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Realized Human

Realized Human

By Estela Vazquez Perez
My mission is simple… to build better workplaces and help employers become consistent, relevant, and attractive by giving them the strategy and tools to build better employee experiences.

People, whether established or newcomers, are the foundation of any economy, but the system is not equitable yet. Support women entering the talent market by subscribing to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Ep 3: Employee Experience - 7 lessons learned for onboarding post-pandemic
About this Realized Human podcast Welcome to Realized Human podcast with your host Estela Vazquez Perez. We will talk about strategies and tools to get people to build a life and a workplace they love. See you inside! About our host Estela Vazquez Perez My mission is simple… to build better workplaces. I teach business leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators the profitable benefits of great employee experiences. Resources This episode mentioned a few resources, here are the links: strategic blueprints cheatsheet to employee value proposition Got a question? Send us your questions in the message box of this podcast or at
April 01, 2021
Episode 2: Introducción al pódcast Humana Realizada
Porque es importante crear una mejor experiencia laboral que nos ayude a crear un cambio sistémico. Nos estamos educando en las realidades de otras personas para ser mejores arquitectos de lugares para trabajar, para elegir mejores posiciones de trabajo, y para apoyar mejor a nuestros colegas y colaboradores. Estas aquí para crear mejores lugares para trabajar para todos y todas.
March 16, 2021
Episode 1: Introducing the Realized Human podcast
Why is important to create better Employee Experiences that contribute to systemic change. We are getting educated with the realities of others to be a better workplace architect, choose better jobs and be better allies in our organizations. You are here to make better workplaces for everyone. This podcast is dedicated to all women in the Americas.
March 16, 2021