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Real Deals by Chloé - PropTech & Digital Marketing Tips for your Real Estate Investments

Real Deals by Chloé - PropTech & Digital Marketing Tips for your Real Estate Investments

By Chloe Cohen
Leverage your Real Estate with ACTIONABLE PropTech (aka Technology) tools & digital marketing tips. If you are a developer or a broker- there is a tech solution that can lower your costs and increase ROI. From multifamily, rentals, Office buildings, Airbnb, Brokerages, New Development Marketing and Sales etc. etc. Send this podcast to whoever runs your marketing, strategy and tech department! For help finding the best tech solutions for your business, marketing, and/or web development, reach out:
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Are tertiary Markets a good investment? Let’s look at TAX incentives, local culture and opportunity

Real Deals by Chloé - PropTech & Digital Marketing Tips for your Real Estate Investments

Getting Started in Real Estate Investment with the #1 Investment Advisor Reed Goossens
You can be an avid investor, a software engineer working in PropTech, or a Real Estate professional with an extra $40 grand ready to invest...where do you start?   Thematic Points:  The Reed Goossens Story- from Australia to the #1 Real Estate Investor  Choosing a Mentor  Where to get started: Flipping, MF Syndication etc.   Q&A from the audience   DIY vs. Hiring 3rd Party Management  Choosing location by market size  and so much more... Listen as Reed Goossens gives up tips on multifamily investing and real estate in USA. He is No.1 real estate investments advisor and expert of real estate market. Check out his website here: He also has a podcast, and a syndication mastermind group, feel free to reach out to him with questions at
June 09, 2020
Where does #WFH (working from home) leave Office buildings? A chat with Plastarc on navigating future workspace
Working remotely isn't a new concept, but COVID 19 helped propel all industries forward utilizing technology that allows for efficient team communication, individual productivity, and yes- retail/property virtual tours has incredible metrics for online sales conversion. Will having an HQ be a thing of the past? What does workplace design actually mean? What kind of technology, Artificial Intelligence and data are being utilized to help us?  let's look at some tips, and fun trends circulating...and get a better insight from Melissa Marsh, the Founder and Executive Director of Plastarc. She is a success story, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Enjoy this episode! 
June 02, 2020
Working from home, resiliency, happiness & productivity for Corporate Leadership; with Elina Teboul
Happy National Happiness Day!  It is also a time when corporations and individuals are suffering from the fear with the onset of COVID-19. This episode explores, how behavioral psychology predicts and thus, provides solutions for Corporations to instill a multi-faceted approach to company culture. Especially when instilling focus, resilience, and most importantly happiness- in the day to day, which turns over an increase in productivity and revenue growth. We speak with Elina Teboul, She’s a lawyer, executive coach and the founder of
March 24, 2020
Futuristic Tech China used to control and contain COVID 19; how private are our homes & street?
Futuristic technology has fascinated us all, but while we anticipated them being used during wartime, it is not coming out of the gates as the front runner in containing the CoronaVirus. Mostly used in China, these technologies has been developed in China, Denmark, Germany and other tech forward countries. Infrared imaging it being utilized to detect fever on the subway via biometric scanners, thermometer guns and on the street via Shenzhen MicroMultiCoper Drones that can detect fever and report the individuals to the police on the ground, who immediately quarantine this individual.  Other robots are more "hands on," being placed in rooms with infected individuals to help communicated between the patient and the medical staff, and spray disinfectants, all whilst limiting the human-to-human in person interactions, thereby limiting exposure to the illness. UPDATE: someone send me this article which outlines how Ai is understanding the virus, and a few other Futuristic pieces of tech I did not mention in the podcast. It's a fascinating read (and has graphics too) -  Stay safe, and do your part by staying isolated! Technology has allowed us to feel connected even when we are not through the use of Video Chat and so much more. My blessings are with you and your family at this time.  All the best,  Chloe 
March 16, 2020
Are tertiary Markets a good investment? Let’s look at TAX incentives, local culture and opportunity
Let's talk Real Estate Investment, Tech Initiatives and Bourbon 🥃 with Louisvilles own Sierra Enlow. Interview with native Kentuckian, Sierra Enlow (linkedin) talking about the Louisville cities Tech Initiatives, Tax/Investment tools offered to Investors, and of course Bourbon 🥃 - All bourbon is good bourbon! If you are in Real Estate, you probably invest and most investors are in middle markets outside of NYC. Here is my experience investing in the wonderful city of Lousiville, Kentucky, the secrets I've uncovered and the fascinating way a city builds itself up.    Louisville is an accessible city, that's ready for investment and growth. If you want to plan a visit, contact me- trust me, you'll never meet anyone quite like Kentuckians, they live authentically and can't wait to show off their hometowns. Here's the city of Louisville Rankings If the hyper-links didn't work here it is again: Sierra Enlow Linkedin: Here's the city of Louisville Rankings:
February 25, 2020
Interview with Moiz from Nooklyn, a Technology Enabled Brokerage in NYC talking dystopian tech and the future for rental brokers
This episode explores the real deal future of Brokerages with the continuous disruption of Technology. Listen, as Moiz Malik, the Co-founder of Nooklyn explains what you and your business needs to implement, in order to thrive in the PropTech era. We explore dystopian viewpoints, the future of brokerage relationships with the implementation of shift to landlord paying commissions, the impact of tech and the system that provides transparency, efficiency and security for both the tenant, landlord, and broker.  
February 18, 2020
Will Robots get rid of Real Estate Agents? Listen for tips and tech tools to survive and thrive as a Realtor
From 1985 we rapidly shifted from car phones, to flip phones, to the world wide web...and now we have TikTok- like OMG! If Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone, is investing in, as a smart agent, should know what the REAL DEAL behind technology is, and what it can/will or won't do to your job and the Real Estate industry.  Staying updated, keeps you winning!  I know you are a smart agent doing your best to crush your competition, please your clients/developers and stay on top of the latest technology. Guess what? I work in #PropTech helping Technology disrupt the Real Estate Industry...and I'm here to let you in on a secret.  Tech will NOT replace agents, but it will reduce the quantity.   ------------------------------------------------  THEMATIC OUTLINE: Introduction for Brokers - is technology helping or hurting? Firstly, how you can stay relevant & stand out  Secondly, recommended technology to utilize Final Message to NOT becoming obsolete   LINKS FROM THE EPISODE:  Here is the link to a list of all automated software for paperless sales pipeline and digital streamlined real estate transactions and closings  Check out if you want to increased your leads and deals by 47%  Buy Stephen Schwarzman book on Amazon   CREDIT: Watch the Gary Vee Interview with Stephen Schwarzman on YouTube here   For Suggestions, Comments and Questions about branding yourself, technology or your business- please email: 
February 06, 2020
What LabVentures, a Miami PropTech Venture Capital firm looks for in startups for their Startups Studio Candidates
More than Magic Leap, Miami, Florida is generating PropTech and Real Estate Tech startups. See what is happening in Miami, Florida- you'll be surprised at the needs of each state. I was very impressed with Startup Studio- a subsidiary of Lab Ventures a Venture Capital Company in Miami, Florida focusing on investing in PropTech and Technology startups- and you will be too. PropTech This episode is sponsored Real Estate Lab is a state of the art software that helps you analyze multifamily properties quickly and accurately so that you can make a decision on what price you need to pay and how much money you will make. Made for individuals and institutions alike, this is the most important tool for your business. All within your web browser
January 28, 2020
If Your Office Lobby Had Yoga Would You Go To Work Happy?
In this episode, we explore ways technology enables occupants to develop a deeper relationship with other occupants and within their buildings, by creating and delivering "pop up" amenities in under utilized Commercial or Residential spaces.
January 17, 2020
What Retail + Technology + Art in 2020 Looks Like
Immersive Entertainment Technology that will make Retail in 2020 Fun Again! Get ready to be transported into the world where technology disrupts the shopping center asset class. Area15, led by the CEO Winston Fisher, creates a new category of experiential retail- providing futuristic, yet here and now, ways for family and friends to enjoy collective entertainment. Delve into the brilliant mind of Winston Fisher as he exercises his creative muscles and contributes extreme ambition to the project. Fisher is the lead developer for AREA15, the venture is a culmination of his career experience, passion and self-driven interests. Creative partner is Michael Beneville, of Beneville Studios. EXPERIENCES & EXHIBITIONS: Meow Wolf, Nomadic, Emporium, Oddwood and Dueling Axes Shogyo Mujo by Bart Kresa Studio  Mechan 9 by Tyler FuQua   Creations The Sanctuary by Elora Hardy of Ibuku Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty Disco Ball by Ivan McLean El Scorcho by Ivan McLean  In Every Lifetime I will Find You, Michael Benisty Watch the  YouTube Video | | @Area15Official 
January 07, 2020
A Decade in Review: How Technology Disrupted the Real Estate Industry
A candid talk discussing the past 10 years in Real Estate and the technology that has changed the way we live, work and play. This episode is also on YouTube, filmed with Mariel Ebrahimi, CEO of DisruptCRE
December 31, 2019
Introducing how Technology is disrupting Real Estate
Episode 01. An introduction to Real Deals by Chloe Podcast, where we have candid discussions regarding the latest technology and its disruption in the Real Estate Industry, forever changing the way we live, work and play. Check out our podcast for every Tuesday morning for tech Tuesday updates!
December 30, 2019