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The Rob Log

The Rob Log

By Robert Christopher Bullock
First, all my Links: Now.... :) I'm a retired military navigator, actor, ex-captain at a small airline, a fitness addict and I repair and sell vintage electronics. This podcast is by and for interesting people.
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Channing Tatum...Or Whatever His Name Is
In another life, we were airline pilots. Then Tony met Channing Tatum and a little over a decade later, our airline went out of business. Coincidence? You tell me. All I know is Tony Mosley was the FIRST PERSON to recognize Channing Tatum in public. You'll get that story, our views on gym etiquette, eating and working out, and a bit about the white underbelly of an airline career. Oh, and I guess I get interviewed about Hollywood. Or as close as I've come to it.
March 5, 2021
Short: Mom and Dad Explain to Teenagers what a 'C-Note' is. Hilarity Ensues.
A typical car ride slides into the type of conversation where you weep a little for the future of humanity while also having a laugh.
February 3, 2021
You Can Be a Socialist by Being a Capitalist. And it's Free.
I never thought about it this way before. Links to video if you want to discuss.  Dough Robinhood Firstrade Public (stock) Webull Tastyworks 100 Shares ($2,000 deposit required)
January 19, 2021
Star Wars and Its Tangents: A Snark Wartz Chat with WingIT Productions
The Making of Snark Wartz, a multi-year short film effort involving but not limited to: claymation, computer graphics, and little to no budget. We talk 'Stripes', M1 Tanks, Star Wars, Beer, politics and then we ramble and do a few impressions. You can watch Snark Wartz for free for a limited time here: Want to see this podcast on video? Go here:
November 17, 2020
A Guy, A Girl, and A Diverse Cast
Artist, Writer, Director (and all around creative force of nature) Christina Mattison Ebert is our guest AND she made the episode art. :) We met when she cast me for her MFA thesis and the fun just never stopped. Christina (CME) and I reminisce and discuss topics of the day. Disclaimer: we planned the episode topic when it wasn't as 'fashionable' or topical as it is now. Part of the intent of "Landfall" was to feature a diverse cast...and we filmed over 3 years ago. Video Version of This Podcast: Show notes in no particular order: Christina's online portfolio 'Landfall', part graphic novel, part movie, part episodic, all original: Bird's Eye View , CME's Coast Monthly Magazine Feature. CME does the art and article. MFA thesis speech at SVA; Presenting 'Landfall'. The "white people need to get angry" article mentioned About the Blair Underwood Sex and the City "black curiosity" interview The Sex and the City cop/post-it scene
July 16, 2020
Teaser Trailer: WingIt Productions (Q): What do you get when you combine clay and mation? (A):
If you've got a voice, you too can be a voice me! That's how I met Ed, and his traveling assortment of WingIt(™) claymation friends. You can see some of his (and my) work here: Subscribe. Don't cost nothin'. Disclaimer: This is the sort mutual back scratching that's done in the entertainment industry. Not literally of course, because that's how you get cancelled.
June 23, 2020
Teaser Trailer: Graphic Artist, Director and Writer Christina Mattison Ebert is Visiting The Rob Log soon!
I worked with Christina on 'Landfall'. It is a multimedia experience you may view for free at :  Not only did she write, direct, and will that into being, you must experience her graphic artist work at: Take a look at those and send a message to us with questions or comments at: using your phone, tablet, or computer. If chosen, you might be heard in the next episode!
May 18, 2020
Testing my New Audio Gear by Annoying My Kids: Covid19 Diary #1
In this short episode I test my new Sony recording gear by annoying my son, age 18, and my daughter age 20. I think my kids get their smart aleck banter from their Mom.
April 15, 2020
Podcast Standup #1: My NoFlix Special
Well, SOME of it's funny. Just listen to the whole thing, ok? It's under 3 minutes. You can stand anything that long.
April 10, 2020
The 8-Bit Guy and I Remember Computers in the 90s
If you'd like to see the slightly expanded video version with reference pics, subscribe to my channel. It's almost ready.  Here's my chat with The 8-Bit Guy whom you might know from his YouTube channel. He's got 1.07 million subscribers and I've got .007 million subscribers. The amount of things we have in common is almost weirdly high. We both: Ran an ISP for a while during the mid 90s. Used to regularly go to First Saturday Sales in Dallas (I lived in Shreveport.) Had almost forgotten that Computer Shopper existed. Had an affinity for Unix (Sun/NeXT Cube) computers Transitioned from 8 to 16/32 bit computers to PC about the same time Both own the same model of car: a Chevy Bolt And more stuff but you'll have to listen. Join us as we remember computers in the 90s and 128K ISDN lines.
March 1, 2020
What Happens When You Call Twitter to Get Verified Part 1
I want to get verified on Twitter for my birthday in February. I've been on some nationally aired commercials for Marvel and I've had speaking parts on a nationally aired TV show as well as lesser parts in smaller productions. Plus, I've got around 7,000 YouTube subscribers...which is more than I've seen on some verified Twitter accounts.  So logically and subjectively speaking, it seems fair to be able to get Verified.  So why can't I just call and ask Twitter nicely? If nothing else, it's a creative effort to do so. Here's Part 1 of the story.
January 24, 2020
Did Kumail Nanjiani Use HGH Etc.?
My workout (about 40 minutes a day, 6 days a week.) YouTube version with Pictures in the video: Discuss with me on Youtube or Twitter
January 21, 2020
Episode 0: What's this all about then?
Who is Rob, and who are we gonna talk to and about?
January 8, 2020