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By re7consulting agency
A podcast that covers the entire Digital Marketing ecosystem, offering a complete learning experience to those interested in getting deeper into the Digital Marketing world.
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🔊 records | episode #3: Oh, Sweet Beginnings!
Hello and welcome to 🔊records! Today, we'll have a wonderful talk about Beginnings. There's a beginning in everything, it is inevitable. The first step marks the beginning of us as bipedal animals. The first word marks our journey in the wonderful Universe of communication. The first day at school marks our journey through the educational system. First love marks our debut in the sublime pursuit to find the love of our life. The first job marks the start of our great journey to a successful career and so on.  Life is full of beginnings, as new opportunities to become better, faster, stronger, just like in Daft Punk's famous song. And, just like the good things that can lie behind the opportunities that arise in our lives, challenges can arise as well. But this is the sweet part that lies behind opportunities and gives rise in our soul to a beautiful feeling, the courage to take the make a step in the unknown. And, with every new step we make into the darkness, we learn something new and thus evolve.  But what if you choose your first step to being a huge one? How this step impacts your life and how do you deal with the new reality you face?  Well, today we'll try to answer these questions, together with my guest, Ciprian Nicolae, Founder of Clicks&Leads Agency, specialized in Social Media Marketing. Enjoy!
April 13, 2021
🔊 records | episode #2: The Marketing of Generations
Hello and welcome to 🔊records! This episode is about the marketing of generations, better known as generational marketing. Together with Teodora Stancu, Social Media Strategist at re7consulting, we talk about why people think what they think and what cognitive biases determine an idea to get viral through the masses, and finally define an entire generation. If you like our podcast, don't forget to subscribe to our channel to catch the next episodes. Enjoy!
April 6, 2021
🔊 records | episode #1: How SEO will look in 2050?
Hello and Welcome to 🔊records! In the first episode, we will lead you through a fascinating journey, a time travel in the future of Search Engine Optimization. Together with Stoian Ciprian, SEO Specialist, Founder & CEO of One Media X Group Agency, we'll briefly imagine how SEO will look 30 years from now. If you like our podcast, don't forget to hit the FOLLOW Button to catch the next episodes.  Enjoy!
March 29, 2021