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Real-Time Queries

Real-Time Queries

By Yellowbrick
Real-Time Queries is a Yellowbrick podcast designed to help IT executives and business leaders make smarter decisions regarding data and analytics technologies.
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5. BMW iVentures Team and Neil Carson: Simplifying data warehousing
Enjoy this repost of the BMW iVentures Agile Precision Podcast. Is Yellowbrick Data the next Snowflake? Join Neil Carson, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellowbrick Data and the BMW iVentures team to discuss how the company is simplifying data warehousing through increased speed and analysis that tops its competitors. Neil shares his multi-varied experiences working in Silicon Valley, how Yellowbrick Data is leveraging modern technology to improve its customer experience and the direct impact data has on the world by using it for good.
December 16, 2020
4. Industry trends & hot topics with Yellowbrick CEO Neil Carson
In this podcast, Yellowbrick CEO Neil Carson discusses trends in data warehousing and the importance of hybrid cloud, addressing both the vendor landscape as well as what enterprises really care about.
August 07, 2020
3. Enterprise IT Spending Priorities During a Time of Disruption
Yellowbrick CMO Jeff Spicer discusses the results of a survey assessing the impact of COVID-19 on enterprise IT spending. Yellowbrick Data received responses from more than 1,000 enterprise IT managers and executives, uncovering their infrastructure priorities during this era of economic uncertainty and disruption.
July 06, 2020
2. Intro to Yellowbrick
An Intro to Yellowbrick covers what it means to be the world's fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
June 01, 2020
1. The Importance of Hybrid Cloud for Your Data Warehouse
The Importance of Hybrid Cloud for Your Data Warehouse debunks the myth that a cloud-only data strategy will solve all your data challenges.
June 01, 2020