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Real Talk Podcast

Real Talk Podcast

By Henry
Real TLK Podcast is about being real and discussing the everyday lives and differences between Females and Males in an un-edited format. The raw facts and discussions between Males and Females from all different walks of life. Real TLK discusses everything from Jobs, Hobbies, Travels to Relationships, Sex and Dates. Anything you can think of, Real TLK discusses! This is like Howard Stern on Steroids and no filter from the perspective of both sexes on every episode!
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Real Talk with Henry L. w/Maddie Moore - Season 1 Episode 3 - Breaking up via Text!
Henry and Maddie Moore - @themaddiemoore explores how you should break up with your significant other! This episode goes in-depth about the stories of how one breaks off a relationship. Maddie and Henry also discuss how people slide into DMs and comments on social media. Maybe this works? They also talk about what results in a perfectly executed DM - you just might be able to land your next hott date! ;)
March 27, 2021
Real Talk with Henry L. w/special guest Maddie Moore - Season 1 Episode 2 - Who Pays?!?
Henry and Maddie Moore - @themaddiemoore explore dating during a full year of COVID - 19! This episode goes in-depth of what it's like to date multiple people during a pandemic and how mixed messages can really fuck with a girls emotions. Maddie and Henry also discuss what is expected on a date and who should pay. They also talk about what the outcomes will be and what is expected after one pays for a date! ;)
March 7, 2021
Real Talk with Henry L. - Season 1 Episode 1 - How real are you?
Henry and Kelsey explore the REAL desires and thoughts between males and females! This episode goes inside the the differences between how males and females think and operate. Kelsey discusses what it means to have a "girl code" which turns into really just being a lie to others on the outside. They then explore how Kelsey - in the name of "girl code" destroys two of Henry's most meaningful relationships with two different girls! 
January 29, 2021