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Real Talk With Nina

Real Talk With Nina

By Nina
All the taboo stuff - Unfiltered, Imperfect, and Unashamed. Sex, relationships, and more! Humor, sarcasm, and never TMI. Real people and real conversations. Never a dull moment! Not for the closed-minded.
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Real Talk With Nina - Episode 9: Challenging Our Beliefs Around Bisexuality in Men
Jonathan Beal is a Coach and Mentor to "lost souls" looking to find congruence and alignment in their life. Jonathan and I dive into the misogynistic messages that most of us have, and how they show up in relationships. I share some mega humbling stuff in an effort to show what challenging my beliefs looks like. We talk about the importance of vulnerable sexual conversations within relationships, and how they have the potential to be transformative. Jonathan shares his own story of coming out as bisexual, and what that "looks like" when it comes to how he shows up in relationships. Amazing shit goes down in this episode!   Follow me at: IG:  FB:   You can find Jonathan at:  
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina Episode 3: Guest Karin Freeland - Lingerie and Love Languages Epic Fails
This episode is all about epic love language fails in relationships. We talk about sexting gone wrong, words of affirmation that don't happen, and different argument and apology styles.    Follow me (Nina): IG @ninarealtalk,, and on Facebook at Real Talk With Nina You can find Karin at and @karinfreeland on IG
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 7: Sex Clubs, Strip Clubs, and Body Counts
I bring Karin Freeland back on the show to talk about our experiences and feelings towards sex clubs, strip clubs, and the infamous "body count" conversation. No, not murder...sexual partners. From Karin wearing pasties and a thong at Webster Hall in the city, to me having to take off my underwear after a sweaty male stripper decided to give me a lap dance. It's not what you think... Follow me at:  Website:  IG:  FB:   Follow Karin Freeland at:  Website:  IG:
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 8: Random turn-ons, turn-offs, sexy fails, queefs, and farts!
From getting turned on by watching guys play video games, to distinguishing between a fart and a queef - we leave zero stones unturned. This episode is NOT for the faint of heart (actually, nothing about me is...). Karin tries to be sexy while she's pregnant, and her husband shuts the light off. I try to be sexy, and my tampon string ruins it. And so much more... Enjoy!   Follow me:  IG @ninarealtalk  FB: Real Talk With Nina   Follow Karin Freeland:  IG @Karinfreeland
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 12: O Faces, Air Pulse Vibrators, and Pandemic Libido
As usual, shit gets weird on this one. From an honest conversation about how the pandemic has impacted our libido, to Karin and I drafting a comic series about our clits - this episode is classy as hell. Karin and I unknowingly purchased a similar vibrator that uses the "air pulse" technology. We both had experiences that made us question our clitoral fortitude, which is not something we take lightly. By the end of the episode, we're arguing about how high or low my clit's voice would be if she was a character in a comic strip. Honestly, you just have to listen to understand the ridiculousness of this whole episode.  My "Stuff" Check out Karin Freeland!
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 19: Sexual differences between GenX and GenZ, How Women Can Learn to Orgasm with a Man, and More!
After a podcast hiatus, I'm back! I had Karin on as my guest again, and we talked about a market survey she sent out to GenZ'ers so she could learn how to market her new book to them. Karin has to scrape her jaw off the floor when I explain what a "Hot Wife" is, and how it's not an uncommon fantasy amongst men. I also go on my soap box (again) about why women struggle to orgasm with men (my insight may shock you). Karin learned that a penis is essentially just a huge clit, and I share how I somehow turn every sexually-based conversation with men into me helping to heal their trauma wounds. If you enjoy randomness, sex talk, raw vocabulary, and orgasms...check this one out (and all of the other episodes).  Find me at or @ninarealtalk on IG Find karin at for Life Coaching or for her upcoming book. On IG, her handle is @karinfreeland
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 21: Jacky St. James and World of Ethical Porn
What happened when I decided it would be a good idea to ask one of the biggest ethical porn producers to come on my podcast? You'll find out in this episode! Jacky St. James is a writer, producer, and director of ethical porn; one of the big guns in the industry to say the least. She's the creative director at Bellesa (, and creates content for Sweet Sinner as well. I also tried to convince Jacky that my thick thighs, mom tummy, cellulite, and c-section scars, would be the next best thing to happen in the porn industry. A more authentic "MILF" genre, if you will.  In this episode, we talk about:  Common myths about porn What "ethical porn" is  How I used to watch porn vs. how I watch it now Popular porn trends What my favorite genre of porn is right now, and how I found it (you may be shocked) How Jacky got into the porn industry Stereotypes of female porn stars vs. male porn stars and more... You can find more about me at: or on IG at @ninarealtalk Find out more about Jacky St. James at and see her work on
June 11, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Season 2 Episode 1: Dr Joe Kort and Heteroflexibility in Men
Dr. Joe Kort explains all about heteroflexibility in men. That is, straight men who have sex with men...but aren't necessarily gay or bi! We dive deep in this one - as usual. Dr. Joe and I discuss the "hamburger eating brain" vs. the "ass eating" brain (super clinical right?). We also talk about anal and nipple play on straight men. Oh - I can't forget when time stood still and Dr. Joe anointed me as something other than a straight woman (don't ask...just listen to the episode).  Dr. Joe's info: IG: @drjoekort Podcast: Website:
May 20, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 22: Cam Fraser on Male Sexuality and the Taboo of Anal Play on Straight Men
Cam Fraser, Australia's leading men's sex coach, drops some gems in this episode! From his toxic "college locker room talk" days, to growing into the enlightened sexual man he is now, Cam vulnerably shares his journey. Although all genders can (and do) benefit from his work, men will undoubtedly feel seen and heard when Cam speaks about his experiences. Cam gives us a glimpse into what it's like to coach with him, and the process he takes men through when exploring anal play for the first time. We share laughs and candid breakthroughs about our personal views of masculinity, and how we continue to work on shaping them.  To find out more about Cam (or work with him), head to You can also find Cam on instagram at @thecamfraser. To find out more about me, head to or find me on IG at @ninarealtalk
May 10, 2022
Real Talk With Nina: Season 2 Episode 4: Gay Men and Straight Women - Is the Friendship "Safe"?
This conversation may not be palatable for everyone, but then's me. Britt East and Jonathan Beal educated me, enlightened me, and challenged me in this one. We unpacked the underlying reason why many straight women feel "safe" with gay men, and why it's a troubling and inaccurate assumption. Britt, an award-winning author and gay man, shares cultural truths about some gay men that shocked me (which is hard to do!). Jonathan, a self-kindness Coach and bisexual man, explains the stereotypes he's had to face and how it impacts his desire to seek out relationships. Britt and Jonathan discussed the role that porn has played in their lives, and I share how I've used it in my personal AND professional life! As usual, we get real...really real.  Check out Britt East at Check out Jonathan at Check out Britt and Jonathan's Podcast at   (Check out Episode 5 when I was THEIR guest!)
April 17, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Season 2 Episode 4: Author, Valerie Walsh and her memoir - "Shattered to the Core"
In this episode, I speak with Valerie Walsh, Author of her own memoir, "Shattered to the Core". She talks about the loss of her mother to suicide, her cancer prevention decision of getting a double mastectomy, and her ups and downs with alcoholism. Valerie gets real about how her mental, physical, and substance use struggles have impacted her life, and how she uses physical fitness to make peace with her past, and reclaim her future.  Connect with Val on IG: @valeriejwalshauthor and check out her website at
March 09, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Season 2 Episode 3: Dr. Laurie Mintz and the Orgasm Gap Soap Box
Dr. Laurie Mintz is the Queen of Cliteracy! No, seriously - she wrote a book about it, "Becoming Cliterate". In this episode, we discuss myths around how cis women orgasm (or don't). Squirting, female ejaculation, and more! I learn about the term "pillow princess", and how I am the exact OPPOSITE of one. I also share my own orgasm journey, and the bullshit I had to UNlearn along the way. Enjoy! Dr. Laurie's website: Dr. Laurie's IG account: Dr. Laurie's FB account: Dr. Laurie on Pinterest:
February 12, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Season 2 Episode 2: Anonymously Submitted Fantasies
Back by popular demand! Fantasy episodes are "mini episodes" where I read the anonymously submitted fantasies I've received. From the vanilla to the kinky and taboo! These episodes are my favorite!  Do you want to submit yours? You can! Click HERE!
January 22, 2022
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 18: Fantasy Submissions: From the Tame to the Taboo
This was a first! I collected anonymous fantasy submissions, and discussed them on the podcast! Some folks submitted fantasies that they simply wanted to share because they were HOT, and others wanted help with guilt or shame around their fantasies. This episode is bound to make some folks uncomfortable, so there's that... From getting off to the thought of your friends having sex, to female domination - this is not a boring episode to say the least! You can submit your fantasies anonymously (for future episodes) by clicking HERE! Check out for all of my important links!
June 30, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 17: Does my partner even have a sex drive?
"Nina, my partner doesn't have a sex drive." Ummmm...unless there are some clinical issues going on, yes they do. However, nobody taught us about the types of sex drives, and how to tap into them. Additionally, couples have such a hard time being 100% honest about what they need (I'm speaking louder to the women here...). How do you tell your partner about a taboo fantasy that you have? What does foreplay look like for you? What kind of build up do you require? How can we make these conversations fun, and not awkward? I go into all of it in this mini episode!  Check out all of my links in one place!
June 11, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 16: Q&A with Nina: Fantasizing about friends, not gagging during oral, and the sex talk with kids
Great questions came up in this mini episode! From how to navigate when your partner needs porn to ejaculate, to fantasizing about your friends, I answer some tough ones! I discuss options to make giving oral sex to a guy a bit easier on the "giver", how to address the sex talk with your kids, and what to do if you find your kids playing "doctor". So much packed into this one! Click here for all sorts of great stuff (including my Dirty Talk Guide!)
May 18, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 14: That's What HE Said! (the episode where my husband is my cohost!)
This was a first! I thought I'd switch things up and have my husband on the podcast! We answer some submitted questions about dry spells, communication issues, flirting, and having friends of the opposite sex. We get a little personal about some of our own tough times, how we navigated them, and tough lessons learned along the way. If anything, I hope this episode helps to normalize the fact that all relationships go through tough times. We're only human, right? Find out more at Find me on Instagram @ninarealtalk
April 20, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 13 (*CONTENT WARNING*): The 'Me Too' movement, violence against women, and painful realizations
*CONTENT WARNING: Violence against women* This episode was raw.  Jonathan Beal was my guest - and for good reason. He talks about the painful process of realizing the role he has played in perpetuating the fear that women have of men. We discuss his public apology on Instagram to a former girlfriend, and how difficult that was on many levels. I open up for the first time, publicly, about some traumatic events in my past that I never deemed "bad enough" to talk about. From the f*cked up messages women receive at a young age about how to "stay safe from men", to the pressure to perform for men sexually - we uncover it all. This was NOT an easy episode to record, nor was it an easy episode to rewatch and edit. However, I believe 100% that it's a necessary conversation to have for all human beings.  Remember that fear, shame, and guilt can ONLY exist in the dark - so I'm just here to turn on the light.
April 06, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 11: Open Relationships
Adam and Becky, a married couple, join me to discuss their open relationship. We talk about how it started, whose idea it was, and the types of conversations they recommend having. We cover jealousy, monogamy, compersion, and why they believe they have been successful in this process.    Follow me on social media!  FB:  IG:  Website:
March 09, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 10: Navigating Polyamory
In this episode, I interview Crissi Dalfonzo. Crissi is a self-proclaimed "Professional Queer", and the Assistant Director of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at Cornell University. Crissi has been polyamorous since college, and highlights how important consent and communication are. I learn new terms, like the "one penis policy", "bi plus", and "polycule", and we cover some of the common myths of polyamory.    Find me at:  IG: FB: 
February 23, 2021
Real Talk With Nina - Episode 6: A Journey to Motherhood on the Struggle Bus
In this episode, Karin and I talk about our unique experiences through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. We open up about our bizarre thoughts during postpartum depression, how my OCD impacted every step of my journey to motherhood, Karin's jealousy towards a cartoon character, my fear of my baby's head falling off, and our hemorrhoids. Yup - it was TedTalk worthy. You're welcome.    Come find me at:   Website:  IG: @ninarealtalk  FB:   You can find Karin at:  Website:  IG: @karinfreeland
December 29, 2020
Real Talk With Nina Episode 2: Guest Suzy Spencer - "Secret Sex Lives", the book.
Nina interviews best-selling author, Suzy Spencer, about her true crime novels and her controversial book titled, "Secret Sex Lives". Suzy explains some of her interactions with some dangerous inmates, as well as some kinky swingers! Enjoy! Follow me (Nina) at @ninarealtalk on IG, at, on FB at Follow Suzy Spencer at and on Twitter: @SpencerWriter
October 28, 2020