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Reawakening Love and Power

Reawakening Love and Power

By Carol Anne
Carol Anne is a trauma-informed Sex, Love & Relationship Coach who guides people to come home into their bodies and their sensual, sexual nature. Tune in for conversations, real anonymous coaching sessions, and guided practices on reawakening and reclaiming the parts of us we've lost, especially in the realms of love, power, sex, and relationships. Coming home into your body and working with it rather than fighting against it, taking a grounded approach to sensuality and intimacy, exploring our true nature, and discovering that we are already whole.
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44. CREATIVE: a permission slip to make your art with Melanie Karlins
If you love to create or make art, if you secretly want to, or if you struggle to find the time for it, this is a permission slip and love note of encouragement for you! Creative Mentor Melanie Karlins and I talk about how all humans are creative and why it matters to express what wants to move through us. You’ll hear: The broad range of practices we consider creative, Similarities between creativity and sex, Medicine for perfectionism and writer’s block How lying on the floor or staring out of the window are essential parts of the creative process, Making time to show up for creativity and validating that it matters, especially as a mother, The necessity and discomfort of setting boundaries for your creative practice, Creativity as a radical act in the face of capitalism and patriarchy, & The magic of co-regulation and doing it together. Melanie is a mentor and permission granter for creative women. She creates spaces where you can let your Inner Artist out to play so that you can enjoy the beauty, magic, and delight that comes from reconnecting to your creativity. Wherever you are in relationship to your creativity, Melanie offers support to help you live your most creative life. Whether you are looking to start a daily art practice, write a book, find a way to share your creative services with the world, or just get your hands dirty with ink and tools and clay and paint, she can support you on your creative journey. Melanie’s website: Melanie’s Instagram: Carol’s website: Book a Clarity Call: Carol’s Instagram:
May 27, 2022
43. VEXED: Bridgerton and toxic relationship narratives with Bee Slêmanîyah
What do two Sex, Love and Relationship Coaches think of Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix? Dear Listener, we are vexed! Bee Slêmanîyah and I tangle with what turned us on and off, the way the characters treated each other, what makes for a good relationship, and the allure of emotionally unavailable men. You’ll hear: Why we binged it Whether Anthony is a fuckboy Harmful relationship dynamics Society of the 1800s vs. now (we might not be as far as we think) Response to other shows like True Blood and Twilight What is being romanticised and is that the message we want? Attachment styles and push/pull in relationships Erotic blueprints and sexual tension Kink & BDSM Women’s portrayal and options in society Emotional unavailability in potential partners Balance between mystery/eroticism and safety/security in relationship Interpreting your turn on while watching and using it for your benefit Unrealistic portrayals of female sexual pleasure Media as a vehicle for cultural messaging The show’s attempt at racial diversity and inclusion Turn on gas pedals and brakes Through Trauma Informed, Somatic, Attachment Therapy and Coaching, in Sex, Love, & Relationships, Bee thrives on integrating shadow and light, bringing ones multiple truths and selves into their authentic dance— of pleasure, play, harmony, and belonging, while savouring all colours of the palette as the sacred and perfect parts of the humxn experience that they are. From Trauma, Tantra, to Taboo, Bee’s work can be described as radical alchemy; holding spaces which allow humxns to come into their full spectrum authentic selves, and have pleasure based lives of Conscious Sex, Radical Love, and Evolutionary Relationships. As a kinky, queer, genderfull, BBIBOC, immigrant, parent, and performing artist, Bee loves serving folx with parallel lived experience, in marginalised communities, while also being deeply passionate about working with men, and revolutionizing dating, intimacy, and relating, (for all genders), with singles and in couples. Bee’s Instagram: Support Bee and their content: Carol’s website: Book a Clarity Call: Carol’s Instagram:
April 27, 2022
42. BLOOD: honouring menstrual magick with Sequoia Glastonbury
The Wild Witch Sequoia Glastonbury and I talk about blood magick, and how honouring your blood relates to your relationship with your body, your relationships, and your sexuality. We cover: What it means to be a witch; The imprint your first bleed leaves on your life; Promising ways newer generations relate to their cycles; The menstrual cycle as a gateway for accepting and honouring your body; Getting used to seeing your own blood; Doing blood prayers during your bleeding time, offering your blood back to the earth; Honouring the inward pull and need for rest during your bleeding time when you have real life obligations; What to do when other people in your life are not on the same page as you; How loving your cycle helps you have better sex; Building belief and trust in yourself when you’re doing something different; Taking your time on this journey and letting it unfold at your own right pace. Sequoia is a Mother, a Witch, a Shamanic Craftswoman, a Doula and a Hearthkeeper. She is the founder of The Wild Witch, supporting women to claim their inner witch and live a wild and wonderful life. She offers in-person workshops, online courses and 1:1 support. A Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, she brings her presence and skills to witnessing and supporting transformation, creating safe spaces and supporting women to find their inner knowing and reclaim their power. She holds workshops in her community, at conferences and festivals, on Blood Magick, Reclaiming our Wild Selves, Honouring Women and Menstruation, Drum Making, and Seasonal Sabbats. She has co-created and held Red Tents and women’s spaces around Australia. She lives in the forest on Bundjalung Country in the Byron Hinterland with her family and animal companions, connecting daily with the earth and all the wild creatures she shares her bush home with. Sequoia holds the vision of the healed sisterhood and is dedicated to living in service to the Goddess. Sequoia’s website: Sequoia’s Instagram: Sequoia’s Facebook: My website: My Instagram:
December 21, 2021
41. YONI: finding your way back to pleasure with Karlyn Digitalis
Karlyn Digitalis and I have a conversation about navigating the underworld and the unknown, yoni mapping therapy, integrating your yoni/pussy back into your body, the language we use for our genitals, and communicating with your sexual partners. She generously shares her story through a sexual awakening, birth and a birth injury, and the process of finding her way back to pleasure afterwards. Karlyn specialises in guiding folk through transformational processes, drawing upon her training in Yoni Mapping Therapy (Bonnie Bliss method), Tantric Bodywork & Sacred Sexuality, Breathwork Mastery, Life Coaching, Yoga and Conscious Birth. Her work is trauma-sensitive and the focus is on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and empowering people to tap into their own healing capacity. Her passion is in creating sacred sanctuary to enable people to touch the divine within and know this as their truth. With almost 20 years experience working in the field of complementary health, she holds the space of profound kindness, understanding and integrity. Karlyn’s website: Karlyn’s Facebook: Karlyn’s Instagram: My website: My Instagram: Book a call with me:
September 13, 2021
40. PUSSYCRAFTING: vulva art, creativity and sexual energy from my Pussy Pulpit
A solo episode from my Pussy Pulpit on Pussycrafting! Why make art of/from pussy? What’s the relationship between sexual energy and creativity? Featuring a guest appearance from a chorus of bush stone-curlew birds in my neighbourhood part way through - they have comedic timing! If you’re curious about working with me, book a free Clarity Call here And connect with me on Instagram
July 12, 2021
39. STEAMING: yoni steaming for wellness and revolutionary power with Sali McIntyre
Sali McIntyre and I have a conversation about the practice of yoni/vaginal steaming: what it’s good for, how to do it, contraindications, incorporating prayers and gratitude into the practice, and how it works on multiple layers of your being, from the physical to spiritual. We talk about reproductive health, reclaiming authority over our own bodies, the healing power of community and connection, and the ways our Western culture is unwell. Sali is a certified Arvigo® Practitioner and Educator and Co-Founder of the Heart and Soul of Wellness Centre in Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia. She is a mother, grandmother, trained midwife, Arvigo® therapist, prenatal yoga teacher, birth educator and advocate for women with an enduring passion for birth on every level. She believes passionately that we are on the brink of/in the middle of the Birth Revolution that will see women taking back birth and their reproductive health into their hands. You can find Sali, her book “Womb Medicine: The Art of Yoni Steaming for Women’s Health” and accompanying card deck at Book a free Clarity Call with me Connect with me on Instagram
June 28, 2021
38. TRANSITIONS: Support through uncertainty and a personal update
I’m back with a solo episode from my Pussy Pulpit on transitions, including what can support you through a transition, how transitions can affect your desire for sex, and sharing about my recent move with my partner to a different part of the country. If you’re curious about working with me, book a free Clarity Call here And connect with me on Instagram
June 15, 2021
37. DEVOTION: in loving relationship with our bodies, nature, and intuition with Casey Hall
This conversation with Healthy Sensuality Coach Casey Hall is all about devotion to our bodies, nature, and that which wishes to move through us. We talk about how sensuality contributes to wellness, meditating with trees, how meeting your body’s needs supports personal growth, and being in relationship with all living things. Casey has spent the past 12 years fine-tuning her passion for helping people improve their relationship with themselves. After coaching thousands of people, she recognized there was a missing piece to the holistic wellness equation. Through spending 2 years getting certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach, she realized that forming a healthy relationship with one’s sensuality was the missing piece. Casey is now a full-time Healthy Sensuality Coach. She loves her work and knows that it's what she came here to do. You can find Casey on her website and through her podcast Book a free Clarity Call with me Connect with me on Instagram
March 28, 2021
36. CONNECTION: what to do when your body betrays you with Shelby Leigh
Shelby Leigh joins me to talk about the ways it can feel like our bodies are betraying us through things like panic attacks, infertility, illness, and shutting down pleasure, and how to address them. Shelby Leigh has nearly 15 years of clinical practice, a Masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, two coaching Certificates and numerous trainings in the Somatic treatment of trauma.  Between her own journey with complex PTSD and supporting thousands of students and clients, she is ignited by supporting folks across the globe to be able to support themselves and the people they work with to move from simply surviving to claiming confidence, authenticity and deep connection inside and out. Join Shelby’s Creating Safer Space program Connect with her on her website / Facebook / Instagram / Revolutionary Love and Resilience Podcast Book a free Clarity Call with me Connect with me Instagram
March 15, 2021
35. RELATIONSHIP: inside our couples coaching experience with Belinda Wiley
My partner Shanti and I speak to Belinda Wiley, aka The Well-Fucked Wife, about the couples coaching we did with her. Belinda has been with her husband for longer than we’ve both been alive, which is no small feat! We talk about coaching vs. therapy, the biggest challenges Shanti and I wanted help with (and how he initially didn’t want to do couples coaching at all!), focusing on connection and communication over argument meditation, the deep desire we humans have for intimacy, and how relationships are a perfect container for healing and growth. Belinda Wiley is a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach who works with women and couples.  Belinda specializes in bringing vibrancy, joy and hot AF sex back to long term relationships.  She inspires each of us to prioritize our own pleasure.  Belinda’s guidance and practices are inspired by ancient lineages and modern philosophy.  Above all else, you will find yourself held, heard, and honored when working with Belinda. Belinda's website Belinda's private Facebook group for women 💗Dull + Deprived to Radiant + Thriving💗 Sign up for my free online Sensual Self Love Workshop Book a free Clarity Call with me and find me on Instagram
March 01, 2021
34. SENSUALITY: embodied pleasure and the senses for self love and healing with Dr. Sonali Deepika
Dr. Sonali Deepika joins me for a silky conversation on sensuality: what, how, and why! We cover feeling deserving of pleasure, discerning pleasure that is good for us, the power of sensation, experiences of shame and self hatred, our relationships with our bodies, and how oppression lives in the body. Dr. Sonali Deepika is a lifelong learner who after practicing psychiatry for many years decided to pursue her passion for holistic healing in support of the embodiment of the soul's purpose. She discovered this work while living across the globe and found the greatest journey to be that of truly coming home to her body. Her heart-centered calling is to guide others on this luscious, magical path to connect to their sacred ground. Find Sonali on her website and on Instagram To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram
February 14, 2021
33. POWER: Not your average blowjob tutorial with Mari de Luna
This conversation with Mari de Luna is not your average blowjob tutorial! We talk about having more power and pleasure in your sex life, using blowjobs as an example, but we go much deeper than licking an ice cream cone. Mari shares the three stages of sexual empowerment which are a solid and sexy foundation for all the experiences you desire to have! This conversation centers the experiences of people who have been socialised as girls and women, and who play with penises, but if that’s not you, plenty still applies. Mari de Luna is a trauma-informed Women’s Empowerment coach, who helps women suffering from low libido create the Epic Sex Life they crave for themselves. She blends mindful living, positive psychology and her most recent studies in NeoTantra and Taoism, for a holistic approach to guide women on a journey of self discovery. She works with an integrated holistic system, that addresses very deeply the body and the mind to promote profound transformation with long lasting results. Find Mari on her website and on Instagram To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram Enter the Podcast Anniversary Giveaway:
February 01, 2021
32. HOLISTIC: transitions and mind-body with ob/gyn turned intimacy coach Renée Hilliard
Renée Hilliard shares her experience transitioning careers from ob/gyn physician to intimacy and relationship coach, what conventional Western medicine does and does not do well, and the power of working with the mind-body connection. Renée Hilliard is a certified intimacy and relationship coach. She transitioned to coaching after working as an ob/gyn physician for 20 years. She takes a holistic approach to caring for people's mind, body and spirit. A recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, she supports people now to live their best lives and find deeper intimacy with the powerful me-dicine of developing radical self care, body awareness, self knowledge and cultivating pleasure. Find Renée on her website and on Instagram, or contact her by email at To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram Enter the Podcast Anniversary Giveaway:
January 22, 2021
31. MYSTERY: from panicking to delighting in uncertainty with Ellen May
This episode is a balm for anyone who feels panicked or uncomfortable in the face of uncertainty! Ellen May (aka Magical Ellen) shares a trauma-informed and delightfully quirky approach which is just the medicine for these times. How do we tend to our stress around the unknown? And how does reframing uncertainty into the mystery help us navigate it with delight? We cover why uncertainty can be so scary, the window of tolerance and resilience in the nervous system, the power of receiving support, and nourishing vs. codependent support relationships. Just listening to the way she talks about the unknown is inspiring! The conversation finishes with Ellen’s transmission around enoughness, which is a gentle breeze of relief and permission. Ellen helps her clients navigate big and small life changes, and initiate themselves into their weirdest, wildest dreams. She’s an art therapist and coach, trained in Somatic Experiencing. Mostly she wants people to know, deep in their bones, that they are powerful - and to be able to access that power to create lives that FIT. And the best way she knows to guide people on this journey is to dance with the unknown. She holds up a lantern in the dark, and holds gentle, permissive and highly trauma aware space for seekers who know deep in their bones that there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing, and she helps them heal the hurts that stop them from living their dreams, and create lives that feel like magic. Find Ellen in her Facebook group The Grand Adventure and on her website. To book a free Clarity Call with me, click here, and find me on Instagram. Podcast Giveaway Entry Form
December 15, 2020
30. ALIGNMENT: Engaging intuition and goddesses to take inspired action with Laetitia
Laetitia and I have a conversation about how to balance discipline by bringing in more flow, and opening yourself to receive spiritual wisdom to take the next right step in work and life. We cover: How to take inspired action which comes with its own momentum Laetitia’s trusty rituals, and how she weaves them into her life as the mum of two young girls to replenish and center herself Working with goddesses to tap into your true whole self Discerning the voice of intuition from the voice of ego and fear Embracing your shadow (and what really is the shadow!) to step into your power Laetitia is a holistic business coach who helps womxn leaders & entrepreneurs make shifts to lead an aligned & intentional life. She supports them to spark the light within them and become their own muse. She’s making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women. She has solid grounding in mindfulness and spirituality, along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background. She incorporates her 12+ years in business and leadership to guide womxn to create soulful businesses and achieve the lifestyle of their dreams. Find Laetitia on Instagram and in her Essential Shift Collective private and free Facebook group. Work with her through her Empower You Program (1 on 1 Holistic Business Coaching), Essential Alchemy Membership, and Goddess Embodiment Sisterhood (Intimate Group Coaching Program). Book a free no pressure Clarity Call with me to explore your challenges and desires and whether we’re a fit, and connect with me on Instagram. Review this podcast on iTunes and share it, then enter here for a chance to win a handwritten letter, personalised audio practice, or pussy/body connection ritual with me!
November 30, 2020
29. RECLAIM: from taboo to owning our naturally sexual bodies with Amy Towle
In this passionate and life affirming conversation, I speak with Amy Towle about reclaiming the pleasurable and reproductive parts of our bodies, particularly for those of us who identify as women, and what happens in our lived experience when we go there. We are also celebrating the one year anniversary of this podcast, with so much gratitude to all guests and listeners! We cover: the language we use to talk about the pleasurable and reproductive parts of our bodies the epidemic of women’s health issues and how the medical profession doesn’t have all the answers how sexuality and pleasure have become taboo and removed from every area of our lives, and the power of bringing them back self responsibility and support, the role of a practitioner and the role of the individual a glorious description of the full structure of the clitoris Some of what we discuss applies to anyone with a vulva, vagina, and uterus, even if you’ve had a hysterectomy or similar, and some applies to anyone who was socialised as a girl/woman. Amy Towle is the creator of Temple Of She, a space only for the Willing Woman.  Amy supports women to be practitioners in the revolution of the feminine.  As a Yoni Massage Practitioner and trainer, Certified Intuitive Guide and Registered Midwife, Amy has over a decade of experience working with women in powerful, yet vulnerable exploration. Find Amy all over at Temple of She: Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram
November 18, 2020
28. INTIMATE: a personal chat on self love, honesty, conflict, commitment, and growth in our relationship with my partner Shanti
In this more personal episode, I talk with my partner Shanti about our relationship, including: What we love about ourselves and what we see in each other Building a culture of honesty and vulnerability Communication and conflict resolution One of my biggest fears A reframe on commitment and how people change over time The one year anniversary of this podcast is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am so grateful to you who listen and to all of my guests for co-creating this audio web! I’m currently taking on new clients for my Homecoming Coaching Package, which is designed to guide you home to your body and your sensual, sexual nature in a gentle and trauma aware way. If you sign up by Friday the 13th of November, I’m offering a bonus Sensual Homecoming Ritual session to initiate our work together! If you are curious about Homecoming, book a free no pressure Clarity Call here: Connect with me on Instagram:
November 05, 2020
27. NATURE BODY: Knowing ourselves as nature and unfolding into self-love from my Pussy Pulpit
This is a verbal love letter from me in my backyard, with my bird friends featuring as special guests in the background, on how knowing yourself as nature engenders more self-kindness and understanding. I talk about how all humans experience seasons and cycles in their lives, how we are not separate from nature, and how this understanding softens our suffering and resistance. I work one on one with my clients to support them in coming home to their bodies and their sensual, sexual nature. I offer a free one hour Clarity Call to talk about what you’re struggling with, what you really want, and if we are a fit to work together. For more on what happens during a Clarity Call and to book one, visit my website: Connect with me on Instagram for playful reels, my thoughts on embodiment and sensuality, and photos of whatever natural wonder is capturing my curiosity:
October 19, 2020
26. HEALING: Trust, wholeness, and finding your voice after sexual trauma with Vanessa Voigt
Vanessa Voigt shares her personal story of healing from childhood sexual trauma, with honesty and humour. This conversation is beneficial to anyone who has experienced something non-consensual or something that just didn’t feel right to their body. The conversation includes: Healing from sexual trauma while in a relationship, how her husband supports her healing, and how they communicate Ways trauma and shame can show up in the body Reconnecting to her body and herself through the birth of her second son Finding your voice and rebuilding trust There is discussion of trauma, so please pay attention to what’s happening in your body as you listen, and take care of what you need. While trauma can be a heavy topic, this conversation is full of possibility and potential. There is also so much permission to find what works for you, for your healing to be nonlinear without a deadline, and relief from shame. Vanessa Voigt is from Pawarenga, New Zealand and was born and raised in Otara, South Auckland. She is the creator of the Mana Wahine Affirmation Deck, which is a deck designed to support wahine (women) who have experienced sexual trauma. These cards were birthed from her own experience. She is also the host of "Cocotalk Podcast" with her husband Gerhard. Order cards and find links to the Cocotalk Podcast on Vanessa’s website Follow her on Instagram at To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram
October 04, 2020
25. UNBROKEN: Reclaiming the full spectrum of Woman and the way of the Goddess with Sasha Cueto
This episode with Sasha Cueto starts with the story of the cheeky goddess Baubo and finishes with Sasha offering us a tarot reading for 2020. We talk about: Reclaiming the full spectrum and complexity of what it means to be a woman, for anyone who identifies as such How the terminology of masculine and feminine energies often reinforces patriarchal stereotypes Why Sasha works with the Greek gods, goddesses and archetypes Her experience with Aphrodite and eroticism as the gateway to other deeper aspects of herself The way of the goddess in spiritual practice, venerating the life and divinity in everything Sasha Cueto is a Mexican, Multi-cultural woman. She heard the call of the Sacred Wild at a tender age and has trained as a priestess and healer since age 12. She is committed to sexual healing and empowerment, and loves supporting visionary women on their sacred journey. She is passionate about Trauma resolution, Feminism, Tarot, Archetypes, Embodiment and Jade Egg. She uses these and many other tools to help people reconnect with Eros and Psyche. She is a VITA™ certified Coach and Integral Coach. Find her at and her program Unbroken at I love to support women through 1:1 coaching to come home to their bodies and their sensual, sexual nature. To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram at
September 21, 2020
24. MONEY: a story of self trust, worthiness, agency, and power with Jennifer Jade Merrihue
Jennifer Jade Merrihue joins me to talk about how our personal money story is also a story of self trust, worthiness, agency, and power. She shares her story of growing up wanting to save the world, and then working seven days a week for $800 a month in the non-profit sector, chronically over-giving in work and relationships until her body burned out. Jennifer Jade also talks about dating money, the tools she used to shift what she describes as abusive relationship dynamics with it, and the big financial risk she took. We cover women’s particular trajectory with money under the patriarchy, from a relatively recent history of being treated like property to our modern goals for financial freedom. I acknowledge that privilege and systemic injustices play a significant role in people’s experiences with money, which is not the focus of this episode, but an important part of the wider conversation. Jennifer Jade is a Sex, Relationship, and Money coach with a background in neuropsych, cognitive behavior therapy, trauma, attachment, kink, and more. She’s committed to helping people leave the lives they hate and create one that they can’t wait to wake up for with ease. You can find Jennifer Jade on her website for her writing and 1:1 coaching. You can also find her in her Facebook group “MONEY MAGIC” for her upcoming podcast, updates, programs, and a free mini series on all things money: To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram
September 06, 2020
23. BODY IMAGE: Learning to love the skin you’re in with Addy Cobcroft, Sara Deanne, & Belinda Wiley
My sister witches Addy Cobcroft, Belinda Wiley, and Sara Deanne join me to talk about body image, and feeling critical of our bodies to feeling truly at home in them. We share our stories of bullying and taunts, receiving comments from men, crying while bra shopping, covering up and stripping down. The four of us are white, able-bodied women of varied ages and we speak from our lived experience. There are so many layers to the conversation on body image, and we acknowledge that there are more layers for people with different identities, including different races, disabilities, genders, body sizes, and more. Addy Cobcroft is a somatic Relationship therapist. She is passionate about supporting humans to move beyond survival into extraordinary thriving lives. Find her on her website at Sara Deanne is a Love, Sex, and Relationship coach based in Victoria, Canada that is especially passionate about women feeling radiantly sexy and alive inside the pleasure of their own bodies, and about supporting couples to experience the heights of love and connection that is possible in their relationship. Find her on Instagram at or email her directly Belinda Wiley is a Sex and Relationship Coach. She is passionate about supporting women who are feeling dull and deprived in their relationships, coaching them into feeling radiant and sexually alive. Find her on Facebook at and in her Facebook group ‘Dull + Deprived to Radiant + Thriving’. To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit and find me on Instagram at
August 24, 2020
22. BODY MAGIC: 5 reasons why your body is your magic wand from my Pussy Pulpit
Ever believed something but your body wasn’t on board with it? In this solo episode, from my Pussy Pulpit, I talk about five reasons why your body is your magic wand. When it comes to growth and healing, working in partnership with your body, rather than against it, is a more effective and nourishing pathway. This is especially true if the magic you are creating involves reclaiming your sensual, sexual nature! I break down some of the reasons why, including how it relates to the subconscious, pleasure, and the impact you make in the world. I work one on one with my clients to support them in reclaiming their sexual, sensual nature in an embodied way. I offer a one hour Clarity Call to talk about what’s going on for you and if we are a fit to work together. For more on what happens during a Clarity Call and to book one, visit my website:
August 10, 2020
21. CONFIDENCE: comparison, vicarious joy, impostor syndrome, and messing up with my partner Shanti
My partner Shanti and I talk about: Comparing yourself to other people When wave scarcity and grumpy people grate on him in the surf and how he deals with it Impostor syndrome and learning as you go Being good at fucking up Doing difficult things and earning the results vs. not needing to suffer unnecessarily to deserve things How he’s been practicing meditation for compassion for almost 15 years and it’s a gradual process to bring those practices into his life What brings him joy and nourishment (or as I’d describe it, pleasure!) You’ll hear the new intro he created for me and my “deep talks”, playfulness between us, and lots of surfing analogies! To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit Hear more from me on Instagram
August 03, 2020
20. Guided Practice: Enough in this moment
Feel like there’s so much work you have to do to improve yourself? Have a list of a thousand things that need fixing? This episode is a guided practice, intended for those times when you feel like the way you are right now is wrong and not good enough, and you’re frustrated at not being “there” yet. You can do it sitting, lying down, walking, even while self pleasuring if you feel like it! It’s soft and full of permission. You’ll hear the waves of Shelly Beach in the background, which I recorded on a cool sunny day on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia on a mini-holiday with my partner. You might also hear my backyard bird friends from the audio portion I recorded at home! May this practice be like a sigh of relief and a comfort to your whole system. If it helps you, please share it! This is part of what I do with clients. To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit Hear more from me on Instagram
July 27, 2020
19. PLEASURE & GRIEF: everyday pleasure as a mum, honouring grief and being fully alive with Ofa Fitzgibbons
This episode, I’m joined by Ofa Fitzgibbons for a conversation on aliveness, and the gifts of experiencing both pleasure and grief in your body. You’ll hear why Ofa calls herself a coach for misfit women, and her life experience in rebelling against the norms of her childhood after growing up in a traditional Christian household. We have a rich conversation on pleasure, including making pleasure simple and accessible, and our personal journeys towards owning our sexual nature when pleasure wasn’t on the radar. As a new mum, Ofa shares her favourite pleasure hacks of life-affirming, juicy actions for everyday life. Ofa shares her experiences with grief, including the impact of coronavirus on our lives, fertility challenges, changes in her identity since becoming a mum, and the sudden loss of her own mum earlier this year. She covers how community support was valuable during the thick of grief and how pleasure was harder to access during this time. This is a life-affirming conversation, exploring saying yes to life through all of its cycles and seasons. Ofa Fitzgibbons is a pleasure and social justice activist, mentor and coach for misfit women. She believes that we are all beings of love and that pleasure is our untapped resource. Her mission is to help guide women back to their bodies, their pleasure and their sensuality so they can reclaim their aliveness and space in the world. She’s a self-confessed geek who loves science and spirituality, she’s a foodie, wifey, mama to a little human and puppies, and absolutely loves to dance! You can find Ofa on Instagram at To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit
July 13, 2020
18. PERIODS & PLEASURE: Creativity, pleasure, PMS & the four seasons of a menstrual cycle with Claire Baker
This episode, I’m joined by Period Coach Claire Baker for a conversation on menstrual cycles. We talk about the power of working intentionally with your cycle, what characterises each of the four seasons within it, and what pleasure can look like in each phase. The conversation covers: . surges of creativity . the magic in Claire’s new book '50 Things You Need to Know About Periods' . the superpowers and vulnerabilities of each part of the cycle . tips for managing a challenging premenstrual phase . experiencing pleasure in a multitude of ways . relief in understanding that being different from day to day isn’t inconsistency or a failure, it’s the nature of having a cycle! At the time of recording, we were both in our autumn premenstrual phases, and we spend a bit of extra time on this season, with its notorious challenges but also its truth-telling honesty and its gifts! Not all women have menstrual cycles, and not all people who experience menstrual cycles are women. Whether you cycle yourself, or love someone who does, I hope you gain some benefit from this conversation in an embodied understanding of this natural phenomenon of personal weather that is the menstrual cycle. Claire Baker is a sought-after period coach and author of '50 Things You Need to Know About Periods'. For nearly a decade Claire has taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. Claire believes menstrual cycle awareness is the missing key in women’s wellbeing, empowerment and creativity, and her immersive online courses and workshops inspire women to know their flow and become the authority in their own lives. Claire’s online program Adore Your Cycle has students in over 35 countries. With a background in visual arts and creative business, Claire is a certified health and life coach, has studied Menstruality Leadership and is trained as a natural fertility teacher. Known for her authentic voice and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire is regularly featured in publications such as Red, Glamour, and Women’s Health magazine. Originally from Australia, Claire now lives in sunny East London and spends her days coaching, teaching, writing, dancing and being as close to trees as she possibly can. You can find Claire at, on Instagram at, and on Facebook at To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit
June 29, 2020
17. PUSSY: Who the bloody hell is Pussy and why should I care? with Belinda Wiley
This episode is all about pussies for people who have them! Who the bloody hell is Pussy and why should I care? Why do you use *that* word? I asked my fabulous friend, Sex and Relationship Coach Belinda Wiley, to join me for this one because of the way she embodies her own pleasure and her connection to her own pussy. We talk about pussy both in terms of relationship to the physical genitals, as well as the emotional, energetic, and spiritual experience of pussy. We cover: . Feeling repulsed by “that* word and uncomfortable saying it . What happens in your life when you connect to pussy . Relating to “down there” as being clinical and functional, and not being aware of our own anatomy . Shame and secretiveness associated with self pleasure . How our personal relationships to our own pussies have changed over time . Feeling unhappy with the way your vulva looks . Pussy as a source of wisdom, pleasure, nourishment, and aliveness . A few simple ways to reconnect to this part of you Belinda and I are both speaking from our experiences as cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, white women. Pussy might mean something completely different to you than it does to us, or this conversation might resonate and reawaken something inside you. Belinda Wiley is a Sex and Relationship Coach. She is passionate about supporting women who are feeling dull and deprived in their relationships, coaching them into feeling radiant and sexually alive. You can find Belinda on Facebook at and join her Facebook group ‘Dull + Deprived to Radiant + Thriving’. You can also find her on her website To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit
June 22, 2020
16. NATURE & SEX: Connecting to erotic vitality through nature with Zahara Devi
This episode I’m talking about NATURE & SEX with Zahara Devi, who is a Somatic Sex Educator and Sensual Embodiment Coach. We discuss the ways that sex and nature coincide together, ecosexuality, and how you can access states of sexual energy, sensuality, pleasure, liberation, and deeper connection to the world within and around you. We talk about remembering that we *are* nature, and that erotic life force is part of our nature. We also describe how connecting to nature can be nourishing, revitalising, and a turn on! Also, you will never look at moss the same way again. Zahara Devi is a somatic sex educator and facilitates a wide range of sensual embodiment. One of her deepest passions is to help create spaces where you can release sexual shame into sexual sovereignty and into deeper alignment with your true nature. Zahara Devi provides one on one coaching packages with a modern day approach of Tantric and Taoist philosophy, creating a unique blend to integrating the body into wholeness. To connect with Zahara and her offerings, you can go to her website and check out more details at And make sure to follow her on Instagram for updates and practices.
May 22, 2020
15. TURN ON: Libido vampires and how to vanquish them from my Pussy Pulpit
This is my first “Pussy Pulpit” episode, speaking straight from my heart, womb, and pussy to you. Five years ago I was stuck by default in a life that felt dull and lifeless. I felt tamed! Imprisoned by a white-goods marriage, and stuck in a web of unworthiness. I remember aching for a higher libido (any libido), and I’d read endless articles about orgasms, spicing things up in the bedroom, and creating desire. Now, I’ve set that life on I feel alive, and I know a few things about vanquishing the libido vampires! In this episode we’re going to dive from the pulpit into desire and pleasure (my new favourite subjects) and I’m going to lean on my experience to help you create your own map to a turned on life. Pleasure and living a turned on life are your birthright, and are a natural part of our design as human beings. Libido vampires are like the party guests we never invited. Let me share how to spot them and some of my personal experiences from when my desire has been lower. In particular, if you sense your experiences around sex have been influenced by religious or cultural conditioning, you will find this helpful. Here’s to your erotic life force and your sexual healing! The book I mention is Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, which I highly recommend if you have a pussy or have been socialised as a girl and a woman. Discover Vagina Bat and connect with me on Instagram here: I work one on one with my clients to support them in reclaiming their sexuality and the pleasure which is their birthright. I offer a one hour Clarity Call to talk about what’s going on for you and if we are a fit to work together. For more on what happens during a Clarity Call and to book one, visit my website:
May 11, 2020
14. BREAKUP GEMS: Learning from past relationships with Kimberly FiNix
This episode is a conversation on why you’re not doomed by your past relationships, with my friend and Alchemical Divorce Coach & Transformational Guide Kimberly FiNix. It’s relevant to all sorts of relationships which have ended, from short flings to divorces. I asked Kimberly to cover this topic with me because we’re both divorced, have lived this wisdom in our own lives, and both get all excited talking about shame. She is also the empress of guiding womxn through the end of a relationship and its aftermath. You’ll hear us explain why we don’t like to call them “failed” relationships, even if the challenges associated with them were spectacular. We also share some of our own personal experiences. We talk about: . The pattern of ignoring and suppressing your own needs . Having compassion instead of shaming yourself for what happened in your relationships . Learning to trust yourself again to make solid choices . Non-negotiables vs. normal compromises . How understanding trauma patterns can help you have compassion for yourself or a partner . How previous experiences with a partner could impact on your sense of worthiness This conversation is full of permission and space to be imperfect, to not have it all figured out, to be learning through trial and error. For context, we don’t talk in depth about abusive relationships. Some of our conversation is relevant, but it’s not my personal specialty, and there’s a lot more to be said about abuse which we haven’t covered here. Kimberly FiNix is an Alchemical Divorce Coach & Transformational Guide for womxn. Her mission is to help womxn navigate the portals of divorce & relationship transition with strength, confidence, and a clear vision for their next stage of life. Kimberly's holistic approach combines modern coaching & mindset work with body-based practices and somatic trauma resolution techniques. Her work bridges the mind and body, resulting in transformation that's both healing and sustainable. Kimberly's professional training spans the realms of embodiment work, somatic trauma resolution & integration, neuroscience & female sexuality. She brings the benefits of both formal training and the experiences of a long personal journey of healing mind, body, and spirit. Kimberly is a certified VITA Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach. Her studies include Tantric & Taoist techniques for emotional freedom and sexual healing with Layla Martin, she's a long-time mentee of EMPATH*ology founder Lola Pickett, and she's currently studying the ReBloom method of trauma resolution with Rachael Maddox. Kimberly's offerings are designed to enable womxn experiencing divorce & relationship transition to use their connection with their own bodies as a source of wisdom, strength, and emotional resilience in times of transition. She provides one-on-one coaching to womxn who are ready to rise on their unique Phoenix Path.  Future offerings will include group courses and retreats. Kimberly lives in Indonesia with her beloved partner & globe-trotting dog. You can download Kimberly's free Worthiness meditation and learn more at her website: Instagram: Facebook Group: Navigating the Divorce Portal To book a free Clarity Call with me, visit
April 27, 2020
13. SEASONS: Navigating life seasons and cycles with Ellen May
My friend Ellen May and I talk about life seasons and cycles, how to recognise them, and how to navigate them for more ease and richness. We both live in Australia, where the weather is transitioning into autumn and the descent into winter, but we also talk about how autumn and winter apply to societal changes we’re experiencing right now with isolation measures and staying at home. Our conversation includes: Seasons and cycles as a framework for understanding energy and life The relevance of seasons to life experiences, menstrual cycles, healing, and growth What nature shows us about seasons and cycles, and how it reminds us that we are nature How to recognise which season you’re in, and how you can get stuck in a particular season How winter can be particularly challenging, how to recognise the value it offers and start to embrace it Our personal struggles with trying to “do” surrender Ellen May is an art therapist, a coach trained to work with sexuality, love and relationships, and is trained in somatic experiencing. Recently she asked Facebook for three words to describe her, and the top result was overwhelmingly ‘creative’, closely followed by variations on ‘kind/ compassionate/ gentle’, and variations of ‘magical/ adventurous and wise’. She brings creativity, kindness, magic and wisdom to everything she does in this grand adventure called life. She runs workshops and works 1:1 with clients, helping them to draw their own maps to have their dreams be made real in this world. She holds gentle, permissive and highly trauma aware space for seekers who know deep in their bones that there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing, and she helps them find it. She’s on her own grand adventure to find out what it means to be human, and how to have her life feel like a magical fairy tale of wonder and delight in the deep dark woods. You can find Ellen in her Facebook group called The Grand Adventure: That’s also where you can join her online Embodied Seasonal Alchemy workshop, which is taking place on Saturday 18 April or Friday 17 April 2020, depending on your time zone and where you are in the world. I'll be there!
April 12, 2020
12. EMOTIONS: Emotional alchemy for challenging times with Bee River
Bee River and I have a conversation about emotional alchemy for challenging times. Right now as the pandemic is unfolding across the world, lots of emotions are surfacing for people, including uncomfortable ones, and it’s not always easy to know how to deal with them. Bee and I talk about how to relate to your emotions in a way that feels empowering and helpful. Our conversation covers the spectrum of emotions and ways of relating to them, including: How Bee manages her emotions as a sensitive person who feels things very intensely Tools and practices to process and honour your emotions, including practices which harness the innate wisdom and power of the body The spectrum from repressing your emotions to having a dramatic relationship with them Advanced practices of incorporating pleasure and turn on into emotional processing Processing your emotions with a partner in an intentional container and the three magic words a partner can say to you in the process We also cover how to approach these practices in ways that are safer, more supportive, and trauma aware. We offer lots of permission to take things slowly and go step by step. We also describe how you can recognise when you’re at your edge so that you don’t push past your own limits. Bee River thrives on integrating shadow and light, and harnessing the meeting points between them into their sweet dance of pleasure, play, and harmony, while savoring all colors of the palette as sacred, and perfect parts of the humxn experience. From Trauma, Tantra, to Taboo, Bee’s work can be described as radical alchemy; coaching humxns into being their full spectrum authentic selves, and having pleasure based lives of Conscious Sex, Radical Love, and Evolutionary Relationships. As a queer, kinky, polyamorous, gender diverse, BIPOC, immigrant, parent, and performing artist, Bee loves serving folx in these communities, and is also deeply passionate about working with men, anyone dating, and couples. You can follow Bee on Instagram at Follow her there to look out for her up and coming offerings, including her virtual workshop The Sacred Brat, her 1:1 program The Labyrinth, and her website and Facebook group The Temple, where all of you is welcome.
April 06, 2020
11. SISTERHOOD: Welcoming each other in genuine sisterhood with Sara Deanne, Addy Cobcroft, and Belinda Wiley
I’m in conversation with three of my dear friends Addy, Belinda, and Sara about the what and the how of cultivating authentic connection. The four of us have been in a deep dive together, supporting each other in life, relationships, and business. Our friendship has been mostly virtual - I live in NSW Australia, Belinda lives on the North Island of New Zealand, Sara lives in British Columbia Canada, and Addy lives in Tasmania Australia - so we reach for each other across the Pacific Ocean. We call ourselves the Virtual Pussy Coven! Right now while we humans are physical distancing and things are uncertain and scary, we need honest resilient relationships with each other more than ever. What we share can be applied to friendships, family relationships, as well as romantic relationships. We talk about: - how we deal with jealousy and feelings of not belonging - how to create relationships where you can talk candidly about sex, relationships, fears, struggles, and celebrations - our favourite tips on cultivating supportive relationships where all of you is welcome Addy Cobcroft is a Somatic Relationship Therapist, find her on her website at Belinda Wiley is a Sex and Relationship Coach, find her on Facebook at Sara Deanne is a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach, find her on Instagram at
March 28, 2020
10. Coaching Session: Connecting to my yoni and womb
After chemo and early menopause, she is on a journey of reconnecting sexually with herself and her husband. She has tools and practices to work with, but is finding herself stuck behind a brick wall of resistance and frustrated. She wants so dearly to reconnect intimately with her husband but her body freezes up and she finds herself going into hiding. We follow the trail of resistance to grief and sadness, to a sense of barrenness in her pelvis, and into an embodied conversation with her womb and her yoni. It’s a beautiful privilege to listen in as she explores what happens when she brings her focus into her pelvis, and what her womb and yoni have to say to her!
February 22, 2020
9. Coaching Session: Craving slowness but it doesn't feel safe
She’s going through some big life changes and is feeling a deep pull to rest and integrate. There’s a yearning to slow down and be at the pace of nature. Yet somehow, it doesn’t feel completely safe to slow down. She often finds herself in the mode of “Quick! Get centered!” and an energy of madly trying to keep it together. She also has a realisation that it hasn’t really been safe to be herself. We explore how to cultivate a sense of safety within herself so that she can listen to the messages her body is urgently trying to tell her, without getting overwhelmed by it. Within this container, she experiences what it's like to let her body lead with sound and movement to shift the energy from the physical level. We also play with how to be with the body to let the centeredness organically unfold, rather than making it happen. You may notice some background noise in this episode, providing the real life circumstances to explore what it is to find genuine calm and centeredness amidst the chaos of life.
February 10, 2020
8. Coaching Session: I feel like I can't say no
In this session, we delve into her desire to feel confident, safe, and empowered to speak her truth in relationships and to maintain strong boundaries. Our exploration begins around all kinds of relationships in which she recognises a pattern of giving everything away, and saying yes even when it doesn’t feel good. We then hone in on a specific situation with a family member, and how to cultivate a strong boundary around how she is spoken to. This episode contains brief mention of going along with things sexually when you don’t really want to, but we do not go into detail about specific situations in this respect. With this and every episode, please choose to listen with respect to what your body is telling you and what feels right for you today.
January 21, 2020
7. Coaching Session: I'm ready to date again
After being single for four years and a history of relationships that have felt like hard work, she is opening up to the possibility of finding a new partner. She envisions what it would feel like and be like to be in a relationship the way she desires, and we talk about what matters most to her, including respect, self-accountability, fun, and her infectious playfulness. We explore the ways she can trust herself to choose differently than before, and to stay committed to her power and her truth. She moves from a cautious opening of the door to full excitement, with lightness and laughter along the way.
January 13, 2020
6. Guided Practice: Digesting Climate Grief
Something different this week: an audio to guide you through a practice of digesting your emotions related to climate change.  This is for you if you've been feeling overwhelmed by the bushfires in Australia, if you feel deep grief and sorrow for the loss of wildlife and bushland and homes and livelihoods, if you feel anger and anxiety and fear around climate change in general. This practice is designed to help you digest your emotions around climate change so that you aren't ruled by them, either in feeling overtaken by them or in trying to manage your life tightly to avoid activating them. It helps to create emotional resilience, so that you can harness the energy and wisdom of your emotions and use that energy in devotion to whatever you choose. Please do this at your own pace and listen to the level your body and your nervous system are ready to go to today. Prioritise staying connected to the sensations in your body and maintaining care for yourself over anything else. The audio also guides you through finding a supportive place in your body or your surroundings where you can rest if the practice starts to feel overwhelming.
January 06, 2020
5. Coaching Session: Feeling disgusted by my body
She wants to feel like she’s not the only one who hates her body and feels like her body is disgusting and gross. She wants to feel confident and happy in her body, and break the link between what her scales say every morning and her happiness for the day. We explore how much energy is consumed by thinking about her body and food, and what other people might think, as well as camel toe in yoga pants. This conversation covers some painful topics, but there are also moments of laughter. She begins to cultivate more love and tenderness for her younger self who received harmful messages about her body. This episode contains mention of eating disorders and brief mention of suicide. If these topics hit home for you, please discern with your own wisdom whether it’s in service to you to listen.
December 16, 2019
4. Coaching Session: Internal harmony in relationship uncertainty
She is living the heartfelt question: should I stay or should I go? She desires to be seen and held by her partner, to be respected in her feminine qualities and not just in what she gets done. In this session, we navigate how she can support herself and connect to her own wisdom during this challenging period of uncertainty.
December 08, 2019
3. Coaching Session: Orgasm with my partner
She is feeling frustrated at not being able to access orgasm with her partner, and how she reaches a point during lovemaking where her sensitivity just shuts off. She wants to feel her sexual energy and her power in partnership. Together we work on cultivating her internal sense of safety and navigating how to communicate with her partner.
December 02, 2019
2. Coaching Session: Opening to wholehearted love
A few years after a challenging breakup, she wants to let go of the fear of being hurt or of hurting someone else. In this anonymous coaching session, we lead with her desire to be open to wholehearted love with someone who meets her on the same wavelength. We explore the parts of her that are afraid of the intimacy and vulnerability she desires. The session finishes with a beautiful embodied practice to nourish her trust in herself and her enjoyment of her own body.
November 25, 2019
Welcome to Reawakening Love and Power with Carol Anne, where you listen in on real coaching sessions in the realms of love, power, sex, and relationships. This trailer offers a preview of my guests' voices and stories, and a window into a place that affirms our pleasure, our bodies, and our desires.
November 18, 2019