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Reality Reflections with Kendra Von Esh

Reality Reflections with Kendra Von Esh

By Kendra Von Esh
I thought I was living a happy, fulfilling life but in REALITY, I bought into the "me culture" and materialism. I never found peace, happiness or true love and acceptance. Then God found me and everything I believed was the purpose and meaning of my life turned upside down.
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Pray without Doubting
How many of us pray all the time without doubting? Yeah, pretty much none of us do that. We need to do this so we receive from the Lord...
January 26, 2022
I Am Not Supposed To Be Holy
Ever think that holiness must be for someone else, not you? We talk about this today and how you ARE on the right track!
January 25, 2022
How Do You Reconcile with God?
I want to go further, not just reconciling yourself, but your heart to God....
January 24, 2022
What Is The Meaning of Life?
Many of us have never thought of this, or we forget quite, let's be reminded today of the need for the Two Greatest Commandments!
January 21, 2022
We Don't Ask 'Why' Enough
If we asked this question throughout our day, we would have wisdom beyond our wildest dreams...listen in to hear what I mean!
January 20, 2022
What Is Love?
Do you know what love is? What about agape love that is the theme of the Bible? We talk about how we cannot love without God mending our hearts today! Here is the link to find out what your charisms are:
January 19, 2022
What Will They Say About You?
When we leave this earth, what impact have you had on society? Do they know you are Christian because of how you love and lived? This charism link:
January 18, 2022
Is The Bible Reading YOU? 😲
Many of us read the Bible and use others to help us understand it. But eventually we should allow the Bible (God himself) to speak to us alone. Listen in to see what I mean!
January 17, 2022
Are You Willing to Move?
Sometimes God speaks to us in bizarre ways, like social media memes....let's dive into this one today, cuz many of us do not move our feet!
January 14, 2022
Do You Know How to Listen?
Sometimes we struggle to hear God's voice in our lives. Let's talk about the right way to listen for God in every aspect of our day!
January 12, 2022
This Is A Relationship with God!
We could all learn something from Hannah and her relationship with God! Today's podcast we dive into what a relationship with God is really about...
January 11, 2022
Am I Not More To You Than...?
How often do you feel unloved or less than with people in your life? I have given and received this message, it's one we should all hear again and again.
January 10, 2022
Jesus Prays, Do You?
Ever wonder what Jesus Prays about? Let's take some time and join Him to seek His help in prayer. It's a beautiful meditation.
January 07, 2022
God Speaks Clearly to Us Today!
Are you a liar? Are you a disciple? Are you loving others and speaking truth of the Gospel to the world? Wonder how to do just that? Listen to what God tells us today in His Word.
January 06, 2022
What is Perfect Love?
We all want to be loved, but what does it mean to have love perfected? Let's dive in and love the way God loves us.
January 05, 2022
Are You Mad at God?
Sometimes we may not understand or question His ways. Other times we might get downright mad at Him. Do this when it happens...
January 04, 2022
Discernment in The New Year
Discernment is not easy. We talk about how it is imperative to spend time with God to chose wisely.
January 03, 2022
Happy New Year - What is Your Resolution?
Let's reflect on this year and pray for our resolutions to be sent clearly to us from God!
December 31, 2021
Do You Live for The Audience of One?
Many of us struggle with worldly attachments and forget that we should be living for The Audience of One!
December 30, 2021
Are You Walking in Darkness?
Many of us think we are walking in the light, but we are walking in darkness if we do not forgive. We talk about how we can get that freedom of forgiveness from God on today's podcast. Need help on your spiritual journey? Go to
December 29, 2021
What Does God Want for Your Resolution?
Many of us do not pray to find outwhat areas of our lives we need to focus on....especially with New Year Resolutions..... Need help on your journey, go to
December 28, 2021
Last Day Before Christmas Eve....
It is time to get your mind, body and soul prepared for Christmas today! We talk about how to be love!
December 23, 2021
Do You Talk About God?
Many of us fail to proclaim the goodness of the Lord, let alone rejoice in Him. Let's talk about how we can do that as we approach Christmas!
December 22, 2021
Do You Ask For Help?πŸ₯΄
Some of us have a hard time asking for help and receiving it with gratitude. Let's pay attention to this, especially these last few days....before Christmas!
December 21, 2021
Have You Done This During Advent?
If you haven't yet contemplated Mary and Joseph on their journey, today is the day!
December 20, 2021
Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
As we move from joy into the week of peace, we talk about peace that surpasses all understanding this Advent Season and beyond!
December 17, 2021
What Does It Mean To Prepare The Way?
Many of us are preparing for Jesus, but are we preparing His Way? We chat about that today....let's look at new ways to pave the path of Jesus to other's hearts πŸ’•
December 16, 2021
Don't Fall Into The Trap This Christmas
We have been duped to think about Christmas in the wrong ways since little kids. But yet, even us faithful servants keep falling for Satan's lies...if you need help on your journey, go to
December 15, 2021
Which One Are You? πŸ€”
I bet you have been both on your journey ... but which one are you now? Let's unpack the Gospel today and find that JOY in doing God's Will. Need help on your journey? Go to
December 14, 2021
Finding Joy In Bad Situations
Today we talk about practical ways to find joy in the worst of situations! Let's focus on joy this third week of Advent, no matter what!
December 13, 2021
Get In The Game!
If you feel like you aren't fulfilling your Advent Season, then get in the game now! We talk about why NOW is the time...
December 10, 2021
Do You Have Ears To Hear? πŸ‘‚
We are all on different paths in life, some may have ears to hear and some not. Today we talk about this gift and how to be sure we use it.
December 09, 2021
A Call Out To Mary!
Today, let's spend a little time talking about Mary's life, faith and how she can help us in our lives!
December 08, 2021
What Does It Mean To Be A Sheep?
Are you a sheep? We talk about the multiple meanings and how we can be sure to be the right one!
December 07, 2021
Are You Afraid of Fire's Burn? πŸ”₯
I desire purification of fire in heart here on earth. I do not wish for Purgatory. Let's talk about how we can seek Fire's purification from God!
December 06, 2021
Worried About End Times?
Too many are walking around in panic, fear and eternal preparation mode! I know because many have reached out directly to me! Please listen to this podcast and find your peace, hope and joy!
December 03, 2021
Will God Know You When You Call? πŸ€”
It's a strange question, if God knitted us in the womb, knows the number of hair on our head, why wouldn't He know us when we call to Him? We talk about this on today's podcast....
December 02, 2021
Miracles...They HAPPEN!
Miracles are NOT thousands of years ago in The Bible...they are happening today! I have had many miracles in my life, let's talk about hoping in miracles today, shall we? πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
December 01, 2021
What Does It Mean To Have Hope?
Some of us give up on hope on God way too soon! Today we talk about hope and what we can do to "keep hope alive" in our spiritual lives...
November 30, 2021
Let's Deepen Our Relationship with God - Together!
If you are like me, you may be going through the motions and not progressing in your relationship with God. Let's turn that around together this Advent!!
November 29, 2021
Let's Be Thankful for....Day 3
Do you give thanks to God for all your material goods? Many of us idolize money and things, let's give it all to God today!
November 24, 2021
Let's Be Grateful For .... Day 2
How often do you go about your day and completely forget to look at God's creation around you? More than just looking, but experiencing it!
November 23, 2021
Let's Be Grateful For....Day 1
Three days of gratitude that we can all contemplate. Today, we talk about loving our family and friends in a thankful way! πŸ₯°
November 22, 2021
Are You Still Wearing A Mask?
Are you still hiding behind a mask you put on for the world? Let's talk about how we need to be authentic and real with those in our lives.
November 19, 2021
Love Those Closest To You Today!
Sometimes we can take advantage of those who are closest to us and not be that loving neighbor. Let's do something to change that today!
November 18, 2021
Why Do We Blow Things Out Of Proportion?
Ever think some conversation or situation was going to be way worse than it was in reality? Why do we do this and how can we stop?
November 17, 2021
Would You Die For God?
That is a deep question, but we pull it back to dying to ourselves in other ways. Listen in and ask yourself if you are truly loving God enough to die to your behaviors...
November 16, 2021
Are You Blind To God In Your Life?
Even though we can't see Jesus in the flesh like the blind man, we can see Him in our daily lives in so many ways. Listen to how and start living in the Spirit....
November 15, 2021
This Too Shall Pass....
Sometimes we want seasons and situations to go away as quickly as possible. How can you get through bad times with ease? We go there today....
November 12, 2021
Do You Suffer With Joy? πŸ€”
How many of you are joyful when you suffer? I am dealing with that right now, let me share my conversation with Jesus.
November 11, 2021
Are You That Leper?
Sometimes we forget to thank God, especially in the midst of bad circumstances. It is time to turn that around today, let's do that together!!
November 10, 2021
You Are God's Alone πŸ˜‡
We forget how important we are to God. We forget how much He loves us and created us for a purpose. Today reminds me of this very important fact we should reflect on every day!
November 09, 2021
Let Go and Let God πŸ˜‡
How do you deal with not being able to control things in your life? Let's talk about that and how to truly let go and let God. For more help on your journey, go to
November 08, 2021
I Can Tell You Now!
A couple weeks ago, I said I had something to tell you, but not right then. How horrible of me, right? Well, I can tell you now....
October 29, 2021
What Does It Mean To Be Kind?
I found a wonderful way to explain what it means to be kind, using 4 major points! Enjoy and put into action in your life! For help on your journey go to
October 28, 2021
What Does It Mean To Be Generous?
We could all be more generous, not just with money either. Listen to the many ways you can be generous with yourself and others.
October 27, 2021
Meekness Overcomes Anger
But what is meakness and how do we grow in it? We dive in and talk practically. Need help on your journey? Go to
October 26, 2021
Need More Patience?πŸ™„
We could all use more patience, lettalk about how we exercise this virtue in our lives. If you need help on your journey go to
October 25, 2021
Belly Laugh Lately? 🀣
When was the last time you had a laugh that took your breath away? We need laughter and humor in our lives.
October 22, 2021
Need More Humility? 😳
Humility is the foundation of all virtues and the hardest one to accept and exercise. Let's talk about how we do both today. Need help on your journey, go to and go to the Faith Services tab....
October 21, 2021
What To Do When The Unexpected Comes 😬
Today, we talk about three things you can do to deal with unexpected and unwanted circumstances in your life. Need more help on your journey, check out my Faith Services at
October 20, 2021
How Do You Look At God? πŸ€”
Sometimes we look at God as a judging Father instead of a loving Father. We reflect on a Bible verse together to prove this point and shift our hearts. If you are interested in hearing more about my story, go to and check out my book, sharing my miraculous journey to God.
October 19, 2021
How To Evangelize - 5 Ways! πŸ˜‡
Some people are afraid to speak about their faith or don'treally know what it means to be an evangelist. Here are 5 ways you can Evangelize right now!! Need help on your journey, go to
October 18, 2021
Don't Give Up On Prayer πŸ™
Everyone struggles with prayer, do these things to deepen your relationship with God today! Need help on your journey? Go to
October 15, 2021
How Do I Love That Person? 😬
Sometimes our relationships are strained and we find it difficult to love our neighbor. What can we do to love them where they are ... genuinely? Need help on your journey? Go to
October 14, 2021
It's None of Your Business
Have someone asked you to stick your nose someplace else? Let's talk about how to do that today. Https://
October 13, 2021
Putting Up A Facade? 🀫
Is anyone perfect? Why are you putting on a mask to the world? Time to ask for some detachment to live for the audience of one! Https://
October 12, 2021
What Does It Mean To Live The Gospel
We are called to be disciples and MAKE disciples but most aren't even sure how to share the Gospel and live it! Need help on your journey? Go to and check out my Faith Services!
October 11, 2021
Deliverance Prayers - A Must In The Spiritual Life
When was the last time you prayed deliverance prayers? I hope you reply with, "An hour ago..." because then you are truly fighting the spiritual war like you should. But most of us do not do this or even know how, what and why to pray deliverance prayers. Listen into this important podcast to help you fight the daily fight. God bless!
October 08, 2021
Do You Ask For Help?
I didn't ask for help for most of my life began to resent those who should KNOW I need help, without me asking! Hilarious, isn't it? Let's talk about this prideful way of thinking and see how God can play into this, as usual. If you need help on the journey, go to my website and check out my prayer programs, free downloads, faith coaching, book, etc. Β https://www.kendravonesh.comΒ 
October 07, 2021
Judging Others Too Much?
Do you wish harm or vengeance on someone? Β Do you get upset with how some people get away with living a certain way or want them to pay for their behavior? Β It is human nature, but a sinful way to live if you are trying to be holier. Β Let's talk about what we need to do in order to battle these harmful and evil thoughts. Β If you need help with your prayer life, please go to https://academy.kendravonesh/p/go-deep or if you are interested in coaching services go hereΒ 
October 06, 2021
Let's Talk About Sin!
If God marked our iniquities - nobody would be in Heaven. Β Have you thought about your relationship with God and your sin lately? Β Let's talk about how, if we just did a few things, we would be in such harmony with God. Β Want to learn more about my journey? Β Check out my book atΒ 
October 05, 2021
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Have you heard that before? Β What does it mean to you? Β I reflected on cleanliness in my life and I tied it to my mind, body, soul, spirit and environment! Β Check it out, we all need to do a little cleaning in our lives! Β 
October 04, 2021
Do You Have Devotions To Saints?
I have to admit, I don't have many devotions to many saints, not even Mary! Β Let's talk about how we should go about whether or not we should have saints in our spiritual lives at this juncture of our journey.
October 01, 2021
Always Darkest Before The Dawn
It is so true, let's discuss this figuratively and practically - if you get up in the middle of the night or are in a dark storm in your life, this one is for you.
September 30, 2021
Just Do It
Sometimes we make so many excuses to NOT do something that we KNOW will be beneficial to our lives. Β Why do we do such a thing? Β I share what I am battling today, and how I am addressing it.Β 
September 29, 2021
Back to the Basics
Sometimes we need to go back to the basics. Β It is always a good reminder to know the basics of what our lives in faith are built on....
September 28, 2021
If You Ask Why, You Will Win
When you are battling something in your life, remember to ask why. We talk about how many of us don't ask this critical question in our lives.
September 27, 2021
Let's Walk Through Mental Prayer
I get this question more than anything...."How do I pray mental prayer?" Β So, let's walk through it so you can have this available for you as you walk into this amazing world of mental prayer. Β If you are looking for help getting prayer into your life, maybe my video prayer course can help! Β Let's do it together! ΒΒ 
September 24, 2021
How Does The Truth, The Way and The Life Impact You Each Day?
I know many of us know this verse, but we say it so fast. Β What does it mean and how should it impact the way we live every day? Another deep reflection today - closer to 30 minutes today. Β ;)
September 23, 2021
Has A Priest Asked You, "Do You Pray?"
I have been asked this question a few times by priests at multiple times on my journey. Β Sometimes my answer was "yes" sometimes it was "not really" and other times it was "I don't know how".... Listen to this podcast, it is really important - because if we do not pray, we cannot stop sinning... If you need help praying, check out my 40 day prayer course....
September 22, 2021
Our Differences And Likeness is Amazing
I reflected on the Body of Christ and His Church today. I thought about how different we all are and how amazing life is when you meet faithful people on the journey.Β 
September 21, 2021
Losing My Phone Was A Wakeup Call
You may not want to hear this, because I think many of us do not want to admit we have an addiction with our phones. I just lost mine on the plane heading back from Omaha and I had a lot of time to reflect on the emotional ride and to be honest with myself. It might help you as well...Β 
September 20, 2021
Do One thing For Someone Today
Sometimes we get so busy we forget that those we love get ignored or somehow taken for granted. Let's do this today! Https://
September 16, 2021