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The Journey of Realizing Empathy

The Journey of Realizing Empathy

By Slim
Leaders telling stories of a time in their lives, when they struggled to empathize with one or more people, until a series of realizations moved them to empathize with those very people.
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Responding with Love was not the Best / Pierre Powell
In our inaugural episode, we host Pierre Powell, the President of PAMCO Investments Corp and Leadership Consultant. Pierre shares two stories from the time when he was in the Air Force, when he struggled to empathize with two of his co-workers. Guest Bio: Colonel John “Pierre” Powell, retired Air Force, is the President of a multi-specialty asset management corporation with concentration in wealth management. With a passion and history of leadership, Pierre started extensively coaching, consulting, and training around leadership and high performance in 2015.  His personal work has grown from his thesis regarding “crisis” leadership while a National Security Fellow at the JFK School of Management, Harvard. Pierre has been able to test and experiment with the crisis model while leading 4,500 troops in 28 locations in Afghanistan and, more recently, as the deputy director of Higher Education in Colorado. Regarding formal education, Pierre has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, two additional Masters Degrees in leadership and management, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Pierre is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and Fighter Pilot. While in the Air Force, he retired as the Vice-Commander of Air Forces in Afghanistan and the Logistics Commander of an F-15 fighter wing. He has been an executive advisor and aide to the Secretary of the Air Force; responsible for the Secretary’s reports to the President and Congress. Pierre has had other staff duties, including balancing a $180 billion budget submission to Congress and directing a $9B Foreign Military Sales program to Royal Saudi Air Force. He has led multiple aircraft accident boards and acted as on-scene commander for various crises. Pierre has 2,200 hours of F-15, AT-38, and RF-4C flight time and seven combat tours in the Middle East and Asia, having received the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, multiple Air Medals, and the Bronze Star. Pierre can be reached at: Music License: Where The Light Goes: License #67783979559 In Peace And Harmony: License #67783979559
January 13, 2021
[Trailer] The Journey of Realizing Empathy
First episode of "The Journey of Realizing Empathy" will be broadcast on 1pm ET Jan 13th (Wed).
January 3, 2021