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Real Estate Hackers

Real Estate Hackers

By Chad Gallagher
This show highlights how amazing real estate investors grew something from nothing. Learn their tricks to success each week using hacks that you can replicate in your own world. Then catch how each investor used systems and tech to scale their investments and where they see the world of tech moving in the future.
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E28: Real Estate Rehab with Alex Felice

Real Estate Hackers

E28: Real Estate Rehab with Alex Felice

Real Estate Hackers

E28: Real Estate Rehab with Alex Felice

Real Estate Hackers

E56: Lucas Hall, Product Manager at
Online Real estate tools and new technology with the Product Manager at Lucas Hall.
November 26, 2020
E55: Multifamily Joint Ventures with Ari Sznajder
From innovating new Reese’s candy ideas to doubling the value of an apartment building in 1.5 years, Ari has quite an eclectic experience and journey to Real Estate Investing. Recently he’s been innovating in Real Estate Partnership structures. Find out what he says is the best way to partner to accelerate your financial independence. Go to to find out the right Real Estate Investing Approach for you.
November 12, 2020
E54: Webinar with Liz Faircloth & Ashley Wilson
Chad holds a webinar with talented women in real estate. They discuss both their experience and tips for both long term investing and short term rehabs. They also touch on being women in a male dominated business.
November 7, 2020
E53: Digging into the metrics with Chad Collishaw
Chad tells us how his origins in mortgage lending gave him a unique perspective on real estate. We discuss how him and his team pivoted their model including moving from Oakland, California to Austin, Texas. He also gives us lots of great details on how they analyze and structure their metrics to be profitable for both flipping and rentals.
September 3, 2020
E52: Josh McCallen talks buying resort properties
Host of the Capital Hacking podcast and real estate investor Josh McCallen joins the show to talk what happens when business collides with Corona Virus. Josh delves into how he uses the BRRRR method to purchase distressed resort properties, how one purchase was abruptly affected by the pandemic and how wedding bookings surprisingly went up!
July 9, 2020
E51: Chad Gallagher - Five Observations
Chad digs into five observations and takeaways from the last few months. The details behind a recent single family home purchase. Why rent, instead of sell, your personal residence when moving out? Why the number of bedrooms matters. Trends in office space. Is there a housing shortage?
June 25, 2020
E50: Creating a Vision with Mark Dolfini
US Marine Mark Dolfini talks to us about his early missteps in buying the wrong type of property and not having clear priorities laid out beforehand. He also recounts how the stress of overwork almost killed him and how this, while forcing him to reevaluate his life, birthed the VIP method (Vision, Infrastructure and Process)
May 28, 2020
E49: Creative Landlord Solutions with Phil Capron & Al Williamson
Listen in on the group chat about creative ways landlords are doing some things differently as Covid continues. We also discuss the pros and cons of cash for keys based on the groups experience with evictions and non payment of rent. Other topics include scaling up by delegating and organizing to stay on top of what matters as well as some cool hacks for landlords.
May 21, 2020
E48: Real Estate Investing During the Focus Pandemic with Anna Kelly and Alex Felice
Alex and Anna discuss how they are changing and working around Covid. Topics include options from lenders to help landlords and some of the hidden dangers of assistance programs such as forbearance and how they can affect you long term. We also cover some tips to use this time to your advantage such as investing in yourself. We discuss Debt to GDP and how it may affect business as well as what banks are up to now as far as loans and what our experts are predicting for how things will look 8 weeks from now.
May 14, 2020
E47: Turning Family Homes Into Student Housing with Ryan Chew
Ryan Chew discusses how he takes single family homes and converts them into student housing. We talk about how to deal with leases for multiple students and the best type of students to rent to. We also cover Ryan’s system for investing and all the things you need to know to get it done right. Also some great tips on preventive maintenance and how to keep your costs low / profit high.
April 23, 2020
E46: Expectations and surprises around Covid-19 with Nate Jones.
How do deal with the Corona Virus from a landlords perspective, proactively customizing payment plans for different tenants as well as how to handle infected residents in your building / complex. We also discuss the new reality around maintenance as well as some interesting stats around vacancies and showings.
April 20, 2020
E45: Navigating COVID-19 with Michael Manthei
We discuss helping affected tenants find financial solutions during the Covid-19 Pandemic as well as insight into the CARE act and some of the loans and grants you can apply for to help your business survive. Also some insight into cash conservation and the new economic reality in the United States. replay and SBA EIDL application: Stimulus discussion: SBA EIDL loan app:
April 9, 2020
E44: CRM, Automation and the new reality with Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider
Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider of discuss how to leverage a CRM system and automation to improve your workflow, close more deals and increase your free time. They also cover how they are adapting to the new reality with the Corona Virus from projection uncertainty, leveraging new technology and the need for a different message as the psychology of the seller has changed. Reference Links
April 2, 2020
E43: iBuying and ExitNest with Jason Moss
Jason Moss is an Arizona Real Estate Broker/Investor/Appraiser as well as the COO and Co-Founder of ExitNest. He joins us to discuss the financial benefits of leasing instead of flipping your BRRRR purchase as well as a deep dive into the iBuying space and his company ExitNest. Reference Links
March 26, 2020
E42: Investment Property Management with Ray Agliata
From cutting grass to installing a new toilet flapper, Ray Agliata handles maintenance throughout all parts of the investment tenant spectrum. Serial entrepreneur, musician, artist and podcast host, Ray does it all while managing a property maintenance company and manages to throw us a few financial golden nugget tips along the way. Office (732) 640-5518
March 19, 2020
E41: Inside Home Inspections with Justin Eaton
With the smoothest transition from civil engineering to home inspections, Justin Eaton brings his logical way of problem solving into real estate. From a completely transparent point of view, Justin teaches us how important a simple inspection is and how it can save us thousands from a budget perspective. Take a listen for tricks we had no idea about like moisture measures and tips for you to take note on your next syndication. Instagram: @sjreig
March 12, 2020
E40: Communication is Key with Willie Mandrell
Buy and Hold Investor, Willie Mandrell joins us today to talk key components to successful teamwork throughout all stages of syndications. Willie Mandrell saves time money and tons of stress by establishing some defined roles within his specific trusted crew instead of some usual processes done during syndications. 
March 10, 2020
E39: Crowd Funding Done Correctly with Jillian Sidoti
Attorney, Author, Educator and College Professor, Jillian Sidoti joins us to talk legality details many entrepreneurs may oversee when raising capital for syndications. Jillian Sidoti and her firm are hyper-focused in helping make sure entrepreneurs are legally compliant during outsourcing, using crowd funding and private investors while ensuring you are using the correct platforms and terminology as well. Reference links: www.CrowdFundingLawyers.Net
February 28, 2020
E38: Benefits of Passive Investing with Alina Trigub
An asset manager and partner herself while maintaining a full time W2 in the technology field, Alina Trigub shines light on how to accomplish it all from step one. She tells us how to begin in a syndication, work with investors, find the right deal and how to make your first move while maintaining a strong structure and build your wealth through passive real estate investing. Reference links:
February 20, 2020
E37: Budget, Balance and Communication with Ashleigh Gallagher
In this unique Valentine’s weekend special, Real Estate Hackers host Chad Gallagher’s wife Ashleigh Gallagher joins us to talk budget, trust and balance within the household. Listen for guidance on how to live under your means, keep spare money aside and maintain the communication within your own walls for ultimate financial success. Reference links: BUY ONE GET ONE CONFERENCE CODE: VALENTINE VALID ONLY VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND!
February 13, 2020
E36: Using Note Investing to Build Cashflow with Fred Moskowitz
Focusing on notes and managing a mortgage note investment fund, industry veteran Fred Moskowitz joins us to explain notes and the importance of note investing. Fred has trained a huge amount of investors throughout all stages of life on the pathway to passive income of their own. This incredibly insightful episode will surely educate you on this sometimes overlooked yet important topic. Reference links: Text “Note” to 555888 to sign up for Fred’s newsletter!
February 10, 2020
E35: Modular Homes with Justin Massimo
Into portable housing and real estate functionality since a young age, Justin Massimo began his ultimate solo journey about six years ago. Justin reinforces the importance of efficiency, systemizing while exploring a new topic with us, modular homes and some of the processes behind these affordable real estate creations. Reference links: Email Justin
January 30, 2020
E34: Investment Initiation with Ron Phillips
Not your average real estate brokerage, CEO at RP Capital and author of 'Get Rich the Right Way', Ron Phillips brings education with implementation to help create investors and educate individuals to find the reason not only why they want to invest, but how. Join us in this episode to see how through strategic planning and processes, you can begin your investment journey. Reference links: For you own Personal Strategic Planning Session, call Ron at 801-305-3119 Getting Rich the Right Way on Amazon
January 23, 2020
E33: Dynamic Deductibles with Ryan Daubert
Insurance to Investor, Ryan Daubert educates us how small dollar claims and lower deductibles are more harmful to your bank than higher ones. In this insightful interview, Ryan Daubert reiterates how important it is to read and understand your policies. Listen for his tips to easily save money on your already existent policy and why bundling may not be the best for everyone. Reference links: 1 800 560-3015 
January 16, 2020
E32: ATM Cashflow with Nate Herrick
Nate Herrick comes into play with a whole new perspective on possible business opportunities. With a two by two square foot cashflow, he proves how networking is key especially in the beginning of investments. Nate shows how there are no limits in new syndications with what you can build a business from and how the perfect time to start a project is now.
January 9, 2020
E31: Infinite Banking with Dave Wolcott
From full time job to multi-family, Dave Wolcott explains how multi-family and your personal time are some of the crown jewels in real estate. He proposes a new rinse and repeat strategy commonly referred to as Infinite Banking. The way Dave Wolcott simplifies this syndication option will have you going out to start this process tomorrow. Reference links:
January 2, 2020
E30: Virtual Assistant Hacks with Russell Alt & Dan Butler
From multiple points of view, Dan Butler begins this recollection of progressive developments later joined by COO Russell Alt. Using their southern charm to swoon us into their lives of large scale project management, Dan and Russell tell us the slight but very important differences between having Virtual Assistants and Remote Team Members. Reference links: Core Assist  Katherine Devoure Email Dan Butler Email
December 26, 2019
E29: Friday Night Football to Multi-Family Syndication with Andrew Schena
Yet another product of the famous purple book, Andrew Schena read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki just in time to escape the repetitious work grind. In 2001, Andrew got a glimpse of his future through coworkers at ESPN and realized that isn’t the path he wanted. He quickly educated himself and grew in the field of investment and mortgage to ensure a more desirable future. Reference links: Rich Dad, Poor Dad Capital Equity Partners Phone: (781) 572-9577
December 19, 2019
E28: Real Estate Rehab with Alex Felice
From Las Vegas to North Carolina, strategist Alex Felice pounces right into the real estate world bringing some clever tricks to the table like paying for the contractor up front or simply getting up to make the next right move. This geographical relocation sure worked for Alex where he proves how important quality over quantity is. Reference links: Alex Felice Facebook
December 12, 2019
E27: Dentist Office Overhaul with Kris Kaufman & Dan Gotwalt
Emerging from working in the back of a box truck and traveling door to door, Kris Kaufman and Dan Gotwalt joined forces to benefit from which the other lacks. These life long friends gambled on each other and everything they owned for a chance at a better income. This first ever episode with two guests goes way beyond just a Dentist office overhaul, it will immediately have you wanting to grab your closest friend and start flipping. Reference links:
December 5, 2019
E26: Woman Warrior of Real Estate, Liz Faircloth
Her goal is to create a community to inspire and support women who invest in Real Estate to live a financially free and balanced life. How to go from career woman to real estate mom, Liz Faircloth shares her obstacles she overcame to enjoy the gifts of being a full time parent. Dive in to time management, construction management and the utilization of your local resources for maximum benefit. Take a listen to learn the best hacks to prevent diluting your assets too easily and how to work with your spouse for the strongest strategic growth. Reference links:
November 28, 2019
E25: Landlord Mad Scientist, Al Williamson
Al Williamson shares with us his magnificent stories for simple yet super effective tactics that result in an effortless additional income. Take a listen to learn why Green Gobbler will be a new necessity in your every day life and how to keep your money In the bank instead of dwindling due to silly circumstances. Reference links:
November 21, 2019
E24: Mastering Multi Family with Jason Yarusi
In this captivating podcast, Jason Yarusi shows us the key components to successful multi family syndication and investing in general. He lets us in on his secrets to staying on point not only inside, but outside of work as well. Listen to get a new perspective on the importance of focus with a quick guide to mental clarity to further your success today! Reference links:
November 15, 2019
E23: Resort Rehabilitation with Josh McCallen
Josh McCallen is a nationally recognized hospitality executive, turnaround specialist, conference speaker, innovator, builder & investor with a track record for development of exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams. Join us to get a deep feel behind the scenes in the world of hospitality, Renault Winery and how technology will impact the future of resorts. Reference links: Josh McCallen's LinkedIn VIVAMEE Josh's Podcast Capital Hacking Renault Winery
November 7, 2019
E22: Invaluable Data Processes with Neal Bawa
Data-centric Neal Bawa starts off this episode by discussing the importance of different data collections in real estate syndication. He immediately throws a very valuable process our way on how to effectively raise millions with a super small budget. Stay tuned to hear his views on the future of real estate agents and if the profession will dwindle due to automation or continue to thrive from their unique roles in the real estate world. Reference links: Magic of Multifamily Facebook Neal Bawa LinkedIn
November 1, 2019
E21: Brilliant Bookkeeping with Ben Day
Not your typical bookkeeper, Ben Day drops in to educate us how to combine information to leverage the bigger better picture in a way that is more coherent for the day to day real estate investor. These helpful hints guide you to focus on the essentials with the confidence that no other data gets lost or unorganized. This simplified system to bookkeeping will quickly bring back your time, money and sanity. Reference links:
October 24, 2019
E20: Modern Maintenance Maneuvers to Less Tenant Turnovers with Ray Hespen
With a background in operations, a now process driven Ray Hespen built Property Meld to create a measurable process for maintenance repairs which directly leads to less tenant turnover. Property Meld automates the process from when a maintenance request is received to the final opinions of the tenants themselves. Join us to learn the unknown ways Property Meld fulfills evolving tenant desires and what modern conveniences are to come. Reference links:
October 17, 2019
E19: Introduction to Early Investing with Sheldon Zimmerman
Another “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” success, Sheldon Zimmerman starts off with the structure of his first investment deal with no money down. He then goes into deep detail with a timeline guide for the early investor audience. Sheldon continues to explain the differences between starting with a multi family or a single family investment and the benefits of each. References: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" By: Robert T. Kiyosaki
October 10, 2019
E18: Long Term Income Planning with Family Man Jerry Horst
Fresh out of high school, Jerry Horst knew college wasn’t from him. Jerry has a unique way to understand the market and uses a scientific approach to find out what really means most to the modern renter. On this episode you will learn how to plan 5 years ahead for maximum profit and how he gets a tenant to say “wow”! He informs us about the benefits of working with family on a daily basis and the importance of maintaining your own inner peace. Reference links: Email Literature Thou Shall Prosper by: Rabbi Daniel Lapin
October 3, 2019
E17: Rags to Riches with Self Taught Success Anna Kelley
Anna Kelley joins us to plunge into her inspiring journey about her self taught successes and the lessons learned along the way. She goes into detail about some of the rougher experiences that led her from a negative net worth to a multi million dollar one just five years later. With an early retirement only four months ago, Anna Kelley is surely someone to take a tip from.
September 26, 2019
E16: Analyzing Assets Through Multiple Platforms with Hard Money Lender Christian Pepe
Managing Partner of First Equity Funding, Christian Pepe stops by the studio to give an inside view of the lending world. As an asset based real estate lender, Christian covers the bases of using certain sources for data analysis and when to use each one for maximum benefits. Pepe then dives into the best approach to obtaining sufficient loan amounts for the desired home improvement. Reference links:
September 19, 2019
E15: Orthodontist to Real Estate Investor! Tips and Tricks with Mike Parlante
Orthodontic Supply Executive and Real Estate Investor, Mike Parlante joins us with his secrets to success and keeping a happy family. He tells us why the smile captures someones attention but the sales technique and personality is what keeps clients engaged. Mike Parlante informs us how he maintains organization while achieving many goals at once and what platforms are the best to use while keeping a positive mindset. Reference links: Mike's Linkedin Mike's Facebook
September 12, 2019
E14: How to Generate Cash Flow while Maintaining Your Career with Wall Street Veteran, Herve Francois
Originally an analyst on wall street, Herve Francois felt no more passion in the stock trenches. Join us on this episode of Real Estate Hackers to hear how he converted his drive and talents to master the real estate world. Herve goes into the benefits of knowing the quadrants of Washington D.C, delivers some helpful guidance of how to avoid over analyzing and proves that you can never have enough spreadsheets. 
September 5, 2019
E13: Tripling Your Cash Flow with the Queen of Student Housing, Dixie Decker
The Queen of Student Housing, Dixie Decker joins us on this episode of Real Estate Hackers. This intriguing interview starts off with Dixie’s hacks so she never has to hear from her tenants with some simple techniques to avoid college student rivalry. Dixies explains how to play the role of teacher by setting the student residents up for success from the beginning. Reference links: Website Facebook Email
August 29, 2019
E12: Appetite for Ambition with Overnight Millionaire Ed Hale
Baltimore success Ed Hale joins Real Estate Hackers to talk about his multiple achievements. After serving our country in the Air Force, Ed Hale purchased an aged, run down park for almost nothing. What he then bought for pennies, ended up selling for millions. Join us to hear why Ed Hale refused the mayor, was recruited for the CIA and how the escalated bank account was just the beginning.
August 22, 2019
E11: How to Prioritize Budget Cuts with Longtime Business Partner Nate Jones
Long time business partner and co founder of SlateHouse Group, Nate Jones stops by Real Estate Hackers to discuss the details on his and Chad's craziest investment to date. He then relays some of his pro tips on how to make budget cuts and why it is important to relax when you’re behind schedule and your elevator is still in Canada. We invite our valued listeners to our open house Thursday, September 5th! The event will be from 4pm-8pm at 800 New Holland ave, Lancaster PA 17602. Come check out the new work space, enjoy some food and network with peers! Reference links:
August 15, 2019
E10: From Marketing Newbie to Marketing Master - Wholesale Tips with Beka Shea
Tired of traveling all over for work, Beka Shea knew she had to make a change from missing time with her kids. From newbie flipper to wholesaler and marketing master, Beka explains how she quit her mechanical engineering job to tackle real estate full time. Now with a focus on marketing, Beka Shea drops some hints on how to optimize advertising and organize your personal business to maximize productivity.  Reference links:
August 9, 2019
E9: Strategizing the Risk and Rewards of Passive Investing with Cash Flow Ninja MC Laubscher
Episode Summary The Cash Flow Ninja himself joins as the first passive investor on the show. MC Laubscher, a Rugby player by day, begins with the importance of first investing in yourself. He starts off light with how to start as a Passive investor and why it is an intriguing path to take. He goes into detail about how to strategize the best deals for a unique situation. Finishing off with some advice on how to have your priorities straight to achieve success, MC Laubscher proves that patience is key.  Reference links:
August 1, 2019
E8: Over 50 Units of Buy & Hold Investing with Entrepreneur David Hathaway
Baltimore resident David Hathaway inspires us with his story of his growth from buying and selling cars on E-Bay auctions to becoming a successful Buy and Hold Investor of over 50 units throughout Maryland and Virginia. Take a listen for his tips on how to become financially independent on your own and what certain things to avoid in the market. He also lets us know what areas are preferential geographically, helping us to weigh the risks and rewards. Reference links: David’s Email
July 25, 2019
E7: Director of Urban Flooring Sales, Rani Rammouni
From Touch of Color Flooring, expert Rani Rammouni invites us to join the world of specialty flooring. Hailing from one of the top specialty flooring companies since 2003, Rani reveals some of his personal secrets to his successes. He explains the evolution of necessary technological advances in the flooring world and how these advances speed up the process preciseness. We get an in depth look of A Touch of Color’s precise screening process to find the most suitable contractors to represent their work. Rani then spills his secrets on how to know what materials to use for maximum profit for flipping houses and multi family investments, and leaves us with the one thing that still surprises him in adulthood.  Reference links: Touch of Color Online Rani’s Email
July 18, 2019
E6: President & Owner of CR Property Group Eric Brewer
Eric Brewer is the owner and president of CR Property Group. In this episode he talks about the current real estate market, developing new strategies, and how to view things from a 30,000 foot level and to work “on” your business and not “in” it. Eric also shares new ideas and new processes in his business. We also get the opportunity to hear about sales vs. operations, the difference between the two, and how many business owners don’t run their real estate business like a business. He also gets into his hiring process and how they use the DISC assessment system to help profile when hiring and how to pay attention to a sales person vs. an operations person. Lastly, Chad and Eric get into turnkey properties for investors and weighing your threshold for risk. Reference links: Eric’s website: Eric’s phone#: 717-818-3694 Eric’s email:
July 11, 2019
E5: Residential Utility Expert and Co-Founder of Spectrum Utilities Fred Rice
Fred Rice is the co-owner of Spectrum Utilities which focus’ on sub-metering on a national level. Once a corporate lawyer, Fred retired to focus on purchasing a business. Knowing nothing about the profession of sub-metering at first, Fred immediately gained interest with consolidation synergies, which quickly led to an expansion of four offices throughout 28 states. Fred joins us to talk about the ins and outs of sub-metering, where he goes in depth about the benefits, costs, and why it is crucial to work closely with the contractors to create maximum profit. We also learn about the perfect candidates for sub-metering and how to accommodate different types of customers.. Reference links: Fred's Email Fred's Phone (614) 214-7777 Spectrum Utilities Website
July 4, 2019
E4: Real Estate Investor and Property Manager Michael Manthei
Michael Manthei is a real estate investor and property manager. Michael got his start after a spiritual awakening in his younger years that stemmed from being involved in not-so-illegal activity. He eventually turned his life around and was introduced to people who helped pave his path to success. He joins us to talk about his nail-biting journey buying his first property with no experience, no money, and dealing with a foreclosure. We also learn about his BRRR hacking method with hard money loads, being a fair landlord, and how to properly partner with family in real estate deals. Reference links: Michael Manthei Facebook Rich Dad Poor Dad Book
June 27, 2019
E3: CPA and Real Estate Investor Jason Dubnik
Jason Dubnik is a certified public accountant and real estate investor. As an accountant, he got into real estate after working with many of his clients and seeing the various tax advantages. He sits down to talk with us about the best low-tax investments, and a new trend called Opportunity Zones, a government-backed real estate program with zero capital gains tax. Reference links: Dubnik CPA Website
April 27, 2019
E2: Real Estate Investing brothers Farhan and Shomail Malik from Apex Capital
Farhan Malik and Shomail Malik are brothers, real estate business partners, and owners of Apex Capital Group. They sit down to talk with us about their early start in real estate wholesaling, and how they expanded their hometown ventures to other city markets. They share with us their top two real estate hacks in regards to wholesale and turnkey properties. The also give tips on how to communicate with your investors, the importance of diversification across markets, and the future of real estate technology. Reference links: Apex Capital Group Apex Hotsheet Wholesalers Apex Email Contact Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Book SlateHouse Group
April 27, 2019
E1: Resident Real Estate Hacker, Bigger Pockets author, and cofounder of DeRosa Group Matt Faircloth
Matt Faircloth of the DeRosa Group and famed Bigger Pockets contributor jumps into the studio at our co-working space The Hive to share stories on his early investor days, his ways and strategies on how to raise private capital (look for his book "Raising Private Capital"), and his views on tech driving tools in real estate that will make it much easier to invest! Slatehouse Group The Hive DeRosa Group Raising Private Capital book On Air Brands
April 16, 2019