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Real, Real Quick

Real, Real Quick

By Real Quick Podcast
A podcast on learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. We explore life and the things we have tried and tested and look into the habits that successful people use, so that we can all live the life we want. We get real, real quick!
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Things You Can Learn From A 21 Year Old
In this weeks episode we talk to Inderveer Sodhi, a 21 year old from Surrey who is doing amazing things. a Canadian filmmaker, music composer, and actor. His creative endeavors reach as far back as his childhood, shooting short films with his family's home video camera. We talk about his most recent endevour, his directorial debut 'Monster'. This coming-of-age drama based on the gang violence scene in Surrey was written by Sodhi and also stars him in the titular role. The most facinating part of this whole conversation is that it took us to conversation we didn't think was possible. He is a bright kid with an even brighter future. We can't wait for you to hear this one! stay tuned for updates on when it will be playing in your local city Instagram  @inderveersodhi @_monster2019
October 31, 2019
Check Your Privilege with Krishnal Deo
Having done his kinesiology degree and psychology minor at ufv, Krishnal Deo from Kin Consulting wanted to stay in the realm of nutrition and coaching— Although his own injuries led him down a path of physio and recovery which was different. It inspired him to do things differently and on his own to show people there are more hollisitic and different ways to heal and educate. Through that goal it has led him to seek out and learn out both evidence based and alternative therapies that could help those who sought it. Now Krishnal focuses on healing as a whole and works on side projects to feed the creative side, but his main passion and pursuit is healing.  Yes, we dive into a little bit of philosophy. don’t forget to check your privilege. This episode got real, real quick. Where to find this awesome individual @kinkrish
October 21, 2019
NOT One Size Fits All with Dr. JP Padda
Many of us don't understand why addiction occurs, how it happens and why the user in our lives can't put down what ever they are using that is affecting both the lives of themselves and their loved ones. Today we have Dr. JP Padda on the show, speaking on the parallels and stigma of substance abuse. Dr. Padda is a highly trained physician from the Fraser Valley. He completed his Psychiatric residency at ECU in North Carolina and completed his fellowship at the University of Washington in Addictions Psychiatry. He currently practices in the Fraser Valley, working primarily with those with opioid addictions. JP is a super charismatic guy and it was great to have him on the podcast! We are so excited to share this real, raw and educational talk with you guys! Also - we are sorry about the crappy recording quality. We have been having issues with our recording system and are hoping to have that ironed out by the next show! Follow JP on Instagram: @PaddaJP  Follow us on Instagram: @RealQuickPodcast
October 2, 2019
Steaming Pile of Sh*t - Daily Stress
Daily stressors.. We all have them, we all want to learn how to deal with them. Harina described dealing with her constant struggle of dealing with daily stress as of climbing over "a steaming pile of sh*t' only to find another larger, steaming pile awaiting on the other side. That's where we got the name of this show. Today, we discuss stress that you see in your day to day, the affects it has on you and what you can do about it!  Follow us:
September 24, 2019
Goal Setting with Raveena Oberoi
Today we have a guest that is just as sweet as her passion for baking. This lady has a grind mentality but knows when she needs balance, something we should all be striving for. Raveena Oberoi, Owner of Just Cakes Bakeshop, candidly gave us her thoughts on goal setting, energy and the haters. Listen as we get REAL, REAL QUICK!  Follow us on Instagram: @realquickpodcast Follow Raveena on Instagram: @justcakesbakeshop or @ravthinks 
September 17, 2019
Don't Be A Dick: Adult Bullying
It is that time of year! Back to school. You may have heard about bullying in schools and amongst children.. well today we bring you back to work. Back to home. Back to peers. We dive deep into a adult bullying. Yes, there is such a thing and you may not be aware of it happening around you! So don't do it. Don't be a dick.
September 5, 2019
FOMO is a Real Thing!
What is FOMO? (Fear Of Missing Out) Why as a collective have we normalized it? Today, we dive deep into the phenomenon of that which is FOMO and look at why we need to change our outlook on it! Fighting FOMO: 3 Strategies To Beat Your Fear of Missing Out - Follow Us: 
August 29, 2019
Podcasts Are Not My Thing
Harina and Raman discuss the purpose behind real quick podcast, the process of the podcast, and benefits of listening to a podcasts, We encourage you to put your headphones in and come dive into some real conversation.  This is the time. Follow us on Instagram: Wes Moore, Oprah Supersoul Keynote:
August 22, 2019
6 Ways to Shift Your Perspective
A lot of unhappiness is caused by the way we look at things. When we constantly lean towards the negative, that is how our lives tend to feel. Here are 6 simple things  you can implement into your life to shift your perspective and lead a happier and healthier life.  Follow us on Instagram: 
August 16, 2019
It's Not About You... It's Actually About Me
Sometimes the way we react has nothing to do with other people and more to do about us.. and vice versa. Raman and Harina discuss their thoughts around this and how they work through the way they react and the way others react.  Follow us on Instagram: 
August 8, 2019
Self-Care is NOT a Bubble Bath
Social media and other forms of media that we consume on the regular have distorted the notion behind self-care and what it really is. Harina and Raman speak about what self-care really is, the benefits of self-care, and how they practice it in their day-to-day lives.  Follow us on Instagram for regular updates: 
August 1, 2019
F Your Fear
Harina and Raman discuss why fear is important. And why you need to tell it to screw right off! (Content of this episode is suitable for all ages, however we swear... A LOT.. Sorry!  Show Notes: - The story Harina talks about at 12:30 is Tyler Perry and NOT Jordan Peele (excuse my nerves - love both of them equally)
July 24, 2019