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Nichole East - The Challenges That Wake Us Up to Meaning

An episode of Journey Within - Insights On The Soul's Path

By AdaPia d'Errico
Go on the Journey Within with AdaPia d'Errico as she explores the path of purpose, meaning and impact through radical self-awareness, strength cultivated through vulnerability, and the willingness to speak openly and honestly about life, experiences, emotions, relationships, psyche, and Soul.
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Go on the Journey Within with AdaPia d'Errico as she explores the path of purpose, meaning and impact through radical self-awareness, strength cultivated through vulnerability, and the willingness to speak openly and honestly about life, experiences, emotions, relationships, psyche, and Soul.

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Vanessa Petronelli - Embodying The Magnificent Self
Vanessa Petronelli is a spiritual coach and a trance channeler who works with influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders. This wasn’t always her path; she learned to navigate, surrender and step into her purpose, guided by Spirit, to become her ‘Magnificent Self’. And, she knows that her evolution is an ongoing journey, which she shares with rare candor and clarity. Vanessa and I connected in late 2018. I had hit a plateau in my personal-spiritual development, and I needed support from someone embodied, experienced, articulate, grounded, and strong. I had an innate kind of knowing, this intrinsic feeling that I was going through a transition, and I needed support to make the crossing. I had been doing a lot of my own unraveling, as I call it, since late 2016. I had no idea that I reached out to Vanessa right before some of the most challenging and intense months in my evolutionary process. I couldn’t have predicted or even imagined what I’d go through: saying adieu to Barrington, a retreat I was co-facilitating fell apart, and the negative experience around my viral video, to name the major ones. This converation with Vanessa will help you to orient yourself to what’s going on in the World and especially, in yourself. You know you’re here for more than the daily grind, the incessant expectations, and surviving the chaos that seems to be taking over the World. The darkness won’t win. The darkness is asking you to shine your light. You, like me, are supposed to wake up!
November 7, 2019
Journey Within - Renaming the Podcast
This podcast is getting a new name - Journey Within: Insights On The Soul's Path.  With lots of changes - very positive ones - in my personal and professional life, I've decided to rename this podcast, and all the previous content, and spin off 'Real Wealth Real Health' into a podcast about financial empowerment, wealth building and financial health. You can sign up to get notified of when it launches, at  As a 20+ year business woman, executive, entrepreneur and investor, I have a lot to say on the topics of finance, investing, wealth-building and financial wellness. Yes, that's a real term and an important one in a day and age where more and more people (including those making 6 figures) are living paycheck to paycheck, can't get out of student loan debt, and have almost given up on the idea of owning a home.  More than ever, we need to empower ourselves financially, take control of our material lives, while we also do our inner work. Within and without are symbiotic, in more than just the mystical ways. In other words, empowerment from within combined with empowerment through the world we live in. Money, finances and the systems that currently uphold our society and structure are not going away. They may change, but we have to stay tethered to what it takes to succeed 'out there' just as much as what it takes to achieve that success, from 'in here'. So, welcome to Journey Within. Same content, different name. I'll be hosting this podcast where it was previously available, and including posts and content on my website, You'll find it in the blog section.  Where I previously was (unknowingly) splitting myself off personally and professionally, I'm now doing that with the podcasts. Ha! But, the paradox is that within, I've completely reconciled and integrated the two parts that seemed at odds: my spiritual, mystical side, and my business, financial side.  It speaks to the integration of mind-heart, body-soul and the 'wholing' of all the multifaceted aspects of who we are. The less we label ourselves, put parts of ourselves into boxes, categories or neat little containers, the better off we'll all be! I, for one, would be bored if I could only define myself, what I do, what I think, and how I want to live, through a single path.  Life is too interesting and too complex for that. We have so much about ourselves to explore and, within that exploration, a burst of creativity and directions to take. Let's take all of them, all at once, remembering to stay anchored to the single source of truth and power - the inner authority within. The Soul. 
June 7, 2019
Paulette Gloria Harwood - Gracefully Guiding Women Through Divorce
Paulette Gloria Harwood is a wise, courageous woman who has turned one of her most painful experiences into a source of strength for others.  Paulette is a certified divorce coach as well as an experienced yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, author, speaker and unshakeable essentialist! We connected over the Goalcast video and I knew that her wisdom and heart could be helpful to so many women who are considering, or in the middle of, a divorce.   As Paulette says, "I was completely clueless about the process heading into it ... terrified of making mistakes and bad decisions. I was very concerned about how the divorce would affect and impact my children and our relationship. I felt powerless. I was afraid about my future. Suddenly I felt alone and isolated, I had no idea who my real friends were. My friends were our friends and “would they take his side?” “Would the children blame me?” I was even distant with my family. They seemed judgmental like I should stick it out, stay together for the children’s sake. I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone and I was embarrassed to share my feelings. I wanted it all to just go away. But it didn’t… the more I stayed frozen, stuck, trapped and scared the worse it got. Somehow I made it to the other side. But boy do I wish I knew there were divorce coaches around back then. I would have jumped at the chance to work with one." We have a wide-ranging conversation about life: how we are set up to believe we 'should' live and be a certain way. When we are young, we don't necessarily question it. But as we grow and realize that we don't 'fit the mold' - or the cup size, as she puts it in her book, Never been a 34B: When Nothing Fits, we can have a hard time navigating the dismantling of everyone's expectations and finding our true selves. Paulette's wisdom, her heart-centered yet fierce approach to life, living and relationships is inspiring - whether you're in a bad relationship spot - or a great partnership! We talk about so many things - diving into yogic philosophy of mind and body, and life principles that can help us all live more aligned to who we truly ARE. Links & Info:
April 30, 2019
Aurora Heinemann - Healing with Grief & Strategies for Living With Depression
Today's episode features my soul sister and dear friend, Aurora Heinemann. Aurora is an entrepreneur, single Mom, and loving guide to many people who attend her yoga studio, classes and teacher trainings. Aurora found yoga when she was in the midst of a deep depression many years ago and she's been using yoga and other practices, especially awareness and mindfulness, to manage depression that can arise, especially during tough times. We first connected through Master Frenchie Mamma, Karen Perkins, years ago in a Frenchie Rescue Organization. As many know, I lost Barrington last November 2018 to a tumor after 10 months of discovering it. Sadly, Aurora also lost her beloved pet Sophie only a month earlier and Karen lost her incredible girl, Jelly Bean a few months before that.  This is not a sad conversation, though! We must see grief with new eyes and feel it in our hearts because it has the capacity to deeply heal.  Aurora and I talk about this in depth in this inspiring and uplifting episode! I have so much appreciation for the gifts that challenging situations like loss of a loved one, can give us - gifts like presence, understanding, gratitude, deeper connections with others, opportunities to build relationships and community, indirectly gifting others the experience of our love for someone else, and the space to honor life.  In this episode we talk about: How Aurora learned how to manage depression The role and practice of yoga in her life Dealing with the grief of losing our beloved pets Our beloved fur babies, Barrington and Sofie What a gift it is to caretake another little being like a pet The spiritual lessons of loss How to manage energy as an introvert What it means to open our channel of intuition and how it helps us to have a deeper experience and understanding of life Writing and communicating through grief and loss as a way to honor the departed, and keeps their light alive How important it is to fully feel emotions, especially the darker ones and not to bypass into ‘positivity’ The awareness required to catch ourselves when we (the ego) is trying to distract us from the deeper work of uncovering the soul (and intuitive channel) Advanced yoga practice: kundalini Books and authors that inspire us with their research into energy, biology, emotions, belief, and living in alignment. Links & Info: Aurora's Studio: On Instagram: Books: Breathing Love, Letting Go, Biology of Belief, True Yoga
April 10, 2019
Personal Insights - Getting On The Path
Another episode with personal insights as well as a reading of the blog post, 'Getting On The Path'. It's been an intense few weeks for many, and I've been experiencing and integrating physical discomfort from illness, as well as emotional discomfort when another wave of the viral video came, and this time I personally received very hateful and even violent comments and messages.  However, I understood the larger spiritual nature and purpose of this period, what I am being called to look at and to face, and the choice and decision I'm making to not back down. I cannot, no matter how unpleasant or hurtful the comments, let the darkness get the better of me. Instead, I am redoubling my efforts of standing in my truth and living in my truth. I'm fortunate to have a network of both friends and family, and especially Andrew, whom I can turn to for support when certain moments threaten to drag me under. This experience of the last few weeks with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, culminating around the Full Moon last Wednesday and Thursday, has shown me that in order to step into my highest purpose, I must strengthen my resolve and face the discomfort that can still haunt me. This is true for all of us - what darkness is coming up? And can we allow it to wash over us, to not resist it, to stand there and let it pass, like a storm?  Facing this fear and discomfort, as well as the judgment within myself, is what led me to publish the post, Getting on the Path.   I've been called to step fully into my greater purpose as an embodied light leader, I will continue to face the challenges of a deepening self-awareness and self-realization and I know I can handle it with ease, acceptance, and empowerment. I'm supported in so many ways - within and around me. Getting on the Path excerpt: Finding the connection to our Soul doesn’t begin and end with one defining moment, like the time my Soul set me on fire in 2011. That moment of realization, of ego-destruction and soul calling, was an initiation. A rite of passage.  Lightning, fire, ashes, dust. Rain. Torrents of water. Washing me away. Cleansing my Soul.  That moment … was only the beginning. But I didn’t know it at the time. I knew I was going through a transition, but I didn’t know the extent of it. How could I?
March 28, 2019
George Hoffmann - Fate, Family And Finding One's Self
From a young age, George Hoffmann was driven to seek his own interior, mental stability. He was inspired to seek answers, solutions and treatments to his fear of "losing his mind". His need to understand the workings of the brain led him to explore the workings of the mind and consciousness through many spiritual practices, theories and experiences all over the World. An avid practitioner of multiple contemplative and meditative practices, George has traveled the World seeking - and finding - himself.  Eventually, on his journey, he found his life's purpose at the place where his search started - with his family. George is the CEO and Co-Founder, along with his Father, Geoffrey Hoffmann, of biotech company Network Immunology, which is focused on discovering and developing novel therapies for inflammatory diseases. In other words, they are optimizing the immune system and they are on the cutting edge of the technology that could change the game for animals, especially our furry friends, and humans. In our conversation, we discuss George's personal path and his entrepreneurial journey, weaving in an out of personal stories of his time traveling around the World, to the 'why' behind Network Immunology and what they are doing to enhance our immune systems, to his ongoing dedication to his personal, spiritual practices and how he has been able to maintain a deeply meaningful life while also undertaking very demanding work.  George shares openly about working on a biotech startup including his journey into the darker side of seeking after he tumbled into overwhelm. He also tells fascinating stories of encounters with strangers in strange places, where he found personal redemption and how his original, driving fear, led him to his fate. As I see it, his fate will have an impact on millions of lives as he and his Father pour their hearts and souls into their mission. This is a highly inspiring interview with someone who exemplifies the dedication to finding one's self throughout life's ups and downs while also being very much 'in this life' as a businessman and entrepreneur.  Links & Info: Network Immunology Site - Hridaya Yoga & Meditation -
March 11, 2019
Personal Insights - The Truth About Mistakes
This is a combo of personal insights and a reading of my post, 'The Truth About Mistakes'. This is about mistakes: how we perceive them, how that perception can affect our sense of self-worth and confidence, and how a shift in perspective can go a long way in digging ourselves out from under the ego’s shame-pile. I talk about the way I held myself in shame of making mistakes related to everything about the first marriage. And I explore the ways I shifted out of that detrimental and destructive conditioning or thought-pattern.  I also touch on the way that shame and silence are used together for very unconscious and dark reasons, as more Vatican scandals and human trafficking rings are being discovered and, hopefully, brought to justice. How we look at our own dark places - our own unconsciousness, and bring that to light with compassion, and without judgment, helps us to stand tall in the 'Who I Am'.  And today, more than ever, we must align to our heart's truth, stand in our truth, speak our truth and act our truth. If we aren't aligned to our Soul's integrity, we are simply living a lie.  We can transcend mistakes, and see them as lessons, offering ourself a new perspective and more self-empowerment to help us on our journey of self-mastery!
February 26, 2019
Personal Insights - Working With Fiery Energies & Channeling Anger
When we feel the fire, when we are triggered, and when we're enraged, we can easily get caught up in the emotion and energy coursing through our bodies.  Lately there has been some fiery energy that is calling us to sit with it, feel it and channel it into creative action, freedom, movement. This energy is asking us: Where can we trade FEAR for COURAGE? Where can we trade REACTION for AWARENESS? Where can we trade DISCOMFORT for FREEDOM? Where can we trade RAGE for EXPRESSION? In this episode I talk about a recent experience where I consciously chose how to channel a large amount of angry energy, what I felt, what I  noticed, and how I got through it. There is so much power in emotion, if we know how to harness it for our empowerment and advancement, rather than get caught up or trapped by it.  We have an opportunity to choose our reaction and our action in every moment. We have the choice to love ourselves. We have the choice to give ourselves what we want and what we need.  With a Mars-Uranus meeting in the cosmos, we're feeling the heat. Like lightning hitting deep into the Earth, we're all feeling a bit on edge. What are we noticing about ourselves or others? Can we practice noticing, awareness, patience and compassion? Can we take a moment before reacting and create a new outcome? This is the opportunity we have to work constructively with fire!
February 14, 2019
Kat Hargreaves - The Wisdom of Creative Expression
Creative expression. What does it mean? How do you express your creativity? How do you express your innate Self? And, how do you show up in the world? Kat Hargreaves is passionate about designing the human experience. She is inspired by nature, innovation, and the exploration of play as a means to express genius, and Self.  As a Quantum Coach, PlayMonster and High Priestess of the play temple, ARKO, Kat believes that embodied innovation is in experimentation and that play leads to an infinite field of opportunities.  In our real, raw conversation, we get into what it means to hold onto identity, how we shut down our creativity in order to gain approval, what nature has to teach us about ourselves through its governing principles, and what it means to experience the power of Yes! Sacred YES. Links & Info:
February 5, 2019
Personal Insights - GoalCast Viral Video & Full Moon Eclipse in Leo
The year began with a bang - a partial solar eclipse on the 5th that opened a 2-week eclipse 'portal' of insights, disruption and opportunities to see what has been holding us back. Asking us "How do you want to show up?" and "What and how will you contribute your unique values, passion and purpose to this world?" Leading into the full moon, blood moon and supermoon Leo eclipse on the 20/21st, this week brought major upheaval thanks to a viral video of my TruthTeller talk. With over 6 million views and 65K+ shares, I've had a lot to think about, and many lessons to review about what I've been healing, what I've learned and how I want to contribute in all that I do.  I've been initiated into my journey through the heart and the work of seeing so clearly all the pain, shame, blame, guilt and judgment I've harbored toward myself. These next few days bless me - and all of us - with the opportunity to finally, fully let go of anything that's holding us back from shining our true, heart-centered and heart-driven light.
January 19, 2019
Dominic Petty - Mastering the Mind & Bringing Healers Online
The power of the mind is a big subject. Energy and energy medicine are big subjects. How do we work with these quantum tools to improve our experience of life? Ask Dominic! Dominic is a coach and trained as a theta healer, working with subconscious paradigms and energetic fields. He recently launched a new online business called, where you can get connected with a healer - and his/her specific expertise - to support you in life. I've been working with various healing modalities over the past 18 months, which have been fundamental to my big life shifts and to improve my overall well-being, state of mind and energetic field. Energy and energy healing are fascinating and rapidly-evolving modalities being backed by science and quantum physics more and more each day. The conversation flows back and forth about our experiences and understanding about the fields, modalities like theta healing, NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) and so much more. There's a wealth of information for those who like to nerd out on how the mind works, and how we can proactively work with the mind. In the introduction, I talk about the ongoing Venus Retrograde, which will hit its zenith (or it's darkest point) on October 26th, two days from today which is also the Full Moon in Taurus (also working with Venus energy). This is the best time to make the most of Venus' journey into the underworld of our psyches, integrating parts of ourselves we've abandoned. I go into the mythology of Inanna and Ereshkigal to illustrate the Venus journey and how it relates to us personally. I also share some insights on big mental shifts I've had around labels and roles and my epiphany (and resulting energetic and mental shift) out of the necessity to identify with any role or label. The result? Freedom! More freedom to be, think and do what is best aligned with the WHO I AM, which is separate from the WHO I CAN BE. Links & Info:
October 24, 2018
Nichole East - The Challenges That Wake Us Up to Meaning
Nichole is fiery, fierce, and mission-driven. In the past few years, her life's journey has led her to shift her focus to her own wellness - mental and physical. She's been on a journey to lose the weight that was hiding her true self. She's lost over 80 pounds and recently was inspired to share her personal path - struggles, swear words and all, on her Sweatin & Swearin account. As far back as I've known her, when Nichole puts her mind to something, she goes for it and gets it. Our conversation takes us through her struggles and the challenges of losing weight, staying motivated, and also of the shifting focus - from externally-oriented career motivation to an internally-focused commitment to being healthy and happy. We cover our parallel journeys of awakening and spirituality and the mental mind-games we play with ourselves around business, expectations, and monetization! So much good stuff! Links & Info:
September 30, 2018
Personal Insights - The Acceptable Identity
After two weeks being in a yoga psychology training, which caused a delay in publishing this episode, I come to terms with what it means to be compassionate with myself, to let it be ok to miss the exactness of the publishing date, and what I learned watching my mind create stories around the 'meaning' of not delivering on time. This solocast is about the internal struggle I've been having, relating to how my acceptable identity, i.e. the ego, keeps me in a state of fear and anxiety. Specifically in relation to the 'admitting' of my deep passion for astrology versus the same passion I have for depth psychology. Why is one ok and the other not ok? This weekend is also Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, leading into a Full Moon in Aries on Monday, so what can we do with the energies of balance, equanimity and harnessing this opportune time to release? To add fuel to the Aries fire, solar flares are also messing with our energy!
September 23, 2018
Personal Insights - End of the Summer's Rite of Passage
This summer has been intense. It's brought us face-to-face with issues, situations, mindsets, behaviors, relationships, places and attitudes that we needed to stare down, declare our completion, and then our release. It's been a three-month journey through our fears and the edges of our limitation - and our potential. I found clarity around my sense of purpose, and even more broadly - my being. WHO am I? Finding this clarity requires deep introspection and broad perspective from tools like archetypes, symbolism, astrology and mythology. I was inspired to write a post about the Goddess Warrior in honor of the women's circle and the retreat to Bali coming up in November. And in honor of my embodied archetype. With the New Moon in Virgo bringing the wormhole and the rite of passage to a close, we can all use a little ritual and a lot of intention, to set ourselves up for our most empowered purpose.
September 9, 2018
Ari Beers - From Runway Model to Conscious Entrepreneur
Ari Beers is the embodiment of the Warrior Goddess archetype. She came into her own power after leaving a life that many would consider glamorous - she was an "it model" - all the rage in the fashion industry. But she was dying, within. She made a courageous decision and left - in pain, without a plan. But, she had heart. And faith that there was more to life than what she had known. She was right. Her journey led her across 3 continents and multiple Eastern healing modalities, to a PhD in holistic medicine. Today, she is a beloved yoga and wellness leader based in Venice, CA. Ari and I are joining forces through Anahata Conscious Living Institute to bring you the first Warrior Goddess Retreat in November & many more conscious offerings. On the personal insights front, I review my wedding weekend, the meaning of commitment, the effects of the Pisces Full Moon and stepping into our life's purpose - now. Links & Info:
August 28, 2018
Heather Schwarz - Finding Strength Through Challenges
Today's episode features an interview with Heather Schwarz who is one of the first women founders in the real estate financial technology industry as far back as 2011. She has forged herself through intense personal and professional challenges, balancing work and family life, and more recently, committing to the importance of her own wellbeing, her self-care, and her inner peace. Heather's insights, stories, wisdom and attitude about life, succeeding and thriving will inspire you to find the jewel in the challenges of your life! I also introduce a new format with brief personal insights before the interview. This week talking about going through the Lion's Gate portal and eclipse, stepping onto our most empowered path and dealing with 'daggers of rejection' as I build community with my women's circle. Links & Info: Heather: Divine Feminine Friday Moon Circle:
August 17, 2018
Nicole Rodrigues - Hustle with a Conscience
Energy is everything! Nicole Rodrigues epitomizes a growth mindset. Her life and career is a testament to believing in yourself, giving yourself a dream, and taking action to achieve that dream. She is "The Secret" applied to real life. And she hustles hard to be a single-mom, CEO of an award-winning boutique PR firm in LA, as well as running non-profit showing kids how to achieve their dreams. In this episode, Nicole and I discuss the importance of heart & soul, and why this matters for success. Doing the right thing, being in alignment, having integrity, and the importance of learning and planning have all been factors that Nicole uses to run her business. She gives amazing advice about getting where you want to go; identifying your raw talent, honing your skills, learning from mentors and modeling success from others. And she says, 'Go for it!' Links & Info: IG - NRPR Group - Young Dreamers -
August 6, 2018
Personal Insights - My Control Issues & Full Moon Eclipse
Today's episode is another personal insights solocast. Mercury turns retrograde today and we're in the energetic portal of this huge full moon and the longest full lunar eclipse of the century, happening on the 27th. I've been doing a ton of inner work through writing my book, which has been deep and ongoing since early June. A lot of things buried in my subconscious and memories I have not revisited in many years have been showing me about my motivations, perceptions and why I made some of the decisions I made. Since the book is based on my public speech about 'Digging My Soul Out From Under My Ego', you can imagine what's been coming up! In addition to resolving some of the past by bringing it to light, I've also faced even deeper issues around control and fear. These are huge. They are universal, though they express differently for each of us. I thought I was over my need to control, but as it turns out, I'm not, though I am more aware of the malware in my psyche now!
July 26, 2018
Ran Wei - Leaving the Dream and Transitioning into Purpose
Ran is a communication coach passionate about bringing uncommon people onto common ground. After leaving 'the dream' in the world of Wall Street finance to join a 'dying' tech company - Twitter - in Los Angeles, she worked in brand strategy and led Twitter Women, where she fully applied her passion for helping women, in big ways. In many ways, Ran and I have similar backgrounds, which made this conversation so fun and like a mirror across time. Ran has an incredible perspective and clarity on effective communication. It's the basis from which she founded 'project: presence' to empower women to lead with confidence and communicate with purpose and intention in all areas of their lives. Her optimism, high energy, and high vibes, which were looked down upon during her time in finance, are exactly the fuel that makes her so effective and successful. She owns it, stands in her power, and is a beacon to other women to be themselves, always. Links & Info:
July 15, 2018
Joe Fairless - The Ripple Effect of Living a Meaningful Life
What would you do if you controlled $300 million in real estate? Who would you be? If you're Joe Fairless, you'd invest in a meaningful life and create a ripple effect that leaves everyone you touch better off for having met you. That's Joe's philosophy since evolving himself out of advertising and into real estate investing, podcasting, (his show is Top 5 in the business category and the longest-running daily real estate show in the world) and philanthropy. From teaching real estate on the side to where he is today, Joe credits his empathy and capacity to see both sides with being able to connect with thousands of people and make an impact on their lives. There's so much inspiration in this conversation - the 'get a life perk' at work, sampling experiences, reviewing your biases, giving back first, choosing to be great instead of big, death clocks, ditching phones, integrating life, and Joe's meaning of wealth. Links & Info:
July 4, 2018
Nichole Sylvester - Shifting From Chaos to Consciousness
Nichole Sylvester's life purpose is to help women break free of limiting mindsets to be fully empowered to have the life they want. If anyone can vouch for this, it's Nichole! She went from abuse, addiction, and abandonment to abundance and awakening. Nichole was a keynote speaker at the Truth Telling live event and she lit the audience on fire with her transformational speech. We talk about our experience preparing for our speeches - the shame and shadows we faced, as well as the daily work of honoring our bodies by listening, emotions as our source of power, spiritual bypassing, and book writing as a form of healing. Her story is remarkable and inspiring - driven by faith and trust that she was meant to help other women through sharing her own challenges and what she learned on the laboratory of her life, and often, as he says - on her bedroom floor. Links & Info: Oh Shift Book: IG & FB: @nicholesylvester
June 23, 2018
Personal Insights - My Birthday, Keynote & Summer Solstice
With my birthday, a new moon and Summer Solstice all coming up and within a few days of each other, I'm feeling the pull of time on my mind, especially as the video from Truth Telling for Truth Seekers keynote is online now. When I told the story on stage of the moment I knew I had to leave my 'perfect life', I cleared a lot of energetic, psychological and emotional trauma, shame, and suffering that I was still holding onto. Suffering is an intellectual reaction to pain. It is disempowering and draining, while keeping us trapped in mental cycles. We can go into the past to mark the places where we've left parts of ourselves, called Descansos by author Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and we can lay those parts of ourselves to rest, bless them and move on. This practice opens us to different responses and results in the present. Links & Info: Truth Telling For Truth Seekers video: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
June 12, 2018
Andrea Iapaolo - Moving Into Purpose Via Life's Challenges
Andrea Iapaolo is the Mother of Mindset, Facilitator of Space, and a Conscious Crisis Coordinator. She's in the business of showing you that your upsets are your gifts and it can be very inspiring to breakdown, breakthrough and recreate your world, especially when you face the parts of your psyche - what we call the shadow - that most of us prefer not to even acknowledge! In this episode, Andrea, who now lives in Bali, tells her story of knowing from the age of 5 that she wanted to help people navigate life. She had to overcome major challenges to live her purpose, including creating a major family rift. We redefine enlightenment, discuss the generational mindset change around purpose, how we are all alchemists, and the role of self-love, self-care and compassion in making the kinds of shifts in our minds that make real change in our lives. There is so much to reflect on! Links & Info: MMM Course -
June 1, 2018
Camilla d'Errico - Fighting body shaming & bullying with art
In this episode, I talk to my sister Camilla d'Errico. Camilla is a renowned illustrator and painter. We talk about her challenges growing up as an unconventional artist, the importance of being yourself, and her proactive and fierce stance around diversity, body shaming, and online bullying. She is dedicated to creating a safe, open and inclusive community of art lovers and fans. Her latest sold-out solo show, 'Sky' is an homage to diversity and inclusion of all people. We started her business in 2008, choosing to monetize and commercialize her art at a time when it was very frowned upon. We don't like being told, 'you can't!' No stranger to criticism, Camilla has always honored herself, obstinately held onto her imagination, her love of play and fantasy, and honed her talent to become one of the most loved pop surrealist painters in the world. Links & Info:
May 22, 2018
Damon D'Amore - Leaving a legacy of empowerment & resilience
Damon D'Amore is the champion of the underdog who's made it his life's mission to empower people to achieve their dreams and to leave a legacy. Damon is an executive coach and legacy mentor who worked with me during a life transition in 2017 that led to starting Real Wealth Real Health and reinventing my career. After multiple life transitions of his own, Damon found his niche working with executives to help them make transitions, find meaning and purpose beyond their roles, and leave a legacy. From Wall Street to Hollywood to Silicon Beach, Damon's attitude, empathy, and self-awareness teach us that no matter what happens, how hard you fail, or how loud your imposter syndrome gets, you have to keep going and you have to celebrate yourself. He inspires with his commitment to inner reflection, his passion, and for being a man of his word. And he won't let you take his anger! Links & Info:
May 10, 2018
Katherine Terrell - On Activism, Surfing & Entrepreneurship
Katherine Terrell is the Founder of Jeux de Vagues, a beachwear line made of recycled plastic. She is a designer, Mom, surfer, activist and entrepreneur. Her drive, persistence, and pursuit of her passions like surfing and activism will leave you inspired! She's a shining example of following your heart to pursue what holds real meaning -- and she's making a brand of it. Katherine has shaped her life, as far back as deciding to pursue a creative graduate degree, to align with her fierce drive for something more, something deeper. When she discovered surfing, which she describes as a transformative experience, she anchored to it in good times, and in bad. Today, she is blending activism with her passion for surfing and design with Jeux de Vagues, including organizing events like Surf & March happening in Huntington Beach on May 6. Links & Info: IG: jeuxdevagues_ Surf & March:
April 30, 2018
Bianca d'Errico - Living with Chronic Pain & Teaching Yoga
Bianca is the co-founder of 'Into the Mystic Yoga' transformational retreats and trainings. She is a movement facilitation expert for chronic pain sufferers, intuitive coach, and yoga teacher. She is also my sister! Bianca's personal journey of inner meaning has been shaped by chronic pain following a car accident when she was 19. She began teaching yoga after she understood the profound physical, psychological and emotional impact of a proper practice. Her definition of health is holistic, embodying the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Learning to focus on what she does have, rather than staying stuck in thoughts of what is missing has allowed her to still enjoy life, create her own form of yoga for pain and injury prevention, and to be a successful entrepreneur. Links & Info: IG: intothemysticyoga & bianca.derrico
April 18, 2018
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