has to duck out.  Never fear!  Eugene's returns in the season two finale for more insights on the industry! Original Air Date: 06.28.18
August 26, 2018
"Southern Fried Gaming Round-Up" with Daniel & Kasey - Original Air Date: 06.22.18
We're returning to the RcadeRadio airwaves this week with two on-the-scene reviews of the recent SFGE (Southern Fried Gameroom Expo) in Atlanta George with active arcade hobbyists and frequent chatters: Kasey Relford and Daniel Copeland!  OriginX and Replicade are in the news.  We venture back in time to talk Cinematronics, Superman III, Tales of the Gold Monkey, and fire up What's In The Juke for the year June 22, 1983.  Original Air Date: 06.22.18
July 31, 2018
"Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo Preview!" with Preston Burt - Original Air Date 06.06.18
Join us for a special episode of RcadeRadio as hosts Adam and Mark confront popular Rcader and Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo's Preston Burt with many questions. We mix things up in this episode as Preston had to prepare for the convention which was only days away.   Nothing like workin' backwards!  Tune in to hear about the only gaming convention with a LIVE WRESTLING MATCH!  WHUUUT?  Good times were had by all.  Enjoy the show! Original Air Date 06.06.18
June 14, 2018
"Collections" with Steve Moerke - Original Air Date: 05.24.18
Adam Stevens and Mark Shields journey into the world of prank phone calls, restored 80s animatronics and more in this episode.  What Are You Workin' On gets us up to date on the duo's antics.  We try calling Dan Reed to see if he has a spare moment to stop in.  News coverage includes discussion about the new arcade bar Rock-afire which features restored Showbiz Pizza Place animatronic band members.  Back to the 'Cade takes us to May 24, 1982.  What's In The Juke rounds out our regular segments.  And, just when you thought the outro music was done and the show was ending, we add collector and bike enthusiast Steve Moerke as our super secret guest host for the last hour. Hold on to your hats, folks, this is our double-stuff sized episode. Original Air Date: 05.24.18
May 28, 2018
"Third Time is a What Now?" with Bryan Thurston Howell Armitage The Third - Original Air Date: 05.10.18
Marking his triumphant third return as guest host is Bryan Thurston Howell Armitage The Third. The news segment covers the details about the new SNK Mini console, Coleco's new (and weird) mini games and Pinball Arcade's virtual pinball licenses falling like dominoes to the chagrin of owners who depend on them for new games. Back to the Cade time-slips to May 10, 1981. The trio discuss everything from how to become a surgeon to bacon wrapped game controllers.  Would this guy just hurry up and join the team?  Original Air Date: 05.10.18
May 21, 2018
"Team Cosmotrons" with Shane Gutbrod and Dave Furrer! - Original Air Date: 04.26.18
Arcadeaholics and Cosmotrons creators Shane Gutbrod and Dave Furrer join hosts Mark Shields and Not Adam Levine for tonight's show. 10 Yard Fight on the Switch and the new SNK mini are discussed in the news. Back to the 'Cade pulls April 26, 1984 out of its hat for your entertainment. For the interview the Costmotrons team Cosmoshane and Dave-A-Tron discuss the development of their game and also give us a glimpse of the future that lies ahead of them.  Original Air Date: 04.26.18
May 21, 2018
"Fixin' It" with Jason Kopp - Original Air Date: 04.20.18
Rcade Radio hosts Adam and Mark are joined by Vectrex customizer and vector enthusiast Jason "Color Me Good" Kopp! After a fun round of What Are You Workin' On, the trio move on to the news to discuss MGC 2018 and why you can't call your bar arcade a barcade without paying somebody some moolah. Back to the 'Cade reaches back to April 20, 1983 to find hits from Michael Jackson to Styx for the What's In The Juke Segment! The show's last segment details our interview and Jason's origin story.  Original Air Date: 04.20.18
May 21, 2018
"Uncle Rico's Cool-Time Steak-Eating Adventure" with Mark and Adam - Original Air Date: 04.05.18
Adam and Mark strike out alone in this episode with no guest host. Covering what they've been working on in their arcade collection, the pair then discuss the new Punch Out arcade game emulated on the Switch. There's also time for a Bob Zarzadeck call and the Back to the Cade segment dating back to tax day, April 15, 1985.  Original Air Date: 04.05.18
May 21, 2018
"Sky Skipping" with Whitney Roberts - Original Air Date: 03.29.18
Hosts Adam and Mark are joined tonight by the venerable Whitney "8BitWhit" Roberts who helped pioneer the restoration of the lost Nintendo arcade game Sky Skipper. In the news are lots of Nintendo Switch updates including Far Cry 5 news and classic games Lode Runner Legacy and Punch Out are coming to the Switch console as well. The Gameboy Alarm Clock now selling on Amazon gets a mention. Back to the Cade tears back into March 29, 1986 with plenty of good music in our What's In The Juke segment? Guest host Whitney Roberts fills us in on his origin story and discusses future plans for the Sky Skipper artwork and game.  Original Air Date: 03.29.18
May 20, 2018
"Taul Paul" with Paul Saarinen - Original Air Date: 03.22.18
Hosts Adam and Mark are joined by Minnesota based collector Paul Saarinen in the latest episode. The Galaga World Championship, the AtariBox and the new YouTube Red show Cobra Kai are discussed during our news segment. Back to the 'Cade hurtles our listeners back to March 22, 1987. Guest host Paul Saarinen tells us his origin story and other fun details. Original Air Date: 03.22.18
May 20, 2018
"Finding Kelsey" with Kasey Relford - Original Air Date: 03.08.18
Hosts Adam Stevens and Mark "" Shields dial up fellow collector Kasey "Agent-X" Relford for a quick and fun spontaneous interview. Expect a dose of arcade news from Adam and a trip Back to the Cade with TimeRunner (March 8, 1987).  Original Air Date: 03.08.18
May 20, 2018
"Another Day in Paradise" with Bryan Armitage III - Original Air Date: 02.15.18
Join hosts Adam Stevens and Mark Shields in the arcade-o-sphere is returning guest host Bryan Armitage III. Bryan discusses the ins and out of his hobby and other work related activities. The news covers new games coming out on the Nintendo Switch as well an article about the Taito president going on Undercover Boss. Back to the Cade timeslips to February 15, 1985. During the interview we learn everything about Bryan we didn't previously know -- and then some.  You just know this kid is gonna end up being a co-host on the show at some point.  Original Air Date: 02.15.18
May 20, 2018
"Retro Bitchin' Camaro" with Cat DeSpira - Original Air Date: 02.08.18
Cat DeSpira joins the RcadeRadio crew to discuss her prolific blog presence and opinions on the arcade hobby.  Tune in and learn what drives Cat to write the way she does and how she got into collecting games and preserving history!  The conversation turns briefly to the Billy Mitchell high score cheating scandal which dominates the news during the time frame of this episode.  We ask Cat about a variety of other topics including The Polybius Conspiracy, the Tynemouth Plaza Arcade story and the unearthing of a Time Out Arcade archaeological find.  Adam and Mark venture back in time to April 1981 in our Back to the 'Cade segment.   Original Air Date: 02.08.18
May 20, 2018
"Preview of the Midwest Gaming Classic - MGC 2018" with Dan Loosen - Original Air Date: 02.01.18
Hosts Adam and Mark are joined once again by Dan Loosen of the Midwest Gaming Classic MGC. Dan lets loose on his thoughts about the upcoming show and what we can expect. Back to the Cade ventures to the date February 1, 1984. There's some interesting news and we finally get to grill Dan Loosen a second time about the upcoming MGC event. Original Air Date: 02.01.18
May 20, 2018
"The Arcade Blogger" with Tony Temple - Original Air Date: 01.21.18
The guest host of RcadeRadio this week is THE ARCADE BLOGGER - Mr. Tony Temple! Tony's site is a UK based blog about the preservation and history of Classic Arcade Video Games from the 70s and 80s. In the news Houston's the Game Preserve has a 6 year anniverary, Front Line makes it onto the PS4, and an updated NBA Jam is in the works. Back to the Cade takes us to January 21, 1986. Tony's interview answers every question we could think to ask at 10 AM. Enjoy! Original Air Date: 01.21.18
May 20, 2018
"Dial a Friend" with Aaron Sanders - Original Air Date: 01.18.18
Join Commander Adama and Mark "Time Runner" Shields as they host another legendary episode of the RcadeRadio podcast which includes a super fun On The Road telephone interview with Texas arcade collecting legend Aaron Sanders. Back to the Cade takes us all the way back to January 18, 1985. There's also the usual What Are You Doing updates along with funny and sometimes comedic banter. Original Air Date: 01.18.18
May 4, 2018
"Just Awesomeness!" with Adam and Mark - Original Air Date 01.04.18
Hosts Adam Stevens and Mark "Time Runner" Shields go it alone this week. Discussion topics include how Mark is selling his Namco 20th Reunion machines and Adam is knee deep in pinball restores. In the news discussions about the popularity of pinball and the cleanliness of Chuck E. Cheese is discussed. Back to the Cade takes place on January 4, 1983. And a dynamic head to head interview takes place between Adam and Mark leading up to their playing alternate opening songs written for the show (by Adam) and songs Mark has written that are Arcade themed. Original Air Date: Thursday January 4, 2018
May 4, 2018
"We Named The Dog Indiana!" with Brendon Parker - Original Air Date: 12.21.17
Wunderkind Brendon Parker join regular hosts Adam Stevens and Mark "Time Runner" Shields. Brendon, who goes by the moniker "Jr. Pac” in the arcade world, stopped by the show to discuss his many arcade creations including his recreation of Crazy Otto, a game based on the 1980 arcade classic Pac-Man. Of course there's also recent arcade news, we time travel to December 21, 1982 for our Back to the Cade segment and last but not least frequent caller Bob Zarzadeck leaves us a voicemail. Original Air Date: Thursday December 21, 2017
May 3, 2018
"The Art of Atari" with Tim Lapetino - Original Air Date: 12.07.2017
Author of The Art of Atari, Tim Lapetino joins us to talk about his Art of Atari book and a new book entitled The Undisputed Street Fighter.  He talks about his passion to bring the book to life, the challenges and excitement of getting the artwork into the book and much more!  Original Air Date: 12.07.2017 
April 3, 2018
"Can You Dig It?" with Ken House - Original air date : 11.09.17
Ken House joins us this week to discuss his Dig Dug high score, and what it takes to become a champion. Ken gives us a virtual tour of his Arcade and we discuss the Palace Arcade and its representation in the new Stranger Things 2. This episode is plagued with technical issues, but Ken rolls with the punches like a champ. Remember, the only difference between champ and chump is "u".  Original air date : 11.09.17
March 9, 2018
"RcadeRadio at Grinkfest V" - Original Air Date: 10.26.17
Adam and Mark recap our arcade themed podcast's first appearance at Grinkfest V.  Our first live show on location! RcadeRadio rolls out the red carpet for random interviews with proprietor Steve from Grinker's Grand Palace, Ken House, Buffet and Clint. Original Air Date: 10.26.17
November 12, 2017
"Our First Finale" with Adam, Mark, and Dan! - Original Air Date: 09.28.17
Adam, Dan, and Mark recap the year in the Season One Finale of the RcadeRadio Podcast before they take a few weeks off. It will be like every episode and unlike any episode you've heard before! Original Air Date: 09.28.17
November 12, 2017
"Nintendo Quest Guest" with Jay Bartlett - Original Air Date: 09.14.17
Jay Bartlett of the Nintendo Quest documentary joins the crew of the RcadeRadio podcast! Directed by Robert McCallum, the film centers around Jay obtaining every single NES cartridge ever officially released by Nintendo in 30 days. But wait! That's too easy. What made this quest so challenging? He can't use the internet AND he has to complete the quest in 30 days! In this episode we ask him about the film, the pressures of making it, and what his life is like now that the quest is over. By the by, this fabulously directed film also features cameos by previous RcadeRadio guests Richie Knucklez, Todd Rogers, Walter Day and many more Arcade icons and record holders.  Original Air Date: 09.14.17
November 12, 2017
"Grinkfest V Preview" with Steve of Grinker's Grand Palace - Original Air Date: 08.24.17
The owner of Grinker's Grand Palace joins us as guest host of this show.  Steve gives us the skinny on how his Grand Palace of arcade games was conceived. He shares his arcade origin story and tells us how he got into the hobby and how the hobby drove him to entertain others. We also talk about upcoming Grinkfest V! Original Air Date: 08.24.17 
November 12, 2017
"Knuckleheadz" with guest host Richie Knucklez - Original Air Date: 08.10.17
Arcade Proprietor and star of the Documentary The King of Arcades, Ritchie Knucklez joins the RcadeRadio team for the night.  We interview him about his love of arcades and he regales with tales of his personal life and gives us the inside scoop and some behind-the-scenes info on his documentary. Tune in to this high energy show with lots of insight into a unique man with a genuine love for the game.  Original Air Date: 08.10.17 
November 11, 2017
"Return of the King" with Steve Wiebe - Original Air Date: 07.27.17
Steve Wiebe guest hosts on the RcadeRadio Podcast. We talk to him about his teaching, his music, his fame after King of Kong and his many film cameos. Listen in to Steve tell us about the very first time he reached the infamous Donkey Kong kill screen and how he got hooked on arcade games. Throughout this episode Steve is interrupted by... and we're not kidding... a plumber working in his home.  Original Air Date: 07.27.17
November 11, 2017
"Joustcapades" with Lonnie McDonald - Original Air Date: 07.13.17
Legendary Joust Champion, Lon McDonald, joins the cast of RcadeRadio this week. Dan is out on vacation, but along with Adam and Mark, Lonnie regales us of his Joustcapades(tm) and current Guinness status as he continues to travel the nation flipping each Joust machine's score to 9,999,999! Original Air Date: 07.13.17
November 11, 2017
"Gar of Garcade" with guest host Gar Nelson - Original Air Date: 06.29.17
In this episode we interview Gar--proprietor of The Garcade! This brand new 'cade is opened in Menomonee Falls, WI on July 1st, 2017 and we've got the scoop! We talk to him about what it's like to turn your passion into a business, what kind of challenges they've faced in acquiring the space, licensing equipment, and getting games into their awesome space! We'll also ask what's in store for their grand opening and more! Original Air Date: 06.29.17
August 24, 2017
"Pac-Man Fever Pitch" with guest Jerry Buckner - Original Air Date 05.26.17
The RcadeRadio staff is joined by legendary composer and voice actor, Jerry Buckner of Buckner & Garcia! We talk about PAC-MAN FEVER and beyond! Originally aired Thursday June 22nd, listen in to hear the origin story of Buckner & Garcia as well as Jerry's current work in radio, voice acting, and more! Original Air Date 05.26.17
August 10, 2017
"Todzilla vs. MechaTodzilla" with guest Todd Rogers - Original Air Date 05.26.17
Our team invites the prodigious TODDZILLA to RcadeRadio! Todd regales us with stories of his World Champion High Scores, his experience in various documentary films in which he's featured, goes on record about his Dragster record, talks about his arachnid collection, and much much more. Todd is a true class act on this episode and now an officially unofficial member of the Rcade crew. Original Air Date 05.26.17 
June 19, 2017
"Gack Attack Volume 1" with guest Kris Gack - Original Air Date 05.10.17
The mid-season premier of RcadeRadio has the team talking to Kris Gack. He reminisces and recalls memories of his many conquests and contributions to the 'cade community. He also talks about his love for BMX and life as an actual paperboy. Strap on your earballs and have a listen to this dynamic and seasoned collector.  - Original Air Date 05.10.17
June 19, 2017
"Not Just Another Day" with Walter Day - Original Air Date: 04.13.17
In this episode of the RcadeRadio podcast, we interview a true legend in the arcade community: Mr. Walter Day. Walter waxes poetic about his many escapades in the arcade community, his visits to India, and foray into Transcendentalism. He also contributes to our “Back to the ‘Cade” segment and answers our regular caller Bob Zarzadeck's very unique question. Listen in to this totally rad episode with a cameo by the Legendary Brian Kuh. - Original Air Date: 04.13.17
June 19, 2017
"Aladdin's Lamp" with guest Randy Donahue - Original Air Date: 03.30.17
In this episode we interview Randy Donahue formerly of Bally Entertainment. A Roving Manager for Bally’s LeMan’s Arcade and Aladdin’s Castle Arcades, he shares the challenges of going store to store and improving its performance from 1984-1992. Listen in and hear some very interesting stories about what kids and employees tried to get away with as well as Randy’s fondness for the industry. The chat was extremely active in this episode and there is a lot of audience participation! Dan Reed is out on this episode but Bob Zarzadeck calls with a special request of our guest… Enjoy this episode of RcadeRadio which originally aired: 03.20.2017
June 19, 2017
"Pac-Man's a Bad Guy? - MOA Event Report" - Original Air Date: 03.29.17
This episode of the RcadeRadio show features a recap of the MN State Lottery/MOA event which occurred on 3.25.17.  “Video Game Player of the Century”, Billy Mitchell, was featured and demonstrated some tips and tricks to obtaining the "Perfect Pac-Man" score. We talk about our experience at the event and share insights on the real Billy Mitchell and his family of Arcade All-Stars. - Original Air Date: 03.29.17
June 19, 2017
"Nibble on This" with guest hosts Tim & Tina McVey - Original Air Date 03.16.17
World champion Nibbler player Tim McVey and his wife Tina are our guest hosts on this very funny episode of RcadeRadio! We talk to Tim and Tina about their experience in making the documentary MAN VS SNAKE - The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler and generally just have some fun talking about arcade related stuff. Bob Zarzadek makes another call to the voice mail and the secrets of the talisman are revealed! - Original Air Date 03.16.17
March 19, 2017
"Oh Oh Oh, It's MGC" with guest host Dan Loosen - Original Air Date: 03.02.17
Dan Loosen, founder of the Midwest Gaming Classic and co-founder of GOAT Store, is the guest host on RcadeRadio for this episode which originally aired March 2nd, 2017 at 8:15pm CST on our YouTube channel! Along with business partner, Gary Heil, Dan runs the premiere midwest arcade, pinball, console, and gaming convention: Midwest Gaming Classic. He tells some great stories about past guests like Ben Heck and Eugene Jarvis. He also talks about upcoming guests for this year's MGC. Have a listen! - Original Air Date: 03.02.17
March 6, 2017
"The MAME Game" with guest host Jim Stolis - Original Air Date: 2-16-17
We interview programmer and entrepreneur extraordinaire: Jim Stolis. Jim is the creator of the board game Prospectica, founder of Stolistic Games, co-founder of Hunt Geek, and one of the stakeholders who maintains the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) project! - Original Air Date: 2-16-17
February 20, 2017
"Explosive Entertainment" with guest host Todd Tuckey - Original Air Date 02.01.17
RcadeRadio is honored to have had Todd Tucky of TNT Amusements on the show! Todd began a Video Game route in 1979, installing games in stores in the Philadelphia area. He also worked full-time at Temple University Student Activities Center where he ran 2 game rooms and the movie theater! In 1984, the Arcade Video boom was over and he had dozens of games with nowhere to sell or place them. But wait! There’s more! He tells a story about when he ACTUALLY got into selling games and it goes way back to the early 70s! Todd is a film buff, film collector, and has produced over 1200 videos on YouTube. He shares stories (and links), talks about some rare arcade titles he’s owned, and his cabaret arcade collection. Have a listen to the extended show! - Original Air Date 02.01.17
February 4, 2017
"Add-a-Host!" with Jason Heiser - Original Air Date: 1.19.2017
This week we "Add-a-ball" with guest host, pinball enthusiast, and restoration guru Jason Heiser. He talks about his EM Pinball collection, fills us in on some Pinball history and talks about the challenges of collecting Pinball today. This week we also add a new segment to the show called "Back to the 'Cade with TimeRunner!" Original Air Date: 1.19.2017
January 21, 2017
"Firsts of the North Star" with guest host Jenn May - Original Air Date 01.05.2017
Join us this for the first show of 2017! Our first guest of the year is St. Louis native and arcade collector: Jenn May! She’s a prominent force for good in the Midwest Pinball and Arcade Collectors group and has her own page located at We discuss how she landed in the hobby, why she has so many connections, and numerous other topics related to arcade collecting. In addition to being our first guest, she’ll is our first female host featured on the show! - Original Air Date 01.05.2017
January 10, 2017
"The 2016 Christmas Special" with guest host Joe Leis - Original air date 12.22.16
Joe Leis is our guest on @RcadeRadio! Who is Joe Leis, you say? For about 40 years Joe has been active in the arcade community. Fresh out of the Air Force, he enrolled at Brown College for electrical engineering. His experience in electronics landed him in the arcade industry. Semi-retired from the arcade scene, he is one of the remaining engineers/operators from the Golden Age that still services routes and makes house calls for jukebox and arcade repair. We’ll talk to him about his extensive experience in the arcade industry. Original air date 12.22.16
December 31, 2016
"Back to the 'Cade" with Guest Host Timerunner (aka Mark Shields) Original Air Date: 12.08.16
Ever waned to rent the Time Machine from BACK TO THE FUTURE? Houston Texas based arcade collector and vlogger TIMERUNNER (aka Mark Shields) joins as our guest host! We talk arcade games, vintage 80s, and movie cars! Fun fact:  The title of this episode becomes an actual segment in later episodes of RcadeRadio!  Original Air Date: 12.08.16
December 10, 2016
"The 2016 Thanksgiving Day Special" with guest host Bryan MacLeod Armitage
On Episode 3 of the RcadeRadio podcast we are joined by Bryan MacLeod Armitage, proprietor of Paradise Arcade Shop of Minneapolis, MN. He talks product line, how he got into the hobby, the history of the company, and their involvement in the community. Original Air Date: 11.23.16
November 26, 2016
"The Artist Formerly Known as Rick" with guest Rick Alberto Uhlenhopp
Episode 2 of the @RcadeRadio podcast is now on Soundcloud! @RickyRidic Rick Alberto Uhlenhopp joins us as guest host! He'll discuss his latest arcade art projects & Spicoli's Rockade! Original Air Date: 11.10.16
November 14, 2016
"Episode 1 - This is not a Prequel" with guest host Tim Wilsie
Welcome to the premier episode of the RcadeRadio podcast! Episode air date: October 27th, 2016 In this episode Dr. K, Dan Reed host and our guest Tim Wilsie talks about what it was like to work at an arcade in the late 90s. Tim talks about his background in the video game industry, his earliest video game memories, what made him decide to work in an arcade and walks us through a typical day in the arcade. Original Air Date: 10.27.16
October 29, 2016