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Real Talk With Ethan Sabo

Real Talk With Ethan Sabo

By Ethan Sabo
Over the last 15 years, I have been very nice to those of the opposition. That changed a month after President Trump put his hand on the bible to become the 45th POTUS. The mainstream media, along with Liberal America, made it their mission to destroy Donald Trump at ALL COSTS. As a constitutional conservative, I've made it my mission to bring my listeners the TRUTH and a different perspective on the status quo. We're not just Republicans; we're Americans whos love our country unconditionally. WE THE PEOPLE will NOT comply with radical leftist policies that try to undermine the Constitution.
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Democrats and 10 Republicans Vote To Impeach President Trump
America watched as 10 House Republicans, along with every single Democrat, voted to impeach President Trump.  Democrats tried to take the moral high ground by condemning President Trump and his supporters for taking over Capitol Hill. In contrast, some Republicans took the high road and defended the President.  Four years have passed, and Democrats have incited violence against Republicans with no consequences.  Website       Parler     Twitter       TikTok       Instagram       Merch       Patreon
January 13, 2021
Hypocrisy Of The Left
The unhinged left sits on their high horse barking about Domestic terrorism while ignoring domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These two groups have supported members of congress like the squad and house speaker Nancy Pelosi. Not once have any democrats outside of Tulsi Gabbard called these groups domestic terrorists.  Democrats also call for unity while trying to impeach the President for a second time. The truth? They're scared of Donald Trump. They want to prevent him from running again in 2024, and I can prove it. 
January 13, 2021
Yesterday, We witnessed pissed off Patriots taking a stand.  We witnessed Americans who were robbed of their votes being told their voices do NOT MATTER.  The GOP is dead, and the Patriot Party is born. I give my opinions on the chaos that erupted yesterday, and the future of the rinos!  Website     Parler     Twitter     TikTok     Instagram     Merch     Patreon
January 7, 2021
The Devil Won In Georgia Last Night
Womanizer Raphael Warnock has defeated Kelly Loeffler Jon Osoff has defeated David Perdue Radical Leftists have infiltrated our country and won with voter fraud as their weapon.  Website   Parler   Facebook   Twitter   TikTok   Instagram   Merch   Patreon
January 6, 2021
Republican Senators Voting Against President Trump's 2020 Election
I've combined a list of Republican Senators who will object and or support the Electoral College on January the 6th. Those who have decided to turn their back on President Trump, and are allowing the Democratic party to destroy the Republic will be primaried the next time they're up for re-election.  Website   Parler   Facebook   Twitter   TikTok   Instagram   Merch   Patreon
January 5, 2021
Joe Biden Wants To Decriminalize Intentionally Spreading HIV/Aids
The Biden/Harris administration wants to decriminalize the spread of Hiv/Aids. Not only is this irresponsible, but the new administration hasn't researched the underground groups that willingly spread HIV/Aids. This practice is called "Bug Chasing" and "Gift Giving". Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise after prescription medications to prevent HIV/Aids' spread was introduced to the mainstream. More than ever, LGBTQ people have unprotected sex, aka "Barebacking," causing STD numbers to skyrocket. The American people should be aware of this, but the Biden camp refuses to discuss the issues. I'm positive an LGBTQ radical wrote the LGBTQ policies. Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch Patreon
December 30, 2020
72% Of Republicans see Trump as Model for Future of GOP & Cocaine Mitch Rejects $2,000 Coronavirus Checks
72% of likely Republican voters see President Trump as THE Model for the future of the Republican party. The America First agenda has replaced Reaganomics. Also, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell aka Cocaine Mitch, objected to the unanimous consent for all Americans to receive a $2000 stimulus check even after many Republicans joined the Democrats to support the measure. What is the GOP's future?  I break it down in this new episode of Real Talk!  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch Patreon
December 29, 2020
Democrats $900 Billion Slush Fund Titled "The Cares Act"
Hello Fellow Patriots, and welcome to Real Talk, the podcast that never sleeps.  Today, we're going to tackle how Billions of your taxpayer dollars are headed to foreign countries and ridiculous pork projects around the country all in the name of COVID-19 RELIEF. Apparently, Salmon populations are dwindling therefore we're sending $65 Million to help them spawn!  You can read the bill for yourself HERE Domestic Funding: Kennedy Center-$26.4 Million Smithsonian-$1 Billion National Art Gallery- $154 Million National Art & Humanities- $167 Billion Woodrow Wilson Center- $14 Billion Foreign Countries Receiving aid: Eqypt-$1.3 Billion Sudan-$700 Million Ukraine- $453 Million Isreal- $500 Million Nepal-$130 Million Burma-$135 Million Cambodia-$85.5 Million Pakistan-$25 Million Asia R.I.A- $1.4 BILLION The American Citizen $600 Illegal Aliens-$1800 Americans Get-$600 Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
December 22, 2020
Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Threatens "Trumpers", I Respond!
I thought Democrats wanted Unity? Cynthia Johnson, A Democrat threatened VIOLENCe against Trump supporters. Not only did she threaten Conservatives in a Facebook live, but Johnson called upon Black Lives Matter and Antifa "Soldiers to take care of it. Democrats tend to forget about the second amendment and the love WE THE PEOPLE have for our constitution.  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
December 9, 2020
Antifa Sends Me Death Threats & Grifters In The Conservative Movement
Antifa found out that a friend and I infiltrated their little group. They're not happy AT ALL! I'm not getting death threats from these children. There are too many grifters in the Conservative movement. I call them out by name in hopes they get their crap together! Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
December 9, 2020
My Future Plans
Gen Z is the most vulnerable voting block of 2022. We MUST reach out to them, and give them a platform.  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
December 5, 2020
Big Tech Censoring Me! #DeathToSection230
Big Tech is out of control! I'm pissed! It's time to stand up AND FIGHT FOR OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
December 2, 2020
Showdown in Pennsylvania
President Trump's legal team exposed voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Poll watchers did NOT observe more than 600K ballots counted by ballot counters. The mainstream media claims voter fraud doesn't exist; Team Trump begs to differ!  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
November 26, 2020
Million Maga March In Washington D.C
I drove to Washington D.C from Texas to support President Trump, and march against voter fraud! Americans are fed up with the Democrat establishment. The Swamp runs DEEP! Stay Positive, and stay humble Patriots! Freedom will always ring LOUD!  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
November 24, 2020
Keep Dallas Safe Interview
I sat down with the Director or Operation and the Official Spokeswoman of the Public Saftey organization, Keep Dallas Safe. We chatted about everything from The Dallas City Council defunding Dallas PD to what the organization intends to do following the election. Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
October 27, 2020
Barack Obama & Joe Biden Had Absolutely NOTHING To Do With The Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage In America.
Many uneducated LGBT Liberals believe Barack Obama signed legislation to legalize Same-Sex Marriage. I'm here to debunk that BULLSHIT CLAIM!  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
October 16, 2020
Democrat: The American Cancer
In this election, America has a choice. We can either choose Freedom or Socialism. During President Trump's second term, we need to form conservative coalitions all across this nation including in the inner cities. It's time Republicans take back our cities so millions of Americans can have a shot at the American dream.  Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
September 8, 2020
What Would A Biden/Harris America Look Like?
Many Americans are wondering what America would look like under a Biden/Harris administration. If you haven't already, take a look around. Major U.S Cities are defunding police departments at an alarming rate. Who will answer 911 calls? Who will come to save us? Crack Heads? Defunding an already underfunded police department would be catastrophic. Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
August 13, 2020
Covid-19: Positive Cases INFLATED by the THOUSANDS across America
America is under attack, and spineless politicians are using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to destroy Donald Trump's chances of being re-elected. Hospitals have inflated positive numbers by the thousands. Website Parler Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Merch
July 23, 2020