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Re-Enacted: An Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

Re-Enacted: An Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

By Crystal Jewett
Re-Enacted: AN UNSOLVED MYSTERIES PODCAST. A podcast where your cohosts Robert and Crystal discuss an episode of the Robert Stack-hosted Unsolved Mysteries. This is not a news broadcast. The hosts do not take themselves or the program seriously. They're just a couple of dummies who loved the show.
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Episode 115: Mummy Misfortune
Robbie & Crystal weigh in on the platonic ideal of a hamburger. Unsolved Mysteries Season 6, Episode 14: "Mystery Mummy", "Mississippi Hangings", "Baby Girl X" and "Jeanne Boylan". **We must rescind all promotions of a certain fast food taco chain after both hosts experienced extreme intestinal distress following the recoding of this episode.   help us improve the audio:
September 29, 2022
Episode 114: Poncho
Crystal has returned from abroad & Robbie has reached a food milestone. Unsolved Mysteries season 6, episode 13: "Missing Angel", "Mystery Man", "Missing Teacher" and "Meredith's Mom".  help keep us indoors:
September 15, 2022
Episode 113: Good Show Chap
Crystal & Robbie start by telescoping back and forth through time & parallel dimensions. Then, they eventually discuss season 6 episode 12 of Unsolved Mysteries: 'Armando Garcia', 'Suddenly Siblings', 'A Couple of Good Men' and 'Canadian Camper'.  Become a RUMPer today & get exclusive content & sometimes lil prezzies:
August 31, 2022
Episode 112: What's Your Favorite Kim Cattrall Movie?
Robbie and Crystal talk about cellphones and spellcheck as if they have never encountered them before. Unsolved Mysteries season 6, episode 12: 'Murder 101', 'Who Saved My Life?', 'Payback Killer', and 'Death and Disappearance'. Pay your RUMP semester fees at
August 18, 2022
Episode 111: Canon Free Living
Robbie discusses an important transaction/milestone in his life; Crystal airs a marital/plastic grievance. Unsolved Mysteries season 6, episode 11: 'Elks Club Murder', 'Where's Jo?' and 'Smoker Car Baby'. keep us in parity
August 04, 2022
Episode 110: Mayor of Jail
Have you ever met someone so unappealing that you would literally rather stay in jail than break out with them? Yeah, so did the guys in this episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Also: we neg the Mona Lisa. UM season 6, episode 9: 'Bomb Throwing Fugitive', 'Mona Lisa', 'Is Doreen Dead' and 'Gone Fishing'. help us out with some bail funds
July 21, 2022
Episode 109: Wunderkammer
Dude, he probably kidnapped himself. Here's another episode of Dateline, uh, we mean Unsolved Mysteries Season 6, Episode 8: "Kidnapped Executive", "Hansen Twin Murder" and "NATO Soldier's Dad". Plus: important snack time reporting from the land of Oz. Kick us a few Del Tacos
July 12, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 108: Secrets of Fatima
Robbie & Crystal subvert expectations on who's the Mulder and who's the Scully on this one. Season 6, episode 7 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Fatima", "If the Truth be Know" & "Missing Cheek". Cover art for this week's episode by Helen Heard, RUMPer extraordinaire. Help us fill the coffers:
June 23, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 107: "Poo Pooed"
The episode that wonders how far would two young people go to hide their shame from their spouses about being overtly amorous? The answer may spook you! Season 6, episode 6 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Lake Wales Haunting", "Bomb Shelter Friends", "Murder in Agawam" and "Down to the Wire". help us fund the exorcism fees
June 09, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 106: "Rabbi Named Chris"
Fall in love with Yiddish Robin Hood. Season 6 episode 5: 'Robinhood Rabbi', 'Missing In Laws', 'To Madame with Love ' and 'Deadly Dumpster'. Come on fill the coffers
May 26, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 105: "Monkeys or Mountain Lions"
Hidden rivers in the Nevada desert? Baby-snatching monkeys in California? They really be asking: what if and how about that? Unsolved Mysteries Season 6, episode 4: "Zel's Odyssey", "Wally's Hidden River" and "Looking for Christopher". Help us pay the water drilling permit fees:
May 12, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 104: "Every Little Boys Dream"
Did you grow up wondering whether you could be descended from the last dynasty to rule Russia only to find out after years of cat hoarding & court fights that DNA testing proves you are a nobody? Yeah, us neither. Unsolved Mysteries Season 6, episode 3: "Anastasia parts 1-3", "Jail Family" and "Killer Boyfriend". help us buy some candy for Christmas
April 28, 2022
Re-Enacted Mini-Episode 5: "Underground LA"
We put a Patron-only episode here on the main feed this week! This is the kind of unfettered bullshit you can expect to get exclusive access to when you subscribe to our $5 'RUMP Lover' Patreon tier. In this we talk about what may be lurking underneath the streets of Los Angeles. Because we love you.
April 14, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 103: "That Sam Neill Look"
Robbie espouses problematic opinions including that all Aussies look alike. Unsolved Mysteries Season 6 Episode 2: 'Mystery Robber', 'Australian UFO', ' Lost at Sea' and 'Danny and his Dad'. Help us keep this engine running
March 31, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 102: "Brave New World"
Hey hey RUMPerinos we are back with an all new episode & all new season of Unsolved Mysteries! Season 6, episode 1 of UM: "Reincarnated Submariner", "Chicago Hit Run" and "Tornado Disappearance". help us keep gas in the tank
March 17, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 101: "Depth, Width & Girth"
Ohhhh baby it's been a wild ride, hasn't it? This week RUMP takes a look back at our choicest segments with a big, fat clip show. We even included a segment from our (previously released and then immediately retracted) lost pilot episode. Thanks to all of you who stuck it out listening to this garbage for this long! Help us get to 150:
March 02, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 100: "Free Blimp"
Hold on to your butts, this is episode 100 of Re-Enacted. We should probably have stopped awhile ago. Unsolved Mysteries season 5 episode 24: "Miram's Memory", "Ghost Blimp", "Fugitive Fireman" and "Russian Roulette". This is a king sized episode of UM to close out the season! Bonus: Crystal shares some Hollywood insider gossip. Buy us another round:
February 17, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 99: "Transatlantic Wings"
Season 5, episode 23 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Gander", "Peggie's Brother" and "Cult of de Cloud". Because sometimes terrible things happen in this world for no reason, like this podcast. Help us get to #100
February 02, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 98: Personally, I Affiliate with the Church of Donuts
Season 5, episode 22 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Image of Guadalupe", "Stahl's Paintings", "Biker in the Bed", and "Donut Murder". Also, Crystal and Robert discuss the differences between an SP and an SCP.
January 19, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 97: "The Octopus"
The episode that dares to ask: how far do the tentacles of the Octopus penetrate the Canadian government? Season 5, episode 21 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Casolaro", "If the Truth be Known", "Rest Stop Killer", and "Purvis Confession". Start the new year off right, send your faves a lil tip:
January 05, 2022
Re-Enacted Episode 96: "BYOBones"
Robbie & Crystal issue a long-awaited review of 2021's Dune. Then they talk about a bone-packed episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Season 5 episode 20: "MP Death", "Musician Sings the Blues", "Social Security" and "Footlocker Bones". The UM episode with the most problematic reenactment to date! send us some holiday cheer:
December 23, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 95: "Tips for Criminals"
Season 5, episode 19 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Drug Playboy", "Mrs. Rogers", "Philip's Angel's", "Memphis KIdnap Progress Report" and "Pizza Bandits". Take notes as Crystal offers some solid advice on how to do crime better. help us pay the bail money:
December 08, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 94: "Spontaneous Lactation"
This episode asks the question, is it demonic possession or just a few big wet boys? We also discuss a con man who was living his best life until he wasn't. Season 5, episode 18: "Rainboy", "Motorcycle Murder", "Hospital Hoax", and "Best Friend's Sister". Help us keep this ship afloat, send us a $1 tip:
November 24, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 93: "Have You Heard About the Reward?!"
In season 5, episode 17 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Who Killed Jeanne", "Lost Generation", and "Pig Tailed Fugitive". Crystal and Robbie talk Halloween, Halloween traditions, Just time for the Thanksgiving Season! Also, your cohosts talk about the ethics of paying people to confession to crimes!
November 10, 2021
Re-Enacted Halloween Special: "Eating Raoul"
In this week's highly problematic, drunken episode of Re-Enacted, Robbie & Crystal discuss the 1982 black comedy "Eating Raoul". You'll likely notice the continuing theme from last year's Re-Enacted Halloween special; this one is sexier. Can Crystal control her thirst? Are Robbie & Crystal destined to become like the Blands? We will be back with a regular episode next time to discuss another episode of Unsolved Mysteries. TW: eating on mic, sexual assault and discussions of cannibalism. Send us a little tip so we don't have to resort to unseemly schemes:
October 27, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 92: Guardian: The RUMP Project
In season 5, episode 16 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Canadian UFO", "Dropped Off DOE", "Larry's Rampage", and "Princeless Search". Crystal and Robert make another uncompensated promo for Taco Bell. They also return to the fabled Canadas to investigate if a bunch of flares and the flight on the back of a truck look like a UFO. They also discuss whether Medieval royal court dancing is a crime. Also murderous survivalists and a Lost Love segment Robbie actually kind of liked.
October 13, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 91: Cowboy Boots in Two Worlds
Dune is a 1965 science fiction novel. It follows the story of Paul Atreides, the son of an aristocratic family who take control of the planet Arrakis (also known as Dune). Arrakis is the only source of the powerful spice Melange, but as Paul discovers the true treasure of the planet may be its inhabitants...the Fremen. In season 5, episode 15 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Marco's Buddha", "Who Killed Kaitlyn?", and "Nine isn't Enough". Tip your podcasters! New $1/month Patreon tier! Re-Enacted Episode 90: "White Woman Voodoo" By Re-Enacted: An Unsolved Mysteries Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
September 29, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 90: "White Woman Voodoo"
Do angels exist? Does brain swelling make you see saints? Is this even a Christmas episode? Many questions, all which go unanswered in season 5, episode 14 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Christmas Miracle", "Burned Businessman", "Gallup Abduction" and "Secret Santa". Tip your podcasters! New $1/month Patreon tier!
September 15, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 89: "Presidential Friendship Bracelets"
Combining Crystal's two favorite genres of anything ever, LA noir and the HBO show Deadwood, this was a real humdinger of an episode of UM (season 5, episode 13): "Black Dahlia","Brenda's Bunch", "Bullock's Deadwood", and "Dede's Gone". Help us keep the steamboat rolling on the river, support our Patreon today:
September 01, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 88: "MLK XXL"
Alright, alright, alright it's the episode you've been waiting for.... an ACTION-PACKED Unsolved Mysteries (season 5 episode 12) that does not disappoint: "Martin Luther King", "Surprise Sister" and "Texas Most Wanted". Help us keep the boat afloat, become a patreon today!
August 18, 2021
Re-Enacted 87: "Italian Podcast Culture"
Welcome back from our little summer hiatus! Crystal drops some news and has found the best store in world. We also discuss some of the dumbest people ever to appear on Unsolved Mysteries. Season 5, episode 11: "Polio", "Missing Gringo", and "Poison Shake". Help us keep the boat afloat, become a Patron:
August 04, 2021
Re-Enacted Announcement: School is out!
No pod for the month of July on the regular feed. Patreons will get an exclusive (not a regular!) episode on the RUMPer feed. We will see you in August!
July 07, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 86: "LAWYER"
Season 5 episode 10 of UM really feeling like season 1 all over again. Let's peddle some books by authors that surely have no dubious financial incentives! "George Anderson Pts 1&2" and "Strangulation Saga Pts 1&2". support the pod, win the future:
June 23, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 85: "THX-1993"
Much like George Lucas' films, this podcast can be hostile to its audience (just kidding!) Season 5 episode 9 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Last P.O.W.", "Cop Assault", "Murderer McNair" and "Witness for the Prosecution". Help us keep this boat a-going, become a Patreon today:
June 09, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 84: "Shipment of Bigfoots"
We visit the Great White North and Crystal falls in love with a man who has had an encounter. The episode that dares to ask if just maybe there might be a little bit of corruption in the US prison system? Unsolved Mysteries season 5 episode 8: "Falcon Lake UFO", "Inside Frontera" and "Disapproving Dad". Help us feed the Yeti, become a patreon today:
May 26, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 83: "Good Enough Halloween"
Robert Stack & the Unsolved Mysteries crew decide that any Wednesday in October will do for a Halloween episode (season 5 episode 7). We discuss two hauntings, a baby broker & another Canadian amnesiac. "Moss Beach Ghosts", "Civil War Ghosts", "She Sold Babies" and "Bus Stop Amnesia". Help us keep the steamboat rolling, support us on Patreon:
May 12, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 82: "Cajun Flavored Crime"
Unsolved Mysteries season 5, episode 6: "Dreams Come True", "New Orleans Killer", "Comic Relief" and "JD Method". An episode a few counties shy of a Medford Hustle. Get new episodes before anyone else & help us keep this choo-choo on track, become a patreon today:
April 28, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 81: "Ceremonial Motorcycle"
Unsolved Mysteries season 5, episode 5: "Dear Patricia", "Lucie's Last Fare", "Unknown Mom" & "Little Miss Panasoffkee". The podcast that that knows the difference between casual and dress leathers. help us keep the hamster on the wheel
April 14, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 80: "Dumping Ground"
Unsolved Mysteries season 5, episode 4: "Cop Killer Escape", "Mexico Suicide", "Is Ed Dead?" and "Next Most Wanted". Robbie & Crystal put their political science degrees to work during an impromptu revisit to the American intelligence failures of the early aughts. help us keep this train on track:
March 31, 2021
Re-Enacted 79: "Carpet Doesn't Melt Steel Beams"
Why I say I do believe this to be quite the entertaining Unsolved Mysteries episode (season 5 episode 3): "Arson King", "Huey Long" and "Brother X". Helps us keep this ship afloat, become a RUMPer today:
March 17, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 78: "A Perfect Television Show"
Crystal emphatically promotes a show that isn't UM. Robbie & Crystal decide whatever it was you think you saw was definitely an otter. Unsolved Mysteries season 5, episode 2: "Love Triangle", "Champ" and "Pierre's Amnesia". RIP Daft Punkers. help us keep the lights on at RUMP HQ:
March 03, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 77: "Chippendale's Escape"
Kicking off Unsolved Mysteries season 5, episode 1 with some amazing stunt work: "Tami Lynn", "Hudson Valley UFO", and "Paducah Plane Jumper". Helps us produce the show, become a RUMPer
February 17, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 76: "Grief Big Dogging"
This is the podcast that won't order their own fries but will steal yours. R & C take-down the very last episode of season 4 of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack: "Don's Near Miss", "Drunk Driver update", "Eleven Million Dollar Heist", "Migrant Twin" and "Yeshiva Murder". Download Crystal's cocktail recipe e-book: Help us keep steam in the machine:
February 04, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 75: "Dishwasher Safe"
Join us for the diamond pod-a-versary of Re-Enacted, an Unsolved Mysteries Podcast. This episode has a hometown-adjacent mystery and the hosts try to imagine what'd be like waking up in 1988. Season 4, episode 24 of UM: "Broken Hearts", "Burning Car", "Armored Car Killings" and "Amnesia Victim". help us keep the lights on @ RUMPer central: www,
January 20, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 74: "Soup Suspicions"
What with all the attempted coup activity today we nearly forgot to upload the latest episode! This extra special season 4 episode of UM has us doing a deep dive into the dark waters of DIABOLICAL MINDS. D-I-A-B-O-L-I-C-A-L M-I-N-D-S. Happy new year you guys! helps us ward off evil hexes, becomes a RUMPer today:
January 07, 2021
Re-Enacted Episode 73: "Your Family is a Lie"
Happy Holidays RUMPers! Season 4 episode 22: "Noah's Ark", "New in Town", "Model A Sister" and "Carwash Kidnap". See you next year for a special UM episode on diabolical personalities or something? help us keep the pod gas tank full:
December 23, 2020
Re-Enacted 72: "Barrels of the Babies"
Unsolved Mysteries season 4, episode 21: "Slain Swedes", "Black Market Babies", "Bones Knows" and "Med Scam". In this ultra-packed episode of RUMP, Crystal struggles to remember names of things (specifically the actor JOEL KINNAMEN) and alienates half the audience by denouncing interest in horses. Robbie considers the importance of a psychic bus driver and fantasizes that Elliot Ness had been in charge of busting Depression-era baby brokers. support independent creators, join our Patreon:
December 09, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 71: "Messy"
Just in time for Turkey Day, when you might need a laugh (not that we think we are THAT funny). Unsolved Mysteries Season 4 episode 20: "Magnetic Attraction" and "Oregon Heir". Buckle up cuz this first segment is a doozy. Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. RUMPers and a pleasant Wednesday to everyone else! help us keep the heat on:
November 25, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 70: "Girl Segment"
Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack season 4 episode 19: "Getaway Photo", "Looking for Angeline" and "Mom & Pop Murders". Has election stress gotten to Robbie & Crystal? Are they fighting now? Is this podcast SO TOTALLY OVER?! The answers are in this episode of Re-Enacted! Help us fix the recording studio door:
November 11, 2020
Re-Enacted Halloween Special: "I'd Rather Be Eating Human Flesh"
THIS NOT A REGULAR EPISODE OF RE-ENACTED. In this week's delightful, delectable episode of Re-Enacted, Robbie & Crystal discuss the 1999 black comedy-horror-historical thriller "Ravenous". TW: eating on mic and discussions of cannibalism. Happy Halloween RUMPers! We will be back with a regular episode next time to discuss another episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
October 28, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 69: Nice.
Unbelievable! 100 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack yet only 69 (nice) episodes of Re-Enacted. Make it make sense! Join us for an extra spooky 3 year anniversary episode of Re-Enacted, chock full of UFOs & ghosts who are polite. UM season 4 episode 18: "UFO Odyssey", "Reporter's Trucker" and "Haunted Mansion". Help us keep the lights on by supporting our Patreon:
October 14, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 68: "B*tch Attributes"
Season 4 episode 17 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Black & Blue", "Drunk Driver", "Yeti" and "Jane Doe's Ashes". The podcast that takes the bold stance that stealing from temples is wrong and maybe not as cool as we were all told to believe it was? No you didn't miss an episode last week, this one just got delayed. Blame Neptune in retrograde. help us keep the lights on in spookytown, become a rumper
October 08, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 67: "Medjugerje"
Robert Stack has a lot of fun saying the name of a town in Yugoslavia. Unsolved Mysteries season 4 episode 16: "Mejugorje", "Shack Fire", "Dial A for Abduction" and "Missing Bank Executive". You can recognize our podcast by our distinctive wristwatches. become a rumper, help us keep the lights on:
September 16, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 66: "Creepy McCreepers"
Season 4 episode 15 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Mystery Hitchhiker", "Anchors Away", "Lucky Lost Love", and "Vegas Rap*st". TW: maybe skip the last segment. become a RUMPer today:
September 02, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 65: "The Great Escape"
Crystal & Robbie discuss season 4 episode 14 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Larry's Last Race", "Til Death Do Us Part", "Millionairess Murder" and "Dances with Moomess". THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS PODCAST ;-) help us keep the lights on and get exclusive stuff:
August 19, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 64: "Sweeping the Dirt"
How many Lost Loves segments are too many for one episode of Unsolved Mysteries? Is it two? It's probably two. UM season 4 episode 13: "Chad", "Honky Tonk Woman", "Practical Joker" and "Nine Lives". helps us keep this soul train going:
August 05, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 63: "The Investigators"
Robbie & Crystal discuss the Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. Then they chat about season 4 episode 12 of the classic UM: "Murderers' Escape", "Lady & the Tramp", "Death Row Defender" and "Charlie's Angels". Crystal might cry a lil bit on this one. become a rumper & help us keep the spooky lights on:
July 23, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 62: "Long Timey Ago"
Unsolved Mysteries season 4, episode 11: "Best Friends", "Marine Captain Murder", "Florida Fires" and "Mucho Oro". Crystal indulges her compulsion to re-enact a movie scene, but that doesn't mean you have to like it. This episode brought to you by your neighborhood Googie diner, long may she live. support black lives matter: helps us keep the lights on & get exclusive content:
July 07, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 61: "Le Extraterrestres"
A bit of international intrigue & American mortgage scammin' in UM season 4, episode 10: "Belgian UFO", "Brenda's Fire" and "Philip Breen". Robbie & Crystal have some hot takes on pastry; Crystal apologizes to everyone she knew a decade ago. support black lives matter: helps us keep the lights on & get exclusive content:
June 23, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 60: "Deadly Confetti"
Welcome to episode 60 of Re-Enacted, we've come a long way RUMPers. Unsolved Mysteries season 4, episode 9: "Mail Bombings","Loving's Lost Love","Go Ask Alice" and "Sal & Sally". Not sure where you're going to find this much sprite vs mountain dew discourse anywhere else on the internet. Support black lives matter:
June 09, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 59: "Fargo, Colorado"
We got a real humdinger here, boys. Unsolved Mysteries season 4 episode 8: "Past Lives", "Murder & Extortion", "48 hour Fraud" and "Mystery Clerk". This episode of Re-Enacted brought to you by budget Las Vegas buffets (RIP). Help us stay on the air, become a rumper today:
May 27, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 58: "Secret Staircase"
It's Halloween in May! Season 4, episode 7 of UM: "St James Ghost", "Ghostly Attraction" and "Calling Dr Fraud". The more murder-y segment was cut out, so please enjoy a lighter-than-usual episode. From us to you. Because we meant to do it like that and we love you. Help support the pod, become a #rumper today:
May 14, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 57: "Rock Hard Water"
The podcast that dares to ask: which cartoon character did you have a crush on as a kid? Unsolved Mysteries season 4, episode 6: "Goldie's Girl", "Til Death Do Us Part", and "Thanks Big Brother". keep RUMP chugging, support our Patreon: send us your shitty small town stories: reenectedpod [at] gmail [dot] com
April 28, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 56: "Human Chameleon"
Since recording this episode, Crystal tested negative for COVID-19. We hope u all are hanging in there too. UM season 4, episode 5: "Baron 52 Crew", "Stamper's Revenge", and "Pigeon Drop". Sorry for all the cursing on this one, mom. Help support our podcast:
April 15, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 55: "Monkey Paw Wishes & Toilet Paper Dreams"
Hanging in there, RUMPers? Season 4, episode 4 of UM: "Miraculous Escape", "Phantom Judge" and "Coffee Pot Twins". Become a RUMPer today for exclusive content and early access to new episodes:
March 31, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 54: "Radioactive Jesus"
Robbie & Crystal see you out there, train FREAKS. Unsolved Mysteries season 4 episode 3: "Who's Tyler?", "Maloney's Mickey", "Shroud of Turin", and "Road Map Clues". This episode brought to you by the pog economy. WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS & stay healthy Rumpers.
March 18, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 53: "Most Handsome Man in America"
The podcast that dares to ask, what if George Clooney Booth'ed the prez? Season 4 episode 2 of Unsolved Mysteries: "John Wilkes Booth (pts 1 & 2)", "Identical Twins" and "Man Who Never Was". Keep on Rumpin here:
March 04, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 52: "Demon in a Bottle"
Roll the 12-sided die with Robbie & Crystal for the Unsolved Mysteries season 4 premiere: "Bentwaters UFO", "Dungeons & Dragons" and "ID Swap". Become a RUMP supporter today:
February 19, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 51: "RUMP Bowl I"
The first ever RUMP bowl: we take two boring episodes and pit the segments head-to-head to decide the best of the worst w/r/t season 3 episodes 21 & 22 of Unsolved Mysteries. Become a RUMPer today:
February 05, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 50: "Jeepers Creepers"
Yes, despite our best efforts, we have managed over the last two and a half years to make 50 episodes of Re-Enacted! That's like, dunno, carry the 1... 60 some hours of talking Unsolved Mysteries. On season 3, episode 20 of UM things get uncanny for one of your cohosts: "Edgar Cayce", "Crystal", and "War of the Depues". Become a supporter:
January 23, 2020
Re-Enacted Episode 49: "A New Hampshire Situation"
Episode 19 of season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries, and WE ARE FULL OF WHITE HOT TAKES: "Ness", "Mom's Genetic Curse", "Salem Secrets" and "Autistic Son". Become a RUMPer at
January 08, 2020
Re-Enacted RUMPers Only: CRYPTIDS
A RUMPers only episode in our regular feed? YES. This one is about the Time-Life "Mysteries of the Unknown" Series book Mysterious Creatures. This is primo, exclusive content our Patreon subscribers got months ago over at A little gift from Robbie & Crystal for you during the holidays if you just need to take time-out from your fam in the grocery store parking lot.
December 26, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 48: "Betty Hair"
Robbie & Crystal try to get their groove back with season 3, episode 18 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Scared to Death", "Texas UFO", "Butch Cassidy", and "Sibling Search". Become a RUMPer:
December 18, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 47: "Folsom Prison Snooze"
UM season 3, episode 17: "Sean/Don Con", "Amelia Earhart Part 2", "Folsom Escape", "Lost Sailor" and "Past Phone Calls". Become a #RUMPer:
December 04, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 46: "Year of the Big Screen TV"
Back from a lil hiatus, here we is. Season 3 episode 16 of UM: "Chameleon", "Lost 4 Life", "Smitty" and "Samuel's Ghost". Plus, childhood tales from the Las Vegas strip. Become a RUMPer today:
November 20, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 45: "Party Patrol"
Happy Halloweenis RUMPers, it's season 3 ep 15 of UM: "Teen Tragedy", "State Department Murder" and "Lost Adams Diggings". and become a RUMPer today!
October 29, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 44: "Y'all Got a Pegasus?"
Crystal gives Silicon Valley a piece of her mind, then we discuss UM Season 3 Ep 14: "Death By Drowning", "Grandma's Grave", and "CIA Secrets". Visit and become a supporter today!
October 16, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 43: "Burt Reynolds is the Cube"
It's season 3, ep 13 of UM: "Missing Medic", "Killer Cassanova", and "Vancouver Lights". Have lunch with us!
October 02, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 42: "A Piece of Work"
It's season 3, episode 12 of UM: "Voodoo Victims", "Skeleton Canyon", "North Carolina Nightmare" and "England Heir". PS. We'll happily take any endorsement cash from Pizza Factory or Taco Bell. #bringbackthedoubledecker to become a Stackhead today!
September 18, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 41: "Congress with a Senator"
Better late than later is right now. It's UM season 3, episode 11: "Pics of the Dead", "Johnny Lee Wilson" and "Totally Exhausted". Plus Robbie and Crystal play a very disturbing thought game. We're all body guys on this one. for RUMPer only content
September 04, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 40: "Alias Tiger Lady"
It's our big4-0 and it's UM season 3 episode 10: "Down on the Farm", "Trucker Death", "Miracle Staircase" and "Follow the Shadow". to join the RUMP club today!
August 21, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 39: "In the Yeet of Night"
Season 3 Episode 9 of UM: "Money Clip Murder" and Robbie's deja vu, "Unknown Arsonist Update", "Louisiana Burning", "Epilepsy Pooches" and "Cowboy Bandit". Become a RUMPer 4 real:
August 07, 2019
ReEnacted Episode 38: "Hanging Tough"
Season 3, episode 8: "Where's Keri?","Amelia Earheart","Richard's Rampage" and "Miami Vice". With special appearances by NKTOB. Send us your shitty small towns stories: reenactedpod[at] Subscribe to our Patreon:
July 24, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 37: "Pyramid Power"
It's Halloween on season 3, ep 7 of UM and not even a little bit spooky. "Friendly Ghost", "Vision Quest", "Powers of Miss Katie", and "Reincarnation Update".
July 12, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 36: "Psychic Twin Warning System"
Season 3, EP 6 of UM: "Real Life Twin Peaks", "Twins", "Mary & Martha" and "FBI's Most Wanted". Also Robbie gets his change back.
June 25, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 35: "Bermuda Triangle of Passion"
Season 3, episode 5 of UM: "Search for Freedon", "Down & Out in Beverly Hills", "Nazi war Treasure", and "Sweetheart Escape". This episode brought to you by the good folks over at Wendy's, now with vanilla Frosties! Become a #RUMPer:
May 29, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 34: "Inside the Internet"
Holy cow you guys it's Season 3 episode 4 of UM: "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "Dark Dante", and "The Promise". This episode was definitely brought to you by the Taco Bell value menu. Check out our Patreon and support RUMP:
May 09, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 33: "Dont Mess With The Brinksman"
A very, very special episode of Re-Enacted. Robbie gets emotional, and we both get creeped out (trigger warning) on S3E3 of UM: "Ladies' Man", "Dr. Rapist", "Interstate Disappearance", and "One Minute Million".
April 19, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 32: "Shotgun Granny"
Season 3, episode 2 of UM: "Bermuda Triangle", "Prison Mom", "Adoption Reunion", and "East Palo Alto has had enough!" #RUMP
March 24, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 31: "Embiggening the Fish"
A super-sized episode of UM and an exxxtra large dose of Re-Enacted to keep you sensuous RUMPers warm out there. Season 3, Episode 1: "Kecksburg UFO", "META Lost Loves", "Omar & the Arsonist", and "Hospital Babynap". This episode brought to you by MCI Friends & Family Circle.
February 27, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 30: "What's Your Thesis"
Take a deep dive into the political landscape of 1968 with Robbie; we close by reminiscing about our all time favorite bowling alleys. Season 2, episode 19 of UM: "RFK", "Voice from the Grave (Terrasita Bossa)", and "No One Spared/Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre". This episode brought to you by NBA Jam 2K.
February 11, 2019
Re-Enatced Episode 29: "Neighborhood Earring Swap"
We finally announce the winner of our review contest after ... 25 episodes? It's a jam-packed UM this time. Season 2, episode 18: "Chicago Kidnapping", "Cartel Cash Web", "Rachel Runyan", "Sweetheart Swindler", and "Texas Crime Spree".
January 22, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 28: "Replicating Cecil"
Hey RUMPers, happy new year! Robbie catches us up on what he's been doing, and we take a nostalgia trip through 1990s network TV lineups. Season 2, Episode 17 of UM: "Thanks Captain Sharp", "Harold & Ma", "Over the Edge" and "Ogo Pogo". This episode brought to you by the TV trope "fruitcake is terrible". Music credits in this ep (plz don't sue): "Suicide is Painless (MASH theme)" by Johnny Mandel C1970 "Soul Train Theme TSOP '87" by George Duke C1987
January 01, 2019
Re-Enacted Episode 27: "Steamboat Reunion"
*witch voice* We're back, my little RUMPers. Season 2 Episode 16: "Dreams or Reincarnation?", "Rookie Cop Death", and "Thumper the Outlaw Biker". This one isn't Halloween spooky (unless you consider a middle aged woman recounting her dreams for 30 minutes scary which tbh, it kind of is). Brought to you by the Original Medford Hustle.
October 31, 2018
Re-Enacted will be back on Halloween!
Re-Enacted will be back on Halloween! by
October 17, 2018
Re-Enacted Minisode 02: ETs and UFOs!
Look out RUMPers it's minisode about (ostensibly) life on other planets; PLUS Crystal shares her margarita recipe, we discuss David Morris' illustrious acting career, talk out our feelings about "is there life out there?" and a wild ass Dan Akroyd "documentary". Back at ya next time with a regular UM ep. COSTELLO IS DEATH PROCESS. Link to YouTube Akroyd Video:
October 03, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 26: "Depressed Wheat"
Robbie rides the bus! Crystal makes dumb puns with Thai food! Season 2 Episode 15 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Crop Circles", "Hit and Run in North Carolina" and "Novel Disappearance". This episode brought to you by the Marfa Lights Gift Shop, located on Highway 14 outside Marfa, TX. Mention you're a #RUMPer and get 10% off!
September 19, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 25: "Incidental Mullets"
It's deja vu all over again as Robbie makes the same fart joke as the last episode, then we talk season 2, episode 14 of UM: "Shot in the Face: Connecticut", "Lost Dad: CIA Edition", "Shot in the Face: Nashville" and "Lost Dad: Silent Testimony".
September 05, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 24: "Guns 'n Rugs"
Season 2, Episode 13: "Dreamy Disappearance", "The Luckiest Lil Choir in All the World", "Hippie Heist", and "Smoky Mountains ATV Murders". This episode brought to you by the Chattanooga Better Business Tourism Council.
August 22, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 23: "Baby Communism"
WELCOME BACK RUMPERS. School's back in sesh and Robbie gives us a report on his Shitty Small Towns of America tour for the first 15 minutes. Then, it's season 2 episode 12: "Hat Box Baby", "John Branion's Final Appeal" and "Santa's Baby".
August 08, 2018
Re-Enacted Announcement: School's Out!
Robbie & Crystal will be back at you with a new episode of Re-Enacted on August 8th. Stay cool out there #RUMPers
June 26, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 22: "Bouncing Around Dixie"
We dig into Season 2 Episode 11 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Fool's Gold", "Suicide or Homicide?" "Tennessee Baby Broker", and "Donald Eugene Webb". This episode brought to you by Furniture USA, now with stores in Alameda and Merced.
June 13, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 21: "An Overboard Incident"
On this fresh diss track of the show Westworld and 80s dads, we bring the heat to "Dead Ringer in Glendale", "Woody's Millions", "Plummer's Booty" and "Jim and Tammi". This is loosely an Unsolved Mysteries podcast (S2EP10). #RUMPers
May 30, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 20: The Paranormal!
This week, a throwback clip show to our very favorite paranormal segments from Unsolved Mysteries Season 1: "Queen Mary", "General Wayne Inn", "Rock of Fortune" and "Missing Time Pts 1 & 2". We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next time RUMPers.
May 16, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 19: "The Apartment Master"
On this Very Special Episode of Unsolved Mysteries (S02 EP09): "Murder in Mesa", "Schmouly's Search for a Soldier", "KGB Spooks" and "Night Stalker Tipster". We promise we'll get back to the jokes next time RUMPers.
May 02, 2018
Re-Enacted Epsiode 18: "Sucking it in & Clearly Been Shaved"
Season 2, episode 8: In "Sonny Liston", a foreshadowing of future developments for the pod when Robbie and Crystal speculate who would win in a boxing match of Robert Stack vs. William Shatner; "Sharon's Search" provides an opportunity for Crystal to do a wellness check on Robbie as they fail to move on from the segment; and, "Elizabeth Campbell kidnapping". Stick around for the Marvel-after-the-credits thing we did for this one. #ZamundaForever
April 18, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 17: "3 Billboards Outside Valdez, NC"
We have an in-depth discussion of Unsolved Mysteries Season 2, Episode 7: "Christmas Party Murder", "Psychic Fraud", "Drummond's Dollars", and "Coma Recovery". Crystal goes on for AWHILE about the British royal family, and we introduce a new #RUMPer contest.
April 04, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 16: "The Eyebrows Episode"
We review Season 2, Episode 6 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Rudolf Hess Parts 1 & 2", "Confused in Montana", and "Arlington Murder". Play the #RUMPer drinking game with us: drink every time we say "Nazi" in this episode(trust us, we'd rather not be).
March 21, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 15: "Triggered by Lava"
We discuss Season 2, Episode 5 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Platinum Pilfer," "Update: Orphan Train," "Marfa Ghost Lights," "Greeting Card Killer," and "Trying to Score Some Carauna". This episode brought to you by that thing of when you live alone, heat up a Totino's, cut it up, and eat that lil pizza straight off the box it came in.
March 07, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 14: "Sh*tty Small Towns"
For season 2, episode 4 of Unsolved Mysteries, we discuss the segments "Double Life in Lyons Nebraska", "Locust Grove Family Reunion", "Update: Prison Break", and "Chicago Confidential". We also give an exhaustive list of businesses in the Lyons and Locust Grove areas, and provide an inside look at how Hollywood does awards season to itself for itself. This episode brought to you by your local Pizza Factory.
February 21, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 13: "Stay Out of the Ocean"
In season 2, episode 3 we get a Stack-packed episode of intrigue and maritime horrors: "Virginia Unexplained Death," "Update: Thanks Lt. Stevens," "Coin Scam," "Missing Boat Crew of the Sara Jo", AND "Baltimore Babynapping".
February 07, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 12: "Conveniently Placed Towel"
We review Season 2, Episode 2 of Unsolved Mysteries: "Realtor Murder," "Miracle Cross," "Update: Robbinghood," and "Nudist Fraud". This episode brought to you by your independent, locally-operated VHS rental store (possibly with an adult section behind the beaded curtain, but you'll have to show the guy at the counter your ID first).
January 24, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 11: "Aluminum Foil Fields of New Mexico"
A new year, a new you, a new season of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. We discuss season 2, episode 1: "Molester Cop," "Thanks Lieutenant Stevens," and "Roswell Pts. 1 & 2". This episode brought to you by the New Mexico Board of Tourism.
January 10, 2018
Re-Enacted Episode 10: "Unlucky in Love"
"Gary Goff & the Satanic Panic", "Tragedy on the Tracks: An Update", "Missing Time", AND "Help Us Find Rogis Kane!"
December 27, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 09: "Magic F*cking Rock"
"Stand by Me", "Vietnam War Family Reunion", "Priest Serial Killer?", and "Magic Rock". This episode brought to you by Jack Joseph's Coupon Book and the Super Burrito fine family of restaurants.
December 13, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 08: "Celebrity Inmate Starf*ckers"
"Missing in Nebraska", "San Quentin Escape Artist", "Missing Medford Millions" and Robbie rails on a bullshitty interview segment at the end. This episode brought to you by the India Palace Lunch Buffet in Medford, OR.
November 29, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 07: "The 22 Disciples of Hell"
"General Wayne Inn Haunting", "Palo Alto Car Jacking", "Son of Sam Part II", and "Mississippi Millionaire's Missing Wife".
November 15, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 06: "Summer of '76"
"Son of Sam: Part 1", "Omaha Unclaimed Inheritance", and "Georgia Chapel Murders". We also discuss the grisly H.H. Holmes murders and about a movie Robbie likes a lot. This episode sponsored by the New England Association for Internal Doctors (NEAID).
October 31, 2017
Re-Enacted Minisode 01: Halloween!
Robbie and Crystal discuss their very own spooky, (somewhat)solved mysteries. No episode of the show "Unsolved Mysteries" is reviewed, but Robbie eats too much candy; Crystal presents a skeptic's take on ghostly encounters; and we discuss the phenomenon of sleep paralysis after watching Korean horror films. Happy Halloween RUMPers!
October 31, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 05: "The Big One"
"D.B. Cooper", "Tragedy on the Tracks", and "Memorabilia Gone Missing". This episode brought to you by the Garbage Grinder @ Luigi's Italian Sandwiches in Medford, OR.
October 18, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 04: "Vortex of Mystery, Heartbreak, & Intrigue"
"Ghost Ship", "Tennessee Psycho Killer", and "Missing from Maine". This episode brought to you by the last Howard Johnson's.
October 11, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 03: "Unlock These Secrets"
"Amnesia!", "Pennsylvania Prison Escape", "The Heart Attacker", and "Treasure in Bedford County". Also, Crystal and Robbie discuss a famous work of medieval plant human 'slash' fiction.
October 04, 2017
Re-Enacted Episode 02: "One Last Piece"
"WANTED: Michigan Gas Station Incident", "FINAL APPEAL from Texas", "San Francisco Cliffside Cult", and "You Have V-Mail!" This episode is brought to you by Sheetz.
September 27, 2017