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Read Brave podcast with Youth Voices of IGF

Read Brave podcast with Youth Voices of IGF

By Read Brave
Engaging youth with themes of intersectionality and resiliency as they relate to "The Stars and the Blackness Between Them" without a screen. Tune in and listen to Latrese and Moises as they use the power of the book to inspire intelligent conversations by using quotes from the book.

IGF is a nonprofit organization that creates safe spaces and healing opportunities for youth of color. They focus on breathing and education on stress and trauma. IGF also create workshops to connect to the community and share their mindful tools. For more information, visit
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Episode 4: Exploring one's self, ideas, and feelings and how it affects us in our everyday life.
Special guest: Akeelah Who knew that moon baths are done to wash away bad omen, gain emotional energy and for guidance? Tune in to hear Latrese and Moises discuss moon baths, the importance of taking control of emotions, how we are all connected to the universe and it is filled with beauty. Quotes discussed are: “Take your feelings and hold them with softness, but also with power. And whenever you feel afraid, know you can ask your fear about itself.” “Audre, you are a wild nurturing. You are a complicated specialness. You are ancestral perseverance and sacred erotic.” “The Blackness between the stars is the melanin in your skin.” Breathing Techniques: Energy Breath Soft Belly breathing
April 15, 2021
Episode 3: Reconciliation. Resiliency. Healing. Gardening.
Guests: Natalia and Mariana Reconciliation. Resiliency. Healing. Gardening. Tune in to this episode as the IGF team discusses about how to metabolize trauma and how we all contribute to our healing journey & tactics of oppressions used against our ancestors and how it affects us today. Sometimes, it takes being broken in order to heal. Quotes discussed: “Life is strange and it will break you to help you heal ancient wounds my darling” “Black folks should know how to grow our own food, even if the white man done made us associate being with the land with being slaves. Our ancestors lived with the land and grew their own medicine and food, and we trying to teach y’all how to love and be comfortable with the land.” “I say things to myself like I is a sweet grandma. Like I is my own ancestor and I say it to me from me. I love you Audre, you are safe.” Breathing Techniques: Soft Belly Breath Heart Breath
April 8, 2021
Episode 2: Learn Mindful Tool: Humming
Guests: Natalia and Tearra Tune in to hear personal stories about parents transitioning into survival mode to protect and provide the best for their kids. Also hear about the power of discussions and how comforting and whole it can be to be together. We come from light, and although it may seem dark, it is not a limitation to what or who we are. “Audre, I think what many parents struggle with, mine included, is that they may not know how to love us in the way that we need. I think that being a parent can bring up a lot of your own fears and traumas and a lot of parents don't know how to not pass that own to their own kids.” “Remember you are from the stars and that you can return to them. Remember you are a sacred being of love, no matter the darkness of an earthly life. Remember you come from light and return to freedom. Remember you are the healing of your ancestors, that you are Chiron, the wounded healer.”
March 25, 2021
Episode 1: Learn mindful tools: Four for Four & Praying Hands
This episode will introduce youth to The Stars and the Blackness Between Them and discuss quotes: “Let the pain leave out of you with each breath, it want to be free too” and “Spirits speak loudest when we deep in the water, drowning in trouble and fear.”
March 19, 2021