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Westminster Record

Westminster Record

By The Diocese of Westminster
Welcome to the Westminster Record, a podcast from the Diocese of Westminster, presented by Simeon Elderfield. Each episode features people from in and around the diocese, in parishes and communities, sharing their stories of faith. We'll also bring you topical interviews and report on Catholic news.

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A Listening Church?
The Church is on a journey of meeting, listening and discernment, which was launched last year by Pope Francis and has been a cause for robust discussions about its future. Juliet and Maureen from St William of York in Stanmore share how their parish approached the synodal pathway. Fr Chris Vipers, Director of the Agency for Evangelisation, speaks about his perspective of the broader process and its eventual goals.
February 09, 2022
Issues of Life
Bishop John Sherrington talks about his role as Bishop for Life Issues, with work ranging from issues around assisted suicide and the Church's responsibility to protecting the environment. Dr Sian Davies, a palliative care specialist, shares her experience of journeying with people at the end of their lives.
October 13, 2021
The Eucharist as the Sacrament of Unity
Katherine Bennett from Catholic Voices shares her testimony about what the Eucharist has meant to her journey of faith and some of the organisers of the London Eucharistic Octave speak about the process of setting up this event which involves several Catholic rites and traditions coming together to recognise the role the Eucharist has in uniting the Church.
September 09, 2021
Sharing Body and Spirit in Marriage
Deacon Roger Carr-Jones shares his insights in journeying with people preparing for marriage, newlyweds Anna and Michael Desbruslais speak of their experience beginning this new stage in their lives, and we hear from couples who celebrated anniversaries at the Mass for Matrimony in May.
July 08, 2021