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Mike Marcou - Sept. 11, 2018

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By Reading Royals
Reading Royals Equipment Manager Jason “J Bird” MacDonald and Sean “Berbs” Berberich host the Bird & Berbs Podcast. The show will take an inside-the-locker-room look at the 2018-19 Royals. Voice of the Royals David Fine will also be a contributor to the show.
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Dillan Fox - Sept. 18, 2018
Royals Equipment Manager Jason "J Bird" MacDonald and Sean "Berbs" Berberich are FIRED UP on a rainy morning in Reading. First off, the boys recap the shenanigans of a fun weekend at Fall Fest in West Reading, plus Bird highlights the Royals Theme Night Schedule and single-game tickets going on sale (1:00-15:00). Next up, the "Hummelstown Hammer" Dillan Fox joins and talks about the time he got caught going to the hotel pool by Head Coach Kirk MacDonald (15:00-36:00). To complete the podcast, the boys discuss the best spots to eat and grab a drink in Toledo, OH with "Life on the Road." Single-game tickets for the Royals 2018-19 season are available by calling 610-898-7825 or visiting
September 18, 2018
Mike Marcou - Sept. 11, 2018
Royals Equipment Manager Jason "J Bird" MacDonald and Sean "Berbs" Berberich catch up with new Royals assistant coach Mike Marcou (16:00-38:00). Coach tells us how he learned to make a potato gun and why he came back to Reading. To kick things off (1:00-16:00), Sean and J Bird explain why they're excited for some new paint and cabinets in the locker room. Sean also puts on his best Wheeling, WV accent (38:00-47:00) as we get you acquainted with the home of the Nailers in "Life on the Road."
September 11, 2018
Steven Swavely - Sept. 5, 2018
This is not your typical hockey podcast. On the first-ever episode of the "Bird & Berbs Podcast", Equipment Manager Jason "J Bird" MacDonald and Athletic Trainer Sean "Berbs" Berberich chat with Royals forward Steven Swavely about his night terrors, how he earned the nickname "Spring Break Steve" and his expectations for the 2018-19 Royals. Plus, we take fan questions and get to the bottom of the old chicken & waffles place in Glens Falls, NY, home of the Adirondack Thunder.
September 4, 2018
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