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Real Fabulous Marketing

Real Fabulous Marketing

By Miranda Ivey
For female business owners who want to know how to use social media to get more clients. This podcast will share tools and strategies on how to carve out a place for yourself and your business in a busy online world, whether you're quirky, quiet or quite overwhelmed.
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56. How to be (even more) consistently fabulous with your marketing
Have you ever thought you needed to have a podcast, send a weekly email, create 5 Instagram reels a day and 27 Instagram stories to be successful? Thinking all of that is doing you way more harm than good! In this episode I share three ways to remove your barriers to marketing more. Have you got your ticket to Dream Bigger on August 26 yet? Mentioned in this episode: Atomic Habits by James Clear  My Free Confidence Hypnosis Real Fabulous Marketing Episode 13 - How to get better at online marketing (and know you're doing a good job!)
August 14, 2022
55. 3 ways to use social media trends to boost your engagement
Being part of trends on social media is a great way to tap into what everyone else is talking about and wants to talk about (preferably they do it on your social pages right?!) They can also be great for engagement, which most people tell me is what they want. In this episode I talk about what trends are and 3 ways any business can tap into using them to boost your engagement rate.  Have you downloaded my ultimate guide to Traffic & Conversion ads yet?
August 04, 2022
54. How to get better at marketing by telling better stories (and why you're not doing it already!)
If you've been frustrated with your lack of marketing "results" or maybe you just want to start being able to express yourself without fear then this is for you. I bust some of myths as to why you think your story may not be enough but how you can actually start to think about it instead. Mentioned in this episode: My confidence building hypnosis My book "No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff" is all about not shouting at people to buy, instead giving them plenty of reasons why it's a good idea. Buy your online copy here.  Send me a message on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia
July 28, 2022
53. Why always acting in integrity may be hurting your business
If you have a strong interpretation of integrity you may have trouble delegating or loosening the grip on certain parts of your business. In this episode I explore how this may actually be doing more harm than good and what you can do instead. What's your next step? Book your place in my Vision & Values Workshop on June 24
June 17, 2022
52. Is Perfectionism really one of your values? So why are you letting it be?
I don't know if you've noticed but it's pretty darn hard to be the perfect partner / daughter / daughter-in-law / mother or business owner. So why do so many of us wait until everything to be "perfect" to put something out into the world? In this episode I share examples of when imperfect action has paid off for me and how you can do the same. So is being perfect really one of your values? What are you holding back on and letting perfectionism take hold? Want to dive deep into your business values with me? Sign up for my Vision & Values Workshop on June 24. Find me and my imperfect action on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia
June 10, 2022
51. Discover Your Values To Run a Busines in Alignment With Them
On Episode 50 with Michelle Smith from Curated with Conscience she talked a lot about her values and how she's running a purpose led business in alignment with them. What about you? Can you do this too, even if your values aren't necessarily about social justice and climate change? Of course! Your values are yours alone and are shaped by those around you. Discovering what they are will help you run a business that is in more alignment and will help you say "hell yes" to what lights you up - more often! **Enter to win a Curated with Conscience Gift Hamper worth $95*** To celebrate 50 episodes of Real Fabulous Marketing, I've teamed up with Curated with Conscience to do a giveaway of their "Cuppa with a Conscience" hamper (value $95)⁠ Including⁠ ~ Award winning Chai Walli signature masala chai, handmade in Melbourne using a delicious 11 spice blend, directly sourced from small batch organic tea farms in the Assam Valley of India.⁠  ~ HuskeeCup 8oz reusable coffee cup sustainably manufactured using repurposed coffee husk as a raw material. Cafe-friendly, dishwasher safe, and with thermal properties to keep your coffee hotter for longer.⁠ ~ Handmade Rocky Road fudge by Yarra Valley’s FUDGE by Rich.⁠ ~ Premium Australian macadamias covered in silky vegan dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder, hand-panned in the traditional European technique by Melbourne’s Cocoa Luxe.
⁠ ~ ‘Social Blend’ 250g signature espresso blend coffee by STREAT, a Melbourne hospitality social enterprise that exists to help young people who need a helping hand. ⁠ ⁠ How to Enter:⁠ - Leave a review of Real Fabulous Marketing on your favourite podcast app⁠ - Send me a screenshot via @mirandaiveymedia OR⁠ - Upload to your Instagram stories and tag @mirandaiveymedia for a bonus entry⁠ Entries close June 7, 2022. Competition is not endorsed by Instagram or Facebook. Mentioned in this episode: Values & Vision Workshop June 24, 2022
June 03, 2022
50. Running a Purpose Lead Business with Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith is the founder of Curated with Conscience, an ethical, sustainable and humanitarian gift hamper company from Melbourne. A self-styled social justice activist, she started by being informed about where she spent her own money and then wanted to take it even further. After having her first child she began Curated with Conscience as she didn’t want to go back to her corporate career. In this raw and honest interview Michelle shares on becoming a single mum and what it means to her to not only provide jobs to her staff but also to give back to ethical organisations too. Win a Curated with Conscience hamper! Leave a podcast review in your app of choice and share with me to enter. You can also share on Instagram stories and tag @mirandaiveymedia for a bonus entry. You will go into the draw to win a Cuppa with a Conscience hamper (value $95). Entries close June 7. Find out more about Curated with Conscience, corporate and personal hampers: Website Instagram Mentioned in the show: B-Corp Assessment Climate Council Australia
May 27, 2022
49. Three Ways to Simplify and Receive More in Your Business
Following on from episode 48, my interview with Marissa Roberts, this week is all about three simple ways to receive more in your business. Business is based on transactions so if you're blocking the way to receive money, feedback and clients then you are doing yourself a big disservice. Mentioned in the episode for testimonials for booking links Want to Dream Bigger? My $22 Workshop is on May 27. Book your tickets now!
May 19, 2022
48. Simplifying Business with Marissa Roberts
Owner of Beautifully Organised and host of The Simpler Business podcast, Marissa Roberts is obsessed with finding simpler and easier ways to do things! She built her first business working 10 hours a week or less, and along the way Marissa has collected so many ideas, hacks and strategies to simplify processes, save time and make work easier - without having to sacrifice your income or lifestyle. In this broad chat around simplifying your business and marketing I guarantee you'll learn new ways on how you can create more free time. Find Marissa Roberts Instagram @marissarobertsofficial and get her Simpler Business Tools Check out her fab contact page here  Want to be seen as the expert you really are? Sign up to my free 7 Day Expert Posting Challenge.
May 12, 2022
47. Top 3 Reasons Why You Feel Like You're Failing (Even When You're Probably Not)
Sometimes when we run our own business, we often would love someone else to blame when things don't go to plan. But when the buck stops with you, you have to step up and overcome those feelings of failure in order to get sh*t done. In this episode I share the top three reasons why you might feel like a failure in business and how to step up and feel like a winner instead. Mentioned in this episode: Dream Bigger Workshop on May 27  Book your NLP Breakthrough Experience  Want an easy feel good marketing strategy? Buy my ebook "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" or a hardcopy from Amazon 
May 06, 2022
46. Five Stages of an Imposter Syndrome Quantum Leap
Following on from episode 45 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Cass Dunn, it got me thinking about the times when I managed to put imposter syndrome to the side in my own life. Whether it's in your business, career, marketing, life pursuits imposter syndrome is often (or always) present for many of us. A quantum leap is defined as a great improvement or important development in something, so why not an improvement or important development of imposter syndrome? In this episode I share with you my 5 Stages of an Imposter Syndrome Quantum Leap which you can apply to so many aspects of your business - from new offers to edgy Instagram posts. Mentioned in the episode: How to be a confident woman hypnosis Book Tickets to Dream Bigger Experience Online Event May 27, 2022
April 29, 2022
45. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Cass Dunn
Cass Dunn is a psychologist, podcaster and author of three Crappy to Happy books, covering life, work and relationships. She’s also a certified Life Coach, ran a very successful online health food store, meditation teacher and is now helping women overcome Imposter Syndrome. If you've ever felt like where you are in life is a "fluke" or that you're not worthy of success despite evidence to the contrary, you may have an understanding of Imposter Syndrome. This episode covers who has it, what to do about it and why the usual advice of "fake it til you make it" doesn't work for everyone. Find Cass Dunn on her website and Instagram @cassdunn_xo Mentioned in the podcast: The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women by Valerie Young. Buy on Amazon Want some easy ways to get yourself "out there" that doesn't feel icky? Check out my book No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff
April 21, 2022
44. Behind the Scenes of my Online Auction for Flood Relief
During March 2022 Northern NSW experienced terrible flooding. Feeling powerless, I wanted to do something to help and so I created an online auction. I tapped into my online network of female entrepreneurs, business owners and practitioners who all jumped in to offer their services or courses for auction. In total the auction raised $14510.  In this episode I go behind the scenes and share the final donation to Northern Rivers Womens & Childrens Services, who was involved and where they came from and 7 lessons I learned from running this online auction. In the show I mention: Episode 21 of Real Fabulous Marketing: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Any Online Community Episode 21 of Real Fabulous Marketing: The Power of Online Communities with Penny Murden Want to break through your own resistance? Book a time to chat with me here Connect with me on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia
April 14, 2022
43. Not just a Mummy Business with Louise Glendon from Click Love Grow
Louise Glendon runs Click Love Grow, an online photography school for women. She's super successful and yet, even she has had to overcome those feelings of 'my little mummy business.' Tune in for a broad ranging chat where we talk about how she got started, who's on her team and how she structures her programs. I loved it and know you will too! If you're listening to this before March 31, 2022 head to to bid on the Beginners Photography Course as part of my online auction for flood relief. Find out more about Louise Glendon & Click Love Grow Facebook Website Instagram In this episode Louise talks about using Facebook ads to grow her online sales. If you're looking for an audit for your own Facebook ads strategy head here.
March 24, 2022
42. Part 4/4 - Five Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
Only have a small Facebook ads budget? Then you probably don't want to waste your time and money making these mistakes! (Although it's never a mistake if you're always learning!) However, if you want to spend your budget in a way that delivers the best bang for your buck then I would recommend having a listen to this episode. The full Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Series has been shared to help you feel more informed about running ads and whether it's right for you. There's nothing worse than feeling like things aren't working, when there's some easy ways to make it "work" Episode 39: Part 1/4 Can you run Facebook Ads on a Small Budget? Episode 40: Part 2/4 Three Approaching to Building Your Audience on a Budget Episode 41: Part 3/4 Split Testing Facebook ads on a Small Budget Episode 42: Part 4/4 Five Common Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
March 15, 2022
41. Part 3/4 Split Testing Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
Split testing is one of the best parts of running Facebook ads. The platform allows you to test a huge number of factors, whether it's locations, audience interests, placements and your ad creative. In this episode I share that the best way to use a small budget if you also want to split test is to focus on your ad creative. That is testing an image ad with a video ad, or long copy vs short copy. The reason why it's a good idea to do this is because it's hard to know exactly what your audience will resonate with best and it's always a good idea to keep your options open! This Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Series has been shared to help you feel more informed about running ads and whether it's right for you. There's nothing worse than feeling like things aren't working, when there's some easy ways to make it "work" Episode 39: Part 1/4 Can you run Facebook Ads on a Small Budget? Episode 40: Part 2/4 Three Approaching to Building Your Audience on a Budget Episode 41: Part 3/4 Split Testing Facebook ads on a Small Budget Episode 42: Part 4/4 Five Common Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Resources mentioned in the show: My Facebook ads copywriting guide for health professionals Not quite ready for Facebook ads but still want to understand online marketing better? Check out my book No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff Visit my website DM me on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia
February 24, 2022
40. Part 2/4 Three Approaches to Building Your Online Audience: Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
In this episode I share three different ways to build your audience online - organic, paid ads and a hybrid approach. Learn simple hacks for improving your reach on Instagram and Facebook as well as what happens if you just want to throw money at ads to solve all your problems. This series is all about running Facebook ads on a small budget, so you'll hear why the hybrid approach works best if you don't have deep pockets but still want to be found by more people. Want some easy ways to get started building your audience with content that puts you in the spotlight? Grab a copy of my book No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff This Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Series has been shared to help you feel more informed about running ads and whether it's right for you. There's nothing worse than feeling like things aren't working, when there's some easy ways to make it "work" Episode 39: Part 1/4 Can you run Facebook Ads on a Small Budget?   Episode 40: Part 2/4 Three Approaching to Building Your Audience on a Budget   Episode 41: Part 3/4 Split Testing Facebook ads on a Small Budget Episode 42: Part 4/4 Five Common Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
February 17, 2022
39. Part 1/4 Can you run Facebook Ads on a Small Budget?
Just getting started with Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads? This 4 Part Series is going to help! You might be s#@T scared that Facebook will steal all your money! I'm sharing with you an insight into how to run Facebook ads on a small budget and why you may want to consider it sooner rather than later (even if you're not ready to 'sell' right now) In this episode I'll share with you: What hitting Boosted Post actually does Explanation of Traffic ads & Conversion ads How Facebook knows who to show your ads to The best type of ad on a Small Budget What kind of results will you get for $10 per day in terms of link clicks & conversions How list building now will serve you in the future Two types of free opt-ins work best for a low budget Why Facebook ads can be effective in comparison to other types of marketing & advertising How to start thinking about your Facebook ads spend in a new way This Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Series has been shared to help you feel more informed about running ads and whether it's right for you. There's nothing worse than feeling like things aren't working, when there's some easy ways to make it "work" Episode 39: Part 1/4 Can you run Facebook Ads on a Small Budget?    Episode 40: Part 2/4 Three Approaching to Building Your Audience on a Budget    Episode 41: Part 3/4 Split Testing Facebook ads on a Small Budget    Episode 42: Part 4/4 Five Common Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook Ads on a Small Budget Join my Free Facebook Group for Fabulous Course Creators & Service Superstars
February 10, 2022
38. How to get over feeling 'stuck' and unable to create clients in the new year
Happy New Year! While some people in your Facebook & Instagram newsfeeds will be telling you how spectacular they feel in 2022, you might be feeling a little meh, blah and stuck. That's totally ok! In this episode I share 4 ways for you to stop that stuck feeling and also some fresh ideas on how you could take just one small step towards getting some new (or reignite) old clients. Want to take it a step further? Check out my Business Breakthrough Sessions:
February 03, 2022
37. Five Annual Review Questions To Create a Powerful 2022
When you run your own business it's very easy to get caught up in the "I'm not there yet" or "she's doing better than me" mindset. That's why it's such a wonderful exercise to review how far you've come, and also what you're proud of achieving no matter how small it may seem. Because all of those small wins are incredibly important on this big journey of running your own business. From me to you - well freaking done! Once you've done that, it's time to start creating your vision for 2022. What do you want to do more of it? What does that look like? This is the fun part of finishing up what may have been a full on year. Want to simplify your marketing & stand out in a busy online world? My book "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" is available on my website & through Amazon
December 16, 2021
36. Is being consistent with your online marketing masculine or feminine energy?
I have seen a number of posts and received numerous emails about posting consistently being a masculine energy and way of doing business. I get it, sometimes you probably don't feel like posting or emailing your list and it feels more feminine to stay in touch with yourself that way. In this episode I propose a different way of doing things, where you can be consistent and still say in your feminine vibe. Want to show up as the real you more often online? Check out my 7 day Visibility Challenge
December 09, 2021
35. Two decisions that increased my revenue & happiness
Over trying to squeeze your experience and expertise into an online course priced at $197? These two decisions improved my cashflow and happiness in my business. No longer was I trying to make myself fit into a certain type of box, I was able to work in a way that suited me and my style, getting to know clients over a longer period of time. Like this episode? Leave me a review or tag me on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia Want to get started running a business in a way that feels right for you? Grab a copy of my book No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff
December 02, 2021
34. Business Partnerships & Marketing Predictions with Angela Ponsford
Everything starts with an idea and then you go about and make it real. In this chat with my former business partner Angela Ponsford, we discuss how she started her business and then asked me to be involved. We cover what makes a good partnership and things to check before going into partnership with someone - even if they’re a good friend or loved one.  Angela holds the position of  VP of Customer Satisfaction at international Facebook ads agency Tier 11 and she shares her predictions over the coming year for online marketing success. Find and chat with Angela Ponsford on Twitter: Where to next for your marketing? The first step is always being SEEN! Jump into my 7 Day Visibility Challenge today:
November 24, 2021
33. Getting Comfortable with Instagram Reels
If you've been hesitant to use Instagram Reels or you don't know where to start, then this episode is for you. And nope, I'm not going to tell you to point and dance if you don't want to! Covering trending audio, transitions and how to get started with ideas for your reels I hope that you'll gain the confidence to start getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Mentioned in the show: How to make text appear & disappear on Instagram Reels: Instagram Hacks Online Course: Tag me when you make your next Reel! @mirandaiveymedia
November 18, 2021
32. What?? You Can Enjoy Online Marketing?! Interview with Caroline Giles
Caroline is not your typical marketer. As a Yoga Therapist, she was even taught in her training that what she was doing was a gift for the world. Not only has she had to overcome barriers to pricing her services, living in Melbourne means she had to completely move her business online in 2020. Caroline joined my Ad Fab Business Crew earlier in 2021 to learn more ways to be comfortable selling online. Despite being a self-confessed introvert, she has embraced many aspects of online marketing and even though she still doesn't love it, she tells the story of how she's enjoying it more than ever. Find Caroline Giles: Instagram: Want to join the Ad Fab Business Crew? Join the waitlist:
November 11, 2021
31. How to Understand the Value of What You Do
Hands up if you don't like setting your prices! Or if you just like to go around and see what the competition is doing and then price yourself "slightly" lower?! In this episode, I'll share with you some simple strategies to help you understand the value of what you offer and how you can set your prices so you feel really good about sharing them with the world. Find out more about feeling great with your marketing with my book: Free 7 Day Visibility Challenge:
November 03, 2021
30. How To Ask For What You Want with Brook McCarthy
When they run their own business, women can have difficulties charging others for their work. They think that they're robbing them and that if people say 'no' it's a reflection of not being good enough. If this sounds *ahem* somewhat familiar, then this episode with guest Brook McCarthy is for you. Brook is a Marketing & Business Coach with over 13 years experience running her own business and a lifetime of experience to help her be who she is today. We talk all things women in business, marketing and whether you should put your prices on your website. Find Brook online: Want more people to buy your stuff? Check out my book:
October 28, 2021
29. How I got over myself and finished my book
Sure anyone can start writing a book... but how do you get around to finishing it? In this episode I share the 5 steps I took to finish writing my  marketing book 'No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff' - how to stand out in a busy online world. I had to make time, ask myself a few questions to get over my procrastination hurdle, get feedback and also be brave. There's also the one thing that I would do differently next time. If you've got something like a course, book, program or idea sitting there half finished, I encourage you to tune in! Grab a copy of my book here:
October 19, 2021
28. Anyone Can Write A Book with Emma Franklin-Bell
Emma Franklin-Bell is a book writing coach, author and ghostwriter (among other hats that you'll hear about in the introduction!) In our conversation she shares why everyone has a book inside them, how to get started and how she maintains focus to get her work done. Emma's Manuscript Mastery program has helped many authors get their books out into the real world and she talks about how you can do the same. Hint: It involves laying off on the social media! Emma Franklin-Bell Grab a copy of my book (written after taken Emma's Manuscript Mastery program!)
October 13, 2021
27. The Power of Saying No in Your Business
When I started out in running my own business I would say yes to just about anything; clients, inconvenient call times, work that was out of the original agreed brief. In trying to please everyone I wasn't pleasing the most important person in my business - me. In this episode I share some straightforward strategies to help you start feeling more powerful than ever, simply by saying no.  Tell me on Instagram, what are you going to say no to now? I'm @mirandaiveymedia Grab a copy of my book & find out how to you can stand out in a busy online world:
October 05, 2021
26. Getting Into Creative Flow - Interview with Marissa Treichel
In this episode Marissa and I discuss is creativity available for everyone, how Marissa gets into creative flow as well as some awesome books that have helped her along the way. Marissa Treichel is the fearless leader of the Cassettes, an 80s inspired flashmob dance troupe and dance classes. She's also the creator of Rad Self Care, an online course to help you get in touch with your creativity, your relationships and what you truly want. Books mentioned on this episode: Better Than Before, Gretchen Ruebin How to be a Woman, Caitlin Moran You are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero Playing Big, Tara Mohr To find out more about Marissa, The Cassettes & Rad Self Care head to:
September 29, 2021
25. How to Dream Bigger
I was stuck on dreaming bigger. So this is what I did. Three simple questions to journal on and enjoy challenging yourself to dream bigger. Remember, you do your dreams not anyone else! Want to get out of your own head and start be seen online? For easy step by step marketing strategies, grab a copy of my book
September 21, 2021
24. Building a Freedom Business - Interview with Tammy Guest
Meet Tammy Guest, Naturopath and online entrepreneur. A dash of burnout in seeing  40 clients a week lead her to develop a whole new business which incorporates mentoring, a national conference and retreats. Her goal was to mentor more practitioners to have an exponential impact on their clients and now it is her very own freedom business. If you've felt busy doing all the things and wonder what else is available to you in your business, tune in now! Find Tammy Guest & learn more about her upcoming virtual retreats: There's still time to join in the Create Your Offer 5 Day Workshop, join here:
September 15, 2021
23. 7 Ways to Create a High Vibe Workplace When You Work For Yourself
It's so easy to fall into a rut when we work for ourselves, when things feel frustrating or aren't happening quickly enough. I wanted to share 7 simple ways to add more pleasure to your working day and nope, none of them involve doing more work! Ready to create an irresistible offer for your online course or service package? Join my free 5 Day Challenge here, we start on September 13:
September 08, 2021
22. Creating Your Dream Team with Paula Maidens
We often start a business with grand ideals of what we want to offer and share with the world. But what happens when we're ready to grow and hire new people to be part of our team? In this episode I talk with Hiring & Leadership Coach Paula Maidens about what it means to be a leader and how we can bring other people into our world with ease. I know I've made a few 'quick fix' hiring mistakes over the years and I love what Paula shares to make sure that you're hiring the right people for the right reasons. Whether you've already got a crew of team members or you're looking to start outsourcing, this episode is for you! 2.10 What is a dream team 5.50 Hiring to get more time to do what you love 7.10 Where do people go wrong in hiring 13.44 Why just giving someone a go is something you might want to avoid 14.54 How to make your team profitable from the beginning 21.54 How to start letting go when pride gets in the way 25.15 Why Paula loves working from home & how she fills her cup Find out more about Paula & download your hiring checklist: Instagram @paulamaidensconsulting Join my upcoming Create Your Irresistible Offer 5 Day Workshop from September 13:
August 31, 2021
21. Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Any Course or Coaching Program
Last week on the podcast, episode 20 with Penny Murden we discussed how online communities have both helped us grow both professionally and personally. I often find myself being pulled in one direction or another wanting to do all the things all at once. I’ve found that having a coach to bounce ideas off can really help me clarify the direction I need to go in and not get persuaded to divert my attention to trying new things that I don’t need to do. Since running my own business for the past 7 years, I’ve enrolled in tons of online courses. I know more than anyone that when those sales pages are great, they can really speak to you and you'll be pulling out your wallet before you even know what's up. That's why I wanted to share with you three questions that I ask myself before investing in any course or coaching program. I'd love to know your experiences of joining programs or courses, let me know what you thought of this episode on Instagram @mirandaiveymedia. Have you signed up for my free 7 Day Visibility challenge? You can do so at
August 25, 2021
20. The Power of Online Communities With Penny Murden
I wanted to speak with Penny about the positive power of being part of online groups, which is where we met several years ago. Whether they're on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet, online communities can be such an amazing way to connect with other people who are at a similar point in their journey to yours - even if you never meet in person! As women we can often feel like we're not allowed to take up too much space and as a video & mindset coach, I wanted to get Penny's advice for anyone who is feeling like they ask too many questions. Penny also shares some awesome ways for your videos to connect more with your audience (and this can be a great way to take up more space online for your business too!) Connect with Penny: Instagram @pixicato Have you signed up for my 7 day Visibility Challenge yet? Get yourself out there - YOUR way now
August 18, 2021
19. How to Create a Course Without Overwhelm
For all the intuitive, creative brains out there, this one is for you. I've struggled in the past to make online courses because I've wanted to overcomplicate things and include everything possible. However, when it comes to selling online courses and helping your clients enjoy the transformation that you're offering, usually it's the simple things that stick with them. If your brain loves to overcomplicate things, then I've got three simple ways for you to stay on track and create a simple course that sells. Things that you may find simple other people might find hard (and want to be able to get your know how on how to do!) People are buying a transformation, not the number of modules you're selling, focus on this and you'll find creating and selling your course will be easy How to start creating if you've got the type of brain that doesn't like systems and being told what to do In this program I mention my new video toolkit Show + Sell for ecommerce. You can find out more about this here
August 11, 2021
18. Stay Calm, Stay Fabulous! How I Add Calm into My Business & Life
I'm not particularly known for being 'calm' on my socials, it's not the vibe I give off. However I've actually been incorporating these three things into my business for several years now and they have made a huge difference as to how I approach my work life. You'll learn why I only take meetings at certain times of the day and also my secret to getting through the crazy morning routine. In my book 'No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff' I talk about how you can start to use your own routine to plan out your social media posts better. You can buy the digital version for $4.95 here or simply download the marketing calendar here:
August 04, 2021
17. Finding Calm in Business - Interview with Katie Jane
For many of us finding calm in every day seems impossible or a miracle when it happens. In this interview with Katie Jane, we discuss how adding calm to your business is a way forward for a sustainable business model. She opens up on some of her practices and suggests that if you're not feeling it, throw your to-do list out the window and go and do something else. I can't wait for you to have a listen & see how this affects your business and work moving forward. Find out more about Katie Jane:
July 28, 2021
16. The #1 Thing That Will Make or Break Your Sales Page
If you've ever had the experience of lacklustre online sales, then this episode is for you! In my experience of reviewing hundreds of sales pages & spending tens of thousands of dollars on paid ads, an outstanding OFFER will change everything. I mention my NEW ecommerce video ad toolkit which is available now for $27 at Tune in now for: 2.06 How to get people to action quickly by incorporating an amazing offer 5.10 What makes an offer so special 9.01 Why I don’t love recommending this type of offer for online courses 11.22 How I made a big mistake with my offer 14.28 The most popular type of offer for ecommerce 17.20 How to motivate fence sitters faster
July 21, 2021
15. Be Specific In Your Copywriting To Attract More of Who You Want
Following on from Episode 14 with Sophia Pallas, in this episode I cover some easy copywriting tactics that you can use to attract more of your customers. There's no point offering a blanket approach to copywriting anymore as everyone is so busy, your Facebook ad or sales page will glide on by. By calling out who you want to attract on your website and in your paid ads, your copy will connect more with the people who need it most. For a system how to connect more with your customers download my book 'No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff' on my website or buy a hardcopy on Amazon and Booktopia. In this episode: 2.42 Why trying to talk to everyone is talking to no one 5.14 The places where you want to call out who you want to attract 5.28 #1 question need to ask yourself when you’re writing any type of copy 8.17 Using your personal experience in your copy 9.36 Why the kids TV show Bluey is a great example of connecting with your audience 12.10 Steps to go back and review your copy now
July 13, 2021
14. Embracing Who You Are - Interview with Astrology Focussed Copywriter Sophia Pallas
Sophia Pallas is an amazing copywriter who has been interested in astrology since she was a teenager. In this chat she shares how anyone can get started using working by the moon phases to have more energy in their business. As well as how she feels like her marketing is so much easier now that she is embracing being more herself. We cover everything from her recent name change (hint: it’s not what you expect!) and also some awesome copywriting tips that anyone can start to use from today. Get in touch with Sophia; Download her free astrology copy opt-in 7.30 How Sophia started working with the phases of the moon 10.25 How to start noticing your energy around the moon 11.14 Planning your online launches with the moon 12.44 When it’s best to hold strategy days in your business 15.16 Embracing the meaning of the moon 18.35 This isn’t where she intended her business to go 21.23 How she lets her hair down 24.38 The story behind her name change 32.06 How she feels about marketing 36.41 The secret to good copywriting 39.11 Why the connection is in the details Get my free copywriting guide for Health & Wellness practitioners: https;//
July 06, 2021
13. How to get Better at Online Marketing
Doing your marketing can feel like a never ending job. In this episode I share a simple strategy that will see you nail your marketing week after week so you can relax on Friday night knowing you've done a "good job!" I mentioned the idea this in Episode 12 with Hayley Carr, so this is an expansion on that for you. 02.50 Why getting yourself worked up about your marketing does you no favours 4.14 How to work out your platforms 7.20 What a deliverable is and why they'll help you get better at marketing 13.12 How to make your marketing gold actually happen Want some great ideas on how to get you out there? Check out my free 7 Day Visibility Challenge or grab a copy of my book
June 29, 2021
12. Blowing up Traditional Business - Interview with Hayley Carr
Hayley Carr is a Life Coach, Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mentor and 11x Karate World Champion. While she might sound tough, she also got knocked down by chronic fatigue which in turn lead her to embrace a different business model. Rather than hustle and burn out, Hayley talks about how she sees our feminine softness as our greatest strength and is a big advocate for rest and having fun.  If you've ever thought that you needed your business or marketing to look a certain way, then strap your ears in as Hayley opens up a can of limitless possibility in this episode of Real Fabulous Marketing. 4.46 How Hayley advocated for women and start lifting them up 7.30 Tapping into her feminine archetype and softness 9.02 How Hayley turned her greatest challenge into a strength 14.59 Her answer to NLP being just sleazy slimy sales tactics 18.33 Hayley's  simple marketing strategy 22.47 Why one post may have a bigger impact than you realise Find Hayley online: My new book "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" is out now for $4.95 get your copy here:
June 23, 2021
11. Three Factors in Making More Sales Online For Ecommerce Businesses
In Episode 10 I interviewed Kirsten Jackson about her thriving online art business. In this episode I make it even more practical and give every ecommerce business owner three things to focus on right now. Whether you're starting out or you're already running a profitable business, if you're wanting to make more sales online, you won't want to miss this! Resources mentioned in this episode My free Facebook group: My book "No one wants to buy your stuff" 3.50 You need to start thinking about your Instagram / Facebook like your online storefront 6.40 Get clear on your brand aesthetic and other things will fall into place 8.25 How to start planning a photo shoot 12.20 When you've got great content you can start to run good Facebook & Instagram ads 15.23 The single most important factor when it comes to running successful ads
June 15, 2021
10. Busting the Starving Artist Myth - Interview with Kirsten Jackson
Kirsten Jackson is a successful marathon running modern artist. She has her own gallery in Sandringham, Melbourne but her art can be seen hanging in the homes of collectors around the world. One of my favourite things about Kirsten is that she’s on a mission to break the starving artist myth and shares her story and expertise in her online program for artists called Steps to Success. Her ethos behind her artist “Art should make your soul leap. Go ahead, feel joyful” which is so in tune with the vibe Real Fabulous Marketing. I’m so pleased to have her as my first guest as she let us in behind the very colourful scenes of her artistic practice and business. You can find out more about Kirsten Jackson and see her artwork at 06.22 How Kirsten started with prints in her business 10.25 Kirsten's easy hack to make her artwork more recognisable 11.44 If you're an Artist and not doing this, you're losing sales 17.57 How she started her online course for artists 20.21 What Kirsten is doing next 24.03 Kirsten's advice for artists who feel like giving up
June 10, 2021
09. Why your customers are a goldmine of content ideas
Coming up with content ideas for social media can be a total drag for many business owners out there. In this episode I cover some ways to rethink the interactions you're having with customers and potential customers to turn them into content gold! 1.41 The pros and cons of low cost content planners 3.23 Why any interactions you have are a good goldmine for content creation 6.04 How to make your content more relatable 7.38 Do this with your content to build even more trust Want more social media content ideas that simply flow out of you? I've got a ton in my book "No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff" grab it here
June 02, 2021
08. Can You Share the Same Content On Instagram & Facebook
Is saving time by using the Auto-Publish feature from Instagram to Facebook worth it? In this episode I discuss whether it’s a good idea and some pitfalls to avoid if you’re currently sharing all the same content everywhere. 02:24 How to play to the strengths of each platform 07:55 Why do you want to be on both platforms? 13.23 My main reason for being on Facebook 16.44 Using Facebook Groups for online word of mouth 18.01 Remember to do this if you are auto-publishing
May 26, 2021
07. Five Ways To Use Instagram Reels for The Uninitiated
Instagram Reels are here to stay and can be fabulous for Instagram engagement. They’re also great if you’re someone who doesn’t love doing video where you're speaking on camera. if you think that the only way to create a Reel is to dance and point at the screen then this episode will give you some easy ways to start trying out reels for your Instagram content.  Best of all, you can just use your phone and make your first reel! Let me know how you go - tag me @mirandaiveymedia if you end up getting Reel after listening to this episode. Resources mentioned in this episode: InShot app for easy video editing
May 19, 2021
06. How to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking on Camera
You've probably heard that video is good for building your like, know, trust factor online but speaking on camera can be scary for many people. In this episode I share five tips that I have used to speak on stage and when recording videos for my social media marketing. Whether you're a pro at video or you're taking the leap for the first time, this episode is for you.   Still feeling a bit reluctant about marketing and putting yourself out there? Register for my free webinar on May 19 You've got this!
May 11, 2021
05. Three Mistakes You May Be Making with Email Marketing
Do you have an email list that hasn’t heard from you in a while? Usually when I speak with business owners email marketing isn’t a high priority. However I want you to know that it's the squeaky emailer who gets the oil! Or the person who sends the emails that gets the clients...  If you’re worried about people unsubscribing or sending out intermittent emails because you can't find the time, then this episode is for you. Special Webinar Invite: The Reluctant Marketers Guide to Social Media Content (that you don’t hate to create!) Wednesday May 19 register your place today →
May 04, 2021
04. Ten Uses for Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories are 15 second snippets of either images or video that you upload to Instagram. The cool thing about Instagram Stories is that they only last 24 hours! This means you can try different things, showcase behind the scenes, or the more ‘rough and ready’ side of your business. This episode features my ten top ways to use Instagram Stories including one of my all time favourites if you’re a service based business that takes appointments. Even if you’ve been using Instagram Stories for a while, you don’t want to miss this. Find out more about Miranda Ivey: Facebook and Instagram Website: Email: Work with Miranda Ivey: Join my FREE community, a place for Business Owners, Experts, Coaches & Consultants to run smarter Facebook ads that really grow their businesses. Buy my latest book: No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff  Join the FREE 7-day Visibility Challenge
April 27, 2021
03. How to Remove the Ego From Your Social Media
We all have an ego when it comes to posting on social media, Instagram and Facebook are built on likes, comments and follower counts. However if you’re getting too caught up in whether people will like your post you’re going to kill your productivity. This episode has two main strategies I use to avoid overthinking my socials and worrying about what other people think of me. From someone who rarely wears make up when I show up online, you know that this is the real deal. Find out more about Miranda Ivey: Facebook and Instagram Website: Email: Work with Miranda Ivey: Join my FREE community, a place for Business Owners, Experts, Coaches & Consultants to run smarter Facebook ads that really grow their businesses. Buy my latest book: No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff  Join the FREE 7-day Visibility Challenge
April 20, 2021
02. Why I don’t recommend using Facebook Ads When You’re Just Starting Out
Many business owners think that running Facebook ads will solve all their problems. However as an experienced Facebook ads Manager I don’t recommend them if you’re just starting out. By using your organic social posts and working out where you can be more consistent with your marketing, you’ll be able to build momentum without running ads. I also go into the details of Boosted Posts and why they may not be the best type of post for you. Find out more about Miranda Ivey: Facebook and Instagram Website: Email: Work with Miranda Ivey: Join my FREE community, a place for Business Owners, Experts, Coaches & Consultants to run smarter Facebook ads that really grow their businesses. Buy my latest book: No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff  Join the FREE 7-day Visibility Challenge
April 20, 2021
01. Why Starting Now is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do
Have you ever wanted to do something but think you’re going to be terrible at it so you don’t want to even start? In this first episode of the Real Fabulous Marketing program, I share all the reasons why I’ve kept myself stuck and not recording a podcast for so many years. Even though I really wanted to do it! You’ll learn ways of overcoming the “I’ve got no time” excuse that we all use for not getting marketing done (even if we know it’s a really good idea!) Find out more about Miranda Ivey: Facebook and Instagram Website: Email: Work with Miranda Ivey: Join my FREE community, a place for Business Owners, Experts, Coaches & Consultants to run smarter Facebook ads that really grow their businesses. Buy my latest book: No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff  Join the FREE 7-day Visibility Challenge
April 20, 2021
Introduction. Welcome to Real Fabulous Marketing with Miranda Ivey
Welcome to the Real Fabulous Marketing podcast with Miranda Ivey! With a goal of sharing practical marketing advice that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or icky, this podcast will deliver fresh insights into the world of online marketing. Topics will include Facebook & Instagram organic posting and paid ads, email marketing, how to create winning content with ease and so much more. Find out more about Miranda Ivey: Facebook and Instagram  Website: Email: Work with Miranda Ivey: Join my FREE community, a place for Business Owners, Experts, Coaches & Consultants to run smarter Facebook ads that really grow their businesses. Buy my latest book: No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff  Join the FREE 7-day Visibility Challenge 
April 19, 2021