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Real Estate Roundtable Presented By Home ASAP

Real Estate Roundtable Presented By Home ASAP

By Jonathan Walker
The pros behind the largest real estate agent directory on Facebook go inside the latest news and tactics affecting how real estate agents market themselves and their listings. We talk to real estate and marketing experts to learn the keys to success as a real estate agent in today's digital world.
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Negotiating the Historic Sellers' Market
The historic sellers' market has made it a challenging time to be a real estate agent. In this episode, we speak with Boston agent, David Burd, about the current market trends and how he has been able to sell over two-million dollars in listings despite the inventory shortages. He also shares important information how micro trends within his own market are shaping his approach and how the effects are being felt coast to coast.  For information about TurnKey Suite, please visit
October 11, 2021
Running Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads For Your Real Estate Business
Digital ads can be a great way to reach new leads and get your name out there as a real estate agent, but how do you choose between Google and Facebook ads? In this episode, we continue our conversation with Google expert, Allia Lewandowski, and Facebook expert, Joel Klopfenstein. They share practical tips about the ad types available on each platform and how to get started with advertising. They also explain the best uses for each type of ads, and they share a surprising connection between your Facebook and Google strategy. Episode Links:
October 04, 2021
Should Agents Use Google or Facebook for Marketing?
Both Google and Facebook can be great ways for real estate agents to grow their business, but they have some important differences you should know about before you start marketing. Google expert, Allia Lewandowski, and Facebook expert, Joel Klopfenstein, join the Real Estate Roundtable to compare the platforms. Plus, they offer ways to start using both platforms for free.
September 27, 2021
Creating a Facebook Page for Your Real Estate Business (Part 2)
This week we continue our discussion with Page Create designers Quella Hendley, Mercedes Hendley, and Gabriel Blair-Castro about how to create a professional grade Facebook page. In this episode, they share more common mistakes that agents make when setting up a Facebook. The team also explains how to get the best quality images for your page. They also talk about the other aspects of optimizing your business page so that it is able to be discovered by potential customers. For more information about the guests and links shared during the episode, visit the show notes at
September 20, 2021
Creating a Facebook Page for Your Real Estate Business (Part 1)
Professional designers Quella Hendley, Mercedes Hendley, and Gabriel Blair-Castro create and remodel hundreds of Facebook pages for real estate agents each year. In this episode, they share their methods for creating a successful Facebook page. Along the way, they give their top tools for cover imagery and more. The team also identifies common mistakes that agents make when setting up a Facebook and how to avoid them. For more information about the guests and links shared during the episode, visit the show notes at
September 13, 2021
Using Facebook As a Real Estate Agent with Angela Stebbins and Kate Mrozinski
Ever wonder whether you're doing enough to market your real estate business on Facebook? You're not alone. In this episode, marketing experts Angela Stebbins and Kate Mrozinski from TurnKey Suite join the real estate round table to talk about the role Facebook marketing should play in a real estate agent's overall marketing strategy. They share some practical tips for what to do when first getting started with Facebook as well how use advertising to drive lead generation and brand awareness. They also share how they are adjusting their strategies to cope with the current sellers' market. Links:
September 07, 2021
Productive Partnerships Between Agents and Lenders with Pat Sherlock
Pat Sherlock joins us to talk about the important qualities in successful partnerships between real estate agents and mortgage professionals. We also break the effects of the historic sellers' market on the closing process and creative solutions people are finding to deal with the new challenges.  Show Notes: Survey Report:
July 29, 2021
How Covid-19 Has Changed Mortgages and Closings
With restrictions on face-to-face contact, the mortgage industry has had to quickly pivot its processes. That leaves many real estate agents wondering what exactly has changed about closings and will these changes last beyond the Covid-19 lock down. We brought in the mortgage experts at CMG Financial (NMLS#1820) to find out. Guests: Jason Eggen (NMLS# 199686), Teresa DeLue (NMLS# 1195060) For show notes and more visit:
June 29, 2020
Using Virtual Meetings for Real Estate
Almost overnight, Zoom has become a household word for most Americans. As people look to minimize face-to-face contact, real estate agents who can carry on business through virtual meetings will have a clear edge. In this episode, real estate veteran and marketing consultant Steve Linnin joins us to discuss how real estate agents can take advantage of virtual meetings. He shares his secrets for getting consumers to set up virtual meetings and follow up contacts. He also gives strategies for how to conduct the virtual meeting itself and why this will be the normal way of work for real estate agents in the future. For more information about this episode, visit the show notes page at
June 01, 2020
Keeping Your Real Estate Team Running Despite Covid-19 With Shawn Rogers
Covid-19 has ushered in a new normal for real esate agents across the country. Traditionally, home buying has been characterized by face to face interactions, but that may be changing. Lockdowns have forced agents to try new tactics to keep homes open to the public while maintaining social distancing. While the pandemic has slowed business for many, other agents have been busy as ever. We sat down with veteran agent Shawn Rogers to learn how he's adjusting to keep business flowing for him and his team during the Covid-19 crisis. He shares his tips for lead generation and virtual tours as well as his approach to iBuyers. 
April 21, 2020
Handling Crises as a Real Estate Agent with Monique Carter
Covid-19 has upended the housing market almost overnight. With the sudden change, many agents have been left wondering how to cope, but housing has weathered economic storms before. While this storm came hard and sudden, smart agents will adapt and thrive. We recently sat down veteran real estate agent, Monique Carter, to learn how she is handling the Covid-19 crisis. Monique has been a real estate agent for 25 years in one of the toughest markets in the U.S. She weathered the Dot Com bust and the Great Recession and managed to come out even stronger. This is her story. For show notes, visit
April 15, 2020