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Real Louie

Real Louie

By Louie Anthony
Real Louie is a Writer & Conservative Humorist who is all about supporting the best of American Values. His background & successes traverse fields such as Modern Art Painting, Business Concept Development & an Author of Puissance Creatríce-Clear Abstract Thinking. In this day & age in The United States has spurned his new motto: "Red, White & Blue Over Black or White".©️
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Audio Prank Call to a former friend who turned out to be a C.P.O.S, however, was quite Magoo here.
Using a Pseudo Saudi ACCENT, this fuckleberry didn't even know it was me... Which was weird considering we had spoken within the hour. Hope you like it & have fun! 😇🇺🇸💪🏼
July 14, 2020